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WELL THEN. This isn't awkward. Not at all. Because I totally didn't procrastinate doing these tags for like six months or more, nope.


HELLO, PEEPS. I am back today with a giant post full of writing tags! I have about 1,939 tags to catch up on, but I figured grouping some of them together (and maaaaybe bending the rules a little bit) would be okay.

SO. Let's get on to the first tag, shall we? (Thanks, Jonny, for tagging me. :D)

// The Wisteria Writer's Tag //

Rules (more like guidelines anyway)

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (In case you didn't hear me the first time, THANKS. XD)
2. Answer the ten questions asked. 
3. Add ten (writing or book related) questions of your own. (Skipping this because it would take me foreverrrr to come up with new questions)
4. Nominate people. 

1. Which of your writing projects is your favorite and why? 

Ummmmm...well, I've only written one real novel so far. XP But I've started a few other writing projects and began a completely new novel just last month (which, by the way, I've gotten like NO progress on -_-). I also wrote a lot of "books" when I was in middle school, but those are horrendous and should never see the light of day.

SO. Before I go off on a huge ramble, I guess I'll just say Moonlit Mirror. That book was seriously loads of fun to write. (I'm also in the middle of a short story that has been seriously THE BEST to write. Hopefully I'll share that with you all soon!)

2. Can you share some snippets from your favorite project? (and no you cannot say no to this IT IS MANDATORY) 

*defies you and says no* 

*coughs loudly* I'm sorry, I don't think I quite heard you there.

*glares at Jonny for asking this question* Okay, well, lemme see what I can salvage here.

~ ~ ~

(Snippet from the old version of Moonlit Mirror. Enjoy the sneak peek of what it would have been like had I stuck to the original.)

James glanced up at the sky. Thick clouds broiled in the heavens, threatening to drench him once again. Of course, he should not have expected anything different. He was in London, after all.

   He turned into a narrow street lined with brick homes. There was no need for him to search both sides of the lane, for he knew exactly where he was headed.

   A giant knot formed in the pit of his stomach as he stopped in front of the largest home on the street—his father’s home. The oak tree still stood in the same spot, its branches reaching towards the house with spindly fingers. Leftover leaves from autumn lay strewn across the lawn, their withered shapes only a ghost of their former glory. And then he saw it.

   Mother’s rose garden.

   James swallowed hard, the knot in his stomach twisting itself into a German pretzel. The garden was still there, though by the looks of things his father had not trimmed it in years. The red flowers grew rampant, practically taking over the entire yard. Thorns gouged the sides of the house, and he could see furrows in the shutters from where they had scratched. Some of the roses had died, their blushing beauty faded into a dark, crusty shell. His father had forgotten it.

~ ~ ~

(And finally, a snippet featuring everyone's favorite lieutenant. XD)

Charlotte soaked in the warm beams of light, letting the wind play with her hair as she leaned against the railing.

Perhaps she could get used to the sea life.

Lieutenant Bradshaw walked by then, swagger in his step. She groaned. If getting used to the sea life meant getting used to him, she didn't think she would want to ever get used to it.

"Hello, love."

"Miss Davidson."

He raised a brow. "Oh, we're back at this again, are we?"

"It's your fault."

He grinned and stared at her, gaze unnerving. She fidgeted and edged away from him. "You seem to be back to your old self again," she observed.

Opening his arms wide, he pasted an innocent look on his face. "Was I ever not? I don't know how you could ever wish for something different than my present magnificence."

She groaned and rolled her eyes. "You make me sick."

3. What is your favorite tense (past, present, future) and voice (first, third; I don't think it's actually called that but I'm using that word because it makes sense to me and I can't think of the right one. XD) to write in?

My favorite tense is definitely past tense. It used to drive me crazy when I saw first-person present tense in novels. Seriously, I could. not. stand. it. 

However, I discovered one book early this year--my first book of 2017, actually--and it COMPLETELY revolutionized my thoughts on present tense. Now it doesn't bother me much at all. In fact, I actually...kind of enjoy it? It has to be done right, though.

As far as voice is concerned, I miiiiight like third-person the best? But I like first-person a lot, too. I feel like it's easier to delve more into the character's personality when it's written in first-person for some reason. *shrugs*

BUT YES. Third-person past tense is my favorite.

