One-Year Blogoversary Party!

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One year ago today, on January 15th, my blog was born. And although it's certainly been a challenge adding in blogging to my other life activities, I can honestly say that it's one of the best things I've done. Because of blogging...

// I met so many amazingly wonderful friends whom I cannot imagine life without. <3

// For the first time, I shared my writing with other people outside my family.

// My photography drastically improved.

// I was convinced to do NaNoWriMo and thus wrote my first "official" novel.

// I found a ton of fabulous books (my TBR is sky-high now--thanks, guys ;P).

// I discovered a lot of people who like Lord of the Rings as much as I do. (Hey, this was worth noting. XD)

// I branched out and tried new things, such as free verse poetry.

// As cheesy as it sounds, I found a place where I could feel comfortable in my own skin and really express myself in a way that I usually can't in person.

So I owe you all one HUGE thank you! All of you fantabulous people who read and comment on my blog are the reason Sunshine and Scribblings exists. Since I don't make friends easily in person, I feel incredibly blessed to know you all. Each of your comments sends a thrill of delight down my spine and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Your unflagging encouragement and support mean the world to me.

NOW. Enough of the sappy stuff. Let's get on to the celebration! XD


What party would be complete without music? I've begun compiling a playlist for 2017, and this is the outcome so far. I figured you might want something to listen to while reading the post. ;)


I HAVE AN EXTRA SPECIAL SURPRISE TODAY. Another video! And this time you get to meet my sister. :D

We did the Beanboozled challenge (which was awful/hilarious and revealed how wimpy my taste buds truly are XP). It was *cough* interesting...

Be warned, because this video is even longer than my first video. So don't feel obliged to watch the whole thing if you don't want to. (I still have no idea how to edit videos. Anyone have any advice?)

*shudders in memory of the spoiled milk jellybeans* Hope you enjoyed...heh. :P


That's right, another Q&A! I know, I know...I'm so original. ;) 

I'm not sure when I'll actually get around to answering your questions (what with my hopeful hiatus soon), but feel free to fire away! I'll be open to questions up till I actually do the post. 

I have a little problem, though. I'm not sure if I should do it in vlog format or a regular blog post. What do you all think?


Last but certainly not least...I'M HOSTING MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!! I'm so excited to do this and have been looking forward to it since October or November. Yep, it's been a while. XD

Since I'm a poor little dragon, I decided to make all my prizes. They aren't perfect by any means, but I think their flaws somehow make them even more personal. This is my little way of showing you guys how much you mean to me. I poured a lot of thought and time into them, and even though they don't look "store-worthy," I'm still proud of my work.

Unfortunately, I can't afford international shipping costs so I'm afraid all my lovely Canadian, Australian, British, and other international friends won't be able to enter. SOWWY. :( Maybe next time I'll be able to do it.

ANYWAY. Here are the pics of my prizes! I'm giving away a knitted headband and cozy pocket thingy (I know, I'm so technical. XD), as well as several different corner bookmarks. *squeals*

My apologies for the dim lighting. Of course, it would rain on the one day I chose to do photography. *rolls eyes* (And nope, books and pens are not included. I doubt the library would take kindly to my sending you some of their books. ;P)





Polar bear

Knitted bow headband
Knitted pen/pencil cozy
Me modeling the headband. XD

PHEW. That was a looooot of pictures. If you're interested in winning these gifts made by yours truly, just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To all of you who have come alongside me over the past year, I'm so so so grateful to know you. You're the reason I do what I do--LOVE YOU ALL.  <333

Did you make it through this post (aka the longest post in history)? If so CONGRATS! You deserve the birthday cake I'm obviously eating. *shares some* Send me all your epic questions for my Q&A in the comments!

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  1. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, GLITTER QUEEN! And YAY you're doing another Q&A! I'll have to put my brain to work thinking of interesting questions for you ;).

    I hope I'm not the only one who blew up your pictures just to see what books you used? xD And OH GRACIOUS you used Some Kind Of Happiness *hugs the book*.

    LOVE what you're giving away, Mary! Everything you made is FABULOUS, I loved it so much! <3 (especially that knitted headband!)

