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Just like that, it's 2019.* Very rude of it to arrive without my written consent.

*It's actually two months into 2019, Mary. This isn't exactly news. :P

Well, look who decided to show her face again on the blogosphere! I know, I know, you simply could not live without me. I'm flattered.

You're even more of a simpleton than I originally thought if you believe that.

*glowers* Shouldn't you be off doing, I don't know, illegal things? 

*feigns a wounded expression* You certainly know how to hurt a man's feelings, don't you, love?

Did I hurt your feelings? Wow. I feel SO awful. *yawns*


If you're done being melodramatic, I have important things to do.

*pouts* What, these new characters are more important than me? How could you possibly want to talk about them when I'm so dashing, charming, witty, attractive-

Ugh, I'm going to be sick.

No need to get nasty, my dear authoress. You're the one who wrote me this way.

And if you continue to pester me, I might just decide to unwrite you.

You wouldn't dare. Think of my fans! Can you imagine the weeping that would ensue? The elegies delivered at my funeral? You simply can't break these poor people's hearts.

If you don't get out of here, I swear I'm going to demote you from Lieutenant.

Have I mentioned I hate your new novel?

Get. Out.

*dusts off uniform and leaves in a huff*

With Lieutenant Bradshaw finally gone, let's get on to my more interesting characters.

I heard that.

*glares at his retreating form* Ahem.

I had a request by at least a couple people to introduce you to my protagonists from Something Like Home, which you can read more about in my last post (way back in November, yikes).

 Without further ado . . . meet my babies. They're my precious children and I love them so much. :)

/ L E V I /

soft. gentle. anxious. lonely. musician. quiet. witty. curly hair. dimples. compassionate. shy. old soul.

Levi is my sweet child who must be Protected. But also, if I'm being completely honest . . . he's the kind of guy I want to marry.

Ahem. Yeah. If only he wasn't, you know, fictional. *disgruntled sigh*

I can't decide for sure, but he's either an ISFJ or INFJ. He's introverted, deals with social anxiety, and is basically a cinnamon roll. All softness and sweetness and innocence. Of course, I wouldn't be the cruel author I am if I didn't, uh, put him through pain and suffering. He deals with a lot of grief, loneliness, and hurt which has caused him to be hesitant to form lasting attachments to people. His social anxiety causes him to be ostracized from almost everyone except his immediate family. He grapples with feeling like there's something wrong with him because he has trouble communicating with people and often stutters. Once he warms up to people, he actually has a really understated wit about him.

He also comes from a large family of four siblings (all of whom are boisterous and annoying and hilarious at times) and loves music. Piano is his "safe space" - a way for his introverted soul to recharge and find rest. He is also an old soul with a certain fondness for black-and-white movies and classic '40s jazz. He is known to always wear the same blue flannel shirt and be incapable of taming his wild curls.

He's also just the sweetest, most adorable human bean ever, and I LOVE HIM. *grins*

Now for some snippets featuring the darling Levi Wylkins himself.

- - - - - - - -

{in which we meet Levi from Eleanor's POV}

A tall young man stood clutching about thirty blue balloons in his fist. A group of half a dozen people had formed a line in front of his weather-beaten stand. Upon closer inspection, she discovered the “stand” was more or less a dilapidated desk held together with strips of duct tape.

So, he probably wasn’t a professional. Maybe he was selling something for school?

Well, he didn’t look that young. His tall frame wasn’t awkward, not like most early teens. Shaggy dark brown hair curled around his forehead, and glasses perched on his nose. He wore a navy plaid shirt, unbuttoned at the collar. A corner of the hem hung untucked, stirring in the breeze. He was handing a middle-aged woman a balloon, a soft smile on his face.

- - - - - - - -

His hands shouldn’t be shaking this much. He regarded the last cookie he had iced with a grimace, deciding it would be better to just eat it and put it out of its misery. He broke off a gingerbread leg and stuck it in his mouth.

“You’re as bad as Cameron,” Eleanor chided. She smirked as she set one of her neatly-decorated cookies on the plate. “If you keep eating them all, we’ll never get to that movie.”

Oh. Right. The movie. He fumbled with the bowl of frosting and inched away from her. Just enough to let himself breathe. Anxiety wound his stomach in a jumble of knots. Why do I have to have social anxiety? Frustration eased up his spine and made him fidget. What was wrong with him?