4. When is your favorite time to write?

I'm assuming you mean time of day and not time of year. (Because yes, NaNo is basically the main time of year I write now. #oops) 

I like writing at night the best probably. It's nice to write uninterrupted in the late hours of the night...plus that's when my creative juices tend to flow the most. 

(And I also am like a zombie in the morning and basically do not want anything to do with life until 10 am. Needless to say, morning isn't an option. XD)

5. What is the most unpleasant thing you've put one of your characters through? (random note but this question stems almost entirely from a Camp NaNo April conversation in which we discussed why it's good to be mean to your characters. XP Yup, I still remember it.)

Wouldn't you like to know? *cackles evilly as my characters cry out for help in the background*

Okay, okay. I could spend a long time listing all the unpleasant occurrences...but one situation that sprung to mind was the time I had the characters sail right into a maelstrom and one of them fell over the side and was almost sucked in and basically had a very bad day. XD

6. Are you a more character-driven writer or a more plot-driven writer?

Character-driven, all the way. Creating characters is definitely my favorite part about writing (well, outside of the food and sarcasm). I'm a bit weak where plot is concerned. Seriously, just take a look at my first draft and you'll see.

ACTUALLY DON'T. Nobody's eyeballs shall view that carnage.

7. Are you a plotter or a pantser?

*coughs* *points at answer above*

I haven't technically tried much plotting yet? But I feel like pantsing is definitely more up my alley. I'll let you know for sure once I give plotting a chance.

8. What is your favorite word processing system to write in and why do you like it? (SCRIVENER FOR THE WIN)

I just use Word because it's free for students at my campus. (That's one good thing about college, folks. XD) Plus I know what I'm doing and it makes sense to me, which is a rare and beautiful occurrence when it comes to technology.

9. If you were left on an abandoned island with the last character you wrote about, how would that go for you? (I know it's super original but unfortunately not from me. XD I pulled it off a meme.)

Welllll...the last time I really wrote was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. (I wrote a little two days ago but that was mainly touch-ups.) SO LEMME THINK FOR A MINUTE.

Okay, okay...the last line I wrote was spoken by a character named Steel from a short story I'm working on. And how would it work out for me with him on a deserted island?

10. What is your favorite writing resource? (this could be a blog, website, newsletter, writing book, that one pet who listens to all your writerly ramblings, anything basically XP)

A pet dragon obviously. What else would I use?? (In all honesty, though...probably myself. *smirks*)

~ ~ ~

AND NOW...on to the next tag! *raises sword high and charges ahead*

I was tagged by both Christine and Tracey for the Writer's Life Tag. Thanks a million, dears! Sorry it took like...10,042 years for me to get to it.

// The Writer's Life Tag //

Don't look at me like that, I'm not deliberately excluding the rules. THIS TAG HAS NO RULES, I SWEAR. #trustmeplease 

Write-fuel: What do you eat/drink while writing?

Lol, I don't eat or drink while I write, though I always have water at my desk. I'll stop and take a sip every once in a while, but it's something I have to consciously remind myself about. Sometimes I'll motivate myself with snacks, but that's mostly during NaNo. (I totally didn't live off Reese's Cups and pretzels during November. Noooope. ;P)

Write-sounds: What do you listen to while writing?

The sound of my brilliance being pounded into the keyboard. (Or my characters screaming for help in my mind. Take your pick.)

Because yes, that answer is much more interesting than "I can't listen to music while I write." XD

Actually, I have discovered that ambient music/relaxing white noise is helpful while writing. I like putting on the 10-hour loops from this channel and listening to rain sounds as I type. 

Write-vice: What’s your most debilitating distraction?

I'm just going to go with the flow here and say it: THE INTERNET. It is seriously a problem. I always find something else that "needs" to be done, whether it be scrolling through Pinterest, checking the weather,  or looking up whether you can get sick from eating old whipped cream (yes, I actually googled this :P). 

Write-horror: What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while writing?

Welll...I accidentally dropped my computer once on the tile floor and lost all my pictures and documents ever but besides that, nothing much. XD

(Okay, to be fair, that was before I started really getting into writing so I didn't lose anything major. I mostly mourned the loss of the photos.)

Write-joy: What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you while writing, or how do you celebrate small victories?

