HELLO SUMMER // School's Out! + All the Books

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(Hope you don't mind seeing photos that I actually took three summers ago. XD)

Heyyyy so guess what time of year it is? If you said springtime...you're technically correct. But where I live (aka the Most Humid Place on Earth), summer is basically here. Forever.

Because yes, our summer weather lasts 9 months of the year basically. :P

Most importantly, however, SCHOOL IS OUT! I finished my college classes and have been loving this break from school. For the most part, that is...I still have things I'm doing over the summer which Aren't My Favorite. Buuuut it's much better than being a full-time student, I'll give you that. ;)

This week, I decided to share with you what I've been doing/will be doing lately, in addition to my summer TBR. IT'S GOING TO BE FUUUUN.

|| L A T E L Y ||


Guys, you know how long it's been since I watched a movie? I haven't seen one since January. That's right--almost FOUR months. o.o Wellll...it looks like I'll be making up for that this summer because I've already seen five movies. #oops

+ Balto. I haven't seen this in about six or seven years. OH MY HEART, it's such a sweet movie. <3


+ The Parent Trap (1961). Another childhood favorite. It's just a fun summer movie. ^_^

+ Star Wars Episodes 4-6. Because duh, Star Wars. It was Star Wars Day a week ago so we ended up having a movie marathon over the weekend.



+ I've written almost 10k so far this month, which is a lot less than I hoped, to be honest. It's been so much harder to write the past week. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. I guess I might have burned myself out the last two weeks of April when I wrote 46k? (That would make sense actually. XD) I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish this novel by the end of the month, but I plan to keep trying. 

+ I wrote my first poem in a month or so. You can read it here. ;) 


+ STARBUCKS FRAPPUCCINOS. Yesssss! This whole half-price frappuccino event is the best! I can't stand coffee (sorry!), but the coffee-free ones are so good. I especially love the strawberry one. 😍

+ Ice creammmm. I promise I'm not a super unhealthy person, guys. XD But when summer break arrives, how can you not eat ice cream?? 


+ My summer playlist. I just started it a couple weeks ago so it doesn't have much on it. Hopefully that will change as the summer progresses.

+ Unspoken. *screams* Okay, this might be one of my new favorite music groups. I seriously looooove their album Follow Through. I've listened to the first three songs so. many. times. 

+ Owl City. To me, his music just screams summer. Fireflies, Back Home, Strawberry Avalanche..all the fun summer tunes that make me happy. ^_^


+ The Ryn by Serena Chase. Um...I'm kind of bored so far with this one? I'm about 230 pages through the MASSIVE 500+ PAGE TOME and still nothing has happened that makes me want to keep reading. :P Ah well. I'll probably finish it anyway just to see if it gets better.

+ The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron. I just started this one last night and ohhhh my. It's already so good! I have the feeling I'll really get punched in the feels, though. *coughs*


+ Fulfilled. Last week, I had one of the best weeks in a LONG time. I got to write, read, express myself artistically, watch movies with my family, and just have a very very very productive, enjoyable week. I'm trying to make the most of this summer, more than I have in the past. That means less time on the internet and more time doing creative things like art and music and writing. 

+ Happy. No kidding, right? I might seem happy all the time, but ha, not really. I try to keep a positive outlook, but it's harder to be happy when I'm stressed over schoolwork. ;) So having this time to really recharge and relax has been a huge blessing. God knew exactly when I needed this. 

+ Nervous. I have a recital tomorrow (*panics*), and I've been a little overwhelmed with all the uncertainty regarding the future. It's so hard to make decisions about college/work/careers so yeahhhh. I'm just trying to remember that God's in control. What happens is all in His plan. 

|| S U M M E R   R E A D S ||

Because summer TBRs are always conquered. #notreally XD As you can tell by last year's summer TBR, I'm not the best at reading all the books I plan to. But hey, I can dream, can't I?

New Reads:

Black // Ted Dekker

I have been meaning to read his books for ages, so it's about time I tried them out. I just got this from the library and I'm SO excited to read it!

