Monday, August 29, 2016

Candles and Cake // Birthday Celebrations!

Today is a very momentous occasion...

It's National Race Your Mouse around the Icons Day!

Ahem. *cough* It's actually National Chop Suey Day, but nuance. (Do not mock me, these are real holidays. *shoves Google in your face* GO LOOK THEM UP.)

Today is actually my birthday! *launches confetti*

(And National Chop Suey Day. I won't discriminate.) HUZZAH! So in honor of that, I decided to write a fun birthday post to celebrate.

Since I love bookish photography so much, I took a bunch of photos over the weekend for your personal pleasure. You're welcome.

My copy of Peter Pan. Isn't it beautimous?!

Honestly my favorite picture out of them all.
It looks like a book flower! ^_^

My blue books.

Which picture did you like the best? I'm very partial to the book flower one myself, though I do like the B&W picture of The Golden Braid.

But wait! There's more! (You didn't realize this, but I'm actually the one who coined this phrase and made it play on every TV ad ever. #skills)

I thought it would be fun to have a Q&A. You guys can comment down below with any fantastical, random questions you may have. 'Cause let's be honest here: you obviously want to know more about me and my fabulousness. ;D Whether it's a question about my favorite music, weirdest dreams, or bizarre pet peeve, I will gladly receive all your questions. I probably won't be able to answer all of them, but I will pick out at least 10 or 15 to answer in another post.

ALSO I'm opening up my blog to guest posts! I already have one lined up with a friend of mine (you know who you are), but I would LOVE to feature some of my other friends as well. People need to be enlightened by your guys' wisdom. *nods seriously* Again, it could be about basically anything. I thrive on randomness so feel free to write an ode to a cucumber salad if you want. If you're interested in doing a guest post, you can just let me know in the comments. :)

And now, for the thing I've been most excited about/dreading...

I will be showing my face.

*le gasp* Yes, I know, it's shocking that I'm not a disembodied voice out in space who beams down her thoughts to earth. But I promise I have a face. I'm just...terrified to show it.

But no longer. I have finally mustered up the courage to reveal a picture of myself.

SO. Without further ado...

TA-DA! There I am in all my selfie glory. Yes, I do look stunning, thank you for noticing. The only reason I've kept myself from you this long is because I wanted to build suspense. (Actually, it was because I was terrified and wary of creepy stalkers. *cough*)

As one final hurrah, there's another giveaway going on that I wanted to share. Rachel Starr Thomson is giving away 15 paperback copies of Christian thrillers! So if you like happiness (aka books), then you will enter right here. AND Katie Grace is hosting a giveaway over at her lovely blog so you need to check it out posthaste. GO. DO IT. RIGHT NOW.

And there you have it! My birthday post of epic proportions! Don't forget to comment down below if you're interested in guest posting for me and/or have questions for my Q&A! I will be open to questions up until September 12th.

Well, how did you enjoy my birthday post? Was it everything you thought it would be? (I mean, besides the cake. Sorry, guys, the cake is mine. *shoves cake in mouth*) Let me know what your favorite cake flavor is in the comments! (And I will commence to lecture you on the perfection that is strawberry cake.)

P.S. I brought back the pink on my blog! (My apologies to all my guy followers. XP)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Camp NaNo Recap (aka the Month of Insanity and No Sleep)

Seeing as Camp NaNo has been over for nearly three weeks, it's probably high time I wrote a recap post. (Remember, I'm a wizard so I'm writing this precisely when I mean to.)

It was an INSANE month. If you read my Frabjous Finalities post from a couple weeks ago, you know that I was extremely busy, even outside of Camp. But somehow I managed to write over 21k (not 22k, like what I said in that post; my bad). I didn't reach my goal, but hey, I wrote 50 pages of my book without even using an outline. Yay me! ;D

There isn't much to recap, now that I actually think about it. Basically, I stayed up till absurd hours of the night (which was perfectly normal for me anyway), had *cough* rather peculiar conversations with my cabin mates, and lived off of word wars. I'm pretty sure 90% of my book came from word wars.

