Christmastime is Here // feat. Me as a Christmas-Obsessed Elf

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*frolics through imaginary snowdrifts*

Christmastimeeeeee is hereeeeee!!!


My ears are bleeding. What was that horrific noise??

Ah, if it isn't Mr. Scrooge himself.

Lieutenant Bradshaw, love. Get your names straight.


Well, don't let me interrupt your idiotic caterwauling. I'm sure everyone else is dying to hear it.

You're the only person I know who can ruin Christmas songs.

I'm pretty sure that was you, unless that was just your cat being strangled.

I hope you get nothing but lumps of coal in your stocking.

How perfect! Then I have something to throw at you.

*glares* Okay, just shut up so I can get on with this post.

No need to be rude, love. Just trying to help you correct your faults.

Get. Out.

*grins and backs away*

Ahem. Yes. As you all have probably been reminded about 1,357 times, CHRISTMAS IS COMING AND FAST. Like it's apparently only 5 days away?? O_o (help)

As unprepared as I am for its arrival, I am also just LOVING everything about this time of year. I decided instead of apologizing (AGAIN) for not posting in a while that I would make it up to you with some fun Christmas-y things! Because duh, Christmas.

A couple brief updates before I begin this. First off: I'M ON WINTER BREAK!!!!!! It feels so wonderful to be done with my college classes, even though I haven't been posting as much as I would like. (Aka NOT AT ALL. *cries*) It's been really busy here - I can't imagine doing all this with school on top of it.

Secondly: I have decided not to do the Rooglewood Press contest for reasons which I will hopefully discuss at a later date. Mostly, it was just stressing me out and I realllllly didn't need that at Christmastime.

Thirdly (and lastly!): I got my first smartphone! That may seem weird to most people since the majority of people my age have had one for years. xD But you know what, I'm fine with that. It's exciting to have one, but there wasn't really much of a need for one until recently. SO YES. It's a fun bit of news, for sure, and I'm having fun trying out my new gadget. ;)

NOW. I'm finally done rambling. *puts duct tape over mouth*

 M O V I E S

I'm going to just recommend some movies that basically everyone needs to watch. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES SO MUCH, GUYS. <33

// It's A Wonderful Life


Oh my goodness, YES. This is my all-time favorite Christmas movie. It's got Jimmy Stewart (not that I like him at all - nope xD) and fun characters and a touching storyline. It makes me cry. Every time. We watch it every year on Christmas Eve so I'm just like a teary mess at the end of it. *cough*

// The Man Who Invented Christmas


So I just saw this in theaters last week and GOOD GRIEF. This movieeeeee!! It was pure brilliance. Again, fabulous acting (Dan Stevens, though <3), hilarious characters, feelsy things, and just...brilliance. If you're a writer, you need to go see this. Right now. I was cracking up because I related hardcore to Charles Dickens while he was writing. xD

// The Shop Around the Corner


CUE ME FLAILING AGAIN ABOUT JIMMY STEWART. I'm sorryyyyy. I just can't help how much I love this actor. But this movie is a lot of fun and features some of the best insults and snarky remarks ever. I love it dearly.

// A Christmas Story


This one has some language in it, so we always watch an edited copy. However, other than the language, it's just a hilarious movie. Classic lines. Classic scenes. Classic leg lamps. :P

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

// Miracle on 34th Street


This is such a clever premise, and it's just an all-around fun movie. I don't know what else to say except WATCH IT. (Also, Kris and Susan have a darling relationship. Yes indeed.)

// The Nativity Story


I've only seen this twice, but it was such a beautiful portrayal of Christ's birth and I loved the acting. (Totally not because Joseph is played by Oscar Isaac...*grins*) It had such a great "feel" to the whole film. I don't know how else to describe it. <3

// Christmas in Connecticut


Yep, another old one. I love classic, black-and-white films and I'm not even sorry. This one is super funny and lighthearted (the word "catastrophe" will never be the same to me), and it feels like a slice of Christmas magic.

