More About This Elf Wannabe

Well met, fellow wanderers! I see you have stumbled upon my scribbled-up site. You lucky person, you. ;)

Obviously, you want to know more about me. (If you don't, I'm still going to tell you.) I don't have a talent with gripping introductions so I'll just tell you some random things instead. 'Cause that's apparently how this crazy's mind works.

~ My favorite fruits are cherries and raspberries. They are seriously to die for. ~

~ I am convinced my hair is a chameleon. It used to be blondish, then it darkened, and now it's lightening up again. ~

~ I used to think chocolate to be a menace upon the taste buds. But since then, I have gained some iota of sense and become a chocolate fiend. ~

I'm drooling.

~ I'm a Christian, a child of the King of kings. (He's pretty amazing.) ~

~ I love thunderstorms; they always make for excellent reading weather. ~

~ I am an avid defender of Boromir. ~

~ My favorite color is blue. But I also love gold, purple, and pink. ~

~ I am a hobbit at heart, but I've always desired to be an Elf. No offense, hobbits. I love you, too, but Elves are just awesome. ~

~ Horses, penguins, and foxes are some of the cutest animals on the planet. Case in point. ~

~ I have a sliiight obsession with books. Owners of used bookstores, you have been warned. ~

~ Winter is my favorite season. In the words of Elsa, "the cold never bothered me anyway." ~

~ My favorite story genre is fantasy, but I have been known to sink my teeth into adventure, romance, comedy, and mystery. ~

~ I'm convinced that Middle-earth is my home. But hey, I'd be happy if Narnia or Neverland had a vacancy. ~

~ I enjoy quoting my favorite movies on a day-to-day basis. And it's always rewarding when people actually know what I'm quoting. ~

~ I have a soft spot in my heart for cocky male characters. (Han and Flynn, I'm looking at you.) ~

~ I use parenthetical statements and exclamation points a lot. (More often than I should...) ~

~ I love to write. Although I cringe at the horrors that are my middle-school attempts at writing novels.~

~ I wish I could go back in time to the '50s. Seriously, where's a time machine when you need one?~

~ I have a passionate love of snow. It's flaky winter goodness. ~

~ Milk is my favorite beverage. But I wouldn't complain if I had raspberry lemonade or hot cocoa instead. ~

~ Though I'm currently taking French, I'm trying to convince my mom that Elvish is in fact a legitimate substitute. ~

~ Musicals make my heart happy. ~

~ Jane Austen novels are the source of all beautiful things. (Mr. Darcy is mine, people. I refuse to believe that Elizabeth stole him from under my nose.) ~

~ I collect everything. Angel figurines, coins, snowglobes, stuffed animals,'s really become quite a problem. ~

~ I love Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean. And someday I WILL be a Jedi. ~ 

~ Polka dots basically make anything awesome. ~

~ I don't like pudding. Or Jell-O. (I know, sue me.) ~

~ The mountains are beautiful, but the beach and I are not on good terms. ~

~ I'm still in the market for a pet dragon so if you find any, send them over my way. ~

~ I have the tendency to write lengthy introductions. But you probably already noticed that. :P ~

I look forward to getting to know all of you better! My blog is a smooshed-up sampler of various topics: everything from writing posts, movie reviews, and bookish thoughts to sleep-deprived ramblings, nonsensical fangirling, and dragon taming. (Okay, so maybe not that last bit. But once I do acquire a scaly companion, I will have to go through the difficulties of taming the fiery beastie.)

I don't know what the future holds for my little bloggie. I hope to strengthen my writing skills, unleash some creativity, and develop new friendships. But I really just want to share in this adventure called Life with you all. Hopefully, my bumbling words will encourage you, put a smile on your face, or help you in some aspect of your life. If they do, I'll consider this blog a success.

I hope you'll stay a while--put up your feet and enjoy some complimentary cookies. *hands you some gingerbread* Until next time!