I'm still slightly depressed about not reaching my goal (one of the blessings of being a perfectionist :P), but I did really enjoy Camp. ^_^ The summer was extremely stressful, and what with my first week of school already finished, I haven't been able to recap until now. BUT I'M BACK. I SURVIVED. My story is still as jumbled as ever, and I'm not really sure where it's headed. But it's fuuun! I REALLY LOVE IT. (Even though I haven't written at all this month...don't tell.)

So. That's basically all I could conjure as far as recaps are concerned. Shall I share some snippets? Yes, I think I shall. Put your sunglasses on because you're about to be blinded by brilliance and typos. (They go hand-in-hand.)


There was a burst of light, then a poof of smoke. The little golden-haired sprite was fluttering before her, crossing her arms and looking rather annoyed. “You would think you could offer me better accommodations.”

   “Valkyrie, what are you doing here?”

   An impish grin spread across her tiny porcelain face. “Oh, I just thought I would make sure you were doing all right. I can’t have you wandering off, now can I?”

   Charlotte pointed an accusing finger at her face. “You just wanted to cover his Regency’s palace with glitter, didn’t you? You still haven’t forgiven him for not inviting you to the masquerade ball.”

   Her hair glowed brilliantly with her anger. “I did not come here to glitterfy his crumby old castle.” She paused before rushing through her next words. “Besides, he deserves it.”

   “Listen, I’ve already explained. Sprites aren’t allowed to parties for humans. They would just get their glitter everywhere and make a big mess. And they could also get stepped on. That’s been a problem in the past."
Valkyrie waved a hand dismissively. “Well, it’s no honey off my comb. He can do whatever he wants, for all I care. Let him enjoy his miserable party. Not like it will be any fun with all those fuddy-duds anywho.”
   Charlotte was inclined to agree, at least in part. She wasn’t at all looking forward to the ball, though she doubted the guests would boring individuals. She wouldn’t be surprised if she saw the chandeliers dancing and the punch talking to its servers.
   Valkyrie clapped her hands. “Well, where’s the food? I’m starved!”
   Charlotte crossed her arms. “What do you mean ‘where’s the food’? What do you think this is, a restaurant?”
   The little sprite harrumphed. “You could at least have the decency to offer your visitor a bite to eat.”


“To answer your first question,” Lieutenant Bradshaw began, “that’s just Leonard. He gets upset when they neglect to feed him and always relishes the chance to swallow new people.”

   “What do you feed a living wall?”

   He shrugged. “He just eats whatever’s in reach. We’ve lost many a sofa to his wallpapery throat.”

   “Is anything normal here?” Charlotte asked, though she could already guess the answer.

   Lieutenant Bradshaw flashed his pearly whites again. “The abnormal is normal, love.”

   She shot him her most menacing glare. “Miss Davidson.”

   He just smiled.


“Something’s happening.”

   Lieutenant Bradshaw rolled his eyes. “Of course something’s happening. It’s a meeting, love. Things happen in meetings. Politicians actually do things sometime, in case you weren’t aware.”

   Charlotte raised her eyebrows. “Well, they had me fooled.”

   A hush came over the room again as the squirrel continued speaking. Whiskers twitching, he peered over his monocle at the sheets of paper in front of him. “We will first hear from Governor Theredon of the Valance Isles about the matter of inkwell taxes.”

   Charlotte groaned and fidgeted in her seat, receiving a bemused look from the Lieutenant as well as several steely-eyed glares from the dignitaries.

   A portly, balding man stumbled to the podium, his eyes darting around restlessly and causing him to often lose his footing. Putting a hand on the lectern and still glancing to and fro, he addressed the audience. “There…has been a certain matter of…concern to the people of Valance—”

   He suddenly clapped his hands in the air, making the squirrel fly off his seat and jolting several snoozing dignitaries awake. Charlotte’s heart skipped a beat.