It wasn’t the first time he had asked himself that question and certainly not the last. Most of the time it wasn’t this bad—certainly not around his family. It mostly flared up when he ordered something at a restaurant or—heaven forbid—went to a party. He avoided social gatherings with people he didn’t know like the plague.

So, what was he thinking when he invited Eleanor to his house? He supposed he felt obligated to make it up to her for breaking her camera. But he had a feeling the nerves coiling his stomach weren’t purely because of his social anxiety but also from something else. Something dangerously unfamiliar to him.

- - - - - - - -

“Would you like to w-watch a movie now?”

Eleanor’s expression turned to one of confusion. “Aren’t you going to ask me to dance?”

Wait, what?
Stunned, he just blinked back at her. His mouth suddenly turned into the Sahara Desert. “Um . . . I mean . . . ”

“I just want to know the basic steps. I’ve never done swing dancing before.”

Oh, gosh. Was there a way to get out of this situation? Maybe . . . if he possessed any sense of tact.

“I-I didn’t think you liked dancing,” he said lamely.

“You never asked me.” Eleanor said this as if he were a complete imbecile. Which he probably was.

No alternative remained. He cleared his throat and then stood, hand extended for her own. She clasped his hand, and he lifted her to her feet. He tried to ignore the glances from his siblings as he led Eleanor into the center of the room. He was never going to hear the end of their teasing because he was dancing with a girl.

- - - - - - - -

/ E L E A N O R /

broken. cynical. photographer. private. nature lover. empathetic.spontaneous. side bangs. scuffed boots. artistic. independent. insecure. longs for love.

Ouch. This poor dear has a lot of trauma. *hugs her*

I'm indecisive yet again on her personality type, but she does seem to be an ISFP, albeit one who struggles a lot with forgiveness. She grapples with bitterness towards her parents (and towards God because she thinks He abandoned her). Hardened by years of living with an abusive father, she has a cynical outlook on life and guys in particular. Which means she's naturally afraid of the feelings she inevitably has for Levi. (Who is the sweetest gentleman to her, of course. *grins*)

She is rather spontaneous and disorganized and tends to not think about the future or how her decisions will affect it. Though independent, she longs for validation and love - a place she can call home since she never knew what a real home was like. Her safe spots are nature and photography, though she also loves baking. She tends to root her identity in her success, and fear of judgment keeps her from letting people see into her life. She's deeply afraid of forming relationships with people because she doesn't want to get hurt again.

She works at a local grocery store, but she longs to be a photojournalist and feels suffocated at times in the small town. She has a soft spot for kids (though she won't admit it), anything remotely artistic, and blueberry waffles. Though she can seem reserved and cynical, there's a warmth and passion to her she often keeps hidden from most people. 

- - - - - - - -

{a brief description of her from Levi's POV ;)}

He sneaked a glance at her profile. Her brow was bent in concentration as she focused on the cookie in her hand and slathered it with creamy frosting. Bangs shadowed the left side of her face, the soft glow of the kitchen lights sweeping through her cinnamon-hued hair. As if feeling his stare, she turned to face him and raised a questioning eyebrow. 

- - - - - - - -

With a huff, she kicked the flimsy sheet off her body and sat upright. She wiggled her numb toes. Not for the first time she longed for operational heat. 

A glance at the clock affirmed what she knew to be true. 5:48—almost time to get ready for work. 

As she readied herself in her cramped bathroom, she studied the face staring back at her in the mirror. A dusting of freckles on her milky white cheeks, purple shadows edging her eyelids. How lovely. She wrinkled her nose, the sight of an incoming pimple on her chin not exactly bolstering her spirits. I guess this calls for makeup. 

Nothing but hollowness greeted her stare when she finished. The girl in the mirror still looked lifeless, almost corpselike. Her eyes were dull and void of any spark they used to contain. 

What’s the point? She blinked and dropped her gaze from her reflection.

- - - - - - - -

There had to be an explanation for the jitters she was feeling, but she didn’t think she wanted to know what it was.

Eleanor had almost dropped her only set of dishes as she scurried around her crowded apartment trying desperately to throw herself together. It’s just a movie. A movie and some music and talking. Nothing to get worked up about.