- Mary


  1. This page was so much fun to read! You definitely have a knack with words. :)

    And you and I are a lot alike. :D I cracked up at that chameleon-hair thing. xD

    Love your blog already! :)

    1. Oh, and I would follow, but I suspect something's wrong with my blogger profile; there's always 'error' when I try to follow people. :/

      Just pretend I'm a follower, then. ;)

    2. I wish you could see the huge grin on my face right now. 'Cause, girl, THAT IS SO SWEET OF YOU. I'm glad you enjoyed this page. It was a ton of fun to write. :D

      Woohoo, twinsies! Glad I could amuse you. XD


      (And that's perfectly all right. I'll just take your advice and "pretend" you're a follower. Oh, and congratulations on being the first commenter on my intro page. *fistbump*)

  2. Firstly, allow me to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this page.
    Secondly, I just love commenting on posts and I tend to write extremely long comments so don't mind me :)
    Oh chocolate, one of life's greatest pleasures.
    Isn't God wonderful? I see Him working every day in my life and my heart and I just... WOW.
    I agree wholeheartedly. Thunderstorms are perfect for curling up with a good book.
    Horses, penguins and foxes are indeed some of the cutest creatures in existence. The harder I try to pick a favorite animal, the more animals I find that I just love! All God's creatures are amazing. Cows though. Cows are SO CUTE.
    Oh you should see my bookshelf. It's stuffed to overflowing and I still go straight to the book section in any thrift store, and Half price books is a wonderful, magical place. Do you like super old books as well? Old books are just beautiful.
    I quote movies/broadway productions/books/youtube videos daily. I'm not sure I have an actual vocabulary any more... there is only references.
    I love writing too but I'm sure I am terrible at it. Practice makes progress though, so I am currently working on a novel thing and practicing writing every chance I get.
    If life was a musical my happiness would be complete. But why not make it a musical? I say random dance numbers and bursting into song should be a perfectly acceptable part of society.
    JANE AUSTEN. Oh how I love those stories. *confession time* I've never actually "read" them, but does seeing the movie adaptations count? Worry not, for I plan on reading them in the future.
    I collect many things as well. In addition to most of the items mentioned above: Old books, seashells, blankets, antlers, twirly dresses, yarn... Someone needs to make an intervention.
    You are not alone. I don't like pudding or jello either! Or cake. Or most frostings. But give me a chocolate chip cookie or frozen yogurt and I will be filled with joy of unspeakable measure.
    So I think you are the first person I've found who does not love the beach. I'm not sure why but I've never loved the beach either! But I could spend forever in the mountains.
    I'll keep my eye out for any dragons that need rehoming. I might claim one for myself though :)
    I look forward to reading all your posts! And thank you for the complementary cookies! *accepts cookies gratefully and hurries to pour a glass of milk*

    1. Eeep, so glad you enjoyed it! I worried it was too boring for people. Heh, you weren't kidding when you said you left long comments. Don't worry, I'm notorious for my novel-length comments as well. ;D

      Indeed. *nods sagely*

      God is amazing! I couldn't agree more.

      You understand me! Thunderstorms are the BEST. Ooh, and cows are adorable! I actually love them quite a bit.

      SAME, GIRL, SAME. I ran out of shelf space so I resorted to constructing one out of cardboard boxes. I guess it's time for a new bookshelf, hehe. :P And YES I love old books! They're just the most beautiful things on the planet, that's all. ;D

      "I'm not sure I have an actual vocabulary any more... there is only references." Oh my gosh, you're hilarious. XD

      Practice makes progress...I like that. I've only ever heard practice makes perfect. Keep working on that writing, and I know it will be amazing. :)

      Um, YES. WHY IS IT NOT???

      Of course it counts! I for one watched the movies for some of them before I read the books...and I still have yet to read all of them. :P Eventually, darling, eventually.

