Summer '17 Vlog // Giveaway Winner + Book Haul

by - 12:56 PM

(We're just pretending that this was posted on Thursday, not Friday. Okay? *quietly backs away*)

Greetings, bookdragons of the internet! Today I bring tidings of great joy!

...Or sorrow, depending on how much they like seeing your face.

*glares at Lieutenant Bradshaw* As I was saying, today I'm bringing you all a vlog! It's been a long time since I've done one, so I thought it would be a nice change.

Actually, you're wrong. It would be a horrible change.

Just...stop. You always ruin everything.

Well, excuse me for speaking truthfully here. I wasn't aware that freedom of speech didn't exist on your blog. Though I guess it's not much of a shocker really.

WILL YOU PLEASE BE QUIET? *sighs* Just ignore Lieutenant Bradshaw, everyone. He's rather annoying at times.

Someone has to make it more interesting around here, you know.

Back to my original thought. *taps chin* Oh! Yes! The vlog! It's been about 9 months now since I've recorded a vlog, and I just spontaneously decided to do one at midnight.

Totally logical.

I mentioned last week that nobody actually guessed the two lies for my 10 Truths and 2 Lies challenge...buuuuut I decided I was going to pick a winner anyway. I put everyone's names in a hat, shook them around, and picked the person lucky enough to receive a prize.

I think the correct term is unlucky.

I'm just pretending you don't exist.

Go ahead and ignore reality. That's one of your best skills anyway.

*sighs angrily* What are you doing here, anyway? You should be sitting in the unstarted draft of a sequel.

Ahh, so you are writing a sequel? This is news to me.

It depends how well you cooperate. If you don't shut up, I might just never continue your story.

Eh. I could care less.

Or I could kill you in the first chapter of the sequel. Whichever you prefer.

*grumbles* All right, evil author. You win.

*victorious smile* Thank you.

Now before the world's most annoying lieutenant decides to appear again, I should get onto the vlog. I drew the name of the giveaway winner (YAY!!) and rambled on about books I've purchased/borrowed/received for review lately. SO YEAH. This is just me being random essentially.

Um. Hopefully that wasn't too bad?

Don't worry, it was.

Go. Away. Right. Now.

*clears throat and steps out of room*

I hope that you at least partially enjoyed the vlog! I know I rambled quite a bit, haha. I promise there will be a Realm Makers recap post coming soon! (But maybe not a Camp NaNo recap post. All you really need to know is that I lowered my goal--again--to 10k. And I reached it! YAY! This is kind of a big deal since I had such a crazy month in July. *shrugs*)

ALSO. I'm having issues with spam bots subscribing to my blog. Anybody ever had that happen? I'm trying to figure out a way to add a CAPTCHA to the "subscribe by email" gadget. Or to completely change out that gadget and replace it with something else. Basically, I need tech help. Please. XD

I also wanted to let you know that I'm not sure how frequently I'll be blogging for the unforeseeable future. I want to blog, but I just feel like the quality of my posts isn't what it should be. I don't know. I may be posting less frequently, I may not. WE'LL JUST HAVE TO SEE. But I really really really want to reply to your comments and produce good posts. So that will probably become the priority in the next few weeks.

But hang tight! 'Cause I've got some cool posts headed your way soon. ;)

Now all you have to do is stop talking. Then we can get peace and quiet.

I swear, if you say one more snarky comment, I'm going to start plotting your tragic death scene.

Sometimes I really hate you.

I hope that a certain character wasn't too distracting for everyone. Ehehe. (I kind of love him, but don't tell him that. *coughs*) Let me know what you thought of the vlog! I will for sure be emailing you, Madeline, and sending you your prize should you desire it. :)

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  1. MARY VLOOOOOG!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED THIS! :D :D :D


    You got such good book swag! *drools* JILL WILLIAMSON. (I actually haven't read Replication either, but the books of hers I have read are THE. BEST.) The Go Teen Writers book is GOLDEN. Honestly, when I read that is when my writing took a major turning point. It literally changed my life. I recommend ALL writers read it. It's so helpful!

    AND YOU GOT THE BEAST OF TALESEND. YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT. I love the story on how you met Kyle, too. That's hilarious. XD Also YOU MENTIONED ME IN THE VLOG. I love you tooooo! I actually squeaked and grinned and giggled to myself at that part. YOU'RE SO SWEET. <3

    I haven't heard of those last two books you got at Realm Makers but they look really, really good. o.o And I also haven't heard of any of those library books, but again. THEY SOUND AWESOME. Especially Echo. I am much intrigued!

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Mary. It was so much fun!

    (ALSO BRADSHAW. I was not expecting him to pop up in the post and just LKJSDJF:LSJ:KJF. ALL THE FANGIRLING. Just don't tell him...)

    Congrats on hitting 10k for Camp NaNo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *all the glitter and confetti* That is fantastic! Especially with the insane month you've had. o.o I'm so in awe of you managing to squeeze in all that writing amidst your crazy life!


    1. *burst into a smile* YOU'RE SUCH A DARLING, LAURI. :D

      AWK. I really can't handle the levels of sweetness that is Christine Smith. <333

      Ohhhh, that's really awesome to hear! I've heard a lot of good things about GTW, and now I'm even *more* excited to read it! :D BUT YES. All the bookishness!

      YES I DIIIIIID. It honestly looks like it's RIGHT up my alley. *grins* Hehe, that story is rather amusing. You should have seen the look on his face when I had that outburst. He was a little surprised, methinks. ;) (AWWWW but I totally meant it! <3)

      Lots of books to look up, Lauri. ;) Hehe. I'm very much excited to read them all!

