"We laughed, we cried, we clutched each other in fear" {1ST YEAR OF COLLEGE IN REVIEW}

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.



This is awkward.

Somehow, I'm finished with my first year of college . . . and I don't think I've blogged about any of it.

There's a lot I have to say about this past year. I feel like a completely different person now than I was a year ago.

It's crazy to think that last year at this time I was nervous about graduating high school and getting ready for college. It feels like just yesterday . . . and also a lifetime ago.

It's the weirdest feeling. Everyone always told me that it would be like this, but I didn't believe them. How could just one year really make that much of a difference?

I'm already rambling, but blogging has become more of a way of journaling and processing things lately for me. So I hope you'll excuse my nonsensical rambles. :)

Okay, so everyone knows that colleges (specifically the students therein) are weird. Like, really weird.

Naturally, I've had my own share of college (mis)adventures, so here I am today, spilling all my awkward/embarrassing/weird incidents on the internet for the whole world to see. As one does. :P

- I stumbled across Spiderman, Gandalf, and Jack Sparrow (on separate occasions) just casually walking around campus sooooo . . . yeah. That happened.

- I slept through my alarm about 1,392 times last semester and was late to my first day of class. This is my life now.

the lord of the rings i'm sorry but legolas is my favourite GIF

- Speaking of bEING LATE: I managed to wake up & throw myself together in five minutes on a few occasions when I was late so . . . success??

- I tripped and sprawled on the steps in front of a random guy and he just stood there staring at me. I just awkwardly laughed and stood to collect all my things, but gosh darnit, this is chivalry at its finest.

- I submitted most of my papers within five minutes of the deadline, and this has become my new normal. Part of me hates this but the master procrastinator part of me feels justified in the fact that I still managed good grades. (For those of you who know about the enneagram, I'm a 9. That should explain a lot. *COUGH*)

- This is rather tragic actually, but I completely ruined two rolls of film the night before my photos were due for my film photography class. Just a few days later, on the eve of my final project that was due 20% of my grade for the class . . . guess what happened again.

*deep breath*

. . . yeah.

I'm clearly over it. *distant crying*

Michael The Office GIF giphy crying tears funny age blog dunder mifflin The circle of life. You dart out of your mommy’s womb, get taught all types of sweet skills for 13 years, and can not WAIT to be 16, then 18, then 21, and then you have to live through the next 9 years dreading turning 30, while during that time, you face the realities of adulthood. And that, quite frankly, is what this post is about.

(Don't worry, by the grace of God, I managed to finish two of the three ruined assignments and maintain an A in the class. But I may or may not be suffering from permanent heart damage from the stress levels. :PPP)

-  The First Lady came to our college, and we had to arrive two hours early because of security. 'Twas wild.

- Someone remind me to never under any circumstance go to another party. My awkward, anxious, introvert self Can't Deal. (It's much more fun to hole up in your dorm room with Downton Abbey, anyway. So I mean, we know who the real winner is here.)

Where procrastinators come to unite.

- Classes were canceled because of a hurricane, so naturally, I walked through the storm to get donuts because #priorities. (I promise I'm a responsible human. The hurricane didn't end up affecting us much; we just got some rain and moderate wind.)

- Speaking of rain, remind me NEVER to go to another football game again because there's a 110% chance it will start pouring and I will be a miserable, drenched mess. I don't even like football. Why do I let people drag me into these situations??

On the bright side, it was a great bonding moment for me and another fellow football hater. ;)

- I wrote a massive 15-page theology paper within basically 3 days. Needless to say, I was Slightly Dead by the end.

- I saw people outside sword fighting???

- Some guy I had never seen before in my life gave me his version of Flynn Rider's smolder in an attempt to get my attention. This was at our campus dining hall (aka the worst place in the world to try this). Believe me, there were plenty of frying pans I could have used to knock him out. :P

disney smile hi tangled flynn rider GIF 

Pin for Later: 14 Lessons I Learned While Dating a Lumbersexual And you won't recognize him without it. Silver lining: you can pretend it's your man's boyish alter ego. 

- I met some of the loveliest, kindest souls. God truly blessed me with incredible friends.

- The Honors floor is the best floor. Where else will they have theological debates, watch Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings, and do swing dancing on Friday nights?

- I went to the theatre on campus far too often & it was lovely. I saw my first-ever Shakespeare performed, among several other wonderful productions. Our theatre department is top-notch.

- WE HAD SNOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! Scoff all you wish, O Winter Haters, but I love the cold and the snow and allllllll the wintery things. This was the first time I had seen snow in over seven years, and it was just like stepping into Narnia.

Plus, I'm not complaining about those snow days.

- Cuddling up with blankets and mug cakes and watching Tangled with a good friend one snowy evening. Sweet memories. :)

- Working on homework in our gorgeous library or at the nearby Panera.

- Late-night Cookout runs!

- The perfect girls' day downtown w/friends. Ice cream & photoshoots & driving with the windows down.

