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(Ignore the fact that this picture was taken during Christmastime. I haven't gotten any cookie pictures since then. :P)

SALUTATIONS! I've been scraping for ideas the past few days (seriously, I was super desperate to come up with something), and I finally decided to do A Cookie Book Tag! I saw this on Shantelle's booktube channel last summer and it sprang to mind recently. This tag is genius, and you can thank My Bookcase and I for creating it. It looks so fun...because duh, cookies and books. 


So here's how the tag works. There are eight different cookies, and for each cookie, I pick a book to match the description. Don't worry, it will all make sense once I actually stop gabbing and get to the tag. *coughs*

|| A Cookie Book Tag ||

Chocolate Chip // A book that never gets old

Just one?? *dies* I have so many favorites that I could read over and over again and never stop loving them. <3

To narrow it down to three, I'll go with Paper Crowns by Mirriam Neal, Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker, and Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. These are three of my FAVORITE books, and I literally just reread two of them this summer. If you haven't already, GO READ THESE BOOKS. *shoves them in your face*

Dutch Snowballs // A book that gave you an unexpected surprise

(I think these are the peanut butter cookies with the Hershey Kisses in the middle, just clarifying. ;))

I'm going to go with The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen. There was so much hype surrounding this series that I honestly wasn't too excited about it. (I'm weird that way...when things are popular, I get rather skeptical, hehe.)

I'm happy to report that this book was FABULOUS. The entire series is, actually. There's sass and pirates and more sass and amazing characters and YET MORE SASS. Basically...read this for the sass, people. XD

Molasses // A book with a character that gets in a sticky situation 

Um...every book ever?? Hehe. I think one of the crucial parts of a book is making sure there is conflict with the character's main goals...which means there will inevitably be some sort of sticky situation. (Admire my alliteration mastery, peasants.)

But if I had to pick one, I would go with llusionarium by Heather Dixon. The main character basically has four days (I think) to find a cure to a disease that is wiping out the entire female population. He's thrown into another world, and suddenly he has to figure out a way to save both realities.

Annnnd he has a cocky airpilot with him, and that makes things even stickier. *coughs*

Runner-up would be Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. I mean, the main character is turned into an old woman and has to figure out how to reverse the spell so I'd say that's a rather uncomfortable situation to be in.

Oreo // A book dealing with the light and the darkness

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. It's a classic, guys. Lewis was a genius at allegory--which, by the way, is not one of my favorite types of fantasy--and he created a magical world that just feels like home. Not as much as Middle-earth, but still very homey.

Sugar // A book with a sugary sweet villain

*scratches head* I think this is supposed to mean a villain that pretends to be good but is actually evil? Or something like that?

In that case, I'll go with The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The first one has this seriously messed-up person who fools everyone into thinking he's good...but is actually Very Evil. And Pride and Prejudice? You have Mr. Wickham--the guy who fools Elizabeth into thinking he's a "poor miserable soul" who had his life ruined by Darcy. *rolls eyes* Ugh.

Monster // A book that confused your emotions

By this point, I'm sure you've discovered I'm terrible at narrowing my choices to just one book. :P

Well, I've got two for you again: The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde and Black by Ted Dekker. These are both books that I have very confused thoughts about. The Last Dragonslayer had a really disappointing ending, and Black was just...not my thing. But I still liked aspects of both books?? IT'S ALL VERY CONFUSING, HONESTLY.

Snickerdoodle // A book that made you laugh

I'm notorious for being the crazy person who laughs out loud randomly in her room while reading a book. Therefore, I have many books that make me laugh...a lot. But the first one that comes to mind is The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo. YOU GUYS. This book = alllllll the hilarity. There's a grumpy, sarcastic godfather who loves to bake. DOESN'T THAT SOUND AMAZING?? (Hint: it is.) I probably highlighted every other sentence while reading it on my Kindle.


Peanut Butter // A book with a nutty character

I have a bit of an obsession with nutty characters. Probably because I'm as nutty as crunchy peanut butter.

There are lots of nutty characters in the books I read, but Lady Moon by Rachel Starr Thomson has some of the nuttiest. They are so. much. fun. EVEN THE VILLAIN.

I love this book so much that I gave it the honor of being the first book I ever reviewed on my blog. AND I REALLY NEED TO REREAD IT ACTUALLY. It's one of my faaaaves.

/ / / 

Now for the lucky recipients of this tag! I know that I'm a tag pirate who, whenever she does a tag, ends up doing one she WASN'T tagged for to begin with (*COUGH*), but I'm still following some of the rules here and tagging people.

