Summer Life Update // Typewriters, Trampolines, and Trips

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HELLO, PEEPS. Once again, I've been scrounging for things to post about. Life has been crazy this summer, and frankly, I haven't had a ton of time to work on blogging. After sifting through my pile of blog post drafts, I finally decided to do something incredibly original: a life update.

I'm so creative, aren't I? *rolls eyes*

In a way, I'm allllmost doing a monthly recap? But I'm not calling it that because then I might feel obligated to continue monthly recaps if I do. AND RECAPS APPARENTLY STRESS ME OUT A LOT?? So if you're wondering what the heck happened to Frabjous Finalities...that's what happened. And if you're NOT wondering, well...

Before I put you to sleep, let's get on with the actual update. ;)

|| L A T E L Y ||


+ Way too many movies, honestly.

+ Oh, that's not an answer? (Picky, picky...)

+ ALL THE ANIMATED MOVIES. Yes! In the past month or so, I've watched The Little Prince, Finding Dory, The Emperor's New Groove, The Peanuts Movie, and Moana. And I basically loved all of them. The Little Prince made me cry so hard. Golly, that movie was so touching. I'm honestly not sure if I liked it more or the book--they were both amazing. And Finding Dory? PRECIOUS. Way better than I thought it would be! Not to mention my latest find, Moana. I'M NOT ADDICTED TO THE SOUNDTRACK AT ALL, NOPE. #lies


+ That Darn Cat! It's rather ridiculous how much I love this movie. It's one of my favorite oldies. Full of humor, fun characters, great costumes, and an engaging's just the best. If you haven't seen it before, YOU SHOULD.


+ Pete's Dragon. AHHHHH. This film was the best. It just felt nostalgic and cozy and somehow PERFECT. I don't know how to explain it, really. But in case you need a solid reason to see it, there is a dragon. There. Nuff said. (And the songs played in this movie have become favorite of mine. <3)


+ My Fair Lady. I couldn't stand this one? I know it's a beloved musical by a lot of people, but none of the characters were likable. It had a terrible ending. There was lots of language (thankfully filtered). HENRY HIGGINS WAS THE WORST. Ughhhhh. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. But in its favor, it did have some catchy tunes and great costumes. *shrugs*



+ I FINISHED MY SHORT STORY!!! Yep, the steampunk short story has been completed. It's titled "Along the Lines of Lawbreaking," which I rather like. As a good friend of mine said, it hints at some of the snarkiness contained in the story. ;) 

+ I began plotting my Five Poisoned Apples entry. I did a whole post about it last week, in case you missed that. I haven't done chapter-by-chapter plotting, but I might do some before NaNo starts in TWO DAYS. Yipes. I'm definitely running out of time to plot. :P

+ I wrote another poem, which you can read on my other blog.


+ Green smoothies. I've become "that person" who makes green smoothies now. XD Surprisingly, they taste really good. (I was skeptical of all the people saying you "couldn't taste the vegetables." I thought they were lying just to make you eat veggies, haha. BUT IT'S ACTUALLY LEGIT. I couldn't even taste any of the spinach,--seriously.)

+ Besides healthy food, I've also had flatbread pizza. YUM. 

Oh, best friends for LIFE.


+ I wrote an entire post about this here, so I'll just link to that because I'm lazy efficient.

+ Folk music. Oh yes, I've really gotten into folk music lately. Specifically some songs by The Oh Hellos, Gray Havens, and The Lumineers. I haven't listened to all their music, so I hesitate to recommend them...but all the songs on my playlists are great. :)

+ Jazz. Because duh, summer. I love classic jazz music; it just makes me think of dusk and porch lights and lemonade and fireflies. <3


*cackles* THE TIME HAS COME TO TALK OF BOOKS. I've been reading up a storm this summer.

+ Rereads: Paper Crowns, Chasing Jupiter, and The Penderwicks. ALL SO GOOD GAHHH. I would 10000% recommend them to everyone. They're perfect summer reads, and some of my favorite books of all time.

