The Get to Know Me Tag // Writer's Edition

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After searching through all my drafts and shuddering at how long it would take me to conquer one of those post ideas . . .

I'm taking the easy way out and doing a tag.

BUT WAIT - don't leave just yet! This is a special tag because it was created by the epic Savannah Grace! (Seriously go check out her blog if you haven't because it's 1000% cooler than mine so *nods* You need it. xD)

This tag is called the Get to Know Me Tag - Writer's Edition. Seeing as we're already a week into Camp NaNo (#HELP), I thought this would be an apropos time for me to share a little bit more about me and my writing.

So without further delay, let's get onto the tag!

The Get To Know Me Tag Writer's Edtion [post title image]

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(pen)Name: Mary Liz (not sure that's what I'll actually use if/when I publish but for now *shrugs*)

Nicknames: Glitter Queen (obviously) and a few brave souls have ventured to call me Mars (rhymes with "bears") . . . but they FOR SURE didn't say it for long, let me tell you. xD I kind of hate nicknames, personally. Probably has to do with the fact that my entire childhood consisted of people joking about my name's connections to nursery rhymes. >.<

(Hey, I've just been reminded by a friend that I forgot to include my best nickname ever, Wal-Mart. It's a long story, lol.)

Birthday: August 29th

Hair color & length: Light brown w/blonde & auburn highlights, past my hips

Braces/piercings/tattoos: Currently just about to finish with my Invisalign after having them for three years. I also have one ear piercing but no tattoos. And I definitely won't be getting any. ;)

Righty or lefty: Righty - though it would be epic if I were ambidextrous.

Ethnicity: Not entirely sure of everything, but I have some Swedish, Swiss, British, and Irish in me and apparently am related to Vikings?? So that's cool. xD

:: FIRSTS ::

First novel written: Technically I wrote seven "novels" between the ages of ten and eleven, but I consider my first REAL novel to be Moonlit Mirror. I finished the first draft of that back in November 2016. 

First novel completed: I mean, I guess the ones I wrote when I was ten and eleven? The first one I finished was called A Thief in Rome. Very creative title. xD 

Award for writing: Ummmm none, actually . . . I haven't entered any writing contests that I can remember. I've wanted to, but something has always come up. *sad face*

First publication: I FEEL SO PITIFUL BUT AGAIN NONE. Like I said, I haven't submitted my work for . . . anything. xD I got a paid critique done last Realm Makers, but that wasn't for publication purposes, obviously. It was still nerve-wracking to send off some of my precious writing, though!

Conference: Realm Makers last July! It was absolutely one of the best experiences I've had. SO INCREDIBLE. I'm crossing my fingers that everything works out for me to go this year. I thought it would but now I'm shorter on funds than I thought sooo . . . we'll see. *nervous smile*

Query/pitch: None for either of those. It's a terrifying thought, and my stories are NOT ready for this. (Even though, apparently you get two of these with RM registration this year? I . . . don't know what to think of that. o.o)


Novel (that you wrote): SAVANNAH GRACE WHAT AN EVIL QUESTION. xD I don't know if it's possible for me to pick just one, so I'll go with two: The Scent of the Sun (which I'm finishing the first draft of this month) and Behind the Velvet Curtain (which is actually a novella . . . but hush. Savannah cheated, too ;))

Genre: Proooobably historical fiction & fantasy. I actually lean more towards historical nowadays, but fantasy holds a special place in my heart. (OH BUT WAIT - steampunk! That counts, right? I haven't read very many steampunk novels, but it's such a fun genre.)

Author: AHHHH THESE QUESTIONS ARE TORTURE. If I haaaad to narrow it down, I would say Jennifer Nielsen, Roseanna M. White, and Joanne Bischof. I love them for them all for their ah-may-zing characters, beautiful writing styles, and emotional depth. <3 But like . . . there are so many others. (Kristy Cambron, Heather Dixon, Sharon Cameron . . . okay, I'll stop. xD) And let's not even get into some of my favorite classics writers like C.S. Lewis and Jane Austen. We would be here all day otherwise. 

Writing music: I actually don't usually listen to music while I write. It's too distracting. *shrugs* But I love making playlists for my stories, and it seems like my music changes a lot depending on what type of story I'm writing. It could be anything from folk (The Scent of the Sun) to instrumental piano (Something Like Home) to whimsical fantasy soundtracks (Moonlit Mirror). IT CHANGES A LOT. xD

Time to write: NIGHTTIME. Forever and always. I'm a night owl to the core.

