The Great Summer TBR '18 // In Which There are Way Too Many Books

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Hello, my dear bookdragons! I have returned from my grand trip to Europe!!! (I mean, technically I've been back for a while . . . but I got sick sooo. :P) Was it as amazing as I imagined? Yes. Yes, it was. (Y'know, minus London - more on that in another post. xD)

Today, however, we are not gathered to discuss my Europe trip (I know, you were all dying to know) but to finallyyyyyyy address the Scary Thing Known as My Summer TBR™. Be very afraid.

Honestly meant to post this in May (#yikes) but somehow it's JULY AND I'M IN DENIAL? Like, I'm going to college next month. NEXT MONTH. How crazy is that? *fans myself*

Although it's already pretty late in the summer, I decided to post my TBR anyway because I promised I would. I always have illusions of grandeur so don't expect me to read more than like 6% of this list. What usually happens is that I end up choosing books on impulse and my reading list goes out the window. You hath been warned. :P


(Click the title to go to the Goodreads page for each book.)

Okay, so I technically already finished this one . . . and I'm honestly feeling really conflicted. It had some good elements to it, but overall, it was lacking the life and magic of the other Penderwicks books. *sad sigh*

Besides the fact that this book probably could win an award for longest title ever (ahem), it looks like such a fun and whimsical book. I've been meaning to read it for a long time and what better time to dive into fantastical middle-grade books than in the summer?

It looks like a delightfully feels-shredding book, and I'm all for it. I found a ridiculously cheap copy with the MOST GORGEOUS FORMAT EVER. That's reason enough to read it. ;)

I've heard some good things about this book on Goodreads, and when I found it at my favorite used bookstore, I decided it must have been my destiny to read it. (#logical) It's set in the Great Depression and apparently the main character likes books. That's all I know about it, but I'm almost always up for a good historical fiction!

AGAIN I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS except the fact that two good friends of mine loved it. And it's middle-grade. SO YEAH I'M READING IT.

Just finished this one and . . . I couldn't stand it. Ughhhh. It's been a long time since I've rated a book 1 star, but this book was just so bad. The writing, characters, story, themes . . . they all get an emphatic NO THANKS from me. :P

Oh, look - another his-fic book about the Great Depression! (This is what happens when I'm let loose in a used bookstore unsupervised.) 

- Echo -


Because historical fantasy! And music! And middle-grade! ALL THE YES. (Are you noticing a middle-grade trend yet?)

I've been meaning to read this for foreverrrrrr and I'm hoping that this summer will be the time I finally get to it! From all I've heard, it looks like the PERFECT book for me, what with its quirky characters and general whimsy.


*gasp* Mary reads non-fiction?? I know, I know - it's a shock. Reading more non-fiction was one of my goals for 2018, but has it happened yet? NOPE. *facepalm* In an effort to get on top of this goal, I'm going to (hopefully) read this book that's come highly recommended by some of my friends.

Third times a charm, perhaps? I've started reading this twice and never finished it - solely due to the fact that I got distracted by shiny new books. *COUGH* However, visiting Charles Dickens's house in London has made me want to read ALL THE DICKENS BOOKS so I'm hoping to get started on that this summer!

Another reading goal of mine this year was to finish reading all the Jane Austen novels. I'm down to Sense and Sensibility and Mansfield Park, so I thought I'd dive into at least one this summer while I have more time.

- a Shakespeare play -

Not sure which one, specifically, but I'm kind of on a Shakespeare kick lately (might have to do with visiting the Globe Theatre in London??) and would love to read another Shakespeare play! But . . . maybe a comedy instead of a tragedy this time. Those can get a bit depressing after a while. xD

Ummmm . . . so this is kind of embarrassing, but I've had this book for almost a YEAR and still haven't read/reviewed it yet. o.O I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON, ACK. The author gave me a free copy for review and I really need to get around to it this summer!

- Fawkes -


*screams into the night* IT'S COMING OUT THIS MONTHHHHH. I pre-ordered a copy to pick up at Realm Makers, and I'm. So. Excited. to read it. Nadine is seriously the sweetest person, and though I wasn't a fan of A Time to Die, her upcoming release looks amaaaaazing.

