I HAVE RETURNED (with LOTS of news!)

by - 10:36 AM

Well, would you look at that? I'm still alive. What a surprise.



I'M BAAAAACK!!!! Did you miss me? (Obviously, the answer is yes. I'm not sure how you even functioned without me. ;P)

It feels like forever since I sat and wrote a blog post...yet at the same time, it feels like just yesterday that I announced I was taking a hiatus. Funny how that works.

BUT GUYS. I've missed you!!! It's been SO great taking a break, but I admit, I have certainly missed blogging and interacting with you all. (You guys are the best. <3)

And I know I said I would do my best to reply to all your comments...but I just don't think that's going to happen at this point. Every time I sit down to reply to all your comments from aaaaaages ago (seriously, some of them are like...four months old *chokes*), I end up exceedingly frustrated. Because I have NO IDEA what to say! So much has changed in that amount of time, and I feel so bad that I even left them that long. All that is to say, I will not be replying to any of your old comments (most likely), but I have read and enjoyed every. single. one. They make my day. BUT YES, SORRY, GUYS. (I originally typed that as ''guts"...gosh, I'm tired. XD) It turns out the Glitter Queen is *gasp* not perfect. Shocker, I know. :P

Aaaaanyway. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I thought I should just fill you in on what's been going on in my corner of the world. It's been a while since I've done a wrap-up post--yes, I actually stopped Frabjous Finalities way back in September *cough*--so I figured I would harken back to the "good old days" and bring you some updates on my CRAZY life.


Oh, February. How can I even begin to describe this month?

It. Was. INSANE.

I'm not exaggerating when I say it was one of the busiest, most eventful months in years. So, so, so much has happened. It may be the shortest month of the year, but it more than made up for its brevity.

 What has happened, you ask? *clears throat* *cracks knuckles* Let us begin.

// I got my driver's permit.

YES. I ACTUALLY GOT MY PERMIT. I did driver's ed last month and got my permit early this month. That means I can legally drive. GOOD GRIEF. I feel so old. *grabs cane and hobbles on*

// I started two college classes.

Both of which happen to be sooooo time-consuming. I probably spent about 15 to 20 hours on one of them this week. *collapses* And I've stayed up past midnight getting assignments done multiple nights this week.

OKAY, BUT I'VE GOT A STORY. So one of the classes I'm taking is psychology. I'm taking it online, so I logged into my course Thursday night at 11:15 to take a quiz. But when I went on there, I discovered that I actually had another assignment due...at midnight. I KID YOU NOT. I had an assignment due in 45 freakin' minutes. 

It was the scariest moment ever.

After trying not to have a nervous breakdown, I scrambled to write out this ginormous discussion post in time. Generally, college writing assignments take me foreeeeeever so I was pretty sure I wasn't going to make it. But guess what??? I submitted it 4 MINUTES before it was due.

Actual footage of my reaction. XD
SO YES. That happened. I think I aged about 153 years that night...hehe. 

// I started my first job?!

So...I actually got a job??? Which I honestly didn't think would happen...like ever. *cough* 

I now have a part-time tutoring job. It's over the phone (aka the instrument of torture), but I think I will hopefully conquer that fear. Eventually.


// I started my new novel!

YES! This is a very exciting piece of news! I originally was planning on writing my Peter Pan retelling first but...then the plot bunnies arrived. So I gave in to them and started something WAY different than what I was planning on writing. EEP. I'M SO EXCITED!!! I don't have very much written yet, but I will hopefully be sharing more about it when I do. ^_^

(I may or may not have a title, playlist, and storyboard for it. But you're just going to have to wait to find out. *cackles*)

// I opened a checking account and got my first debit card.

Wow. If taking college classes, getting a job, and acquiring my permit weren't making me feel super old, then getting a debit card certainly does.

My mom actually went with me down to the bank and opened a joint account with me. I got my first debit card (what) and everything. I KNOW. IT'S CRAZY.

Don't worry, I'm not going around spending all my money on books now. It's mainly for when I get to college, and I don't like spending money anyway. ;)

Other Things

Even outside of all those ginormous (and yes, stressful) life changes, I've had some smaller things happen that I wanted to document.

// My artwork drastically improved.

