Camp NaNo Update #2 (Week 4) // I WON CAMP NANO + Eating Ice Cream at Midnight

by - 12:16 PM

I have a very important announcement to make.

Wait for it...

Oh come now, don't scroll. CAN'T YOU BE PATIENT?

*clears throat*


*scratches head*

...What was I going to say again? *taps chin thoughtfully*


I HAVE WON CAMP NANO!!!! Yes, you read that right. The same person who was complaining last week about being behind has now hit 30k for the month! This is a pretty momentous occasion for me because last Camp, I set a goal for 30k and didn't end up hitting it. BUT THIS TIME I CONQUERED THE BEAST.

I kind of went crazy the past ten days, as you can tell. XD

And you know what? I finally fell in love with my story. It took me a while--most of the month actually--but it finally happened. The plot is moving in directions I never expected (pros of being a pantser, hehe), and I'm LOVING my characters so stinkin' much. Not gonna lie, I miiiiight like them more than the ones in my previous novel. (Don't look at me that way, Lieutenant Bradshaw.) They are so much fun to write, and they seem to have more depth this time around. Perhaps that's a result of using first person? *shrugs*

I'm still playing around with different POVs right now, but so far, I'm finding that doing two first-person POVs feels really natural for my story. However, that might end up changing later. We shall see once I edit it. ;) I really appreciated all of your guys' feedback, so thank you so much for that!

Now to explain the other part of the title. Prepare for epicness. *smirks*

So last Friday, I determined to write 5k in one day. This used to be nothing for my NaNo-conquering self, but that was back in November when I had glitter running through my veins. Somehow, though, I STILL MANAGED TO WRITE 5K. This bumped me up from 13,000 words to 18,000 words in one fell swoop.

I was warring in my hangouts group with my buddies (because that's basically the only way I can write), and when I hit 5k, my amazing friend Julia got this brilliant plan: why don't I sneak downstairs in the dark to get ice cream?

It took some convincing and motivational squirrels, but I did it. 

It could have been more epic if my sister hadn't still been up and had the lights on (thanks, sis :P). But I ended up sneaking downstairs, turning the lights off on her, scampering back upstairs, and then coming down again to raid the freezer in the dark. *laughs*

It was birthday cake ice cream SO OBVIOUSLY I HAD TO DO THIS. My cat about tackled me because she was so happy to see me, but overall, my mission went well. 

(I ended up bouncing off the walls at midnight sooo yeah, thanks, Julia. XD)

SO YES. I wrote 25k in 10 days and won Camp NaNo. I'm honestly so excited right now! My novel isn't done, but I'm thinking about trying for 10,000 more words this month (wish me luuuck) and then maybe finishing my novel next month? EEP. It's coming along really well, and I'm very pleased with it so far.

With all that rambling out of the way, I'll bestow a couple snippets upon you. Never fear, I will share more in the future. ;)

~ ~ ~

Exhaling a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding, I retraced my steps and headed back home. I glanced up at some of the businesses as I passed. The florist, the bakery, the café . . . none of them had positions. Probably not worth trying them again.

“What’s the matter? Your bookshop-destroying friends not show up?”

Oh yay. It’s him again. 

I shot him my most menacing glare, which was not-that-menacing. Felix gave me an impish smile in return. Darn him.

“And you call me nosy,” I muttered.

Felix had parked his killing machine in front of the café and was looking at me with his usual judgmental look. This time, however, his annoying side seemed to be making a bit of an appearance.

“Need a ride?”

“I have legs, and I’m perfectly capable of using them.”

“To walk in the street, you mean,” he shot back.

Of course he would never let me live that down. Shaking my head, I tried to walk past him, only to feel his hand dragging me back to the car.

“Thought we could talk about that job position again,” he said, jerking his head toward the car.

I narrowed my eyes. “You said that was closed.”

“I also said that the sidewalk was for pedestrians, but you didn’t seem to heed that.”

“Would you please stop talking about that!”

He grinned in satisfaction. “Ah, the lady does know how to say please. I’m surprised that you have any traces of proper etiquette.”

“You’re impossible.”

 “I prefer to say that I’m impossibly brilliant.”

That just furthered my justified lack of regard for him. He had to be some kind of idiot to think I’d work for him.

“Well, thanks so much for your consideration, but I think I’ll pass,” I said, gritting my teeth in what barely counted as a smile.

His eyebrows went up so high I thought they would fly off his face. “You’re refusing my job offer?”

“You didn’t necessarily offer. Besides, I thought you would rather die than hire someone who would destroy your precious, immaculate bookstore.”

He strolled around to the other side of his vehicle and hopped into the driver’s seat. “Putting words in my mouth. Unsanitary habit.”

~ ~ ~


I dusted off the cover of my notebook and glanced around me. Peri was deep within the bowels of the store, causing more destruction, undoubtedly. Her penchant for organized books was driving me insane.

With her out of sight, I untied the leather cord binding the journal together and cracked open the spine. Taking a pen, I turned to an empty page and jotted some notes in it.

The sound of a low-pitched growl made me turn my head. I smirked. Pizzicato had somehow forced himself out of his home into the main part of the store and was glaring at me from beneath his fuzzy brows.

“What is it?” I asked, ignoring him and turning back to my writing. He made an annoyed squeak, demanding my attention.