Writing snack/drink: I don't usually eat or drink when I write because, again, #distracting. (I was actually eating popcorn a couple days ago while I wrote & I swear that my attention was more on eating than actually typing. xD) When I really get in my zone, I even *gasp* forget about food sometimes. However, I do tend to crave ice cream or granola bars when I write, and water is pretty much my go-to drink.


"How do you pick of the threads of an old life?" GIF

The Lord Of The Rings GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Legolas (Orlando Bloom) — Lord of the Rings | 39 Guys Who Sparked Your Sexual Awakening ~true.

I give you three guesses. ;)

Writing memory: How. Can. I. Choose. One of my favorites was doing NaNoWriMo for the VERY first time, writing 50k in 9 days, and subsequently finishing my first real novel by adding 90k to it that month. Yeah. That was pretty cool. xD Of course, if Realm Makers counts, then that is a definite favorite memory. <3 And basically all your sweet encouragement & feedback over the years' has been one of the GREATEST blessings to me. You guys are amazing.

Childhood book: So, confession: I wasn't that big of a reader as a kid. I actually started getting into reading when I was about ten, but some of my favorite children's books (that I ironically didn't read as a child) are Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, The Phantom Tollbooth, and The Penderwicks. To name a few. *grins*


Reading: I'm currently reading Macbeth by Shakespeare & The Inimitable Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse. I'm surprisingly enjoying the former, and the latter is entertaining . . . though there's a bit more language than I expected. So yeah. Not sure if I'll finish it or not. 

Writing: For Camp NaNo, I'm working on finishing the first draft of The Scent of the Sun (my contemporary novel w/fantasy elements + VW vans + old books + SNARK) & adding more words to my first draft of Vagrant Embers (futuristic fantasy novel w/big families + murder plot + woodsy aesthetic).

Listening to: If you mean literally as I write this post, I'm listening to Paper Kites. I wouldn't openly recommend all their music, since I haven't listened to all of it, but they have some really great folk music. Recently,  I've been huge on theatre music and Owl City's new music. YES TO ALL OF IT. <3

Watching: I just re-watched The Little Prince this morning. It's one of my FAVORITE animated movies!

Learning: That it's okay to be sad sometimes & that life moves waaaay too quickly. (YIKES.)

:: FUTURE ::

Want to be published: YESSS. Isn't this every writer's dream? I would ultimately love to be published one day, though my stories are far from being ready. Perhaps after college. :)

Indie or traditional: Hmmmm . . . this is a tough question. I think I would like to be traditionally published, but I'm not averse to indie publishing. If I did go the indie route, however, I would want to hire a professional cover designer & editor because I want it to still be the best quality possible.

Wildest goal: I would love to be a best-selling author & open a bookshop where I would sell all my friends' books and then hold write-ins for local writers. IT WOULD BE SO EPIC. xD

I'm super tired and still have a looot of writing to do tonight so I'm taking the easy way out and not tagging anybody. Actually, I'll tag whoever is wearing socks right now and wants to do this tag. There. That works. xD

Thanks so much for this awesome tag, Savannah! It was a blast to do. :D Tell me, friends: what is YOUR favorite time to write? What are you currently reading? (And if you're doing Camp NaNo, how is it going??)

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  1. *tackles post*

    HIIIII. I haven't been around here in untold ages! I've missed it! This is such a fun tag (kudos to Savvy for inventing it!).

    Ahem. You forgot your worst nickname, Mart. XDDD (Kidding, kidding.)

    A Thief in Rome actually sounds...kind of interesting! Even if it was one of those atrocious first stories that we writers like to lock away in a deep, dark vault. ;)

    Don't feel bad for not having submitted your work anywhere yet! Every writer is on their own journey, and no two look exactly alike. So I guess we're all Special Snowflakes, lol. But seriously, it is JUST as important to take the time to explore writing, figure out what works for you and what doesn't, etc., as it is to then send those stories into the world. Take your time. <3

    I STARTED SMIRKING SO HARD WHEN I GOT TO THE LOTR GIFS. I love that one of Pippin. It just cracks me up.

    Meep, I hope Realm Makers works out!!!

    Owl's City new music is so funnn! I love it so much, especially Lucid Dream.

    Okay, that bookshop idea is 110% E P I C. I WANT THIS TO BE A THING. <3333

    It was so fun popping in to your blog again! Sorry it's been so long. >.> Oh, and I almost forgot, but just that one little line about The Scent of the Sun awakens such longing! It sounds so beautiful and vintage and hopeful, I just--AHHH. WRITE IT.