Oh my heart - I CAN'T WAIT. Joanne Bischof is one of my top favorite authors, and the synopsis for this already stirred up some feels. Joanne never fails to break my heart and make me fall in love with her characters in every single book. (Plus, there are Norwegian characters and it takes place in the Appalachian Mountains and just ashdjdll.)

- Storm Siren


Since Mary Weber will be at Realm Makers, I thought it was high time I finally read one of her books! Whether or not I will actually get to it before the conference is highly debatable. xD

I've heard sooooo many amazing things about this book, and it actually won a Goodreads Choice Award for best historical fiction in 2016. It's set in WWII (my favorite) and looks heartbreakingly beautiful. Which, as we've established, is one of my favorite kinds of stories.

Roseanna M. White's book A Name Unknown is possibly my favorite book of all time (I wrote a review raving about it a while back - I'm pretty sure the whole world knows of my love for it xD), so I obviously need to read her other books! Her writing style is too gorgeous for this world, and I can't wait to sink my teeth into another of her stories.

Would you believe I've NEVER read Winnie-the-Pooh?? THIS MUST BE REMEDIED. I can't believe I've lived as long as I have without actually experiencing the sweetness that is this silly old bear. Why not make myself cry from all the nostalgia of my childhood before I go to college next month??

I read the first book, Beautiful Blue World, a few months ago and loved it. I've heard it described as bittersweet, and that truly is the best way to describe it. It was an eye-opening, touching story that I can't wait to read the sequel of!

:: RE-READS ::

I'm not normally a person who likes to re-read a lot of books, but oddly enough, 2018 has been my year of re-reads. Maybe because I've had a pretty mediocre reading year so far and wanted something familiar that I knew I loved? *shrugs* Nonetheless, I'm planning on continuing the re-read streak I have going this summer.

- Paper Crowns


This is mandatory, my friends. Mandatory. I think I've made it a yearly tradition now to read it every summer because it's just so . . . perfect. It's honestly great for any season, but summer makes me want to dive into this deliciously hilarious and whimsical story more than ever!

This is another book that I feel like reading in summer, probably due to the fact that I have very prominent memories of reading this last year in the summer. This is a haunting, moving, and crushing story set in the Holocaust and modern-day times. I love it dearly, and since I got in the mood to read it, I might do just that.

ONE OF MY FAVEEES. I loved this book so much! I read it on a road trip through the Smokies last summer, and it immediately prompts memories of our trip when I think of it. What's even more fitting is that it actually is set in Tennesse. It's just . . . *happy sigh* Oh gosh, I love it so much. <333

Why yes, this will be my third time reading it since 2017. This book never gets old, and it's the epitome of summer. 

- Storming


The characters are profoundly developed, the setting is SO UNIQUE, and the writingggg. It's all so golden. I could always use a dose of dieselpunk in my life.

*clutches heart* Guys, this book killed me. I love it more than I can express. (I must sound like a broken record at this point, but I DON'T CARE. I have so much love for these books.) 

Why yes - I do realize there are 28 books on this list. SEE, I'M MUCH TOO UNREALISTIC, FRIENDS. There's no way I can expect myself to read all of these . . . but hey, I can give it my best shot. ;)

What's on your summer TBR? Do you get in the mood to read middle-grade books in the summer? What are some great "summer-y" books that you would recommend? (Because OF COURSE I don't have enough as it is. Ahem.) Happy early Independence Day to all my American followers!

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  1. You've? never read? Winnie-the-Pooh??? WHAT?!?!? MARY THAT'S ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS I APPROVE OF THIS CHOICE.
    Also yes Echo is great and I'm also stoked for Fawkes and this looks like a fabulous TBR! :D

  2. LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY BOOOOOOKS!!!! This post is like candy for my eyeballs.

    So many of these I want to read myself. Like The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland. It just looks like a Christine book! (But that title, GAWSH.) A Monster Calls, too! MUST read that one! And FAWKES. *shrieks* I am so excited for this book! I preordered a copy to pickup at Realm Makers too! :D I CANNOT WAIT. I also NEED Chasing Jupiter and Storming. NEED.

    The Mysterious Benedict Society was so, sooo fun! I feel like it could have easily been half the size, buuut, I still loved it. (I really need to read the rest of that series...) And CASTLE IN THE AIR. YESSSSH. Obviously I love Howl's Moving Castle more, but Castle in the Air still totally captures that charming feel of HMC. I think you're gonna love it!