      Collecting can be a problem sometimes. XD

      Hehe, everyone's always surprised when I tell them I don't like pudding and Jell-O. don't like cake or icing?? I will gladly accept any if you'd like to get it off your hands. *smiles*

      Am I really? Most people I know love the beach as well, except for my best friend. (Maybe that's why we're friends. XD) The mountains, on the other hand, are a different story. :)

      Just as long as you save one for me, I'm fine with that. ;)

      Awww, thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you. *hands you more cookies*

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  4. How can ANYONE think chocolate is a menace?! Well, at least you changed your opinion :D. And YES another Boromir defender!! *highfives*

    After reading this page, I have come to a conclusion. We are very alike :D.

    (and if you ever find out how to become an elf ... share the secret with me, will you? Then we can traipse away to Middle Earth together :D)

    (oh! before I forget; if you email my mom (theperrans AT cox DOT net) I'll invite you to my private blog, seeing as I think it will be awhile until I have a public one :))

    1. Haha, my family finally knocked some sense into me. XD (Though I still cannot bring myself to like dark chocolate. *cough, cough*) Hurray for a fellow Boromir defender! *high-fives you back and misses because of bad hand-eye coordination*

      Well then, you must be a very fabulous person. ;D

      (Will do! I could always use someone to defend me against the nasty orcses.) ;)

      YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I'm heading over to email her right now. :D :D :D

    2. Eh, dark chocolate isn't my top-fav either. But I'll still eat it because CHOCOLATE.

      Someone to defend you against nasty orcses? Well then, you have my sword (or bow, I don't know which one I would use XD)! Though I would most likely run for my life if I ever ran into nasty orcses ...

  5. So hello!!!! I am one of your cabin mates :P love your blog!!!!!!!!!!


    1. *finally responds to comment two months later*

      HEYYYY HANNAH!!! Thanks so much! :D

  6. Heeeey girl! I found your blog!! *fist pump* Reward anyone?? ;) I'll definitely be following your fun blog in the future! And I'm super happy not to loose the connection after such a fun month of Camp NaNo!

    ~Rebekah Eddy

    1. Ack, I'm so behind on all the comments. >.< BUT THANK YOUUUU! *hands you cookies* There you go, there's your reward. ;)

  7. Hey, I just found you through Jonathan Trout's blog and I'm really interested in hearing more from you. Nice introduction page here, I love what appears to be a bubbly and fun personality in you.
    Also, not only do you love writing and reading - but horses too!? That's awesome. You're awesome. :D

    1. Hi, Emily! *waves* So nice to meet you! Thanks for the follow. :D

      D'awww, thank you! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my page. ^_^ (Which is in need of a revamp sometime...)

      EEP, YESSSS! I love all of those things! I may not be the best writer, but I'm hoping my skills improve through blogging.

      Thanks again for the lovely note, Emily! I look forward to getting to know you better! :D

  8. We have so much in common, Mary!
    Your personality is so fun, and you seem to be able to make friends with anybody!! =) Hopefully we'll be able to talk more. =)
    Jaidyn Elise

    1. Yayzers! I love finding common interests! ^_^

      D'awww, that just makes me so happy. <3 I'm actually very awkward in person, but I'm so glad you think I'm fun! :D

      Oh, definitely, Jaidyn! I can't wait to get to know you better. :) Welcome to Sunshine and Scribblings!

      P.S. You have a beautiful name. <3

  9. Your blog is so beautiful, Mary!!


    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much! Literally just saw this comment, and it made my day. <3

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  11. Wow Mary,
    looks like you have put allot of time and effort into this blog! It has really payed off! My Goodness getting to 50k words in 9 days is just astounding!
    Keep up the good work! (Boromir is pretty great in my humble opinion)

  12. Hey Mary! Loooove your blog! I am so happy that you're a Christian! So am I! Yet another thing we have in common! :) Everything you put on here about you is basically me!!! It's so weird! XD I want to comment on everything you said but it would seriously take hours to type all that up :) Can't wait to talk more! :D

    1. My all time favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Pirates of the Caribbean (As you can probably tell, I've got a slight Orlando Bloom obsession :P) And my favorite romance movies are Pride and Prejudice, When Calls the Heart, and I also love North and South.