// Honorable mentions: Home Alone, The Santa Clause,  Elf, The Bishop's Wife, Holiday Inn


I compiled this playlist last year and am currently working on one for this year. Christmas music is like my FAVORITE THING IN EXISTENCE and it basically turns me into Buddy the elf when I listen to it.

This one is just a work in progress, but I wanted to make something different this Christmas. So here you go. ;)

And for all of you who don't have sincerest condolences. *cough* I would include links to all of these on YouTube but I have cookies to bake and presents to wrap so nope, not happening. xD


Um, how about GIVE IT ALL TO MEEEE?! I will take all the Christmas treats, please and thank you.

// GINGERBREAD. Oh, sweet glory...gingerbread. I even have this in my bio on my other blog - I love it THAT much. It makes me think of Christmas and home and happy times. <3

// Snickerdoodles + sugar cookies + all the cookies. I'm a self-proclaimed cookie addict. Christmastime is a dangerous time for me, friends.

// Hot cocoa + eggnog. Yummmm. These are technically drinks, but hey, close enough. It's just not Christmas without sipping a cup of cocoa by the tree or without a glass of cold eggnog for all you folks like me who live in a place that doesn't know what "December weather" is. :P

// Coconut macaroons. We make these chocolate-covered coconut macaroons every year, and they are to die for. So, so good.

// Homemade fudge. It's kind of fabulous and extremely sugary. Like yes.


These are the things that make Christmas magical.

flickering candles. the smell of cinnamon and pine. fresh-cut Christmas trees. twinkling lights. ice skating. baking with friends. piles of wrapping paper. 

garlands. cozy sweaters. bright red bows. presents around the tree. homemade ornaments. 

candlelight Christmas Eve service. It's a Wonderful Life. Bing Crosby. gingerbread houses. black and white films. roaring fireplaces. wreaths on doors. holiday cards.

family movie nights. reading a book under the tree. steaming hot cocoa. fuzzy blankets. warm kittens. nativity scenes. Christmas songs on the radio.

/ / / 

As you can probably tell from the length of this post...I love Christmas. I'm actually really sad that it's only 5 DAYS AWAY because that means the season leading up to it will be over. *sniffles* BUT I fully intend to enjoy it all while I can. All the moments and memories that make it magical.


Can you believe it's only five days till Christmas?? (I CAN'T. o.o) What are some of your favorite Christmas activities? Favorite dessert? Song? Basically, tell me allllll the festive things. xD

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  1. I want to see the Man Who Invented Christmas!!!! And isn't Nativity Story beautiful? *all the heart eyes* I love it so much.

    Have you heard Casting Crowns' "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day"? It's SOOOO FLIPPIN GOOD. I don't know how often I get genuine feels from Christmas songs. But that one actually made me CRY the first time I listened to it. O_O

  2. I'm glad you're having fun with Christmastime! :D I am enjoying it myself for sure. It's these last couple of days before Christmas that I enjoy most of all. :)
    I love that movie "Shop Around the Corner"! I grew up with that one. Explains why I love Jimmy Stewart so much. He was my childhood. :)


  3. I love this post, Mary! Firstly, I love your new blog header! It's so pretty:).
    This post is so Christmassy and aesthetically pretty--the moments are so magical! I can't believe Christmas is so close--I want it to slow down so I can appreciate all the magic of this season.
    I've been binge-listening to Pentatonix Christmas music and Peter Hollens Christmas songs--if you haven't listened to them, you should! They're amazing :).
    I love "It's A Wonderful Life"! We always watch that on Christmas Eve. Every Saturday in December, we watch Christmas movies--"Home Alone", "Elf", "Christmas Vacation" (*ahem* edited), and of course, "White Christmas".
    Merry Christmas! I hope you have a restful and wonderful break :).

  4. I can't believe Christmas is coming so fast! I'm balancing the line between prepared and not prepared. I have all of my gifts purchased and most of my baking done, but I don't think I've celebrated enough. I've barely watched any Christmas movies/TV shows! I hope to remedy that this week.