+ The Lost Girl of Astor Street. This one was so good! It's a historical mystery that takes place in the 1920s. The characters are FABULOUS, and I love the setting. 

+ The Voyage to Magical North. *blows a fanfare* THIS BOOK WAS THE BEST. It's everything I love in a book: pirates, magic, humor, and great characters. EVERYONE MUST READ THIS. I actually gave it five stars, which is a high honor. I only give the finest books a solid 5 stars.

+ Summerlost, Hope Was Here, The Distance Between Us. All of these books were "okay." I honestly didn't care much for any of them? *shrugs* If you're curious, I reviewed them all on Goodreads.

+ The Illusionist's Apprentice. SO. MANY. MIXED. FEELINGS. I thought for sure this would be one of my favorite books ever...but then the ending happened. I AM STILL CONFUSED A WEEK LATER. I guess the mystery just makes zero sense to me? #clueless BUT I rated it 4 stars anyway because the characters and writing style and setting were amazing.

+ Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors. Ehhhh...nope. I didn't like this very much. *shakes head* It was boring and confusing and not at all what I thought it would be. :P

+ In conclusion? Most of my good books have been rereads. A few good new books, but only one that screamed awesome at me. But hey, I have read ten books this month. I can't remember ever reading that many!

Emperor's New Groove Disney Characters


+ Relieved. I finally booked my airplane tickets for Realm Makers! YES!! That is a huge relief to me. I've been rather worried about it for the past couple months, and we finally found decently priced tickets. God has definitely been gracious in helping us with this!

+ Busy. VERY BUSY. Life has been insane--no joke, it's even busier than the school year. Thankfully, it's a good kind of busy, but summer still seems to be going by way too fast. SOMEONE PLEASE SLOW DOWN TIME THANKS.

+ Excited. What with my plans for Realm Makers set, a sleepover with my bestie tonight, and an upcoming road trip, I've been feeling really excited today. Lots of fun things on the horizon! As the title suggests, we are taking a road trip next month. We're going to the Smoky Mountains and stopping at some places on the way. It should be a ton of fun and hopefully very relaxing. Our vacations tend to end up crammed and stressful, so we're making an effort to enjoy the journey this time around.


+ I GOT A TYPEWRITER. AHHHHHHHHH. I'm super excited about it! I've actually had it for about two weeks now? I'll share some pictures of it in a later post, but it's awesome. I got it for only 5 dollars and it actually works. It's my first typewriter, and I've been wanting one for ages. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.

+ I went to a trampoline park! Omw, that was the best. My best friend and I were SO SORE afterwards, but it was worth it. I want to go again before the summer is through because we had a blast. (It did take me like a full week till my back was normal, though. #ouch XP)

+ I'm thinking about getting a ukulele. Actually, I'm almost positive I'll get one. My friend just purchased a uke, and we're thinking about learning together. IT'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN. Once I see hers, I'll most likely decide whether or not to buy one. 


+ Fourth of July is coming up! I know that everyone has a fourth of July (I mean, it's part of the calendar for everyone, haha), but this is Independence Day for us Americans. AND I'M VERY EXCITED. It's one of my favorite holidays, so I always look forward to it.

/ / /

Well, I think that's about it. Like I said, LIFE = ALL THE CRAZY. I feel like there's so much to update you guys on!

How is your summer going so far? Have you read any good books? Any trips planned? I must know everythingggg. 

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  1. Yessssss My Fair Lady is da best

  2. TYPEWRITERS ARE SO FUN TO WRITE WITH, especially if there is an opportunity to write outside with a cup of tea.

    Congrats on finishing your short story! Completing something like that always feels so good. :)

    It sounds like you're having a good summer! I hope that it continues that way. :D

  3. okay this was fun to read xD I have seen Finding Dory (still sqealing over the characters and trying to learn to eco-locate) and the Little Prince. Also My Fair Lady *agrees with your thoughts* I hafta see Pete's Dragon someetime :)

    Yesss your short story title is fantabulous and the Snow White novella sound amazing :D

    Green smoothies Yay I love green smoothies okay? And all ither smoothies, red and purple and whatever xD good way to consume spinach xD

    I also read Lost Girl of Astor Street this month and I have only done 6 books *i don't like being in the cone of shame* if you catch that reference xD

    And jazz, what jazz? Because we do too much saxophone jazz xD what kind do you like?