    Can't wait for another year full of wonderful Mary-posts! <3

    ~ Savannah

    1. Also, as to cookies - Cake Mix cookies are the BESTEST. <3

      ~ Savannah

    2. Okay, questions:

      What is your opinion of bean boozled (I had to ask xD)?
      What would you do if you met a live dragon?
      What writing project are you working on right now? Who's your favorite character in that project?
      What is a new favorite book of yours? (one that you discovered recently)?
      How do you organize your bookshelf?

      ~ Savannah


    CONGRATS TO ONE YEAR <333 wowww. brave you - it only took you one year to do bean boozled and it took us three lol - well, I didn't exactly know about it much before sooo.

    BUT YES CONGRATS YOU EPIC BEING YOU don't you ever stop blogging or we'll all come at you whapping *cough cough* KEEP BLOGGING GIRLIE

  3. *dons the Frosty the Snowman top hat* HAPPY (blog) BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Can I just say: That playlist is going to probably be everything I listen to for the nest week/month. XD

    AND THOSE BOOK CORNER THINGIES ARE ADORABLE. I have to say, the fox is my favorite. And that knitted headband looks awesome! I applaud you. :) When I saw the donut, I literally laughed out loud. It's so cute!!

    It's hard to believe it's been a year. I still remember the day I first stumbled upon your blog... I feel like an old lady just for saying that. XD "I remember when..." All I need is a cane and even worse eyesight, and I'll be set as the neighborhood grandmother.


  5. WOAH WAIT ONLY ONE YEAR?!?!?!? wow you're just a little too fab.

    also THAT FOX LIKE SARE SAID OMW HES SO CUTE PLZ GIMME also mr.hedgehog *melts*

    uhg girl just kinda am so glad we met this year - like legit <333

    also THE SPOILED MILK BEAN EW EW EW EW EW EW *feels sick*

  6. EEEEP one yearrrrr! That's awesome, Mary! :DD

    YESSS those prizes tho! I seriously have one of the fox bookmarks because they're so cute XP

    I still can't believe I've been active on the internet for less than a year O.O so glad I met you though *hugs*

    1. Also I commented on the giveaway.... but I'll do it here?? My fave cookies are snickerdoodles <33

  7. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IT'S MAH MARY'S BLOGVERSARY. *brings out ginormous, Hobbit-sized cake* The most happiest of happy blogversaries to one of my favoritest blogs EVER. Seriously, I was sooooooooo ecstatic when you got a blog. And it's been the BEST getting to know you via blogging. I can't even imagine the blogging/writing life without my Mary now!

    That playlist is perfection. I really enjoy a lot of those songs/artists! I love how you're making a playlist for the year. That's brilliant!

    AND YOU MADE A VIDEO!!! :D I had so much fun watching you two, even if I was shuddering in sympathy. Oh man. I've heard of people playing that game and...ugh. I admire you for your bravery. I don't know if I could do it! Although I totally like the taste of toothpaste as well! That's weird that they made that a bad one... ANYWAYS. You are your sister are so cute! That was too fun!

    Oh my goodness gracious, MARY. YOU MADE ALL THOSE THINGS YOU'RE GIVING AWAY???? THEY'RE SO CUUUUUTE. I adore them so much! You are talented, girl! And so sweet to give them away! These things are just adorable, I can't stop looking at them.

    And you're doing another Q&A? YAY. Okay, okay. Questions... Um. Here's a few random ones:
    -If you could bring any fictional character to life and have them as your best friend, who would you choose?
    -What would your dream library look like?
    -What's your favorite fictional couple?
    -If you were only allowed to read 3 books, which ones would you choose?

    Apparently books are on my mind. XD

    Happy blogversary again, Mary!!! I can't wait for another year of amazing Mary posts! *throws confetti*

  8. Happy Blogversary, Mary! :D *throws party*

    I love your giveaway items. They're so beautiful. :)

    Oh, you played the jelly bean game? I've only played it once, and that was with a few of my cousins this past Christmas. We played where whoever got the least good jelly beans had to eat one of each at the end, but you didn't know if it was a good one or not. Of course, I lost. :P But it was still a lot of fun. :)

  9. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, LOVELY LADY. <3 Aww that headband is so cute.

    And ew isn't bean boozled just the worst and best game ever?

  10. EEEEP HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, MARY!! I don't know if I've commented on here before (I feel like I did but I'm also not sure if I did UGHHHH), but THIS IS SO AWESOME!! *throws confetti* One year is such a huge accomplishment, and I love reading your posts!