Counted With the Stars // Connilyn Cossette

Just got this from the library, too, and I'm drooling over the beautiful cover. <3

The One True Love of Alice-Ann // Eva Marie Everson

This looks like such a sweet story. It takes place during WWII, so yep, it's historical fiction. Turns out, some of my favorite books this year have actually been his fic. 

Prophet // R.J. Larson

A lot of my friends seemed to love this book, and I already have it on my Kindle. Gotta say, biblical-inspired fantasy isn't my first choice, but I'm willing to try it out.

Emissary // Thomas Locke

Hehe...yep, this was on my TBR last summer. I purchased it for only a dollar or two recently and GOODNESS that cover. *faints from the beauty* I actually haven't been reading a ton of fantasy lately (yes, you read that right), mostly because the few I've read have been Less Than Amazing. :P Hopefully I'll get around to reading this one, though. 

The Returning // Rachelle Dekker

Okay, the first two books in this serious? PHENOMENAL. I need the third book right. this. second.

The Magnolia Story // Chip and Joanna Gaines

I rarely read nonfiction, but this book looks so sweet! I've heard lots of good things about it from my buddies on Goodreads. ;)

The Voyage to Magical North // Claire Fayers

A middle-grade novel with pirates, magic, and a hilarious blurb? COUNT ME IN.

Castle in the Air // Diana Wynne Jones


A Spy's Devotion // Melanie Dickerson

I've owned this book for a while but just haven't gotten around to reading it. I generally like Melanie Dickerson's books quite a bit when I need a light read. ^_^

The Mysterious Benedict Society // Trenton Lee Stewart

Yes yes and yes. I started this back in November--which was a bad idea because NaNo--and I'm hoping to actually read the glorious thing soon.

The Two Towers // J.R.R. Tolkien

I liked FOTR okay (though it was *hides* a little boring), and I'm going to try the sequel soon-ish. Because I'm trying, really trying to get through this series. I love the movies, love The Hobbit book, but the LotR books? So far, they aren't clicking with me. We shall see. 

Sense and Sensibility // Jane Austen

Because Jane Austen. Need I say more? ;)

A Tale of Two Cities // Charles Dickens

Another classic, yay me! ;) I will hopefully read at least a few classics over the summer, including this one.

Not By Sight // Kate Breslin

More historical! It was a good deal at Half Price Books so I picked it up. Plus, a few of my friends have read and enjoyed it. 

The Blue Umbrella // Mike Mason

I randomly stumbled across this book the other day, and it looks SO QUIRKY. Hello yes, quirky reads are my faaaaave.


Masters and Slayers // Bryan Davis

This is probably my favorite Davis book, believe it or not. It's been a couple years since I've read it, and I hope to remedy that soon.

Paper Crowns // Mirriam Neal

I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. It's the perfect summer, winter, fall, or spring read. Yep, read it every season of the year, folks. It's GOOD. 

The Penderwicks // Jeanne Birdsall

This is the epitome of summer happiness. I finished the series last month and feel myself needing another dose of Penderwicks during the summer. 

The Hobbit // J.R.R. Tolkien

My favorite classic ever. I ADORE THIS BOOK. *melts with happiness*

Chasing Jupiter // Rachel Coker

Gahhhhh, this book. It's one of the best books I've ever read. I plan on rereading it again even though I just read it a few months ago, partly because it's a perfect summer read and partly because it's just so feelsy and perfect. <3

~ ~ ~

Of course, chances are, I'll read a lot of completely different books this summer. I don't want to feel confined to this list, that's for sure. *nods* 

Are you guys excited about summer? What are some books on your TBR? Any recommendations? (I always love new books. ;D) Also, do you have any summer plans? I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT SUMMERRRRR.