    Yes agreed with insanity. Good luck with NaNo try not to freak out and I want to read your stories someday... after ...later ... whenever you are finally done xD


    1. Ignore the typos. Phones fault. Tiny keypad

  4. GAH, I LOVED PETE'S DRAGON TOO!! :D The soundtrack is amazing, and it was just SO. CUTE. ^_^

    OH MY GOSH, A TYPEWRITER?! #jealous I've always wanted one! But alas, it hasn't happened yet. :P SO COOL!

    Loved reading this!! <3

  5. Eeeek! You like That Darn Cat! *grins* We discovered that movie probably about a year ago and I really like it, too!! It's just so much fun. And the characters are great!!! :D :D

  6. I just read Summerlost! And I'm really jealous of your typewriter.


  7. 'Along the Lines of Lawbreaking' sounds just like a snarky steampunk story. When can we reeead it, Mary??
    Jem Jones

  8. I've read "The Little Prince," but have never watched it. "Finding Dory" was so good, wasn't it? They made it original but also stuck to the heart of "Finding Nemo." I saw it in theaters, and I MAY have laughed too hard too many times. Haven't watched "Moana" yet, but hope to sometime soon.

    How's your first day of NaNo going?

    I loved "The Lost Girl of Astor Street" as well! Here's my review:

  9. I actually looove life update posts! It's like getting together to catch up with a friend. And I do miss your Frabjous Finalities posts. *sniffles* But you should NOT be doing something that stresses you out all the time. Blogging supposed to be fun. And, as you've seen, I never do monthly recaps... So I understand!!!

    EEP. You watched so many great movies. Pete's Dragon!!! GAH. It was so cute and heartwarming and cozy like you said, yes, and just DRAGON. SO PRECIOUS. About 10000x better than the original. *shudders* XD

    That's sad you didn't like My Fair Lady. :( I adore that movie. But I also grew up on it, so I might like the nostalgia more so than the movie...? Haha. BUT. THE ENDING IS THE WORST. And isn't it an extra long movie? So you sit through a billion hours and then get that ending and uuuurgh. So annoying.

    Oh my goodness, I loooove the title of your short story! "Along the Lines of Lawbreaking". YESH. It totally captures the snark and fun. IT'S PERFECT.

    It's sad that Paper Crowns is the only book on your list that I've read. D: I reeeeally want to read The Lost Girl of Astor Street. It looks so good! But MARY. 10 books in a month?? You are on fire!

    That's so great you got plane tickets for Realm Makers! :D I'm so exciting for you!

    And you got a typewriter?? EEP. SO COOL!!! They're the bessst. I have on from the 1930s and adore it so much. And we recently found one from the 1960s and it's so cute and fun. I'm kind of obsessed with typewriters. XD

    Also THAT'D BE AMAZING IF YOU GOT A UKULELE AND LEARNED TO PLAY IT. I love the sound of Ukuleles! :D

    Okay, this comment is basically as long as your post. *COUGH* But I love chatting with my Mary!

    I hope you have an amazing 4th of July and your WHOLE July is simply frabjous! <3

  10. Oh my gosh! I forgot you're coming to Realm Makers! I can't wait to meet you in person! :D So many people I know from online are coming. XD

  11. I love That Darn Cat and my kids do too! Doesn't hurt that my beloved Bobby Darin sings the theme song <3

    Congrats on finishing your story AND on getting your Five Poisoned Apples story off the ground!

    Can't wait to see pics of your typewriter! I love them so much, I own two, one manual and one electric. But I must confess I don't use them much.

    Sounds like your super has been fab so far! Hope it continues to be the same :-)

  12. Ooh, I loved Pete's Dragon!


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