    OOOH THE BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE LOL I kinda love watching other people do it but I don't think I'd want to do it XD I KNOW I'M SO NICE.

    Can't wait to keep reading your blog in the next year!

    autumn's readings + writings

  11. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! *dances happily* The video was hilarious. XD (I'm still laughing }:) I love the giveaway stuff. Currently my mind is drawing a blank question wise...I'll try to think of a few to leave in a reply at some point. ;)

    1. I'm not picky when it comes to cookies. Ok, there's a few types...and I don't like them stale...but really, I can't choose one favorite. ;)

      Now, some questions:
      -What was the greatest number of words you've typed in a day?
      -What's one place in the world that you REALLY wish you could visit before you die?
      -Whats the craziest thing you've done in your life?
      -What was the title of the biggest (thickest) book you've read in your life? And how long WAS it?

      I didn't go through all your other comments before typing this hopefully there aren't any repeats. ;) Have fun answering them! :D

  12. I didn't realize you'd only been blogging for a year! You certainly gathered a lot of followers in that time--but I understand why. ;-) I also have a harder time in person sometimes. I think it's really neat that you're able to be yourself on your blog, I definitely love having a place where my thoughts can pour out.
    And YES, all the L.R. fans can be so encouraging! It's nice to know you're not the only crazy one. ;-) I ended up following your blog because Savannah linked to your L.R. characters post!
    I'll ask questions when I think of some--I can't ever think of anything interesting on the spot!
    Also, I love your giveaway! Did you knit that headband yourself? I'm impressed! And your hedgehog is SO ADORABLE!

    1. Okay, so. . . I'm lost. Am I supposed to say what my favorite cookie is in my comment as well as the giveaway thing? It's double chocolate, if you need that. Sorry!

      Also, Priceless is SUCH an amazing song!! I was excited to see it on your playlist.

    2. Third comment in a row--totally normal. *cough*
      Anyway, I linked to one of your posts on my own blog the other day, and I thought you might like to read my post:

      Also, I (FINALLY) thought of a few questions:
      -What's your favorite book? (I know your favorite movie, but I don't think I've ever heard your book.)
      -If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
      -If you could meet any five people in the world (I mean people who are still alive today, for clarification--I HAVE asked this question and had someone say Moses, which isn't quite what I was looking for), who would they be?
      -Would you rather go to Rivendell or Lothlorien? (I know, I'm mean!)
      -Who is your favorite character that you've created, out of any of your stories (written or unwritten)?
      -Is there a certain hair color that most of the characters in your stories have?
      -A certain eye color?

  13. Happy Blog Birthday!!! Your hair is so amazing. I wish I had long hair like that. :D

  14. Happy Blogoversary!!! Ahh...yes, Bean Boozled. We got that game for Christmas and yes, it is SO GROSS!!! Yet, kinda fun at the same time. I know your pain...for your taste buds that is. ;) Such cute giveaway prizes!! :D

    1. And my favorite cookie is chocolate chip with walnuts. :)

  15. I love chocolate chip cookies! Nom nom nom.

    Happy blogaversary! A whole year -- that's so great! The vast majority of bloggers quit after a couple months, so congratulations!


    favorite cookie- snickerdoodle, obviously. xD

    (also yes I'm entering the giveaway, if I win the headband you *cough* have my permission to move on to the next winner, heh)

  17. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! *throws confetti and cake* *decides the cake throwing wasn't the best idea*

    AND YES LOTR IS THE BEST! *hugs aragorn and allll the elves and hobbits*

    Love your blog!


  18. OH MY GOODNESS I MISSED THIS BECAUSE I WAS ON INTERNET BREAK! :O (Still am, actually, but ssshhh who's counting. XD) ANYWAYS A VERY VERY HAPPY (belated) HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY TO MY DEAREST MARY!!!! ^____^ *showers you with all the cupcakes and confetti* Also, your bookmarks are so cuuuuute ohmyword, and LotR is the best and therefore definitely worth noting. ;) Anyway, I'm SO glad your lovely blog exists and that I know you and I wish you the very best in your next year of blogging! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY, DARLING! ^____________^ <3

  19. Chocolate chip, without a doubt lol XD Or even better...just plain cookie dough hehe ^_^
    ~Elaina :)


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