Underrated Characters: Jane Bennet // Guest Post by Meredith

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I have my awesome friend Meredith here today for a special post about...


Jane Bennet! *cue groans from all the guys who read my blog* Hey now, I usually restrain my love of P&P for the sake of you guys, but I have to gush sometimes. ;) And this time I roped in Meredith to do it for me. 

Now before I bore you all to tears, I'll hand you over to Meredith. ^_^


Hello to all of Mary's awesome readers, this is Meredith, come with a guest post about one of the most underrated characters in period drama, Jane Bennet (or Bingley, if we want to get technical).

Many people gush over how wise and well-rounded and witty Lizzy is, and for good reason, but I believe sweet Jane deserves a little more credit.

Pssst, scroll way down and look to the left because Mary (who apparently also likes Jane) has a picture of her on the right sidebar.

So here we are, three reasons to love Jane B(ennet/ingley).

1.) Rosamund Pike

Oh, dear. Only a few paragraphs into this and I've already tripped into controversial material. XD

I love P&P'95 and many of the casting choices therein, but I much prefer Rosamund Pike from the 2005 version. Nooo offense to die-hard '95 fans.

Anyways. Rosamund Pike, in my opinion, embodies the book-Jane. She's beautiful (a point Mrs. Bennet wears thin), mild, and well-tempered. *claps* In fact, I just miiight want her as a friend over Lizzy.

Plus, she has so many sweet lines in the '05 film,

"Yes. A thousand times yes."


"Can you die of happiness?"


2.) Morality 

This is up for dispute, but I think Jane is one of the most moral characters in the story. There are plenty of "moral" people, like Mr. Bennet, Lizzy, Mr. Bingley, etc.

But Mr. Bennet is often cold where Jane is kind to everyone. Lizzy is prejudiced where Jane always wishes to think the best of people. And Mr. Bingley is easily persuaded out of courting her, when Jane never was.

3.) Her Suitor

But I do like Mr. Bingley. I particularly like them together. Totes adorbz. :)

Plus, we can't blame him too much for "ignoring" Jane for a little while. If Mr. Darcy suggests something, you'd better listen up. ;)

Thank you for reading my quick rant about Jane. Now go do something Christmas-y or winter-y or cozy-y (like reading Pride and Prejudice) because it's that time of year, people. :)

(Let's forget how irrelevant and awkward that was. I'll just let Mary back before this whole post falls to chaos.)


Come on, Meredith, your post was awesome! And don't you dare try to deny it. *narrows eyes*

Wasn't this post fantastic? I feel so honored to have Meredith on my blog. ^_^ (Thanks again, girl!) 

Now I must know. Who's your favorite character from P&P? And can you believe it's 10 days till Christmas LIKE WHAT.

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  1. Thank you once more for posting this!!

    And I completely approve of the pictures you added. :)

    1. My pleasure! Thank YOU so much for agreeing to guest post! (And for replying to all the comments...you are awesome, girl. :D)

      D'awww, glad you like them! Have a wonderful Christmas! <3

  2. Awesome post! P&P is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened, and I love Jane! She reminds me of my mother. <3 Much as I love her (and Lizzy), Mr. Darcy is probably my favorite character. I have only seen the 1995 version, but I think it will always be my favorite, just for its loyalty to the book--and its familiarity. The Hollywood version of "Emma" doesn't stick super close to the book, but I'll always prefer it because I grew up with it. :)

    1. Thank you! Mr. Darcy IS pretty great. I'm not sure which I like better between him and Jane but maybe him...

      Well, the 1995 movie is good too. I like the Jane's from both, but particularly Rosamund Pike's Jane. :)

    2. I could see Jane coming out better in the other version. I don't necessarily love how they did Jane in the 1995 version, but they did Lizzy and Mr. Darcy so well that I'm satisfied with it.

    3. Yes, she could have been better, I agree. If you ever get a chance, maybe you should try '05 just for Jane. :)

  3. YES TO THIS POST. A thousand times yes! (SeewhatIdidthere?)

    I have always absolutely adored Jane! Lizzy is great, sure, but she's also rather...fiery? A little outspoken? Heh. But Jane is just an all around sweetheart. She's the kind of person I think we should all strive to be, which is exactly what I want in my heroes/heroines!

    And yes, her and Mr. Bingley are the most adorbz things.

    This post was wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us, Meredith!

    1. Thank you!! Haha, "What a joke," as '95 Lyida would say. :)

      Exactly. Lizzy may be more original, but I find Jane more lovable.

      "Most adorbz things" indeed. <3

      Thank you once again! It seems there should be a relevant Mr. Collins quote to end my reply on, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment, so you can just pretend that's what I did. ;)

  4. Aw I do love Jane! It's cool to see her highlighted. ^ ^


  5. JANE. I love Jane. But Mr. Bennet has to be my favorite character.

    I really need to watch the 2005 version. I've only seen the 1995 one.

    Anyway. I really enjoyed this!

  6. How cool! Mr. Bennet would have to be another underrated character. He just doesn't get a lot of credit!

    Yes, you must! I can't promise you'll love it, but it's most certainly worth your time.

    Good! :)

  7. Yes! I love Jane! And I adore the 2005 version! And Jane in it! Just, yes!

    She's so sweet! And so good for Lizzy! I like what you said about her making a great friend. So true!

    1. Oh my! It appears this reply is a little late. 0.0

      Anyways, yay! She's darling isn't she? ;)

      Thank you! And thanks for commenting!


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