Seriously now. I can't believe how much my artwork has improved over the past couple months. I owe most of my improvement to the splendid Heather Dixon, who actually teaches a drawing class every week now on her YouTube channel. Turns out she's not only one of the best writers ever; she's also one of the best artists ever. LIKE WOW. I'm in awe of her artwork.

// I started aesthetic boards on Pinterest.

These are my new favorite thing. I just wuv them so much. <3 (Incidentally, I've gained about 20 followers in the past couple weeks because of them...I guess other people like them, too??)

// Season 3 of When Calls the Heart came out on Netflix (!!!)

GUYS. This is a big deal! I have waited an entire YEAR for it to come out. It's been such a long wait! I rewatched seasons 1 and 2 as I waited (thank goodness for lunch breaks, haha). But the day finally arrived! It came out last week, and I have been blissfully enjoying the adorableness that is Jack and Elizabeth. ACK.

So that was my February in a nutshell. As you can see, it was pretty insane. I'm very tired and have been admittedly very stressed as well. I've worked so hard on schoolwork the past few weeks, and specifically tried to get alllll of my homework done before this weekend so I could have time to relax. Figures that my eye is now painful and swollen, and I would have the worst night of sleep in months on Friday night. :P 

But let's end on a good note: I HAVE RETURNED. 


If you made it through this post, you're braver than I thought. *awkwardly coughs* So tell me: how was your month? Have you ever had any "horror stories" from your school? I need to know I'm not alone in this. 

P.S. Stay tuned for an extra special post later this week!!

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  1. OMG MARY, HELLOOOOOO. Also, I'm pretty sure you're adulting! You have a job, your permit, college classes... You're all grown up. XD

    SEASON THREE OF WHEN CALLS THE HEART!! I haven't started watching it yet, but I am so excited to because DANG, that last season left off on a cliffhanger. That was rough. I was basically screaming at the TV. Season 3 is bound to be good.

    1. HEY GIRL! Long time no see. ;) Um...yes. I'M GROWING UP. *sniffles* XD

      I KNOW, RIGHT?! How could theyyyyyy? I was in agony for 13 months. *dies* I totally didn't watch the entirety of Season 3 in one week, nope. #dontlookatme

      (Oh, and in case you're wondering, Season 3 was fab. <3)

  2. YAY!! You're back! *attacks you with a hug*

    Yes, I know the feeling. Whenever I do something adult-y I'm like, "I'm SO OLD!" Oh, the joys of school. :P You're not alone, things like that have happened to me more than once. (I absolutely love your gifs by the way :D)

    I love your aesthetic Pinterest boards. :) I actually just started one of my own.

    AHH YASSS! I love When Calls the Heart, and was so excited when season three was fiiinally added! A year is much to long to wait. *nods*

    So glad your back, Mary! <3

    1. AHHH, HI, KARYSSA! *tackle-hugs you back* :D

      Oh, I know! I already have back pain to go with my old age. XD Haha, glad (sorta?) that I'm not the only one who has had traumatic school experiences. (Thank you! :D)

      Aw, thanks! That's awesome! Aesthetic boards are my new favorite thing. ;)

      ASDLFSKSL. I'm obsessed with that show right now. <3 (Who am I kidding? I'm ALWAYS obsessed with it. XD) I watched season 3 already (it was amaaaazing) and have actually been able to keep up with season 4 so far, which I've never done before. It's great! ^_^

      Thank you so much, Karyssa! <3

  3. MARYYYYYYYY. *runs toward you with arms open wide in slo-mo movie style and tackles you* I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH YOU JUST HAVE NO IDEA. I wanted to squeal when I saw this post on my dashboard! YOU'RE BACK YOU'RE BACK YOU'RE BAAACK!!! :D

    And gracious, you DID have an insane February. o.o Don't even think about worrying over not answering comments! Sometimes life does not allow us to do ALL the things, AND THAT'S OKAY. I'm just in awe at everything you ARE doing!

    You got your driver's permit! EEP. EXCITING! There's nothing like being able to DRIVE. It's a wonderful feeling!