Best thing? I think finishing the first draft of Moonlit Mirror was probably the best writing experience I've ever had. It was just so fulfilling having my first real novel finished. IT WAS THE BEST. Also, I love all the love and support I get every time I post snippets or info about my writing. You guys are seriously the best. <3

As for small victories, I like to reward myself with a) candy, b) internet, c) books, and d) sleep. Those are the ultimate rewards, people. XD

Write-crew: Who do you communicate with or not communicate with while writing?

No one should be communicating with me while I'm writing. This is a no-no, okay? (Unless it's a word war on MyWriteClub...and even then, I usually just write.)

However, I have a HUGE support group for my writing in general. My awesome friends from my writers' Hangout (who hacked my blog and wrote this post) are the best. I honestly don't think I could have won NaNo without them. I also keep in contact with Tracey, though not as often as I wish I did. She's the one I talk to one-on-one about writing the most, and she's a real godsend.

Outside of them, of course I have all of you guys! All my lovely blog readers and commenters are frabjous. You don't know how much all your support means to me. <3

Write-secret: What’s your writing secret to success or hidden flaw?

Can we skip this question? 'Cause I don't think I am really one to offer any "secrets to success." XP

As far as writing secrets are concerned, I guess just making writing a habit. Now, this is something I really need to work on, since it's been far too long since I've followed a consistent writing schedule. However, I find that it's much easier to write when I'm doing it consistently, whether that be every day or three times a week or whatever. Setting a schedule and continuing to write on a regular basis is important. (Listen to this advice, Mary. THEN MAYBE YOU WILL ACTUALLY GET THINGS DONE. *glares at myself* XD)

Oh boy, I can think of plenty of flaws. But I'm just going to say it now: inconsistency. *points at the paragraph above* Yep, I'm guilty of being a "seasonal" writer who only writes during certain times of the year. It's a problem, and I'm trying to amend it. But gosh, it's so hard. I never want to write when I'm supposed to. -_-

Write-spiration: What always makes you productive?

I promise I'm not trying to copy you guys...but just like Tracey and Christine said: goals. Goals are seriously what get me motivated. For instance, those graphs that track your word count during NaNo are the MOST MOTIVATING THINGS EVER. I'm obsessed with updating my word count and watching the bars climb higher. XD

Also, rewards such as candy motivate me. I'm an incurable sweet tooth. ;)

Write-peeve: What’s one thing writers do (or you do) that’s annoying?

Just one thing? *chokes* I have a snarky voice inside me that always critiques my annoying habits. XD

Okay, so outside of literally everything I do...I have to say that writers who don't use the Oxford comma really annoy me. GUYS. It drives me crazy. I know it's technically "correct" to not use it, but like...why would you not??? It's a huge pet peeve of mine. Sowwy.

Write-words: Share one sentence from a project, past or present.

Here's the first line from my short story that's in progress. Hopefully it intrigues you. ;)

~ ~ ~
It was the twenty-third of September, and that usually meant someone was going to die.

WELL, FOLKS. I did it. I caught up on multiple tags at once! *collapses because it's 1:38 am as I type this*

I'm not tagging anyone because hey, why start following the rules now? (I never have. XD) But if you want to snag one of these tags, by all means, go ahead. Just leave a link to your answers in the comments so I can check out your posts! 

What's your favorite tense to write? Any favorite writing snacks? Also, which snippet of mine did you like the best? (All of them...right?! ;D)

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  1. Question #5 of the first tag...oh dear. I love your summary at the end: 'and basically had a very bad day.'

    I would hate to lose my pictures and documents! I'm so sorry it had to happen to you!

    I can never seem to find which tense I want to use. I even end up switching around as I write- a shameful thing I would not recommend.

  2. I love posts about writing! :-)

    So . . . I'm not really sure which tense is my favorite to write? My current novel is first-person, past-tense, and it seems to be the best choice for that particular story; but recently I started experimenting with a new WIP in first-person present tense, and I quite enjoyed it. I think I'll probably be using present tense more in the future . . . at least for some of my stories . . .

    Please tell me Charlotte doesn't end up with that Lieutenant . . . that would be TOO FRIGHTFUL. :-P

  3. I never used to read (+therefore write) much in first person present tense; but it seems to be a lot more popular now. (The Hunger Games trilogy comes to mind immediately, and the Divergent trilogy? It often seems to go with the YA dystopian genre, now I think about it.)