    OH. Do Hard Things. That is a good one! I read it yeeeeears ago, and so much of what I learned in it has still stuck with me to this day. Definitely a thought-provoking book!

    I rarely read classics (#SHAME), but I did read Sense and Sensibility a few years back and kind of totally loved it. And speaking of classics and Shakespeare, have you read Midsummer Night's Dream? That's definitely a good Shakespeare comedy! It's so bizarre. I liked it. XD

    Oh, Storm Siren. That was a cool book! The trilogy wasn't my FAVORITE, but I'm still glad I read it. I became really fond of the characters and the world was really fantastic!

    WINNIE-THE-POOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gracious, Mary. THAT IS MY HAPPY PLACE. You are gonna LOVE it. It's so precious. <33333333

    Okay, now you're making me DESPERATELY want to reread Paper Crowns. It is the PERFECT summer read. (Even though it's set in a winter kingdom. Not sure how that works???) GAH. Look what you've done!

    This whole list is absolutely beautiful and wonderful and I love it. I hope you have an amazing summer of reading! :D

  3. A Monster Calls and Winnie the Pooh are two of my favorites. <3 And my goodness you have quite the list.

  4. I love your list!! I need to get reading some of them because they're on my TBR too. :D

    One summer-y book I plan on reading this month is Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson. The book has a peach color and has peaches ON the cover and I mean... need I say more?? Also Anderson has only disappointed me once before so HIGH HOPES. xD (My favorite book ever is her Middle Grade fantasy My Diary from the Edge of the World, which I would HIGHLY recommend!)

    Also my favorite comedy by Shakespeare is Comedy of Errors! It was soooo much fun. #recommended :D


  5. What a beautiful pile of books! I was able to finally read Storming this year, and it was excellent! I remember enjoying The Mysterious Benedict Society, and I think it's time I re-read that series.

  6. Way too many books. The post title is accurate. My TBR list has suffered. THANKS. Cause like, the only books I've read on here are A Tale of Two Cities, Sense and Sensibility, Winnie the Pooh, and some Shakespeare.

    I'd suggest Much Ado About Nothing; that's one of my favorites. :)

  7. So many good books!
    I wanted to read more nonfiction this year, but I have only read like... *looks at goodreads* *cough* none *cough*. Also I've been in a Middle Grade crave too! I've found so many good books, and some I've read and know I would've loved if I was younger but not so much now. (there are always some that just can't go over into being enjoyed by older age groups)
    I just read Storm Siren, though, and it was so good! I need the other books now but my library doesn't have them *sobs* #excusetobuythem. I also have Salt to the Sea and The Butterfly and the Violin on my tbr -I have like a whole stack of WW2 genre.
    And those Great Depression books sound really good.

  8. The Mysterious Benedict Society is SO CUUUUUTE. I loved it sooo much! :D And Paper Crowns. Just. Yes. I often just take it off my shelf and read through the dialogue because IT'S SO SPOT-ON AND WITTY AND WONDERFUL. <3

  9. I WANT TO READ EVERYTHING ON YOUR TBR. Enough said. xD I hope that you love Wonderland Creek-I adored it, although the MC is hard to like at first!

  10. Yess Penderwicks!!!! But also the first 4 were better ;)
    Wonderland Creek XD XD faveee it’s so good!!!
    Literally want to read allll the books you suggested!!!
    The Ramblings of a Bookworm

  11. OH NO MARY WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME I literally have 67 books on my summer tbr i don't need moreeeeeeee

    I have the Mysterious Benedicts Society, Fawkes, and Chasing Jupiter on my list! Fawkes was a fun read, but haven't read the others yet :)

  12. Oh my word. I just realized that I've never read Winnie The Pooh. HOW ON EARTH HAVE I NEVER READ WINNIE THE POOH??? This is an abomination. I cannot even believe myself right now.

    Aaaaaaand also might I just add that I basically want to read every single book you've mentioned here now? XD Whenever people mention books in a post, my TBR automatically gets 3,000 books heavier. It's a problem. BUUUUUT, I've already read The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland, so I guess that knocks one off my list, right? Right?! (Although the title of that book is basically an entire novel in itself. XD)

    And also I can't for the life of me remember if I've ever commented on your blog before? HI. I'M KENZIE. YOUR BLOG IS ADORABLE. I LOVE.


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