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  1. DUDE YES I'm the exaaaact same way with Starbucks- LEGIT ALL I LIKE ARE FRAPPUCHINOS. (not that I've tried anything else, shh) I actually just discovered I liked them a few weeks ago because I went out on a limb and tried the unicorn one and now I'm ruined and in love. Send help because this much sugar can't be good for me xD

    1. YESSSS THEIR FRAPPUCCINOS ARE SO GOOD. <3 Oh, you tried the unicorn one? I was thinking about having it, but I heard from a lot of people that it wasn't that great. XD (Send help for me, too, because yikes so much sugar. o.o)


    i almost went to a concert with them but it didn't happen *sobs*

    1. THEY ARE AWESOME!!! I can't believe I've missed out on their glorious music so long.

      Whaaaat that's so sad. D: *cries with you*

  3. It's okay that you find Fellowship a little boring... I did too :P It gets better, I promise. And I've finally gotten around to reading Ted Dekker, too. He's really good :)
    10,000 words is huge! I have written next to nothing lately. *needs to write more* Keep going!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one, haha. :P I still liked it, but I definitely prefer the movies so far. We'll see if I like the next two books better. ;)

      Thanks so much!! It's been a really busy week so I haven't gotten the chance to write much. Funny how life can still be crazy even without school. XD

  4. BALTO. My faves are the two polar bears. I don't even remember their names, but I do remember that the bigger one doesn't talk and cries a lot. I want a plush toy of those two. XD

    1. YES THE POLAR BEARS. They are hilarious. (I think their names are Muk and Luk??) Omw, they totally need to make plush toys. #makethisathing

  5. BALTO WAS MY CHILDHOOD AND I ACTUALLY GOT TO SEE THE STATUE IN NYC. (and ted dekker books are good. read them all.)

    and now I'm laughing out loud about Boris from Balto.

    1. YESSS THANK YOU BALTO WAS MY CHILDHOOD TOO. <3 Whaaat you did? Lucky. XD (Eek, I found a bunch of his books the other day for really cheap and couldn't resist. I'm so excited to try them out!)

      *laughs with you because Boris*

  6. HELLO *waves* I believe this is my first time on your blog, so hiii xD

    OMW YOUR SUMMER TBR IS *AMAZING*. I have literally no books on mine right now. Just rereading Ilyon Chronicles. And maybe LotR. I actually haven't read all the books yet, but I ADORE the movies so much <3 <3

    audrey caylin

    1. AUDREY HI!!! I'm so glad you dropped in! :D

      EEEK THANKS! I seriously NEED to get my hands on The Ilyon Chronicles. I've heard so many good things about that series. AND YESSSS THE LOTR MOVIES ARE MY FAVORITE MOVIES EVER. <3

  7. WOW that is an awesome TBR list. I think you'll really like "The Mysterious Benedict Society". I love Trenton Lee Stewart in general. He's VERY high on the top of my favorite modern authors list. :)

    I also really enjoyed "The Magnolia Story". :D

    Good luck on your Summer TBR list!

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Thanks! Trenton Lee Stewart's books all look super fun and quirky (which is totally my thing). Great to know of yet another person who enjoys them!

      I'm reading that book right now and GOSH, CHIP AND JOANNA ARE TOO CUTE. Really enjoying it so far!

      Thanks again, Lydia! <3

  8. Your new banner is beautiful!

    The Parent Trap was such a fun movie. Also. They have coffee-free frappuccinos at Starbucks?!

    Oh gosh... if you thought the Fellowship of the Ring was boring... The Two Towers probably stretches the longest of the three parts... They're all amazing. And the Return of the King is arguably the best of the lot - don't get discouraged during the Two Towers! You know, if you ever want to go back through the books, the Audio book (narrated by Rob Inglis) is absolutely /amazing/. He sings all the songs and it's the best. It might make an otherwise kinda slow book go quicker. I think they're on Youtube? He also did the Hobbit.

    1. THANK YOU! I think you're the first person to comment on that. I love changing out my header. ^_^

      Yes, I like that movie a lot! AND YUP THEY DO. They're the besttttt I swear.

      Oh boy...I heard that from someone else too so I'm a bit nervous to read The Two Towers. (Ironically, the movie adaptation is my favorite film of all time.) But thanks so much for the suggestion! I've never tried audio books but that actually sounds fantastic. I'll have to look into them! :D


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