    The first line from your short story certainly is intriguing! I think it would have to be my favourite of your snippets. :)

    And I love the Sherlock GIF... that's what I feel like when people want to read my first drafts. (No one is to allowed read anything I intend to write seriously when it's in early draft stages. And NaNo material - that's not to be read ever. For the sake of their sanity and mine.) ;)


    I loved seeing an old snippet of Moonlit Mirror! It does look like it's a very different tone from the new version, but I love BOTH VERSIONS. That snippet with Charlotte and Bradshaw. XDDD Bradshaw is such a bean and I love him.

    Third-person, past tense is my favorite toooo! Like you, I used to DETEST first-person, present tense, but I'm much more open to it now. (I think The Hunger Games is what really helped change my mind.) Still, I'd much prefer third-person, past tense over anything.

    "What is the most unpleasant thing you've put one of your characters through?" *laughs evilly with you* Okay, but seriously, I was snickering to myself when I read that question. I have SO. MANY. horrifying things to happen to like...allll my characters. Oops?

    I am dying (pun totally intended) from laughter with your answer and gif usage in #9. XDDD (BUT YOU'RE WRITING A SHORT STORY?????? I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IIIITTTT!!!!!!!!)

    That is so sad you dropped your computer once and lost all that!!! D: D: D: I have this AWFUL fear of losing things, so I backup my stuff to probably a ridiculous degree. XD Well...my stories. I should probably backup my pictures more...

    GOALS, YESSSH. They're the best! And I know you're not copying anyone! I think it's just a writers' thing. We're too easily distracted and have to have SOMETHING to keep us accountable. XD

    Oh my goodness, the Oxford comma. YES, YES, YESSSS!!!! Literally one of my biggest pet peeves ever! Not using it should NOT be correct, because without an Oxford comma the entire sentence can mean something else! Just...PLEASE USE THEM PEOPLE.

    DAT FIRST LINE OF YOUR SHORT STORY. O_O NOW I NEED IT EVEN MOOOORE!!! And yes, ALL of your snippets were totally my favorite! I soooo love when you share snippets!

    I loved this whole thing! It's too fun getting an inside look at each writer's writing life. I think I'm nosy. *grins*

    Seriously, though, this was fun to read.

    I loved the first snippet. The imagery was beautiful and being dropped into it without any context wasn't too confusing.

    SMARTIES Smarties are the best. Reward yourself every 100 words and you can get through 1k per roll and they're very motivating. *nods* Pretzels are good, too.

    Totally unrelated question: how do you do the collages at the top of your blog?

  6. S'mae. (I'm honestly just guessing from your bio that that first sentence is a Welsh greeting, based upon its resemblance to "s'mae.") I agree about night writing. I've found myself on many occasions with a second wind around 11 or 12 at night, which can be both good and bad. I'm definitely a past-tense kind of guy. I'll read present-tense, but I've only written in it a tiny percentage of the time. Oh, this is my first time here at your blog. (I clicked over from a comment you left at Tracey's blog.) You can find me primarily over at intotheravenousmaw.blogspot.com, if you'd like to drop in.

    1. Just looked up that greeting. I see Tolkien borrowed from the Welsh for his Elven there. Well, s'mae anyway, from America.

  7. Ah I loved reading this post! Tags are the best (even though I literally never post them because I always forget about them *facepalm*) AND YES MYWRITECLUB IS SO GENIUS. I think the best part is that you can see the other people's word counts and it makes everything so much more competitive lol

    I've been writing my current novel in first person (it's also my first novel ever so yeahh), and I think it's a lot easier than third person because you get into the character's head? BUT I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'm DOING EITHER SO.

  8. Hi five for the Oxford Comma! :)

  9. This was SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!! I've dropped my laptop before, and lost the one hundred page rough draft I was working on! :'(
    -Gray Marie

  10. Writes who don't use Oxford commas get me too! I read a whole book with a writer who didn't use them and I'm like nope nope nope. XD Also goals are a huge motivator! Thanks for sharing!


  11. Great post! The "If you were left on an abandoned island with the last character you wrote about, how would that go for you?" question made me smile (and cringe) because the last character I'd written about happened to have been a very sarcastic, cocky elf in a story that's in zero-draft form right now. Needless to say, I didn't think it'd go well.

  12. Love these tags! I "borrowed" one of them and filled it out here.

    Making writing a habit is so key. I need to get back to that myself. And Team Oxford Comma for the win!

    1. I borrowed the other one too, and filled it out here. Thanks for the inspiration!


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