    I loved reading this post. It made me giggle a little, which feels good right now.

    Merry Christmas, girl! Enjoy the rest of the season, even though it's ending too soon.

  5. What a cozy post! *hugs everything* I'm serious, those cookies look so gooooood. Of all the movies you mentioned, I've seen...erm, very few. Apparently there is a lack of black and white classic films in my life! But The Man Who Invented Christmas sounds like a really good one--must look into it! (Speaking of movies, I just watched PotC 4 yesterday, which is definitely NOT Christmas-y but still very fun.)

    Anyway, your excitement is contagious! I still can't believe CHRISTMAS IS FOUR DAYS AWAY WHAT. O.O Just three more shifts and then I get a chunk of time off with family...

    Have a wonderfully Christmas, darling!

  6. MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS, MARY!!! and loved this post. and dude, don't feel bad about posting. we love having you here, but enjoy your Christmas and de-stress, k?

    and jsyk you totally just made me want to go make fudge again xD

  7. The Man Who Invented Christmas looks so good!!! I'm excited to see it.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS. And yes to all the food!!! I want all of it. XD
    Have you heard any of Sleeping At Last's Christmas music? IT IS MY FAVORITE. It's just pure Christmas magic.

    I hope your Christmas is wonderful! <3

    (Also Bradshaw's comments are killing me.
    "I hope you get nothing but lumps of coal in your stocking.
    How perfect! Then I have something to throw at you." CAN'T. XDDD)

    That so wonderful you're on Christmas break! I know you need that. And, girl, it is OKAY you decided to not do the Rooglewood contest. I think it's a brave, healthy decision you've made to let yourself rest instead of pushing over the limit. I'm proud of you! *hugs*

    SMARTPHONE! So much fun! I hope you enjoy it! Your life will never be the same...Eheh. ;D

    I'm sad at how many of those black and white movies I haven't seen. It's SHAMEFUL. Obviously I've seen It's a Wonderful Life. That one is a necessity. (Though I haven't seen it in a looong time.) A Christmas Story is great. XD I do wish it was a little cleaner though. The Nativity Story was good! I saw that one in theaters back in the day! It's been AGES since I saw it last though. Home Alone, The Santa Clause, and Elf are like ALL my faves! We use to watch The Santa Clause EVERY year. I've seen that movie so many times. o.o But it's just a classic for us. And you can neverrr go wrong with Elf. XD

    YOU'RE MAKING ME HUNGRY WITH ALL THESE SWEETS. Snickerdoodles and sugar cookies are my favorite cookies on this EARTH. Neeeeed! *drools*

    All your Christmas moments make my feel all happy-ful and fuzzy inside! This whole POST did! I'm just smiling after reading this. Thank you for sharing this delight with us!

    I canNOT believe Christmas is now only 4 DAYS AWAY! I'M NOT READY. *FLAAAILS* Buuut, at the same time, I'm excited! It's definitely the best time of the year! :D


  9. YOUR EPIC HEADER! YOUR EPIC BLOG HEADER! *screams and flails*

    Also I know I haven't commented in forever but I swear I read every post the moment it hits my inbox and just... I love every word <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    Also I love seeing what others do at Christmas so this post was really awesome <3


    The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!! Don't feel alone, I too become Buddy the Elf when it comes to Christmas music. :D

    *high-fives fellow cookie-addict* It's strange, but cookies somehow taste better around Christmastime!! Am I the only one who thinks this? *shrugs*


  11. I watch most of those movies around Christmas time! I love the classic black and white films. ^ ^ I'm a big fan of It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street! I actually got to go to 34th Street this year in New York and see the Macey's this story was set at. Nostalgia blast! Also that Macey's is ginormous. XD

  12. Ahhh this post was so so festive!! I loved it! Merry (late) Christmas and happy 2018!

  13. I hope you had a good Christmas! HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3 I tagged you for a Sunshine Blogger Award because you're Sunshine and Scribblings so OBVIOUSLY. XD No pressure but I thought I'd let you know! Hope you're doing well! ^_^


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