The Bibliophile Sweater Tag // The First Tag Created by Yours Truly

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Ever since I started blogging, I've been wanting to create my own tag. I dearly love being tagged and answering all the fun, random questions (even if I actually never do the tags I'm tagged for *COUGH*) so I thought it would be cool to create my own someday.

I wanted it to be something autumnal and book-related...and thus the idea of a Bibliophile Sweater Tag was born! This hasn't been done before, to my knowledge, but I did base the format off the Cookie Book Tag, which I did a few months ago and was created by this gal.

Basically, here's the gist of it: I came up with 11 different sweaters and a type of book that "matched" each one. I'm not sure if they all make sense? Sometimes I think I'm being clever and then it ends up just being confusing. xD

With that lengthy introduction out of the way, on to the tag!

Rules (more like guidelines...)

- Give the person who tagged you a never-ending supply of cookies (or just thank them - either works)
- Answer all the questions and use the blog graphic for this tag somewhere in your post
- Pass along the tag to at least five other people
- Wear a sweater (okay, this is optional...but why wouldn't you want to??)

// The Bilbiophile Sweater Tag //

Fuzzy sweater // a book that is the epitome of comfort

This is a hard question (well, yes, I wrote them...but never mind that) because I just have lots of comfort reads. If I were to just pick one off the top of my head, I would have to go with Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I just read this recently for the first time and oh my word. It's so cozy and charming and beautiful. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

Striped sweater // a book which you devoured every line of

I can think of a lot of books that fit this category...namely any book with looooots of action. But A Night Divided by Jennifer Nielsen is just SO. GOOD. I could not put this book down. With fabulous family dynamics, a rich historical setting, and well-drawn suspense, it's just the definition of good fiction.

Ugly Christmas sweater // a book with a weird cover

(Note: this isn't meant to say that the cover is ugly. Just weird or not to your tastes. ;))

This is the closest I could find for this category. Just...yeah, the sculpture of an old man with glowing eyes is a little creepy. xD

Cashmere sweater // the most expensive book you've bought

I got this for Christmas a couple years ago, and it was probably one of the most expensive books I've been given. (Yes, I know the price - only because I was eyeing it on Amazon before Christmas. xD) BUT IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT, GUYS. This has to be one of my top favorite books that I own. Ever. The format is the coolest thing ever, and it's just a gorgeous book.

(Plus, Peter Pan. *grins*)

Hoodie // a favorite classic book

This isn't my VERY favorite classics, but it's one of them! It's just so clever and fun and whimsical...I LOVETH THIS STORY. Highly recommended to anyone who likes whimsical fantasy-type stories.

(And can we talk about the illustrations?? I'm lowkey obsessed with them.)

Cardigan // a book that you bought on impulse

(Explanation for this one: cardigans are kind of the sweaters you would impulsively grab before heading out least they are for me. *shrugs*)

I had heard good things about this from a couple friends and was interested in reading when I found it on sale, I spontaneously decided to purchase it.

Let me just say: it was a very worthwhile purchase. *hugs book*

Turtleneck sweater // a book from your childhood

Confession time: I actually wasn't a big reader as a kid. *cue gasps from the crowd*

Yes, it's true. I didn't become a bibliophile until I was about ten or eleven. So while I read some books as a youngling, I didn't have any that I would read over and over again. (I missed out on a lot as child, apparently.)

One book that really does stick out to me from my younger reading years, though, is The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson. I think I read this when I was approximately twelve years old, and it's the book I hold responsible for getting me interested in fantasy.

Homemade knitted sweater // a book that is Indie-published 

THIS COVER, THOUGH. I can't get over the beauty. *stares with mouth agape for daysssss*

I could list a lot of great indie books for this category (The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson, The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo, Martin Hospitality by Abigayle Claire, etc.), but for the sake of brevity, I'll just stick with this one.

To Get to You is honestly one of my favorite books everrrrr. ACTUALLY ALL OF JOANNE'S BOOKS ARE. Joanna Bischof is an mind-blowingly talented author. All of her books have raw emotion, unique premises, fabulous characters...they just have everything, my friends. And this one is the perfect summer read. Gahhhhhhhhh.

V-neck sweater // a book that did not meet your expectations

(This is supposed to be a sweater that has a v-shaped dip in the it could be like a book that dips below your expectations. It works...right? :P)

WELL THEN. This book was NOT my thing. I wrote a whole rambly review on Goodreads the other day about all the issues I had with this, and...yeah. There are a lot. xD Namely the horrible romance. Goodness gracious. *shields eyes*

Argyle sweater // a book with a unique format

This is more in terms of story format, rather than design format. It features two different plotlines, one set during WWII and another in modern times. The author weaves both plots together so seamlessly and beautifully. Kristy Cambron is TALENTED and has the most gorgeous writing style. She's so good at delving into the emotions of her characters - they just feel so real.


Polka dot sweater // a book with well-rounded characters

C' knew it was coming. xD

I raved about this in a review on my blog several months ago, and every word I said was true. THESE CHARACTERS ARE THE BEST. Like...I can't even describe the level of admiration I have for this book and its people. <333 I would totally recommend this to people who don't even read historical fiction. It has a great premise, some of my favorite characters ever, and it deals with BOOKS. #bookception

If you aren't convinced yet, just go read my review. Because I'm obviously the person you go to when you need to make major life decisions. (Aka picking out your next book to read. :P)

/ / /

Now to choose my victims. *evil chuckle*

Evangeline // An Odd Blog
Faith // The Writer's Song
Tracey // Adventure Awaits
Soleil // Thoughts from a Daughter of God
Savannah // Scattered Scribblings
Natalie // Ramblings of a Redhead Girl
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Madeline // Short & Snappy

As usual, there's no obligation to do this tag. I've forgotten or been too busy to do tags maaaaaaany times in my life. xD If anyone else would be interested in doing this, feel free! Just be sure to share a link with me in the comments so I can check out your answers. :D

For copying-and-pasting purposes, here are all the questions again.