      You're so welcome! It honestly amazes me that people will actually WATCH me ramble for 16 minutes straight. ;P

      (*laughs because it's so awesome having people fangirling over my characters* I THINK IT'S AWESOME THAT YOU LOVE HIM. Because yesh, I kind of love him, too. *whispers* This shall be a secret between us. ;D)

      Thank youuuuuu!!!! *romps in all the shiny, glittery substances* Your words of encouragement mean so much!

      AHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO WRITE IT. It will be filled with lots of pictures, just warning you. ;)

  2. Doing a vlog at midnight? Why is that so relatable? ;) Not that I ever do vlogs particularly, but midnight does seem to be the magical hour for getting caught up on blogging stuff. :)

    About the library fines--"money, no!" Haha. The look on your face at that point was priceless! :D

    The certain character was not at all distracting. And his ending remark totally made me smile! Sounds like you have your hands full with him! :)

    1. *blinks* Relatable? Oh no, you'd never do such a thing, Miss March. Never. ;)

      Lol! I'm rather poor right now since I just spent all that money on a writing conference, books, AND gifts for people. *gulps* There's a reason I looked so horrified in the vlog. XD

      'Hem, he's a rascal all right. I really don't think much could be done with him if I didn't have an entire entourage of other characters to balance him out. ;)

    And let me just comment on your hairrrrr... *all the heart eyes*

    1. OH MY GOODNESS I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT. XD He's really a handful...but definitely a fun handful. ;)

      D'awwww. *blushes* You're just too sweet, my friend!

  4. I agree with Ariel - I thought my hair was thick but yours is REALLY THICK.

    I haven't read any of those books except the GTW one *sad bookworm eyes* But you're really easy to listen to - plus BOOKS - so I certainly enjoyed your vlog! ;)
    Jem Jones

    1. Well, thanks! My hair is kind of beastly in the summer humidity, but at least it's decent in other seasons. ;)

      Books are always awesome! I actually haven't read most of the ones I mentioned in the vlog yet, either, so I guess we're in the same boat. And you think I'm easy to listen to?? That's so kind of you to say! I have the tendency to ramble a lot, so it's nice to know it's not TOO annoying. XD

  5. I AGREE!! Books that are autographed Are. The. Best. I'm reallllly interested in The Girl Who Could See. It sounds soooo good!!

    And Lieutenant Bradshaw's comments were GOLD(to quote Ariel)!!! I also like how you put him in his place. "Or I could kill you in the first chapter of the sequel. Whichever you prefer." Mmmmhhhmmm. XD

    I enjoyed reading this post and watching your vlog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!! :D

    1. YES PRECIOUS. (I'm saying that a lot tonight...don't ask. XD) Oh, you should definitely read that if you get the chance! It's a beautiful story. <3

      HAHA! He is certainly entertaining. But when in doubt, always threaten your characters with tragic death scenes. It works every time. ;)

      Thank you so much, Morgan! I hope you have a great weekend, too. <3

  6. I loved the lieutenant's interruptions! :) Congrats on winning NaNo!

    1. Hehe! He is a lot of fun. ;) And thank you so much! :D

  7. I'm so glad you enjoyed The Girl Who Sees. I've been meaning to get to it for a while now, and I'm hoping to read it soon, but then again, there are a lot of other books I'm hoping to read. Ah, such is the life of a bookdragon. XD ALSO YOU'RE JUST AN AWESOME HUMAN BTW. NEVER CHANGE.

    1. Ahhhhh, yes. THAT BOOK THOUGH. You must reads it, precious. (But yep, totally understand the struggle. I'm drowning in books right now. XD)

      *wipes away happy tears* AWWWWWW WHAT DO I EVEN SAY TO THAT?? *hugs you* You're just the sweetest. <333


    Oh my gosh!! That's so awesome!! If you don't have my email, I can give it to you here in the comments. :)

    And ooh!! You got The Beast of Talesend! I reeeeally want to read that one!! And The Girl Who Sees looks awesome too!

    1. YES YOU DID! I'm so happy you won! *twirls*

      Hmm, I don't think I have it actually. I don't know why I said I had it in the vlog, haha. (Half of the things I said in that vlog make no sense, though. We'll blame it on the fact that I recorded it at midnight. XD) If you don't mind, it would be great if you just put it here in the comments. I can always delete that comment afterwards if you don't want your email on the internet. :)

      YESYESYES. I'm so thrilled with all the books I got! You neeeeed to read The Girl Who Could See! It. Was. Fabulous.

    2. Here's my email:

      I still can't believe I won! XD

    3. Awesomeness! Look out for an email from me asking what prize you want. ^_^

      Haha, I'm so happy for you!! :D

  9. I just can't stop giggling! Your Lieutenant is so enjoyable and your vlogs always just make me beam with happiness and smiles :D

    1. D'awwwwww, thank you so much, Fawnabelle! I'm glad you enjoyed it. <3

  10. Yay for lots of books! Can't wait for the official recap. ^ ^

  11. A new Mary vlog! It's good to hear your voice again because I MISS YOU. And what better topic than books? At midnight, no less! (I myself am loitering about listening to said vlog when I should be sleeping, but it seems fitting since it was recorded when YOU should have been sleeping. XD)

    But how did you manage to get so many free books at RM?? That's awesome! And so many of them look so interesting. I regret not buying The Girl Who Could See. That cover is beautiful, and now you're another friend who loved the story inside! MUST READ SOON. Except I'm drowning in books over here too, so it may not be all that soon after all...

    Anywhozens. I'm probably 50% incoherent at this hour, so I'll bid you adieu. It's great to be back on your blog, commenting at last! ^_^

  12. I love that you had a conversation with your character. That was hilarious. I love your hair, by the way. Its so long. I love braids. My hair is usually always in a braid since I need it pulled out of my face and my hair is too long for a pony tail.

    God bless you!


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