   Governor Theredon smiled and wiped his hands on the podium, seemingly proud of his disruption. “Just a nasty gnat.”

   That raised quite a few looks of disgust from the ladies present. Charlotte couldn’t help staring at the dead gnat on the podium. At least it was more entertaining than learning about inkwell taxes.


G’mornin,’ laddie!”

   James’s head popped up. “Oh…uh, good morning.”

   Smiling widely, Winnie placed a tray on the dilapidated desk. “My apologies, Mr. Sawyer. The door was open so I took the liberty of letting myself in.”

   He didn’t remember leaving the door open. But upon further inspection, he saw that the door was indeed wide open. Weird.

   “I brought ya some tea and crumblets to break your fast.” Upon seeing his perplexed expression, she explained. “Crumblets are sort of like crumpets only crumbier.”

   James nodded and forced a smile, trying to ignore the fact that the lady had just walked into his room unannounced.

   “Well, enjoy your meal.” She patted her apron pockets. Clink-clink! Walking toward the door, she called over her shoulder, “Glad to see you survived the night!”

   He wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that. So he just cautiously sat in the weathered chair at the desk and examined his food.

   There were three biscuits, a pot of tea and a teacup, and a pitcher full of some sort of pink cream. A spoon rested on top of the overturned cup, and a napkin was folded neatly beside the tray.

   “It looks normal enough…other than the pink.” Shrugging, he picked up one of the biscuits. It crumbled instantly in his grip, falling apart on his plate.

   He wiped his fingers on the napkin. “I guess that’s the crumblet.” He grabbed his spoon and attempted to shovel some of the crumbs into his mouth that way. Once he had finally gathered a mouthful, he put the spoon in his mouth.

   James coughed and spat the stuff across the room. A splatter of crumbs flew through the window. There was a loud meow from below.

   Still coughing, he hurriedly poured a cup of tea and guzzled it down. The drink did nothing to drown out the horrible chalky taste in his mouth. “That’s the crumbiest excuse of a crumpet I’ve ever tasted.”

   Assuming the pitcher of pink cream was for the tea, he picked it up and began pouring the cream into his cup. The tea began bubbling vigorously. The pink cream was solidifying into a big block of purple, growing rapidly bigger every second. James fell backwards in shock, the chair crashing to the floor and cracking. Scrambling to his feet, James watched in horror as the teacup began cracking. The purple block kept growing wider, and tea began leaking out the cracks in the cup.

   Crack! The cup shattered, and tea exploded. He ducked behind the broken chair as hot droplets of brown leaf water attacked him. He waited a few seconds before finally standing again. A blob of purple went flying towards him and hit him smack in the face.

   James staggered backwards, swiping at the gooey violet paste in his eyes. It clung to his skin like glue, getting stuck in every pore.

   There was the sound of banging from downstairs. “Everything all right up there?”

   He dug some purple goo out of his ears and wiped his sticky hands on his pants. “Everything’s just dandy.”

The doors to the assembly opened, spilling out dozens of attendees. The girl drifted closer to James in the shuffle. Her eyes shot daggers at him as she tried to edge her way back into the crowd.

   “Well, do something!” she exclaimed.

   He wrinkled his forehead in confusion. “What am I supposed to do?”

   “You’re a magician, aren’t you? Make the crowd thin out or something.”

   “I’m just a magician’s apprentice! I don’t do a lot of spells.”

   “Figures that I would have the luck to end up with a second-hand wizard.”

The driver was still smiling stupidly as he admired something in his hand. Clink, clink! There were four silverpence in his hand. He finally noticed James and hurriedly shoved the coins in his cap. “Just making another business transaction before we head off.” He began walking back to the carriage, a slight skip in his step. “Hope you don’t mind another passenger.”

