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In honor of summer, I have decided to do a fun post revolving around road trips. It's such an iconic thing to do during the summer, and I thought it would be fun if I could get some of my own characters involved in it. After all, who doesn't love a bunch of snarky characters thrown together in a car for thousands of miles? *coughs*

I'm going to be interviewing four different characters who will be going on a road trip together: Fiona (my steampunk short story), Lieutenant Bradshaw (Moonlit Mirror), Tom (Moonlit Mirror), and Felix (The Scent of the Sun).


This shall be fun. *rubs hands together and cackles*

// Charrie Road Trip Summer 2017 //

Who drives on the trip?

Lieutenant Bradshaw: Me, obviously. After all, I have an innate sense of direction.

Tom: *snorts* 

Lieutenant Bradshaw: *glares*

Fiona: Wait, drives what? The airship? 

Tom: No, the dragon.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: Don't you two know anything? We're taking a ship. That's the only way to go.

Felix: *rolls eyes* We're taking a motor vehicle, commonly known as a car. And since you three don't even know how to define it, I don't know how you expect me to put my life in your hands.

Tom: Oh well, I'd rather be in charge of the snacks anyway. 

*everyone groans*

What is your most essential item to bring on the trip?

Fiona: My aviator goggles. That is, if Steel didn't accidentally destroy them again.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: Totally worthless item anyway. Applause for him if he manages to properly dispose of them.

Fiona: Don't make me pull out my pistol, please.

Felix: I would bring all my books. You all just have to promise not to damage them. 

Lieutenant Bradshaw: Of course we won't...

Felix: I have the strangest feeling you don't mean that. No idea why. 

Tom: Uh, why hasn't anybody mentioned food yet? 


Tom: *grins* Of course!

Pick one song for your playlist.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: . . . 

Tom: . . .

Fiona: . . .

Felix: Oh please. Why was I thrown in a car with people from fantasy worlds? *facepalms* Just put on Beatles music. They need some culture.

What movie would you watch in the car?

Felix: Okay, remember how I briefed you all on movies? We watched a few together.

Tom: Ooh, ooh! I remember this! We watched Frozen!

*Lieutenant Bradshaw and Felix groan*

Fiona: Hey, I thought it was good.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: Says the one who watched Brave. Twice.

Fiona: You just didn't like it because Merida has better upper body strength than you do.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: I choose to credit that comment to your inherent lack of proper eyesight. 

Felix: Can we get back to the original question? Please?

Fiona: *sighs* Fineeee. I would probably pick Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

Lieutenant Bradshaw: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Even if I look much more handsome than every single pirate in that film. 

Fiona: *makes gagging sounds in the background*

Tom: How about Moana? Or The Lego Movie? Or A Bug's Life?

Felix: Ugh, I can tell this is going to be a long trip.

What snacks would you bring?

Tom: YES. Finally, the question I've been waiting for! I'd bring pumpersnap bread, vargalot sandwiches, razzlebets, and roasted berklon. Oh, and cake! And what about some vrock? And--

Felix: Stop before you make me nauseous.

Fiona: I don't know what over half that stuff is, but I'm afraid to ask.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: *smirks* What about glitter, Tom? 

Tom: *sticks out tongue*

Fiona: I'd bring roasted chicken. That's my favorite.

Felix: There is absolutely no "road trip" food on this list. What about the potato chips and granola bars? And we could bring a cooler with some lemonade to drink.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: How about I get all the cake, and you three go beg on the side of the road?

What is your destination?

Tom: The Royal City! They have cake fights.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: Decent idea, actually.

Fiona: OOH. Do they have pistols?

Felix: Let us pray they don't.

Tom: You know, we could also go back to the squirrel island. That was fun.

Felix: *raises eyebrows* Do I want to ask?

Fiona: I really don't think we want to know.

Felix: In terms of real destinations, I would say the Rocky Mountains or Mount Rainier. But do fictional worlds count? Narnia would be an ideal vacation spot.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: I'd much prefer to hop around various islands and thrill the residents with my charming personality.

Fiona: Somebody please get me a bucket to stick on this guy's head. 

How long is the trip? 

Tom: How about three months?

Everyone else: NOOOO. 

Felix: I think I'd go insane if the trip lasted more than four days.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: Why, are you unable to contain your jealousy of my good looks for very long?

Fiona: I think four hours is the maximum I can last. 

Felix: If only Peri were here...


Felix: The only reason I said that was because I want to see her as miserable as me.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: If she knows you, torture is already part of her daily life.

Fiona: *chuckles*

Felix: Oh, shut up. 

How would you pass the time on the way?

Fiona: By formulating a thousand different ways to murder Lieutenant Bradshaw.

Felix: Agreed.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: Oh, come now, that's not fair. I'm the driver.

Felix: Um, actually I am. So be careful what you say. 

Tom: I would look at all the different license plates! And eat.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: I would find ways to make myself look extremely dashing. Oh wait...I already am. 


