The Great Birthday Bash // feat. Me, Myself, and Cake

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I'M BACK!!! *pops through the ceiling* Um...I apparently disappeared for over two weeks? I blame this all on school and the craziness of life (which I might talk about sometime--maybe).

If you didn't even notice I was gone...that's okay. I'll get over it. Eventually. *sniffles* :P

It just so happens that today is a special day. No, not the anniversary of the invention of chocolate. (Though that's arguably more important.) (But anyway.)

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! *customary glitter explosion*

This may seem like a terribly narcissistic post, but if you think about it, it's really not. (Well, mostly. *cough*) I mean, people throw birthday parties for themselves all the time and the invitees usually feel obligated to bring that person presents. So yeah. That makes this seem mild in comparison. ;) 

Anyway. I'm not doing this just so everyone knows it's my birthday. (I mean, you already remember that from last year...don't you?? *squints suspiciously*) I'm just doing this because I had such a fun time putting together a birthday celebration last year.

Oh sure. Because that's totally believable.

*groans* Who invited YOU, Lieutenant?

I don't need an invitation, love. I just naturally assumed everyone would be flattered with my presence.

Naturally. *rolls eyes*

Well, don't let me interrupt your egotistical celebration of your birth. This shall be quite the interesting show.

It's not egotist--oh, never mind. You wouldn't listen to my reasoning anyway.


// Q&A //

Since this went so well last year, I decided to bring back the Q&A idea! (Very original. I'm a very original person.) My birthday Q&A post is actually the most-viewed post on my blog so I guess everyone liked it. *shrugs*

Anywho! Shoot me all your questions, o bookdragons! (But don't actually shoot me because that would hurt.)

Way to ruin the fun.

Ahem. *withering glare in character's direction* In addition to the Q&A, I also have a few other festivities planned.

// Quiz //

I put together a fun little "how well do you know me?" quiz. Basically, it's a test to see how good of a stalker you are.

I tried to do a fancy quiz through Typeform, but they had to make all the features I needed not part of the free account. *grumbles* So you get a lame link instead. xD

A lame link to a lame quiz. It fits.

// Music //

So you remember how I got a ukulele recently? Well, I recorded a bit of me playing "I See the Light" from Tangled and "Rainbow Veins" by Owl City on my uke! I guess they kind of count as covers? I didn't do the entire songs because *cough* the chords are too hard but at least you get a glimpse at my terrible skills. I will most likely regret sharing these videos...

Look at that, you actually made a correct statement. *claps*

Oh wow, you actually made yet another annoying comment. Look at you.

I'm very skilled in that department.


A few things:

a) Yes, I do realize I'm singing super quietly. THERE'S A REASON. xD

b) D7, G7, and E7 chords are the worst. (Thus my failure during the chord transitions...hehe.)

c) Again, terrible video quality. I promise I'll give you a decent video one of these days.

// Writing //

Because for some reason, this cake shop scene I wrote in Moonlit Mirror popped in my head. (This post is so random. *uncertain chuckle*)

/ / /

She shoved open the door to the shop and was hit straight-on by the scent of orange and vanilla. She inhaled deeply, letting the aroma ease her frustration. With a sigh, she allowed herself to take in her surroundings. It was quite a bit smaller than she had thought, based on the exterior. Dozens of shelves lined every spare inch of wall space, and each one was filled with cakes of every imaginable variety. Quadruple layer chocolate cakes, leaning blue and pink towers of frosting (with what she assumed was cake somewhere underneath it), and miniature loaves oozing purple berries. There was a white cart rolled into the center of the room. It was laden with sprinkles, glitter, and strange glowing stars.

Charlotte took a step toward the cart, but her foot slipped on the slick tile. Gasping, she flailed her arms in a desperate attempt to steady herself.

Thud. She fell onto her backside, her skirts poofing in the air like a hot air balloon. She groaned and struggled to her feet. That was the second time in three days that she had fallen down and made a fool of herself. At least no one saw me this time.

“Ah, g’day, Miss Davidson!”

Charlotte jumped and noticed with dismay that a man in a stained smock was standing right in front of her, smiling expectantly. She attempted to smooth out her skirts, only to realize that they were smeared with icing. She winced. I don’t even want to know how much of it is on my backside…

She cleared her voice and attempted to salvage what little dignity she had left. “Good day, sir.”

“Oh dear, I’m terribly sorry about the frosting.” The tall lanky man bent over and began to wipe the floor with her skirts. She jerked them out of his hands in horror.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.

He blushed and fumbled with a rag in his smock’s pocket. “Sorry, sorry. So terribly sorry. Dreadfully sorry, madam.”

He uttered about five more apologies before Charlotte finally grew impatient. “We’ve already established that you’re sorry.”

“Oh, I am sorry.”

I know!

He finished wiping the pink confection off the tile and awkwardly ran a hand through his wild shocks of blond. “You must think me terribly oafish. I’m sor—I mean, I didn’t wish to inconvenience you, Miss Davidson.”