   James groaned internally as he turned to Miss Davidson. She looked none too thrilled either. Brushing past him, she followed the driver to the small, worn-down carriage.

   James stuck his thumbs in his pockets and slowly followed suit. Before he entered the coach, he turned to the driver again. “On second thought, I think I’ll just get another coach.”

   The man raised a bushy eyebrow. “Good luck with that, mate. I’m one of the only carriages operating at this time of day.”

   “But it’s only early afternoon! Surely no business shut down this early.”

   The driver’s expression turned puzzled. “Uh, most everyone takes a break in the afternoon for carpet cleaning.”

   James wanted to burst out laughing. “Carpet cleaning? Crackleflax, you people are odd.”

James cleared his throat and struggled to find a more comfortable position on the seat. There were springs popping up through the fabric, and the jouncing of the carriage didn’t help much either. I do wish the ride were over, he thought despondently.

   “I’m here for his Regency’s masquerade ball, if you must know,” Miss Davidson suddenly said, her voice cold. “I’m an honored guest at the Alabaster Palace.”
   James nodded, unsure of what to say in light of the circumstances. He didn’t have much experience in conversing with people, especially lovely young ladies who wished he were dead.

There you have it: some more Mary brilliance. In case you couldn't tell, my story is getting a little strange. *cough* FEAR FOR MY SANITY, PEOPLE.

Did any of you do Camp NaNo? ARE YOU EVEN ALIVE? And what did you think of my story so far? Any suggestions?


 (Postscript: I have no idea what's up with my font. XD)

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Blogging Olympics Tag

During my lengthy absence (again *cough*), I've been trying to figure out what I should do for my next post. Well, I finally decided to be a tag pirate and steal this Olympics tag from Abi. (Yes, tag pirating is a totally valid thing.)

Now, I'm not a sports person by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow when the Olympics come on, I become transfixed by the thousands of talented athletes vying for a medal. I don't even know what it is about the Olympics that does that to me. BUT YEAH. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have a tag to do so I could rave about the Olympics on my blog. ^_^

On to the tag!



~ Use the Blogging Olympics image (or make your own)
~ Thank the person who tagged you and list the rules -- thank you unofficially, Abi!
~ Answer the Olympics themed questions (feel free to add your own)
~ Tag others!


1.Team? Middle-earth. Oh, wait. That's not a team? *sighs* (I bet it's Sauron's fault that Middle-earth isn't in the Olympics.) Okay then, USA it is. Though when the US isn't in an event, I'll root for a plethora of countries, including Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

2. If you could compete in an event, what would it be? Hmm...well, I kind of fail at like every sport (#awkward), but I think it would be cool to do archery, equestrian, or swimming. I love gymnastics but would probably kill myself if I tried that. XD I mean, I still would look like a terrified seal trying to ride a horse if I did equestrian, but at least I have a higher chance of survival in that sport.

3. Favorite event to watch? Gymnastics is definitely my favorite. But I also love all of the ones I listed above. Oh, and fencing! Annnnd water polo. BASICALLY ALL OF THE SPORTS. (But not golf or wrestling, please. I don't particularly enjoy watching people punch each other or chase balls around with a club.)

4. Olympian you most admire? Missy Franklin. She's honestly the sweetest, most optimistic person I can think of. Despite a disappointing turn-out for her this year in Rio, she has maintained a positive outlook, cheerful demeanor, and good sportsmanship. She's had a rough time recently with swimming, but she never lets that dampen her spirits.
Missy Franklin

(Just found this interview with her that made me love her 1000 times more. I especially love the pizza part. XD)

I also love the entire US women's gymnastics team. THEY ARE THE BESTEST. So cute and bubbly and supportive. <3 (Not to mention they rocked the world in the all-around finals.) We'd be here all day if I were to list all of the amazing Olympians I admire.
The Final Five

5. What sports do you currently play? I currently am an expert at tripping over air and racing my cat to the couch. GIMME THE GOLD MEDALS, PEOPLE.

