Say Hello to My April NaNo Novel! (And Goodbye to My Sanity...)

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I don't know how this happened...BUT GUYS IT'S ALMOST APRIL. (Totally not freaking out right now.)

And you know what April means? CAMP NANO, OBVIOUSLY. For those of you who don't know, there's an event called NaNoWriMo during the month of November. The idea is to write a whole novel, or 50k words. (But my novel ended up being 105k so #oops.) Anyway, they have Camps during April and July that allow more flexibility. Basically, you can pick any word count you want and do whatever writing stage you want--editing, first drafts, thirty-first drafts, whatever. IT'S AWESOME.

Of course, being the completely sensible person I am, I decided, "I think it will be fun to do Camp NaNo even though I have no time and will probably go insane." So logical, I know.

AND I HAD TO DECIDE THIS LIKE A WEEK BEFORE APRIL. *facepalm* This happens every. single. time. I just started plotting two days ago and have barely gotten any progress I guess I'll be pantsing it again. O.O

I chose 30k as my goal for April. Doable, considering I wrote 3 times that much in November. BUT IT'S STILL TERRIFYING. Because my writing has been basically nonexistent since December, and I have so much work to do outside of writing. (Someone please remind me why I'm doing this??)

Well, I've already rambled way more than I should already. *coughs* Care to hear about my new novel? I don't know much about it, but here you go. XD It's completely different than my previous novel in that it's contemporary, but fantasy elements still managed to sneak in? (Don't ask.)

Meet The Scent of the Sun!

Why does the sun only shine on certain people?

When Peri's father left her six years ago, he took her heart with him. Peri doesn't know what's worse: feeling the emptiness inside her or watching her mother become a shell of her former self. And when a tragic car accident takes her best friend's life, her aching scars are ripped open again.

Life has never been easy for Felix. Mistakes in his past built walls between him and those he loved. Desperate to escape an ill-formed bargain with a faerie lord, he flees to the world called Earth. There he goes into hiding, opening up a bookshop and finding himself trapped in a little New England town. But time is catching up with him, and if he doesn't find a way out of his bargain, he's as good as dead.

Together, Peri and Felix must discover the scent of the sun . . . even if that means crossing worlds.

~ ~ ~

YES, THAT IS A SYNOPSIS YOU JUST READ. I'm so ridiculously proud of it, even if most people don't think it's that impressive. :P And if you couldn't already tell, this is going to be a very feelsy story. 

I've also been keeping both a storyboard AND a playlist secret from everyone the past two months. It's been realllllly hard to not show you all, but I wanted to wait till Camp started. SO HERE YOU GO. Feast your eyes on my storyboard and playlist!

Don't you love how many songs I found with "sun" in the title? It's perfect. ;)


Annnnd now my storyboard and all the aesthetically pleasing stuff. 

aes// sweaters. dusty books. vinyl records. scuffed-up boots. windblown hair. frost. rusty porch swings. plaid. smell of books. crackling fires. hot air balloons. messy handwriting. cereal bowls. cold nights. dead leaves. glasses. 

I promise I'll make some aesthetic collages soon. Because those are so fun, and I definitely need some. *nods*

Soooo yeah. I don't know what else to say about my story because I don't know very much. XD BUT I'M SO EXCITED FOR CAMP NANO. It's going to be stressful and crazy and awesome.

By the way, if you want to make sure I'm actually doing things, you can stalk me here and shout at me to write.

WISH ME LUCK, PEOPLE. I have the feeling I'm going to come back next week crying out for help. XD

Thoughts on my novel? And are you doing Camp NaNo? If so, what's your word count goal? WE CAN DO THIS, I TELL YOU. *eats cake nervously as time ticks by*

p.s. I just reached 50 followers on Google Friend Connect a week ago! EEP. You guys are the best. <3

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  1. *happily waves goodbye to your sanity* xD This is going to be SO MUCH FUN - I'm so glad we're in the same cabin! Your story sounds AMAZING and YOUR SYNOPSIS WAS MOST DEFINITELY IMPRESSIVE. Totally made me want to pick up your book this instant, so you did great with it ;).

    My wordcount goal is currently 75k, but that could end up getting changed a bit if my novel decides to be shorter xD. So BASICALLY my goal is just to get my entire novel written - but if it's short, I'm going to go on and write something else so that I can still get a really high wordcount because I am insane xD. TWO DAYS LEFT, ONLY TWO DAYS. WE'VE GOT THIS *fistbump*.