Tracey // Adventure Awaits
Faith // The Writer's Song
Lisa // Inkwell
Laura // An Odd Blog
Jonny // Fishing for Ideas
Deborah // The Road of a Writer
Victoria // Wanderer's Pen
Savannah // Scattered Scribblings

As always, there's no pressure to do this tag. Feel free to do what I do and wait months...or years...or forever to do it. Unlike real cookies, A Cookie Book Tag never goes stale. ;)

Have you read any of the books on my list? What is your favorite cookie? And do you have any book recommendations?? I'M DESPERATE FOR GOOD BOOKS. *dramatically faints*

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  1. I love this! #bookworm
    You mean you're not a typical bookworm with an everlasting TBR?? Well, even if you are, you should try some Elizabeth George Speare books, if you haven't yet. I didn't care for Calico Captive, but I LOVED her other three books! She's one of my five top favorite authors, with people like Tolkien and Dickens, so. . . Anyway, those books aren't super popular, but I love them!

    1. Hehe, thanks! #alsobookworm ;)

      Wellll...I kind of do have an ever-growing TBR, haha. But a lot of the books I've read lately have been pretty mediocre/disappointing, and I'm on the hunt for REALLY good books.

      Thanks for the recommendation! I'll make a note to look into those. *nods*

  2. OH MAH WORD. This tag IS perfect for you. Like, I've never seen such a Mary tag. And it's about BOOKS and COOKIES. Best. Tag. EVER.

    I was just kind of squealing and nodding through this whole post because you listed soooooo many books I adore! And the ones I haven't read are on my TBR. I don't think there was a single book on this list I haven't heard of. Just...ALL THE WONDERFUL BOOOOKS. <3333

    SO. MUCH. YES. to Peter Pan never getting old. It's my happy place. <3 Paper Crowns too! And I NEED Chasing Jupiter in my life. NEED.

    You're so right about Mr. Wickham. The worst. Ugh. But your gif usage was A+. XD

    The Reluctant Godfather is definitely one of THE funniest stories I've ever read! Oh my gracious goodness, it was so hilarious. XDDD

    THIS TAG WAS SO FUN. My favorite cookies are sugar cookies! And snickerdoodles, because they're sugar cookies with cinnamon and you can't go wrong with that.

    Now I'm hungry...

    1. EEEK I KNOW, RIGHT?? Cookies + books = my entire life basically. XD

      AHHHH WE ARE SUCH TWINS! *grins* Yes, yes, yes!! All the amazing books. <333

      All three of those books are FRABJOUS. Peter Pan is just gahhhh. It's my happy place, too! <3 And you *definitely* need Chasing Jupiter, Christine. IT'S SO SO GOOD.

      Ugh, he is awful. I thought that gif was fitting. ;)

      I KNOWWWWW IT'S THE BEST. Burndee is officially one of my favorite characters now. XD

      Yummmm, I love both of those! Snickerdoodles have a) the best cookie name ever and b) the most fun recipe to make. We get to use a cup and smash the cinnamon and sugar on top, and it's SO FUN. XD

      Sameeee. *scurries off to grab cookies*

  3. I am unashamed to admit that from the beginning I was hoping you might tag me...because BOOKS and COOKIES. <3 And lo and behold, my wish came true! Thanks, dearie!

    I love just about every book you mentioned, with the obvious exception of the few I haven't yet read. I'm very curious about this odd ending of The Last Dragonslayer, after you and Deborah both had similar reactions. And I need to try a Rachel Starr Thompson book sometime soon! (I adore crazy characters, btw. Must be why I'm friends with y--oops, did I let that slip? XD Kidding, kidding! If you're nutty as crunchy peanut butter, so am I.)

  4. Okay THANK YOU for tagging me - this looks like fun, though I guarantee you I won't be able to pick just one - also I don't know half of these cookies, so luckily the tag is about books not cookies!

    I have only read Narnia and Black and Pride and Prejudice?!? I would add to my tbr, really, except I have my summer list all planned out already :) Maybe after. I really want to try Paper Crowns since you love it so much.

    Book recommendations? So I won't recommend Ted Dekker anymore... uh, have you tried Donita K. Paul? Dragon Keeper Chronicles?

  5. Such a fun tag idea!!! Except I'm hungry now, so thanks. :P

    Book recommendations... some good books I've read lately are All the Light we Cannot See, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, The Night Circus, and Through Gates of Splendor.



    That is all. (except also thanks for the tag woot :D)

  7. Cookies + Books = OH MY GOSH SO MUCH YES. XD

    Paper Crowns was soooo good! Azrael is possibly my most favorite thing of ever. <3 <3 And Illusionarium was AMAZING. Lockwood is hilariously amazing and Jonathan is the most adorable thing. ^_^

    Also, A++ Elf gif usage. XD

  8. I love the Chronicles of Narnia! "The Last Battle" was so incredibly beautiful and definitely my favorite. :)

    Have you read Tessa Emily Hall's latest book, "Unwritten Melody?" It was quite a good read: https://teensliveforjesus.blogspot.ru/2016/12/unwritten-melody-by-tessa-emily-hall.html

  9. Aw thanks for tagging me! I really like this tag. ^ ^ And love your choice for Oreo! :D



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