6. Summer or Winter Olympics? Probably winter. I can't get enough of all the snow sports, and figure skating is my favorite sport of all time. But that being said, I do like them both almost equally.
Nuff said.

7. Ever been to see the Olympics in person? I WISH. Someone give me a time machine and five thousands dollars so I can go to the London games, please and thank you.

8. A sport that should be in the Olympics? Ack, I don't know. Maybe ballroom dancing for the summer and snowball fights for the winter. Those would be fun ones. ^_^ (Though I doubt they're really sports? PSSH, TECHNICALITIES.)

9. What do you think would be going through your head right before you were about to compete in the Olympics? I'd probably be wondering what on earth the judges were thinking. XD But if I actually were a good athlete and made it to the Olympics, I'm sure I'd be an emotional mess. I'd be stressed/excited/nervous/wishing-I-were-dead. It's probably a very good thing I'm actually not headed to the Olympics. ;)

10. If you could choose a location for the Olympics, what would it be? (Abi's question) The place Abi chose is PERFECT because New Zealand would be an absolute dream. BUT for variety's sake, I will pick Dublin, Ireland. I just think Ireland would be a beautiful location, even though France and Switzerland would also be top choices of mine. Ohhh, and I almost forgot! Reykjavik, Iceland, would be gorgeous as well.

Since we're all in the Olympic spirit right now, why not watch this awesome video of the USA swim team? (IT'S SO MUCH FUN AND HONESTLY WINS THE INTERNET.) I don't really like the music, but...they're all so adorable and hilarious that it's worth watching.

Since I stole the tag myself, I'm leaving this one open to anyone who has watched at least one Olympic event this year. I really enjoyed doing this tag, mostly because it gave me an excuse to talk about the Olympics. XD


Okay, folks. What do you think about the Olympics? Do you prefer winter or summer? Who's your favorite athlete? And if you were to pick a location for the games, what would it be? LET THE COMMENTS BEGIN!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Frabjous Finalities {June/July 2016}

First off, I am a wizard. (YES, THIS IS PERTINENT.) Because wizards are never late. They arrive precisely when they mean to.

Which means this post is on-time and definitely not absurdly late. That would be awkward.

Since I never managed to get my FF post up in June, I'm combining the June and July posts into one MASSIVE wrap-up post. IT IS GINORMOUS, I TELL YOU. Proceed at your own risk. And remember me as I pass out from exhaustion at writing this post.

ANYWHO. Now that we've established my status as a wizard, let's talk about...


// June //

I honestly don't remember anything that happened in June. *refers to calendar because I've failed at journaling and therefore know nothing that happened the last two months*

The first week of June brought with it a terrifying experience in which I almost lost my glasses, a dance program at my church (I was not in it, don't worry; I would inevitably scar people for life if I tried ballet), and a trip to the local pottery studio with my bestie.

Which brings us to this. I finished painting my latest project, an Inside Out plate! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and gladly put it in the place of my Tangled plate...which is not the best, in case you were wondering. :P But yes! You probably didn't know I painted, did you? WELL, I DO. This is proof.

See? I told you it was decent.
The highlight of the month was definitely finishing school. It felt like such a relief to finally have wrapped up the very stressful, hectic school year. Unfortunately, it does look like my fall semester will also be very stressful. So don't be surprised when my posts start making even less sense than usual.

Along the lines of school, I attended an orientation meeting for the local community college. Yup, folks, I'm starting college courses this fall. I haven't graduated yet, but they allow students to be "dual-enrolled," meaning you can take a few college courses in addition to regular high-school level ones. Fortunately, I'm only taking one and it's online. But it's speech so it will be painful. #thisintrovertisdying

Then, just one week after my summer break began, I got a cold. WHICH COMPLETELY SCREWED UP MY PLANS. But hey, I got to rewatch The Fellowship of the Ring so it wasn't all bad. (Besides, now I can look forward to reading Howl's Moving Castle next time I contract one. ;D)

The month rounded off with lots of visits from family, an overnight stay in a hotel (in which we made s'mores at an actual campfire instead of a microwave), and an impromptu decision on my part to join Camp NaNo.