    1. TRACEY HI!! Haha, no worries! We all know how good *I* am at keeping up with blogs. #not (But yes, didn't Sav do a great job with this? It's SO MUCH fun. ^_^)

      OMW I TOTALLY FORGOT TO ADD THAT. xDDD I actually went back and put it in since you pointed it out, haha.

      LOL you wouldn't be saying that if you actually read my story. (Which I will never be able to share because it's just . . . oh boy. So cringey. xD)

      Aww thanks, Tracey! <3 I really want to enter writing contests and the like, but I think it's important for me to just take it slowly right now.

      HAHA YESSSS. Isn't Pippin fantastic? :D

      Me tooooo!! I'm determined to make it work, somehow.

      AHHHH I loooove Lucid Dream! That's one of my favorite new ones. I think New York City might be my favorite? It's hard to choose!


      Aww, it was so good to "see" you again! BUT PLEASE. STOP APOLOGIZING. (I do the same thing, though, so I have no right to tell you this. xD) I totally understand that you're busy and please don't ever feel bad about not commenting, k? Ohh that makes me SO HAPPY you just don't know. <333 I'm absolutely adoring this story and am looking forward to finishing it and starting edits. :D

  2. This was so fun to read! I LOVE LOVE LOVE A Phantom Tollbooth!

  3. Fantastic answers! This tag is so fun!

  4. I LOVE THIS TAG AND I LOVE THAT YOU DID IT AND YES. It was so fun getting a look at all the delightful Mary-ness! :D

    Now I'm SUPER curious as to why your nickname is Wal-Mart. XDDD

    Oh my goodness, I'm related to Vikings toooo! LOL.

    I haven't won any awards, done any querying, or have had anything published either. IT IS OKAY! I think what matters the absolute most about writing is that we WRITE. That we learn and grow in the craft. It's not about all the notoriety, it's about doing our best to write good stories! And I think you're doing amazing!

    The gifs for your favorite movie. Oh my word. GRINNING SO BIG! I mean, OF COURSE. LotR is THE movie. Like...people have other favorites??? NONSENSE.

    I'm sooooo excited that you're working on The Scent of the Sun. EEEEEE!!!!! I just love the idea and the aesthetics of that story SO MUCH!!! And Vagrant Embers sounds COMPLETELY EPIC too! YOU JUST COME UP WITH THE BEST STORY IDEAS!


    Eep! This was so much fun. Thanks for sharing! <333

  5. What a fun post! It's really interesting to hear those few odd details that I would never have known. It's funny that you weren't a big reader as a child. XD

  6. It's cool to learn more about you as a writer! Best wishes with NaNo! I get not liking nicknames. I want to sock anyone in the eye who calls me "Vicky." I've also had people call me "Vic" and "V" which I also don't care for.

  7. Aww, I enjoyed reading your answers!

    YOU GUYS PUT ME TO SHAME, THOUGH. Honestly. It's so cool how dedicated you guys are and how many stories you have in the works and completed. Good job, girl! :D

    (Also I just went and found all your storyboards on Pinterest and looked through them and MAY I JUST SAY. <333333)

    Hope you're doing wonderfully, that Camp NaNo will be successful, and that you'll be able to go to Realm Makers. :) <3 *hugs*

  8. ACK this looks like an AWESOME TAG. Savannah is a genius. ^_^ I may steal this tag from you...if that's okay?

    Okay, but wait, Wal-Mart as a nickname? Um, explanation, possibly? XD

    HEATHER DIXON. <333 :D

    Hmm...Lemme guess, is your favorite movie...THE AVENGERS?? XD

    Okay, but your description of The Scent of the Sun ~>(my contemporary novel w/fantasy elements + VW vans + old books + SNARK) LIKE. I DON'T THINK THAT COULD SOUND MORE AWESOME. :D

    I hope your Camp NaNo is going superbly!! ^_^ <3

  9. (I stole this post and wrote my own answers on my blog. They say confession is good for the soul, so I'm confessing.)

    Loved your answers! I will patronize your bookshop when you open it :-D

  10. I love this post!!

    And I also stole it - and here be the link!

    Alli Tebo

  11. Ooh, I love this tag! I feel like every writer could do this tag once a year--it's such a good way to catch up on your buddies' writing desks! And I haven't had anything published/awarded/queried either, so you're not alone. =)

    1. Also, you have gorgeous hair, and I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW LONG IT IS BUT DID YOU SAY PAST YOUR HIPS?? How long has this taken? I cut my hair at my shoulders a while ago, but I'm growing it out again.

  12. Wow. You truly are the coolest. This inspired me on various levels-mental, emotional, writeral, etc. Keep up the Marying! Being a Mary that is, no ring by springing. Cannot wait to read all your works ��


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