    And you're doing college classes, toooo??? GO MARY!
    Oh man. I am SO in awe at you managing to get an assignment done in 45 MINUTES. MARY. YOU ARE A SUPER HUMAN. But good grief, I can only imagine the anxiety that would cause. Poor Mary! I'm so glad it all turned out okay! (That gif you used is so great. XD)

    AND YOU GOT A JOB. And it's on the PHONE???? YOU ARE SO BRAAAAAVE. That gif is also great. It's actually one of my favorite gifs because PHONES ARE EVILLL. I am just so proud of you with all of this!

    ALL THE ADULTING. A debit card, too! Funny story, I only recently got my first debit card as well. ...At 24 years old. XD I just never had any need for one until I got a job, but I love having one! It's so much easier than dealing with cash all the time.


    Heather Dixon does art videos on YouTube? DOES HER TALENT NEVER CEASE?
    Alsoooo, are you going to show us some of your art?? *wriggles eyebrows* I'd love to seeee! :D

    Your aesthetic board is so pleasing to my eyeballs. o.o I MUST GO STALK YOUR PINTEREST.

    ANYWAYS. This is a monster comment (what's new?), but I'VE JUST MISSED YOU SO MUCH AND AM SO HAPPY YOU'RE BAAAACK. (Also, your gif usage is on point in this post. That last gif. XD) I can't wait for all the new Mary posts! (And I'm super curious about this special one coming...)

    1. OH MY STARS, CHRISTINE, I'VE MISSED YOU TOOOOOO. *dramatically returns hug* D'awwww, you are too sweet for words. <333

      You have no idea how relieving it is to hear you say that. Sometimes I stress so much about little things like replying to comments that it completely destroys my desire to blog. WHICH IS NEVER GOOD. So I'm starting back from my hiatus with a clean slate!

      It is exciting! And...a little terrifying, I must admit. XD However, I think I'm going to enjoy the freedom it affords in the long run. (Totally not going to visit bookstores every day. Noooope. XD)

      YES, I AM! It's been an interesting experience...especially that assignment scare last week. *is still recovering* Hehe, I'm DEFINITELY not a superhuman. But I think fear drove me to write like I had superpowers, lol! (Thanks! ;D)

      I'm honestly so surprised that I'm working...on the phone. *hides from all the phones* XD THEY ARE EVIL LITTLE DEVICES. Buuuuut it's a job and I'm making good money so I think I can survive. ;) And yes, that gif = my life basically.

      Lol! Yes, I feel so old right now. XD That's funny that you just got yours! I haven't had a need for a debit card, and honestly probably won't till college. BUT STILL. It will be nice to have so I don't have to lug cash around everywhere I go. *nods*

      I WILL SHARE MORE LATER, I PROMISE. I'm honestly a little nervous to share??? For some reason, this story is just...difficult for me to share. *takes a deep breath* I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. :D

      IKR? I am honestly SO impressed with everything she does. She's amazing.
      I miiiiight show some art to you guys. Eventually. *grins mysteriously*

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!! YES GO STALK. XD (I stalk you all the time sooooo. *cough*)

      *huggles you extra tightly* I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH, TOO. <3 (Haha, glad you think so! Gifs are fuuuun. ^_^) I can't wait to share my new post--hopefully tomorrow. *squeals*


    New novel, permit, college classes.... Sounds like a full month! AND WHE CALLS THE HEART OH THAT SHOW!!!! *collapses from aaalllll the feels*


    1. YESSSS!!!! It's so good to be back!

      It's been a crazy busy month! So many life-changing things happening. BUT GOSH YES, WCTH!!! *joins you in a puddle of feels* <3

  5. Holy cats! You have been astonishingly busy. Congrats on all those milestones! It's nice to have you back :-)

    1. Yup, it's been verrrrry busy in this household. ;) Thank you so much, Hamlette! I'm glad to be back to blogging!

  6. MARY'S BACK!!!!!!!! *happy dances*
    I forgot how much I loved your rambles and random Pirates of the Caribbean gifs! <3
    I'm so sorry schoolwork has been so stressful. Hope things calm down in March.
    We missed you! And I can't wait for your next post!