- Petting all the sweet babies at the animal shelter and basically falling in love with the cats. *happy tears*

- Picking apples at an apple orchard for the first time. It was the perfect fall aesthetic. (Sidenote: I highly recommend apple cider doughnuts. It was a new and very delicious experience.)

- Along those lines, the whole Seasons(TM) thing was a welcome change. This Floridian loved getting a "real" fall and winter.

- I was able to meet a couple blogger friends and it was the best! If any of you lovely people ever happen to find yourselves near Liberty, I'd love to meet you. :)

- Seeing The Gray Havens, Josh Garrels, Chris Renzema, and for KING & COUNTRY in concert. (Aka some of the best musicians you'll ever hear. They were all really transportive & uplifting musical experiences.)

- I visited some wonderful friends at a book fair (Olivia and Rachel) and in order to get to said book fair, I took a train by myself for the first time. I felt like a heroine in some British novel and wrote on the train like the good writer I am. Overall, it was the perfect day. ^_^

- I feel like I grew the most in my walk with Christ this past year, and that is by far the best part of my college experience. There have been a lot of highs and lows & quite honestly, college has tested me a lot. I endured a lot of mental breakdowns, especially spring semester. Yet, God saw me through everything and made me stronger for it. He gave me strength in my brokenness and created beauty in the chaos. I will hopefully share more about my spiritual growth in a later post, but as this has already grown quite lengthy, I'll finish with this: He knew exactly where I needed to be for college. The Holy Spirit is alive and active on our campus. My favorite thing about Liberty is how passionate its people are about loving with Christ-like love. Man, I'm just sooo grateful for the people who have mentored me and for the growth God has brought about. He's pretty amazing, friends.

What a year it's been. There are no words to convey the life-changing, wild, emotional, Spirit-powered journey it has been. In the words of Bilbo, "I think I am quite ready for another adventure." :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Each and every one of you. I know I dropped off the face of the earth this year, but I can't thank you enough for your constant support and encouragement. Even though I most likely won't be very active in the blogosphere, rest assured I have no plans to give up my blog. It's too precious a thing to me. At least for now, I'm happy to be back! I love you all so muuuuuch!!! *group hug*


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  1. ❤❤❤ I'm so glad to have kept up with you in your (our!) first year of college! It's so interesting seeing the difference between Liberty and my (verY) secular, public university! I'd love to come visit you someday! (also my best friend is at Liberty and you met her and AAAAAA I still can't get over that??! How does she get to meet you before I got to? unfair.)

  2. Oh how fun of a post! It was interesting seeing your perspective -- and some of your moments were hilarious. Morning made. <3

  3. Whew! Sounds like a stressful (yet fun) first year of college. I voted to stay at the job I was at when I graduated, so it's fun to follow along and learn about everyone's college experiences! Enjoy your vacation though!

  4. Wow! That is quite the first year! I am so sorry about your film, but praise the Lord you made an A! Sword fighting, spiderman? I'm jelous of your snow. O.o I hope your summer is full of really good memorys.

  5. MARYYYYY!!! This was a DELIGHT. It was wonderful getting a little glimpse into your crazy first year of college! I know it wasn't easy in the slightest bit (all those lost of rolls of film *SOBS* YOU POOR THING!), but I am SO proud of you for pushing through, maintaining such wonderful grades, and still finding time for some happy days. I don't know how you did it all! You're an actual unicorn!

    It also makes my heart happy that you love Liberty and are surrounded by such great people.

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your crazy year! I do hope the rest of your college years are magical ones! <3

  6. OH MY GOSH HI!!!

    I would walk through just about anything to get donuts. Clearly you have your priorities straight.

    SNOOOW!!! I am thrilled for you.

    Overall it sounds like it has been an *experience*. XD

  7. EEEP HI YOU HAVE RETURNED!! THIS WAS SO LOVELY TO READ!! I GOT COLLEGE VIBES!! oh and you know why that guy tried to act like Flynn @ you?? it's cos he thought you were some version of Rupunzel with your amazing HAIIIIIIRRRRRRR. XDD I'm happy you had all these experiences, they sould like gold XD

  8. This is soooo spot on and accurate 😂 I LOVE your title!!!! I'm so thrilled you had such a stellar first year! College is scary but it (namely Grad School haha) was the best experience I've had so far :)

  9. MARYYYYY YOU'RE BACK!!! *dances* And with such a lovely post! Sounds like you have a lot of beautiful memories from this year of college. <3 And a fair share of... other kinds of memories too, of course. ;D

    Makes me excited to go in about a year! *screams*

    It was so wonderful to meet you!! I know I am the awkwardest potato EVER, so sorry about that lol. You're absolutely lovely and I can't wait to see you again sometime because I'm confident that will happen! :D

    Again, beautiful post. <333

    1. And by "go," I mean I haven't finished the application yet, but I WANT to go. XD

  10. Aww, loved this update, Mary!! It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time, and I'm so glad to hear that college had helped you grow in your faith!

    But...I don't care what you say, I will still feel a bit bitter about snow. XD


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