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We hereby interrupt the regular broadcast of bookish/writing posts to bring you a post about another form of entertainment commonly known as movies.

It may come as a surprise to you, but I actually love movies. *gasp* (Actually, this is probably not a surprise at all but just go with it.)

Recently, I was thinking about all the movies I love that honestly don't get very much attention. Call it what you will...fate...destiny...nostalgia. (Totally how that quote goes. DO NOT QUESTION ME.) But I just wanted to give some forgotten films a bit of spotlight today. I'm sticking with animated movies in this post, but I may do another post like this with other movies sometime. ;)

Are you ready for this? I WAS BORN READY. (*chuckles hesitantly* I have no idea why I'm quoting everything today. :P) Just warning you, there will be lots of pictures. Here are ten forgotten animated films, in no particular order.

// 1. The Great Mouse Detective //

This was my favorite movie when I was little! I only know a few people who have seen it, which makes me sad. BECAUSE THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD. It's Sherlock Holmes with mice. Which obviously means it's the best.

I just love Basil and his *ahem* quirks. Olivia is the cutest, and when Toby comes in the picture? CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

It's a shame more people don't know about this movie because DUH SHERLOCK HOLMES WITH MICE AND EPIC VILLAIN THEME SONGS.

I haven't seen Sherlock, but I thought this was too fabulous
to not include. (Pinterest)
Oh, and let me know if the clock scene with Rattigan was mildly terrifying if you see it. I remember being freaked out by that, but I still liked it? #don'task

// 2. Tarzan //

I first saw this movie when I was...ten, maybe? And actually, I didn't care for it that much then. However, my friend showed me the movie again a couple years ago, and now I'm. In. Love.

The animation, the humor, the characters...gahhhh, this movie is the best. <3 Jane is actually one of my favorite Disney characters--and you gotta love her dad.

*laughs* (Pinterest)
There's also the small matter of the music. Oh my word, the music in this film is the best. Just...if nothing else, look up the soundtrack, okay?

I don't know what else to say except GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. (Oh, and my sister once said I was just like this elephant and IT'S PRETTY ACCURATE.) 

Totally me. *nods* (Pinterest)

// 3. Balto //

As you might remember from this post, I watched Balto again recently for the first time in ages. I have to say, this has got to be one of my favorite animated movies. It's a childhood favorite, but it's also the kind of movie that is just really, really good. I don't care how old you are. You NEED to see Balto.

You've got characters like Boris and Balto and Jenna. The polar bears. (I keep forgetting their names. XD) There's plenty of humor...usually in the form of Boris. Or the polar bears.

And there's also waaaaay more action than I remembered. THIS MOVIE IS KINDA INTENSE. a good way. ;) And can I just say Balto and Jenna are adorable?

Balto is so awkward and adorable around her at first. I LOVE IT. (Pinterest)

// 4. Meet the Robinsons //

This is the only movie on the list that I actually saw in theaters, but for as relatively new as it is, it's surprising how few people have seen it. 

Guys. This movie is HILARIOUS. And super weird. XD

This movie involves weird families, a hilarious villain with a dream journal, time travel, and bowler hats. IT'S AWESOME AND YOU ALL NEED TO WATCH IT. 

Plus, it's actually surprisingly touching and feelsy. Can I just hug this movie forever??


// 5. A Bug's Life //

Of all the Pixar movies, this is one of the ones that tends to fall through the cracks. It's just...not remembered by a lot of people.

Somehow, Pixar managed to make a movie about bugs that I liked. I never thought I could like bugs before I saw this. XD (Ironically, one of my favorite characters is a spider. Which is really weird since I hate spiders usually.)

Heimlich is basically my spirit animal. He's obsessed with candy corn and food in general. *thumbs up* And all the other circus bugs are hilarious. 

This movie is just a lot of fun. Even if you hate bugs with a passion, I can almost guarantee you'll end liking some of the insects in this movie. It's just a fact.

// 6. The Adventures of Tintin //

For the second and last non-Disney animated movie on the list, we've got The Adventures of Tintin. Before seeing this movie, I had actually never even heard of the Tintin comics. (I still haven't gotten around to reading them, but they look really fun!) I had absolutely no expectations for the film...but it ended up being fantastic.

There's tons of action, brilliant animation, and AMAZING MUSIC. John Williams did the score, so I mean, it has to be good. 

Um...THIS PART. LIKE YESSSS. (Pinterest)
This movie just makes me happy, mostly because I remember watching it the first time while eating homemade ice cream. #yum The characters are really great, and I love love love the plot of this movie. IT'S GOOD, FOLKS.

Also, can I please have a dog like Snowy?


// 7. The Emperor's New Groove //

Three words: best gif material. This movie is the source of every hilarious gif on the planet. And it has a quote for every situation.

Basically, it's the story of how Yzma and her less-than-evil accomplice Kronk accidentally turn the emperor into a llama while trying to usurp the throne. Hilariousness ensues. The end.