Tom: Don't worry, Fiona, it's only 1,300 miles till we reach our destination. In the meantime, I can entertain you with all the magic skills James taught me.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: *glares* Absolutely not. I don't want you to end up blowing the car to bits or something.

Tom: No need to worry! James taught me everything he knows.

Lieutenant Bradshaw: That's precisely why I'm worried.

Felix: I know I'm technically the driver, but with all the bathroom breaks Tom takes, I will most likely get in some reading time.

Tom: See? I'm really helpful!

Lieutenant Bradshaw: *smirks*

/ / / 

Well, there you have it. Doesn't that road trip look fun? (Or dangerous. Take your pick. :P) 

Are you going on any road trips this summer? Which of these characters would you most want to have along for the ride? Should I do another post like this sometime?

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  1. *DIES LAUGHING* OMW I LOVE THIS <3 BEST IDEA EVER. XD I think Felix is my favorite?? Fiona is also pretty hilarious though.

    OKAY BUT ALSO why didn't Tom want to bring glitter?? I sense there's some sort of hidden meaning behind this and I must know why the Queen of Glitter's character doesn't like glitter. xD

    1. Also *whispers* You're still debating whether or not you have time for NaNo, right? IN WHICH CASE HURRY UP. XD (just set a low goal, we won't judge :P) I may or may not be working on a top secret (actually I'm probably just using that phrase to try and get you interested but shh) Camp NaNo project and I need my cabinmates' help... if you're interested, you need to join the cabin though mwahaha. SO NO PRESSURE IN MAKING YOUR DECISION. XD

  2. This was wonderful. And hilarious. You should definitely do another post like this, it was great :D

  3. That was SO FUNNY!!! Your characters are hilarious together!!! Especially Lieutenant Bradshaw and Fiona 😉 I was cracking up!! You should definitely do another road trip post. (And I may *cough cough* have to steal the idea *cough cough*.)

  4. That was hilarious! They're from different books right? Someday when you have time you could write for fun this whole story of how they meet xD And Bradshaw reminds me of Thorne haha and Tom's the 'hungry guy' xD I love the hungry people

  5. Massive LOLs right now. XD That was great, what a good post idea!

  6. Oh gosh I'm a little frightened of having that bunch on the road. XD Also I agree that the snacks are really important. I get hangry while traveling. XD

  7. Hi again. This comment has nothing to do with the post anymore, sorry xD I tagged you for the #VoicesofYA tag today, but then I realized Savannah did too, I think? Just letting you know xD

  8. OH MY WORD. I CAN'T BREATHE!!! I literally have this ridiculous grin on my face and can't get it off. MARY. THIS IS THE FUNNEST, MOST HILARIOUS THING I'VE EVER READ!!! And the idea of this! AAAAAHHHHHH. Character from different stories on a road trip??? Oh man, the possibilities! O_O I LOVE YOUR BRAIN.

    It was kind of great how Felix was really the only one who knew what was going on, since the others are from fantasy novels. "Just put on Beatles music." *SNORTS*

    AND THEY WATCHED FROZEN TOGETHER. I would pay a million dollars to witness these character watch Frozen together. XDDDD

    The "How long is the trip?" question was my favorite. But this is where I COMPLETELY lost it: "If she knows you, torture is already part of her daily life." I had to stop reading to compose myself I was laughing so hard!

    Sweet Tom, keeping everything lighthearted and going with the flow. The others need someone like him. They all have way too dominating personalities to make this work. Hehe.

    I'd probably want to road trip with Tom the most out of these four. Of course, we'd just make jokes and eat the whole time and never actually get to our destination... So Felix may be a more practical choice. But all take ANY of them!!!


  9. If this road trip does not end with at least one attempted murder, the car set on fire, and/or dragons, I shall be quite surprised... xD

    YES do more posts like this. So much snark... *shields eyes*

    Jem Jones

  10. Oh. my. word. this was HYSTERICAL. I love it!!
    "You just didn't like it because Merida has better upper body strength than you do." Ohhhh, BURN. Whoa, wait a minute--Bradshaw claims to be better-looking than Will Turner?? Lofty claim! I'm not really that much of a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, but Will is seriously handsome. . . Lieutenant Bradshaw isn't half as annoying when Fiona's around to make fun of him. =)
    I want another one of these with Steel in it!! And maybe Peri?
    "Just put on Beatles music. They need some culture." I DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO THE BEATLES, BUT THIS IS MAKING ME LOVE FELIX SO MUCH!! #dontask He sounds so. . . responsible. But not in an arrogant, overly-grown-up way, if that makes sense? And then he likes books. <3
    I'm literally laughing. out. loud. just re-reading this!! :-D
    "No need to worry! James taught me everything he knows."
    "That's precisely why I'm worried."

  11. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This was hilarious! And so very enjoyable to read! I loved it!!!


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