    2. I keep on finding out more things that we have in common! XD I love listening to and collecting movie soundtracks. I LOVE The Hobbit soundtracks, LotR soundtracks, Narnia soundtrack, and I'm learning how to play all the Pride and Prejudice scores on the piano. Aaaand you already know that I love Adam Young's music A LOT!!! :D

  13. Hey, Kelayna! Thank you so much! Yes, I am a Christian! It's so cool whenever I bump into other ones. ^_^

    Wow, we really do have a ton in common! LotR, PotC, P&P, WCTH...YES TO ALL OF THEM. And I'm so with you! Movie soundtracks are the best! I actually have musical scores from LotR that I play on the violin sometimes. It's so much fun!

    (By the way, I have a *cough* slight obsession with Orlando Bloom, too. *highfives*)

    Thanks so much for commenting! I can't wait to chat more with you, too. ^_^

    1. (Oops, meant to hit the "reply" button underneath your comment. *facepalm* Just pretend this is a reply. ;D)

  14. Oohh! I l-o-v-e WCTH, P&P, The Hobbit, Legolas *grins*, I'm a Christian, and I also play violin!! So glad I found your blog. :)

    (Oh, did you watch the latest WCTH episode?? I was jumping up and down and screaming!!)

    1. *waves* Hello there! We seem to have a lot in common, yay! (Legolas though...*grins* ;D)

      (YES I DID AND I SCREAMED A LOT MORE THAN IS PROBABLY LEGAL. Oh my stars, that episode, though. O_O)

      Thanks so much for your comment! Apologies for the very late reply!

  15. Finally someone else hates the beach!! :D We seem to have a lot in common and your blog is super cute! I can't wait to see what comes in the future!
    ~ Abby (

    1. *highfives* Yup, not much of a beach fan. ;) Awwww, thank you so much, Abby! You're so sweet. <3

  16. Wait, Mary Horton??!! I know you! (I think...I recognize your photo but it's been a long time so please forgive me if I'm wrong :) Ages ago, we used to be really good friends! I'm Allison Pewett.
    Wow--I can't believe I found your blog!

    1. Oh my word, Allison?! That's totally crazy that you found my blog!! I haven't talked to you in ages!

      This is just so cool! How did you happen to find my blog, by the way? I'm just in shock right now--this is AWESOME. :D

  17. This is crazy!!! I found you through Go Teen Writers. Jill Williamson posted photos from Realm Makers, and I saw you in one of them! Then a comment mentioned your blog. I couldn't believe it was you, but I Googled your blog!
    This is crazy! :)

    1. I didn't know you were a writer!! (Or that you followed Go Teen Writers...that's fantastic!)

      So crazy/awesome that we're reconnecting! Wow. It's so great to talk with you again, Allison! :)

    2. Wow, I'm so sorry not to respond sooner *face palm*. Apologies!
      Yes, I love writing! I found Go Teen Writers about six months ago, and through that awesome blog, a lovely network of teen bloggers!
      I can't believe that after so many years, we meet again! :) :)

  18. Hi Mary! I'm so glad I stumbled on your blog!

    Haha You chameleon hair comment made me laugh XD

    I'm VERY glad that you decided you liked chocolate. Otherwise i would think you a little odd...

    God is Amazing!!!!!

    Yes thunderstorms are the best!!

    Oh yes, you will have to fight me for the vacant house in either Narnia, Neverland, or Middle Earth ;)

    OH MY GOODNESS WE BOTH SHOULD TOTALLY GO BACK TO THE 50's!!! I agree! Where's our time machine?!


    Lovely to learn some things about Mary!

  19. P.S. I LOOOOOOVE your header!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  20. I love the look of your blog! (*looks for followers button*) I will be back for more!

  21. You and I are ssssooo alike!!! We are alike on 23 1/2 of 30. (I still don't like chocolate.)

    I really like your blog, and I can't wait to read more!!



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