In short, you all need to watch this. It's weird, it's crazy, it's the best. There are even SQUIRRELS. And pinatas. And food.


// 8. Oliver and Company //

Can you tell I have a thing for animal movies? It's not obvious at all. *cough, cough* BUT THIS MOVIE. Eeeek! I haven't seen it in a while, but I saw it a ton when I was younger. It has the cutest cast of characters, and I may or may not have wanted to use this comeback all the time.

#burn (Pinterest)
This movie just has a fun, cozy feel to it. And, as per Disney style, the animals are adorable and awesome. I need a cat like little Oliver. Please and thank you.

// 9. The Fox and the Hound //

*quietly sobs in the background* Oh my stars...this movie. It's surprisingly sad and touching and just everything that's wonderful. Todd and Copper's relationship though. *sniffles*

I don't care what anyone has to say, I'll always love this movie. 


// 10. La Luna //

I may be cheating a little on this one since it's actually a Pixar short. BUT HEY, I MAKE THE RULES HERE. *crosses arms defiantly*

I only recently saw this short, and it blew me away. It managed to touch my heart without using a single word in the entire thing. Just...I want to be able to tell stories like this. 


I may have almost screamed when I saw this. Tolkien + La Luna = happy Mary.

Hope you all didn't mind a movie post! Tell me, have you seen any of these films? (Hint: you need to.) Anything to add to the list? And would you like to see another post like this in the future?

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  1. Ooh!! Nice post, girl! ;)
    And, actually yes, I did see one of these films...A bugs life! When I was younger, I used to be terribly grossed out by bugs, (and kinda still am.....xD) but, I ended up kind of liking that movie. =D
    Once again, awesome post!!!!!! =)
    Jaidyn Elise

  2. I've seen Tarzan, and Oliver and Company. They were both kind of great :) Have you seen the Iron Giant? That one was pretty incredible too.

    I neeeeed to see The emperor's new groove... I just haven't yet. :( But I will! Soon! Promise!

    1. And I just wanted to let you know that I saw the Emperor's New Groove in (probably pirated) three-minute clips on YouTube and it was WONDERFUL AND HILARIOUS. Oh my goodness. I've been driving my family crazy quoting it.

  3. GAH ALL THE AMAZING MOVIES. like, I'm super young (not even a teen yet) and I've seen all those BUT Oliver and Company, La Luna, and Balto. THE FOX AND THE HOUND MADE ME CRY SO HARD. My grandparents have a VCR (apparently ​no one has those anymore???) and they have aallll those old movies from the 70s and stuff that we used to watch over and over. ALSO TINTIN WAS AMAHZING SOO GOOD. IT IS MY FAV MOVIE EVER.

  4. Aaaahhhh!!! This post brought so much nostalgia. Excuse me, I mean, Fate...destiny...nostalgia. (Totally laughed out loud when you said that. XD)

    I honestly can't remember if I've ever seen The Great Mouse Detective. I've certainly heard of it, and I may have watched it once...? But I can't remember! #Shame

    I was always pulled on Tarzan. I kind of liked it and kinda...didn't. It was so intense and sad. o.o're going to probably disown me as a friend but *whispers*I detest the music*whispers*. AHEM. Yeeeeah. I think I'm the only person on this PLANET that feels that way but...just...the music drives me crazy. It just did not fit an animated movie in my opinion. I DON'T KNOOOW. I'M SORRY. D: But Jane and her dad are the best things ever. I 100% agree with that!

    Oh man, it's been like 2934938 years since I've seen Balto. I don't even remember anything about it! I need to watch it again!

    MEET THE ROBINSONS. I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUUUUUUCH!!!!!!!!! I can't understand why it's not wildly popular. It deserves to be hyped! It's SO. HILARIOUS. And has one of my most favorite villains in existence! And TIME TRAVEL. You can't ever go wrong with time travel.

    A Bug's Life may be my least favorite Pixar movie. *ducks and hides* Now, I will say, I haven't seen it in AGES. So I should probably give it another chance, but I do remember never being wild about it.

    The Adventures of Tintin was such a...unique movie! I watched it a few years ago and am STILL trying to decide if I liked it. XDDD It hurt my brain a little, but it was very cool, too! So I think I liked it. It just...turned my brain to mush a bit. Hehe. It took me by surprise how...different it was. But that's not a bad thing!

    THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flails for an eternity* I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH. AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I've probably seen it 100 times. And I'm honestly not sure that number is an exaggeration. o.o But I just NEVER get tired of it. Sure, I can quote it word for word but I don't caaaare. I laugh at the jokes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I just can't with that movie. XDDD

    Oh my gracious goodness, someone else in the world who has seen Oliver in Company! :O *TACKLES YOU* I WAS OBSESSED WITH THAT MOVIE. Obsessssssed. Seriously, I probably watched it 2994384 times when I was little. It's been yeeears since I've seen it, and I still remember every scene vividly.

