Camp NaNo July '17 // W E E K 1 Update

by - 4:46 PM

(Apparently we're already almost a week into July?? Howwwww.)

HELLO, EVERYONE. It's me again, this time actually posting on the day I'm supposed to. For the sake of picking an easy post idea, I decided to do a Camp NaNo update!

...And quite frankly, there isn't much to see here. *coughs*

My writing goal for the month is 20,000 words. That may seem like a lot, it may not--depends whom you ask. For me, it's a good balance between being challenging and relaxed. I think I can reach it, but still be able to purposefully take time away for my upcoming road trip (NEXT WEEK EEP) and Realm Makers (only three more weeks, holy cow). July is a craaazy month for me so I set it lower than I have in the past.

All that being said, I'm essentially on track right now. I didn't write on Fourth of July or the day before that, but I got caught up last night. I still haven't written today, but I plan on buckling down and writing lots of words this weekend so I'm ahead before our road trip. Hopefully.

I've written 3,343 words so far. I'm trying to take it a bit slower with this story since I want it to be higher quality writing than some of my previous works (like Moonlit Mirror *coughs*). So far, I'm...not totally sold on my story. It doesn't feel quite right yet. I'm still trying to get the feel for the characters/setting/plot. But I'm hopeful that I will really get into it this month and fall in love with my characters all over again. ;)

SO. I'm not exactly sure if we're allowed to share our Snow White retelling entries before we submit them. But oh well, I'm sharing a couple snippets anyway. I don't think it will be a problem?? *crosses fingers* :P

/ / /

(The opening of the story.)

Sometimes the moon stalked her.

Adelia tucked a stray hair behind her ear and used her other gloved hand to reposition the hat on her head. Mist clung to her skin and left damp droplets on her forehead.

The shadows of the London street had lengthened into night, and a sliver of moon grinned down at her from above. She shivered, though not from the chilly winter air.

Someone was following her. And it wasn’t just the moon.

Adelia ran her tongue across her chapped lips, absent of the vibrant crimson hue she usually applied. It was a good thing she had remembered to wipe off the lipstick before she entered town, otherwise she would have created a public upset.

Yet even without her stage makeup, she still managed to attract the attention of someone.

She felt her heart pick up its pace as she caught a glimpse of the figure behind her. He had managed to hide for most of the journey, and she had only spotted him a few minutes ago. Dressed in a black waistcoat and top hat, he was dressed just like all other Londoners. Indistinguishable from the rest of the crowd but startlingly unlike anyone she knew.

/ / /

No. She wanted to scream the word. Slap him with it. Use it to thrust him out of her life.

But she just shivered in silence and let the fearfully grinning moon stalk her down the street.

/ / /

(Ta-da! I promised there would be snark, and I delivered. ;D)

As he strolled away, Adelia turned to head back to her wagon, only pausing when she heard Theodore. “Who was that?”

“Cassius Hathaway, a journalist for the newspaper.” Adelia held her hand over her neck, casually adjusting the collar of her dress to hide the stain.

Theodore nodded, the action seeming a bit forced. “Already on a first name basis, are you?”

“Don’t be an idiot, Theo.” Adelia had to bite her cheek to keep from laughing at the suspicion evident in her friend’s features. “It’s not as if we’re ready to elope or anything.”

“You’ve done stupider things in the past.”

“Name five.”

“I would name five hundred, but then I would have to face the wrath of your half-mad younger sister. I rather value my life.”

Adelia chuckled under her breath. “She’s very skilled at thimble-throwing.”

/ / / 

There you go! These are the very first snippets I've shared for Camp NaNo--I haven't even shown my cabin buddies these. ;) You might be able to tell that this story has a different tone than some of my other works. It's darker, but I'm making sure to inject my signature snark into it anyway. 

I think that's it for this update! I've had a great beginning to July. what with all the fun activities surrounding Fourth of July and the arrival of my ukulele. (IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW IT TO YOU GUYS.)

How is Camp going? Any plans for July? What did you do for Independence Day? 

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  1. YOUR STORY. I LOVE IT. I NEED MORE, OH MY WORD xD. Your characters are always the best - I grinned so big when you said you'd share snippets! Theo and Adelia are the bestest xD. And I hope you come to terms with the story soon, because OH MY do I need more!

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

  2. OOH. LOVELY SNIPPETS. And Adelia and Theo are such good names!! (Yes, huge name nerd over here.)

    I'm doing Nano for my Snow White retelling as well... and I'm kind of having a hard time getting into it. It's so different from my normal style. Way more lighthearted and fun. And I've been writing serious(ish) stories for so long I kinda forgot how to do this fun thing. :P Also, I can't decide on a word-count-goal!

    So! Anyway. Great post. It's a lot more interesting than the draft of my nano update post... Maybe I should add snippets. :D Good luck with the writing!

  3. I'm sorry your story isn't feeling quite right to you but but but MARY. FROM JUST THESE SNIPPETS IT LOOKS AMAZING. The FEEL. GAH. I ADORE THE FEEL. It has that peeeeerfect mysterious foggy London feel...if that makes sense. IT'S PERFECT. That first snippet was just dripping with pure gorgeousness. Then that second snippet. o.o CHILLS. And the snark is FABULOUS. Totally signature Mary. XD I love so much!

    I also adoooore the names. It adds so wonderfully to the style/feel/setting you're going for. Theodore, Cassius, Adelia. YES. JUST YES.

    Keep writing, Mary! This is looking amazing!

    (P.S. You got your ukulele??? I CANNOT WAIT TO SEEE! :D)

  4. Lovely snippets, girl!

  5. First of all, I am amazed at how you have stuck with doing the different camps consistently! That is so awesome.


  7. Good luck with writing in Camp NaNo! I didn't even try this year cause of Realm Makers! I can't believe it's so close! I'm flailing to get ready. XD

  8. This is awesome!!!!


  9. How did your road trip go? How's Nano going now that you're more than halfway through (at least time-wise :))


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