// July //

My July was INSANE. Heh, so much for a relaxing summer. :P I actually think it's been almost as stressful as the school year. Which makes me depressed. D:

Much of the insanity revolved around Camp NaNo, which I jumped into with no outline, no plot, no notes--nothing. It was hugely overwhelming, and I now realize my goal was entirely unrealistic. There was no way I could hit 30k with everything else happening that month. So I didn't win my first NaNo, BUT I got over 22k written, which brings my novel up to 50 pages. *dances* I also had wonderful/crazy/slightly eccentric cabin mates who were a BLAST and kept me laughing late into the night. So it was still fun...but in an I'm-really-stressed kind of way.

I celebrated the Fourth with my family by going swimming, eating hotdogs and delicious red-white-and-blue fruit pizza, and watching fireworks from our pool. Our neighborhood went all-out this year with the fireworks so we got quite the show.

My mom, sister, and I went on another girls' day (which involved a trip to the bookstore, naturally) before we left for our Kentucky trip. We stayed there for about 10 days and enjoyed cooler weather for about half that time. During our stay, I caught fireflies, blew dandelions, ate an absurd amount of icecream, visited the new Ark, and drained my social energy levels due to all the family gatherings. We also went to a bookstore (where the books were all half-price!) and a place called Big Bone Lick where they have a lot of dinosaur fossils and such. It was a very exhausting yet enjoyable trip, for sure.

The rest of the month consisted of tons of SAT prep (UGH), birthday celebrations for my dad, lots of books, and freaking out over college things.


// June //

Four books again. *facepalms* Argh. Well, at least I enjoyed them all. Since this post is already really long, I'll just list the titles and a brief summary of my thoughts. At least, I'll try to be brief. ;)

~ Gatekeepers + Timescape + Whirlwind. Yes, I'm cheating a little by grouping all three of these together. But they're all part of the same series so we're good. I can't expound on these without giving stuff away, but I will say that they get better with each book. THEY'RE SO STINKIN' GOOD. But argh, I'm still mad about that cliffhanger. I needs the last book, preciousss. Seriously, my library has EVERY BOOK EXCEPT THE LAST ONE. *glares* GAH. I shall have to suffer. D':

~ A Spark Unseen. EEEEEP!!! This boooook. <333 It takes place in France and has delightful French guys (like Lane Moreau *smiles*), plus a great heroine and a cast of adorable, eccentric, and hilarious side-characters. Oh, and there's action and great descriptions and just asdhfldkf. THIS AUTHOR IS MY NEW FAVE.

// July //

Things picked up in the reading department during July. Which is ironic because I also wrote like crazy, did tons of test preparation, and was actually social. Not sure how this worked out or I even slept/ate/lived, but yeah.

~ Reapers. So I actually started this book in June but got distracted. #lifeofabookaddict I gotta admit, it wasn't my favorite Davis book. I usually adore all of his books, but...this one just fell a little flat for me. It still earned 3.5 stars, though, because it had lots of action and exciting things happening. I moderately liked the characters, but they weren't all that memorable to me. *shrugs* I dunno. It was good but not amazing.

~ Silver Blaze + The Adventure of the Copper Beeches. Yay for Sherlock Holmes! :D I always love a good mystery, and these were especially enjoyable. Probably some of the best Holmes stories I've read yet. I particularly liked the latter, though the other one was fun, too.

~ Howl's Moving Castle. Oh. My. Word. I AM IN LOOOOVE. The characters were by far THE BEST part of this book. I JUST LOVED THEM. <333 My favorite was probably Calcifer (shush, all you Howl lovers; I still like Howl :D), but it's really hard to choose when they're all delightful squishies. Oh, and the magic and humor and world-building were frabjous. Methinks this one shall have to be reviewed at some point. *hugs book*

~ The Merchant's Daughter. This is one of my favorite Dickerson books! Annabel and Lord le Wyse are ADORBS. That is all.