Charlotte crossed her arms. “How do you know my name?”

The man adjusted round spectacles on his nose, his eyes growing wide in realization. “Oh! That!” He chuckled. “Lieutenant Bradshaw informed me of your need for a cake. He said you would be coming down shortly.”

Oh, splendid. Now she had the Lieutenant watching her every move.

“Is there any particular cake you would like?”

Charlotte shoved her annoyance aside and turned her attention back to the peculiar worker. “What do you have?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know. What do you want?”

She exhaled sharply and forced a smile. “Perhaps I could tell you if you described your menu.”

The spectacled man scratched his wild head of hair. “Oh dear…but I’m afraid you don’t quite understand. I have to know what you want before I can tell you what I have.”

“What on this blasted earth are you talking about?”

He shrugged and set to wiping the floor again with her skirts. She yanked them out of his furiously-scrubbing hands and received another round of apologies.

“The floor’s already clean.”

He laughed nervously. “Oh, I thought so. I was just making sure.”

/ / / 

Figures that you wouldn't include a snippet with me in it.

Sorry, I didn't want to give everyone nausea.

I'm quite sure they already have it after reading this disastrous post.

*sticks out tongue*

That concludes my birthday celebration post for this year! I hope you all enjoyed my kind-of-but-not-really-narcissistic post. 


Well, I hope that you actually DIDN'T get nausea from this post. It was a lot of fun to put together (even with all the annoying side-comments from the Lieutenant. :P) What's your favorite cake flavor? What questions do you want me to answer in the Q&A?

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  1. Happy birthday!! *throws confetti* Hopefully you have an awesome day filled with cake and fun. :D

    For the q&a, I have two questions. What made you want to start a blog? How long have you been writing?

    Have a blessed day! :D


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY! For the record, I do find the Lieutenant quite amusing, but don't tell him I said so. :D

    Your voice is SO GOOD and I wish I could hear it better! I've been trying to learn the ukulele too, but I don't know many chords.

    Hmm, for the Q and A... here are my questions!

    1. Chocolate or candy?
    2. If you could spend one day with one of your characters here on present-day earth, who would you pick and what would you do?
    3. What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?
    4. Third-favorite genre? (Yes, that was weird and specific.)
    5. If you could sing like one famous person, alive or dead, who would it be?

    I hope you have a marvelous day! <333

    love, zane


    I hope you have an epic week and read TONS of awesome books!

    For the Q & A:

    1. What is one of your favorite songs?
    2. What are your three top genres to read or write?

    Once again, happy birthday! :D

    -Gray Marie

  4. Aw Happy Birthday! Today is your birthday, happy, happy birthday, today is your birthday, happy birthday, hey!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a whimsical day filled with cake, presents, and wonder! ^_^

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY!!!!!! *throws confetti* I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend!!! <3

  7. Happy birthday, Mary!! I got 50% on the quiz, which....wasn't bad??? since I don't know you that well??? Have a great, great day!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY!!!! *confetti and hugs* I hope you had/are having an awesome day. :D

    Your "cover" of "I See the Light" was so pretty!! Good job! And I loved that snippet from your book (I assume?). 'Twas adorable. It made me smile. :D

    Here's a question for you:
    What's one of your favorite scenes from "The Ascendance Trilogy"?

  9. I OBJECT. SOME OF THOSE QUESTIONS IN THE QUIZ WERE TOTALLY UNFAIR. like how on earth would I know your fav pizza toppings *squints*


  10. ACK HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY ALMOST BIRTHDAY TWIN!!!! August birthdays are the best - lets just clear that up right now. XD XD XD


    and obv we need to chat more bc I got 40% on that quiz. I ALMOST GOT 50 CUZ I THOUGHT YOU LIKED WINTER MORE BUT DID AUTUMN FOR SOME DUMB REASON?! *is taking this way too seriously* man.....

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY. *throws glittery confetti everywhere* My wifi is horrible at the moment so the videos won't load but I'M SURE THEY'RE FABULOUS.

    Your quick was... surprisingly hard? I had legit excuses for all the ones I got wrong though. Or at least most of them. ALSO YOU LIKE TWO TOWERS OVER TANGLED? WHAAT. XD

  12. AAAAHHHH!!!! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DEAREST MARY!! <33333333 *alllll the glitter and confetti and cake* I HOPE TODAY WAS THE MOST FRABJOUS DAY EVAH.

    This whole post just made me ridiculously happy. (And the Bradshaw interruptions. I'm dyyyying! XDD)

    The quiz was too much fun! I got 70% so not too bad. Tehe.

    OOOOOH MY GOODNESS. YOUR UKULELE. SO MUCH FUN. I just adore the sound of the ukulele. It's so relaxing and happy. AND YOU PLAYED LIKE TWO OF MY FAVORITE SONGS. Rainbow Veins is literally one of my favorite Owl City songs. (And I know I say that about ALL his songs, but I mean it for reals this time. XD) GIRL. You should have sung louder, you have a beautiful voice! I loooved listening to these!