    The Fox and the Hound! D': DAT MOVIE. I loved it, but also hated it because it destroyed me...and still does. IT WAS SO SAD. But but good. *sniffles*

    *le gasp* LA LUNA. I looooved that short! All the Pixar shorts are great but that one's special. I just want to put it on and go to sleep to it. It's so peaceful and beautiful. AND THE TOLKIEN QUOTE. I may have nearly squealed in the theater when that popped up.

    Apparently I had something to say about every single thing on your list. o.o THIS IS SO LONG. I'M SORRY. I just really loved this post. And YESSSSS. I'd love another post like this! :D

  5. HOW CAN THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE BE FORGOTTEN??? It had it's own TV show for goodness sakes! Also, it's the literal best? Like, honestly.

    And Fox and the Hound...okay, story time. I had this on VHS as a kid and loved it. When we moved we packed up our VCR and VHS movies and didn't unpack them for a few years. When we did I watched Fox and the Hound with my BFF, we were both 16 or so at the time, and my little siblings. When it came to the SAD parts, we were both bawling our eyes out and my siblings sat there heartlessly refraining from tears. It was embarrassing. :P

  6. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve the Tarzan soundtrack. "You'll be in my heart . . . no matter what they say . . ." *happy feels* And the Oliver and Company soundtrack, too.

    I wish more people knew about/talked about Lilo and Stitch; I only just saw that movie a few months ago and GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It's beautiful.

  7. Ah, I loved The Fox and the Hound when I was little! Totally nostalgia going on here... =) I haven't seen it in FOREVER though, I hardly remember what happens!
    I actually haven't seen any of the others, and there was a surprising number of them I hadn't heard of!
    My favorite animated movies are Zootopia and Inside Out, but I guess those are both pretty popular, aren't they? =)

  8. THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE THOUGH!!!! <3 <3 I love that movie. Everyone who hasn't seen it! Shoo!!! Also, Meet the Robinsons. *nods*
    And everyone keeps talking about The Adventures of Tintin. Apparently I need to watch that.

  9. I LOVED THIS POST. I watched ALL of these movies growing up and LOVED all of them! AUGGGHHH this was great to read and see and just AUGGHHH!

    Also, side note? Balto is one of my favorite movies ever. Boris the goose makes the BEST Russian jokes EVER. Love that movie. XD I loved all these movies so much. Thanks for doing this post, glad someone else grew up on these!

  10. The only one I haven't seen at least once is Oliver & Company. But I would like to see it. The Great Mouse Detective, Balto, Tintin, The Emperor's New Groove, are the ones I've seen more, (especially The Emperor's New Groove), and FEELS!!! I LOVE this list!!! Now I kinda want to go wacth a bunch of childhood favourites.

  11. Oh my goodness this post gave me SO. MANY. MEMORIES. O_O

    MEET THE ROBINSONS. It's so good and I LOVE IT TO PIECES. Bowler Hat Guy is possibly the best villain ever. XD

    I recently rewatched The Emperor's New Groove AND I REMEMBERED WHY I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It does have really good GIF material, really. :)

    Oliver and Company was one of my very favorites when I was younger. I remember singing 'You and Me Together' like a million times over. :P

    La Luna may be one of my favorite Pixar shorts EVER. <3 <3


  12. Oooh I guess I need to go watch these now!


  14. I have actually seen all of these movies and I love every one of them especially Tarzan! I get chills every time I watch the opening!

  15. Can I just say that I love that you have the Pinterest links to each picture? Because pinning is awesome...

    I don't think I've watched "Balto" before, but I might check it out now! I liked Tintin when I watched it too :) "Oliver and Company" - yes! Sweetest. Movie. Ever. Maybe? Not sure, but it IS such a great movie!

    I would love to see another post like this! I loved being reminded of my childhood

  16. ALL DA YES IS IN DIS POST. <3 <3 <3

    I've seen most of these. AND I LOVE MOST OF THEM. And I know I need to see Meet the Robinsons, and I want to see La Luna -- I think I may have seen it before, but I basically forget everything about it AND IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. <3

    BALTOOOOOOOOO <3 That movie is my childhood and I love it so much. IT'S SO GORGEOUSLY WONDERFUL. "People bumps" -- oh my word, I'd totally forgotten about that line! I love the one with the polar bears: "Oh, the shame of the polar bears who fear the water! No wonder we are shunned by our fellow bears; woe is us!"

    AND THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE IS ALSO (MAYBE EVEN MORE SO) MY CHILDHOOD. *hugs it forever because it's amazing*

    And A Bug's Life and Tarzan and The Great Mouse Detective? YES AGAIN.

    This is a precious post and I applaud you, madame.

    (P.S. Also, what are your opinions on the animated Anastasia?)

  17. I haven't seen the Great Mouse Detective, or Balto, or Meet the Robinsons. But I've seen the others. Tarzan is one of my favorite movies, same with the Emperor's New Groove. Thanks for reminding us all of some great movies.


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