    1. EEEEEP!!!! *does the Snoopy dance*

      You...basically just summed up my entire blog, congratulations. XD Rambles and random POTC gifs are my specialty. *bows*

      Aw, thanks, Hanna! I don't think it will calm down very much, but I WILL be taking a long weekend soon so that shall be a nice relief. ^_^

      Aw, I missed you all, too! Thanks loads, girl! <3

  7. SO MUCH COOL. Welcome back, Mary!!

    I totally get school horror stories. On Friday I turned all my homework in just a few minutes before it was due. Earlier this month, I wrote a six-page Chemistry essay only to get an email from my teacher telling me I didn't need to do it. So you're totally not alone. :P

    Sounds like a busy February! I hope it's been wonderful! :)


    1. Thanks bunches, Liv! :D

      Yikes! It definitely sounds like you can relate. ._. Ughhhh, writing a six-page paper for nothing is the worst. Despite my love of writing, I just hate writing school papers. Blah. :P

      Thanks, Liv! Very busy, but some great things happened. ^_^

  8. Congrats on all those big, life-changers! I know that they can definitely make one feel like they're growing up way too fast. I recently opened my first bank account on my own with my fiancee which is crazy and weird - my first credit card came with it too. XD
    Online schooling is both the best and worst because of things like that. It can be absolutely stressful, especially when you haven't figured out how it all works yet. I've found my teachers so far are pretty easy to get along with though. Good job working at these classes!! Keep on keeping on!

    1. Thank you, Emily! OH. You're engaged? That's wonderful, congratulations! :) Yes, I feel like I aged about 20 years in February...haha!

      I totally agree! I much prefer doing school online than taking classes on campus, buuuut things like this are bound to happen when you take classes online. :P Overall though, I think they're going pretty well!

      Thanks again, Emily! I'll try my best...I only have two more months left. :)


    Wow. This has been a crazy month for you! A job, a bank account, a driver's permit, college courses...how are you still alive? Haha. ;D

    Three cheers for you for getting that assignment in on time!! And on such short notice, too!! That's crazy impressive! :)

    Eeek. I really want to watch the next season of When Calls the Heart! We don't have Netflix so we have to wait until a friend gets it on DVD and we can borrow it from her...or until our library gets it.

    Love that Dick Van Dyke gif!! It's perfect. Totally made me smile. :D

    1. THANK YOUUUU!!!

      I know! I'm sooo glad I took a hiatus during February! There's no way I could have handled all this plus blogging. (Honestly, I don't even know how I'm still alive. February was a vicious little thing. XD)

      Thanks, Miss March! It was an experience I'll never forget. ;)

      That's a sad state to be in. :( My library never gets When Calls the Heart DVDs so I would be out of luck if not for Netflix. (And I've actually been able to keep up with Season 4 for once, too. :D)

      Thank you!!! I'm so glad it made you smile! The Dick Van Dyke Show is one of my favorites. :)

  10. *hugs you* YOURE BACK! So good and i loved you're gifs! They were sooo accurate. *nods*
    So excited for you to! *high fives* I remember when I went the same stage of bank account, job, and learners. So strange of how long ago that was! And it's wierd isn't it?

    A school horror story? When I realized at like night that my 1 page paper was suppose to be an 8 page paper. And it was due the next day. O.O Talk about stress. I love writing, but I had never written anything that big before

    1. *for school lol. I've written way more for pleasure XD

    2. *hugs* EEK! Thanks so much, girl! The perfect gifs came to me while I was searching Pinterest. XD

      It's so weird going through all the big changes. But a lot of them are pretty exciting! *highfives you back*

      OH MY. Wow...that's terrifying. How did you do that??? XD (I agree. School writing = blegh. :P)

  11. YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!
    Holy Moly batman you've been busy!! I started uni for the new year today and wowsers so much work involved in being a Sophomore

    1. YES I AM!!!

      (I'm so grateful for our group chat! It's lovely talking with you all!)

      Yes, it's been a CRAZY month! GOODNESS. That is impressive! Good luck, dear! YOU CAN DO IT! *cheers you on*

  12. Welcome back to the blogging world!
    My word, that's a busy February- all the new things!
    Hey, since you mention your artwork, will you show us a sample? Please?

    1. Thanks, Blue! ^_^

      Yes indeed! It was a good month--but I don't think I'd want to go through another one like it, haha!

      Welllll, I might. I've been tossing around the idea so...maybe? ;)

  13. Great to have you back! Lots of news! Congrats on all of it. ^ ^


    1. Thank you, Victoria! Lots of things happened in February, and I'm grateful for a new month to fill. :)


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