    ~ Savannah

  2. *screams and flails for the rest of eternity* MARYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS LOOKS AMAZING. I literally got an actual THRILL when I saw this post and read it. MY MARY IS WRITING ANOTHER STORY AND DOING CAMP AND EVERYTHING LOOKS EPIC AND JUST LKDSJLFJLDSJFL:JKDSKJF.

    BUT SERIOUSLY, MARY. DAT SNIPPET. O____O is SO professional. Like, it just IS a blurb you'd read on the back of a book in a bookstore. (And if I read a book with that blurb I'd buy it so fast, you just have no idea.) I actually looooooove modern stories with fantasy elements. Sure, medieval fantasy is my love, but there is something so, SO fun and fascinating about having fantasy stuff in OUR time. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. The title is also so gorgeously intriguing.

    Your playlist is golden. (Pun totally intended. You know, golden? Like sunlight? *COUGH*) But really, it's such a great playlist for this. AND THE PINTEREST BOARD. EVERYTHING IS SO PLEASING TO MY EYEBALLS. I loooove the aesthetics for this story. I can FEEL it. It has this cozy, familiar feel while somehow also being mysterious...? That probably makes NO sense, but it's how it makes me feel!!!

    I LOVE THIS STORY IDEA SO VERY MUCH. You're going to share snippets while you're writing, right? BECAUSE I NEEDS THEM.

    It's so exciting you're doing Camp! I'd totally join in and use it to make progress on editing Burning Thorns but...I doubt I'll end up doing ANYTHING writerly in April. I have a LOT going that month, so. o.o I'm trying to resist Camp. But I'm totally cheering on all my buddies who are doing it. *waves pompoms*


    1. *pokes head back in*

      So this is kind of random, but on my way to work Friday I had the radio on and they played a song I like, "Light Up the Sky" by The Afters, and it totally made me think of this story! I mean...I know nothing about this story save for the blurb you shared, but this song kind of fit with your playlist I thought. 'Cause, ya know, light up the the sun. *grins* This is it:

      ANYWAYS. Just wanted to tell you that this story sounded so awesome to me and I'm so excited for you to write it that a song on the radio made me think of it!

  3. That is beautiful! I already love this story, and I'm eager to hear more about it. Go and have fun writing madly, we know you can do this! *raises sword and gives a battle cry*

  4. Your story sounds absolutely amazing!! The blurb is sooooo much better then anything I could write up. Good luck during Camp NaNoWriMo!
    I'm doing it, too - for the first time - and I am incredibly excited but also terrified. I have a lot of my book planned out, though, so at least I know where I am going with my book, which I couldn't say for my NaNoWriMo novel last year. xD

    ~Lydia~ <3

  5. Yay, I love feelsy stories! I can't think of a story I like that doesn't have feels. So rest assured, you have an audience. ;)
    "Soooo yeah. I don't know what else to say about my story because I don't know very much." Totally how it feels when you're about to start writing! I often tell people, "I don't know if this story is going to go anywhere yet." And I usually add, "But I really hope it does!" We all want our stories to go big places, don't we?
    I wish you all the luck in the world, Mary, I really do!

  6. Mary
    I need this book now. IT LOOKS AMAZING.

  7. AHHHH MARY. This looks exciting and fabulous and awesome and I can't wait for you to write it. <3

  8. Niiice. I actually don't like feelsy books because I value my un-shredded-heart and don't really understand the 99% of the bookish population who adores becoming a mess of mangled feels?? Buuut that being said, Felix sounds amazing and I'm all there for Faerie problems and bookshops. XD

    BEST OF LUCK ON CAMP!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I'm spontaneously doing Camp TOO (because I'm insane also) and I'll probably be working on short stories and snatches of thing. Anywho. I hope you enjoy your writing! Good luck! ^_^

  9. Great synopsis! I would neeever have guessed you started plotting less than a week ago...

    I was going to use Bofur's quote about 'all the luck in the world'... but then I saw Hanna used it a few comments above. *sad face* So... from a fellow pantser, I wish you... all the motivation and inspiration in the world? Except for what the rest of us need?? ...How about I just go stalk you on NaNo instead?

    Nice cover, too; and from the summary + aesthetic board, this doesn't look like my usual reading genres, but I would definitely read it!

    Jem Jones

  10. That is AMAZING synopsis! Well done! And your story sounds really intriguing. Good luck with Camp NaNo, Mary!! :D

  11. Exciting! I love your characters' names! I'm doing CampNaNo too with a goal of 30K. ^ ^


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