If only she could make her nerves believe that. 

She threw on her pair of simple black heels then frowned. Too fancy. Jerking them off, she exchanged them for her checkered flats. Nope. Not with a polka dot sweater.

“Let’s just acknowledge the fact that I have no fashion sense,” she muttered to herself as she settled for her pair of brown boots. A quick survey in her dingy floor-length mirror made her wince. A wispy crown braid, oversized sweater, leggings, and boots didn’t exactly scream “date material.”

This isn’t a date, though . . . is it?

Ugh. She wished guys would make that a little clearer when they asked if a girl wanted to “hang out.”

- - - - - - - -

Eleanor sat back, eyes absorbing the beauty of the late-night drive through back country roads. A cold breeze whipped through the partially cracked window, stirring her hair and blowing strands in her now-faded lipstick. She didn’t bother to brush the strands away. She wanted to soak in this moment. With him.

Don’t get too close, she reminded herself. It’s too dangerous to get involved. Her mood deflated just as quickly as it had been buoyed. She hated how this always happened. Hated how she was so quick to slam the door to Levi whenever she opened it just a crack. Goosebumps pricked her flesh, the air suddenly feeling frigid. She rubbed her hands over her arms in an attempt to massage warmth into her limbs.

“Are you cold?” A note of tenderness lingered in his voice, and it was somehow enough to make her forget the chill.

There you have it! Now you know a little more about the protagonists of Something Like Home! It's been a bit of an Experience for this fantasy writer to dive into the world of contemporary . . . but can I say that I actually love it? I never thought I would actually enjoy writing contemporary this much, but it's been a really enjoyable experience overall. (Though this story is crushing my heart and soul and causing me a lot of emotional anguish *COUGH*)

I didn't realize how much I missed blogging until now, and I'm sad to say that I don't know when I'll be back again. There just doesn't seem to be time to write the blog posts I used to, unfortunately. Maybe I'll be revising the content I post to better fit my college lifestyle, or maybe it will just be another couple months till I pop in . . . but regardless, I love and miss you all. <3

How have you been, my dears? Did you enjoy this type of post introducing my characters? It helped me get to know them so much better, so it was really helpful for me, actually. Hope your February is going smashingly! Thank you so much for constant support - you are so loved!

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  1. Aaaaah I love this story and your characters SO MUCH!!!!! Is it okay for me to steal your book boyfriend? Levi is perfection and he needs ALL THE happy hedgehogs and cookies and caaaake. Also these aesthetics are just goals and everything is generally AMAZING. I need this book! Now. Bravo, sweet friend!

  2. I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS TO DEATH ALREADY! Levi just seems so sweet and I want to meet him in real life! And Eleanor . . . <333 I wish you luck with college!

  3. Ahh!! Mary this was the best! How do you make your characters so vivid?? I feel like I know them already, and I only saw a little peice of them. You are such an awesome writer. Keep it up, Mary! <3

  4. EEEEE!!! A MARY POST. And a Mary post about her precious characters! It is Christmas all over again!

    Oh my gracious, I'm already 1000% in love with Levi and Eleanor. Totally and completely IN LOVE. Levi is the most cinnamon-y roll of cinnamon rolls. I ADORE HIMMMM. <333 (And he's totally the type I want in a guy too. Hehehe.) And Eleanor is so broken and...REAL. Her POV was so realistic, it didn't even feel like fiction. GAH. Your writing is so vivid and real. I LOVE IT ALL.

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing with us. This lit up my day! (Also Bradshaw's appearance was great too. XD) I completely understand right now life doesn't allow for much blogging, but I'm so glad you popped in. I love your posts so much! <3

  5. A post from Mary!!! :D

    These characters sound awesome and those aesthetics are wonderful. <3333

    1. Also, I may borrow this post idea sometime soon, if that'd be alright!

  6. Okay but I’m crying. Your characters are way too adorable for my heart. (Is there any way I can read your book when it’s finished?!)

    I’m so glad you came back to give us a post, Mary!!! We’ve missed you so much over here! And don’t worry about not posting often! Whenever you post shall be even more valuable to us <3

    P.S. I really would like to write contemporary! How should I start? Any advice you can give?

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