~ Plain Kate. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY FEEEELS? *dissolves in a puddle of tears* Ack, it's been weeks since I've read it, and I still can't determine what I thought of it. BECAUSE SAD THINGS. BUT ALSO TALKING CATS. I don't even know what I'm saying at this point. :P

~ Unveiling Grace. Okay, so I rarely read nonfiction, but this one was so gooood. It was a real eye-opener. The author of this book actually visited our church last summer, along with a band called Adam's Road (a Christian music group formed by several of her adult children). I technically finished this book on August 1st, but who's being technical?


(A few highlights from the two months because you probably don't want to know about them all.)

// Revisited Faves //

~ Cinderella (2015): SO MUCH GORGEOUS. *dies* Also, I'm still wondering how the costume designer is such a genius.

~ The Fellowship of the Ring (2001): Um, of course I'm rewatching The Lord of the Rings. Never mind the fact that I've seen them five times already, there's always room for a sixth viewing. ;)

~ Tarzan (1999): For those of you who don't know, Tarzan is one of my favorite Disney movies. I just love it so. <3 The characters are fun (I especially love Jane), there is lots of emotional stuff occurring, and the music is to-die-for.

~ The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003): Because Will Turner and witty one-liners. This movie is probably in my top five. IT'S THAT GOOD. (It also deserves a review. Perhaps soon?)

~ The Two Towers (2002): MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER. *huggles it* Not much remains to be said except that Legolas is awesome. ^_^

// Newbies //

~ The Secret Life of Pets (2016): Oh my goodness, this movie was ADORABLE! I died of the cuteness! The characters were hilarious, eccentric, little fuzzballs. I think this landed in my top ten animated movies because I loved it so much. Eep!!!

~ Paddington (2014): Rather endearing. There were a couple things I didn't like, but other than that, it was adorable. The themes of acceptance and the importance of family really stick with you. <3

~ Risen (2016): So...I had a really hard time hearing this movie because of my grandparents' TV and was also really exhausted when I saw it...but I think I enjoyed it? I'll have to rewatch it sometime when my brain is clearer. XD Very inconclusive, I know. APOLOGIES.


~ Um, excuse me while I die of the brilliance. This is such an amazing piece of music, and she plays it to perfection. Go listen to it. Right now. You have no excuse since I was nice enough to include the link. ;)

~ Back Home by Owl City. OBVIOUSLY OWL CITY. He's a genius, folks. This particular song of his reminds me of summer days. What better way to celebrate summer than back home with the family you love?

~ AAHHHH!!!! This song is beautimous! I adore it! Her voice, though. O.O

~ Lots of Rend Collective. I'm obsessed with their music now, and I'm not even sorry. This song has especially captured my attention in July. (Because duh, Fourth of July and fireworks.)

~ Ha, judge me if you want, but I'm still in love with the '50s and early '60s music. It's so fuuuun! In celebration of summer, I've been playing this song by Annette on repeat. Because Annette! And pineapple! THERE'S A SONG WITH PINEAPPLE. ISN'T THAT THE BEST?!


(Mostly an onslaught of pictures because I feel like it. :P)

This is what happened when I attempted
to make a schedule before NaNo. XD
View from the airplane. Stunning!

The Ark

Big Bone Lick

Kentucky countryside is lovely. ^_^


YUM. *drools*

Watching The Two Towers with Patches.
She was apparently not entertained. XD

Are you still alive? Well, if you didn't die while reading this huuuuuge post then I applaud you. *claps wildly* Sorry for the lateness of it!

OKAY. How has your summer been so far? Have you traveled anywhere? What is your favorite sundae? (Caramel is my favorite, in case you couldn't tell. *cough*)