Well, There Went October // I Got Instagram? + NANO

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So I'm still technically on hiatus but I just wanted to let you guys know a couple things before October ends (WHAT) and NaNo starts (DOUBLE WHAT).

First bit of news: I'm on Instagram now. Technically, I've been on since April but I deactivated my account right after I got it and just "officially" became active last week. My account is private, but trust me, I don't bite. I only accept follow requests from people I either know or who have public accounts that I can stalk to see if they share similar interests. So that means you guys are probably good. xD

I thought I wouldn't like Instagram, but to be honest...I LOVE IT. It's given me a big creative boost and inspired me to practice my photography skills more. Plus, I can post little updates of things going on in my day that you guys might not see on here. *hint, hint*

Anyway, enough of that: you can find me on IG @thesunnyscribbler should you so desire.

Second little update: NaNo is basically here. Howwwwwwwww? I'm in denial of this fact. IT CAN'T BE TRUE. *runs screaming into the street*

The craziest thing is, I STILL don't know what I'm working on or HOW I'm even going to find time to work on it. I'm swamped with homework and orchestra rehearsals and upcoming trips and ALL THE THINGS. But like the crazy person I am, I just had to do NaNo.

SO YEAH. Tomorrow I'm camping out in the library to work on homework and have a one-day plotting adventure before NaNo. O.o

I'd really like to do weekly updates on here for NaNo, but that might not be feasible. We'll just have to see! I'll most likely be updating my progress on Instagram because #addicted.

Just going to plug myself again and leave my link to my NaNo profile here (yes, I know it's outdated) so you can stalk me and see when I actually upload my project tomorrow. TALK ABOUT LAST MINUTE, PEOPLE. I am not freaking out at all. Noooope. xD

Well, there you go. A VERY spontaneous update post. It feels so good to be blogging at all - even if it's just a quick, chit-chatty post. Tell me, are you doing NaNo? Are you as unprepared as I am? (Answer: nobody is.)

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  1. agh you got Instagram!!! I'm so happy! If you get a follow request from an Abigail, that's me :) I can't wait to connect with you there!!

    1. Yes, I did!! Request received and accepted, m'dear. :) I'm so looking forward to interacting on there!

      (Oh, and by the way - your new profile pic is STUNNING. <3)


    I'm just soooooo excited you're on IG and I can keep up with you there and see more of the gooooorgeous Mary pics! Although, to be honest, I'm not NEARLY as active on IG as I'd like to be... Maybe one day I'll be more in a habit of using it!

    AND YOU'RE OFFICIALLY DOING NANO???????? YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD. I mean, I toooootally understand if you're too busy and I do NOT want you stressing yourself out more than you already are. But I sure love venturing on this crazy NaNo venture with you! I can't wait to see what you're writing! *flails*

  3. I'm sure you'll do awesome at NaNo! ^.^

    And now I'm off to find you on Instagram.

  4. Good luck on NaNo!

    I don't have an insta yet, my parents think I spend too much time on here already. :P
    But maybe one day? ^_^

    Oh, and thanks for following me!

  5. I absolutely love Instagram too, though I'm not the greatest at using it. I followed you! Can't wait to see what pictures you post!

    I'm totally not ready for NaNo either! I hope you get all of your details ironed out in time!

  6. Good to have a post from you! I am not doing NaNo this year (I should probably do it soon, though. I haven't done it in quite a few years), but I wish you all the luck with your writing craziness!
    And I will have to stalk you on Instagram. Don't mind if I do. :)

  7. Well hello there stranger! Congrats on the Insta. Insta is fun (not that I would know as I don't have one, but you know, I imagine it would be fun).
    I wish you all the luck on your NaNo project, and I know you will do amazingly. :)

  8. Me: Day 2 of NaNo. I'm still hiding. I don't think it's seen me yet. I can keep this up as long as I avoid- eye- conta-
    NaNo: *swings head around*
    Me: ...
    Me: *runs screaming*

    How did your one-day plotting adventure go? Are you now completely prepared?? *thumbs up*
    - Jem Jones

  9. Ooh instagram! I'm hoping to get instagram in a few months haha.

  10. Welcome to Instagram old thing! :D
    I'll be back!

  11. I just might be as unprepared as you... XD I had no plot or any type of outline until the night before, and it's still a very rough outline-ish type thing at that. :P

    YOU CAN DO IT!! WRITE THOSE WORDS! *sends writerly encouragement*

  12. Good luck on NaNoWriMo! I sent you a follow request on Instagram. ^ ^ You should be able to recognize me pretty easily. XD


  13. Yay! I followed you. :) Good luck with NaNo!


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