    Oh my gracious, that whole snippet of Moonlit Mirror was golden. The guy cleaning up with her skirt. XD And this whole thing SLAYED ME: “Oh dear…but I’m afraid you don’t quite understand. I have to know what you want before I can tell you what I have.”
    “What on this blasted earth are you talking about?”

    OKAY. Questions for the Q&A. Let me see if I can come up with some evil ones... *cackles*

    1. If you had to bring to life any fictional villain, who would it be?
    2. Which fictional character do you most look up to?
    3. If you magically became one of the nine members of the fellowship of the Ring and had to be them throughout the whole adventure of LotR, who would you rather be?
    4. What's been your favorite book you've read thus far this year?

    I should probably stop before this gets out of hand. XD

    Happy birthday again!!! Your celebration post was SO much fun. It was like we got to have a birthday party with you!

  13. Happy Birthday O Glitter Queen!

    Beautiful singing, as well as playing.

    My stalking skills aren't good, but I've been following for about 2 months now, and wouldn't know where to even start to look for answers.


    What is your favourite kind of ice cream?
    What is/are your favourite name(s)? Can you please make the Lieutenant comment on your choice of favourite name? Or another character, but I kind of like his comments.

    Story Snippet! Poor girl.

    Sending a curtsy your way in honour of the day.


  14. Happy birthday!! I hope you had a lovely day [and that you didn't give the Lieutenant any cake, unless he developed some manners] :)

    I got both food questions wrong in the quiz... I'm terribly ashamed. *slinks away to eat cake*

    My internet isn't working well, but I'll definitely come back to see you playing your ukulele when I can! (Love your song choices ;)
    Jem Jones

    1. Your videos are awesome :D (You have a beautiful singing voice!)

  15. Happy Birthday dear!!!! <3 <3

  16. Happy birthday! I've been on a sort of spontaneous hiatus from blogging and reading blogs myself this summer, but am happy to be back in the game in time to wish you many happy returns of the day :-)

  17. After I did horribly on the quiz, I went back and gave myself a nice 100%. XD

    Also HELLO!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Eat all the cake. ALL OF IT. If there is not a shortage of cake in the USA because of your rapid consumption of it, I shall be very disappointed. XD

    Questions: What was your favorite childhood book?
    What is your favorite shape?
    Is there a questions you've ever wanted to be asked?

  18. Hello! Great post. :)
    I have a few questions for you, of which you can answer all of them, or just a few:

    -Have you ever shot a real gun (safely on a range, of course)?

    -If you could hang out with only ONE fictional character for a single afternoon, who would you choose to get to know?

    -What is your favorite and LEAST favorite thing about Autumn?

    -What's your favorite book with a strong female lead character?

    -(This is just my curiosity) Do you prefer watches with hands or digital watches?

    Well, I can't think of any more! I hope you have fun answering. Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy birthday!! Hope it's a great one!
    Okay, can I just say right now that your voice is gorgeous?! You sounded just like Rapunzel. "I See Light" is one of my very favorite Disney songs. <3
    I did pretty bad on the quiz, but I got at least some right. . . Will you reveal the right answers in a post sometime?

    1. Okay, figured out the answers were on the quiz. Never mind. :)

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! And another musician? *gasp* I love your playing!!

    I'm not even going to try taking the quiz...I've just recently discovered your blog so I know nothing, lol

  21. And questions:

    ~What made you decide to start playing the ukulele?
    ~What's your earliest (and/or fondest) memory of reading/watching LotR?
    ~What's a quote from any book or movie that you find yourself saying the most?
    ~If you could have three horses, what breeds/colors would they be, and what sort of things would you do with them (trail ride, show, endurance, etc.)?
    ~What's your favorite joke?

    Trying to find questions that everyone hasn't already

    1. "What's your earliest (and/or fondest) memory of reading/watching LotR?" I LOVE THAT QUESTION. #geek I second that! :)

  22. Happy Birthday, Mary!!!

    I love your conversations with the Lieutenant! They're hilarious. And that cake scene was really good. “The floor’s already clean.” He laughed nervously. “Oh, I thought so. I was just making sure.” Hahaha. That was great! :D

    The videos of you playing the ukulele are really sweet. And seriously girl, you have a lovely voice! You should have sung louder! :)

    Happy birthday again, my dear!! :D

    (Oh and that "GO FORTH AND EAT CAKE" accompanied by that gif was perfection!! Just sayin'.)

  23. So i didn't take the quize since I am new to the blog ;)
    But I do have some questions for you
    -Who is your 3rd favorite character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?

    - also If you could which of the Pirate movies would you go back and play a character in? Which character?? ;)

    The Ramblings of a Bookworm


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