I huffed and slapped the journal shut, tying it closed and sliding it back in my desk’s hidden compartment. Blast this hedgehog. He never lets me get anything done. I picked up the spiky fuzzball and set him on my desk. “Are you hungry?”

At that, his countenance perked up. A little hedgehog-grin emerged on his face, and he nodded just slightly. I reached behind me to open the minifridge that I kept stocked with strawberries, jelly, and yogurt—Pizzicato’s favorite treats.

Sliding out a carton of yogurt, I peeled off the lid and set it in front of him. He attacked it, licking up the thin coating of yogurt so fast it was a wonder he could even breathe.

“I don’t know why I bother keeping you around. My grocery bills are excessive because of your unstoppable appetite.”

He paused just long enough to glare at me. I shook my head and chuckled.

Just then, Peri poked her blonde head around the corner of a bookshelf. “I’ve got a pile of books for you to sort through.”

“I thought that was your job,” I said, eyebrows raised.

“I’m not the one who has so many books hoarded that it would take an army just to count them.”

“It’s called collecting, Peri. Everyone should own too many books for them to count.”

~ ~ ~


The other man pulled a pistol out of his jacket and pointed it loosely in our direction. Not aimed directly at us, but his message still rang loud and clear. He was in charge, and we were stepping into dangerous territory.

“My name is Marc Widells, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, Peri.” He swung the gun around his index finger, smiling as he flipped it in circles. “And I’m not used to being cheated.”

All the air in my lungs seemed to vaporize. My lungs constricted painfully, and I tried to make myself speak in an even tone. “I’m sure we would be able to work something else out.”

Marc chuckled again. Somehow his laugh seemed even more dangerous than the weapon in his hand. “I’m afraid that deals aren’t always the answer, Peri.”

Felix stepped in front of me then, his arm protectively shielding me. “Stop beating around the bush and be out with it, Mr. Widells.”

Marc pursed his lips and cocked back the pistol. Click. “Let me make it absolutely clear to you.” He stepped one foot closer and pointed the gun directly at Felix’s chest. “You’re in my house, and you’ll play by my rules.”

Heart beating faster, I placed my hand on Felix’s back, trying to gain strength from him. Instead, all I felt was even more fear. He was just as terrified as I was.

In the low lighting, I could still make out the triumph lighting up Marc’s expression. He glanced back at me with a wicked grin. “You have ten seconds to gain my interest.”

~ ~ ~

*casually leaves you hanging there* #sorry XD

How goes Camp NaNo? JUST FOUR MORE DAYS LEFT, PEOPLE. Have you ever had ice cream at midnight? And what is your opinion on my characters? (I'm quite adoring them myself.)

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  1. SO MANY LOLS HERE omw I didn't know you actually turned off the lights and then went back upstairs and then went back in the dark and got the ice cream I LOVE THIS SO MUCH you're the best. The bestest person on this planet no joke *dies from giggles*

    you wrote this post just in time for me to add it to my monthly post too ;)

    1. oohhkaay wait what

      'bestest person on this planet'



    I'm so, so, sooooo happy to hear you've fallen in love with your story. But OF COURSE. IT SOUNDS LIKE SUCH AN AMAZING STORY.

    Oh my goodness gracious, your ice cream story. I am dying. XDDD I love how you turned out the lights and then went back. HILARIOUS. NaNo related things just call for sugar intakes late at night. I usually drink a big thing of caffeine (whether it be coffee or a latte or something of the like) around midnight on October 31st to get ready to stay up for the exciting November 1st midnight writing spree. Because, like, sleep doesn't exist with NaNo events. Pffft.

    Um. Mary. MARY. YOUR SNIPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm falling more and more in love with your characters. I mean, FELIX.
    "Putting words in my mouth. Unsanitary habit." *dies*
    And: "Everyone should own too many books for them to count." YESSSSS. *high-fives Felix*


  3. YAY, YOU WON!

    Nah, I haven't had ice cream at midnight, though such a quest is worthy of my interest. XD

    Oh my goodness! Your characters! I love them! And the snippets! Just... gah! *melts*

  4. Oh my goodness, Mary. O.o You are superhuman. I don't have time to rant about how awesome this is, so I'll leave it at simply that: THIS IS AWESOME. GREAT JOB.

  5. Congrats on Camp NaNo!!! And now I am craving ice cream. XD

  6. CONGRAAAAAAAAAAATS!!! :D I went for 5K and made it to 11K? So I so admire your awesome 30K! :D ALL THE CAKE (AND ICE CREAM) FOR YOU, MARY-THE-AWESOME-WRITER! ^_^

  7. CONGRATS GLITTER QUEEN! THAT IS SO STINKIN EXCITING! I love your characters, and those snippets are just goals! Felix is probably my favorite from what I've read of your stuff, hes like every girls dream guy. XD
    I lost Nano by a little under has just gotten super crazy....AND I WAS SO MAD CAUSE I WAS SOOOO CLOSE, but hey, I tried :p

  8. CONGRATULATIONS! :D :D :D I'm so glad you made your goal! You caught up so fast. Wow. YOU DESERVE ALL THE ICE CREAM!

  9. Congrats on winning, Mary! :) You did great. And you beat the squirrels.

  10. YAY FOR YOU, MARY!!!! Fantastic job, girl!

    PS. Your header is absolutely beautiful. :)


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