Fuzzy sweater (a book that is the epitome of comfort)
Striped sweater (book which you devoured every line of)
Ugly Christmas sweater (book with a weird cover)
Cashmere sweater (most expensive book you've bought)
Hoodie (favorite classic book)
Cardigan (book that you bought on impulse)
Turtleneck sweater (book from your childhood)
Homemade knitted sweater (book that is Indie-published)
V-neck sweater (book that did not meet your expectations)
Argyle sweater (book with a unique format)
Polka dot sweater (a book with well-rounded characters)

WELL I DID IT. I made my first tag! *much flailing* What's your favorite kind of sweater? Are you as ready for fall weather as I am? (It's been SOOOO HOT lately. -_-) Have you read any of the books I mentioned?

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  1. YES, YOU TAGGED ME *snaps it up*. I've been needing a new tag to post, and this one looks EPIC. And YOU MADE IT UP?? WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?? I can't wait to do your tag, Mary!

    Ooh, A Night Divided ... I've literally had my eyes on that book for SO. LONG. I absolutely ADORED Nielson's Ascendance and Mark Of The Thief trilogy, but I normally dislike historical fiction, so I JUST DON'T KNOW whether to read it or not! xD

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

    1. YES YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED. :D I'm glad it came at an opportune moment! Ahhhhh thank you! I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out. xD

      OKAY YES - you should totally try it out! It's one of those books I can envision a WIDE range of people liking...not just historical fiction fans. IT'S JUST REALLY AMAZING. I'd recommend giving it a go. ;)

  2. This looks so cozy and fun! I may have to do it sometime ;)

    ~ Abby {}

  3. Yay, you tagged meeeeeeeee! That makes me so happy- I can't wait to get to this one!!!

    And ugh I have to read a Name Unknown. The problem is that l will have to buy it...

  4. This is one of the cutest tags I've seen around! Love it!

  5. Thanks for the tag!! I don't know if I'll get to it, but I will definitely try. And I love the title!! Anything with sweaters and books is the best.

  6. What an interesting tag idea! Good job coming up with it. :) I enjoyed your answers too!


    All the sweaters you used to categorize things were perfect. My favorite was the ugly Christmas sweater. Gotta love 'em! XD

    I totally agree that Anne of Green Gables is the epitome of a cozy read! I adore that story so much.
    I LOVE YOUR PETER PAN BOOOOOK I CAN'T. I've seen that edition in bookstores before and just drool over it. <333
    I've GOT to read The Phantom Tollbooth! For some reason I didn't even realize it was one of those whimsical, Alice in Wonderland-type stories until you mentioned it???? Have I been living under a rock?!
    I love The Door Within trilogy! It's been sooooo long since I've read it though. I ought to give them a reread someday. It's WAY past time!
    That's a shame you didn't like Unblemished! I've been wanting to read it for a long time, and I still want to give it a try. But it makes me sad when books turn out so disappointing for people. (But still, that cover. If nothing else, I just want that cover on my shelf. #ShallowBookWorm)

    Can I just say how THRILLED I was you tagged me? (I mean, I probably would have stolen this even if you hadn't, but at least now when I do it it'll be legal. XD) I JUST LOVE THIS TAG. I may not be able to do it until December though... BUT I WILL DO IT. BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING. <3333


    Okay. I seriously need to reread Anne of Green Gables. I know I loved it, but it was so long ago...

    LOL, Timescape's cover is a bit odd, I'll give you that! XD

    That copy of Peter Pan is gooooorgeous. *pets pretty cover through the screen* I just really want to collect a bunch of my favorite classics in pretty hardcovers. o.o

    The Door Within is one of the series that got ME into fantasy as well! (Along with Narnia and DIOM...)

    *snorts* Your V-neck sweater logic is A+.

    BUT THIS WHOLE TAG IS SO CUTE AND COZY AND PERFECT. PROPS TO YOU! It's definitely chilly enough here for sweaters. Today I'm bundled up in my college grad sweater from last year. It's my only "school gear" and I'm so proud of it. ^_^

  9. This tag makes me want to live somewhere that autumn is actually aesthetic... ;P

    I haven't read A Name Unknown yet, but your review definitely got it onto my TBR! (plus it has books in it, right? so it's obviously worthwhile)
    Jem Jones

  10. Gahhh Anne of Green Gables *jumps up and down with happiness* I love those books so much!! You should really read the rest of them. 😍😍
    Also your tag is quite lovely.
    [The Ramblings of a Bookworm]

  11. ACK THIS TAG LOOKS SO FUN! Thank you so much for the tag! I'm definitely going to have to do this one soon! ^_^

  12. Thank you for tagging me!!! I don't think I have time for this (#NaNo and life :P) but maybe I'll save it for the wintertime? Either way, it's a super fun tag. :D Great job!!!

  13. This is a fun tag! I do love sweaters. ^ ^


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