December Ramblings // 2 Days Till Christmas (!!!) + Upcoming Hiatus

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Um, guys, somehow Christmas is the day after tomorrow AND I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Like...aren't we still in October?!

This year has flown by fast. Probably the fastest year ever, I'm not even kidding. And amidst PNE (post-Nano exhaustion), finals, and Christmas craziness, I haven't had the time and/or motivation to write a real post.

I had all these grand delusions of writing a beautiful Christmas post and doing all kinds of Christmasy tags during December, and guess what happened? NOTHING. Zilch. Nada. *bangs head on keyboard* Once again, someone took out their Expectations Crushing Hammer and smashed all my plans into a million pieces. #awkward

So instead of scrambling to write a post that I really don't feel like writing, I'm just going to ramble for a bit. It's been a while since I've had an entire post of rambling. (Notice I said an entire post--you all know how much I ramble normally. ;P)

And yes, I realize I haven't replied to all your comments in an unholy amount of time...seriously, guys, you are the best. Thanks for commenting even when I fail at replying. <3 I PROMISE I WILL REPLY, THOUGH. My goal is to reply to most of them by the end of the year. *twitches because there are a looooot of comments*

Lately I have been feeling pretty stressed about blogging. Commenting, reading other blogs, writing posts, replying to's just piled up over the months and I don't think I can handle the stress much longer.

So in light of that, I'm planning on taking a month-long hiatus soon. I'm thinking the end of January since classes will be starting back up that month, and I really need to focus on schoolwork more next semester. During that time, I will hopefully be commenting and reading blogs some...but it will be very relaxed so please don't feel bad if I only comment every once and a while. Honestly, my brain just really needs to be away from the internet a little more. Hopefully I will feel refreshed and recharged when I return. :)

And as I mentioned in the beginning, THERE ARE ONLY 2 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS. What even?! MESSING WITH THE TIME MACHINE, PEOPLE. Thankfully, I finished all my Christmas shopping and have basically all the presents wrapped and under the tree. (By the way, am I the only one who LOVES wrapping presents? It's one of my favorite things ever. <3) I've been listening to Christmas music basically nonstop since November (no regrets), especially this playlist I compiled on Spotify.

AND GUESS WHAT. I got a new writing partner!

Meet Cleo, my octopus! Psst, I made her...I actually made a stuffed animal. *is very proud*

Accurate. It legit took 4 and a half hours to make. o.o

She sits on my desk by my computer and assists me with typing. Very handy to have a typist with eight arms. Or tentacles, if you want to be technical. ;)

Today I also finished my reading challenge for the year! That's 50 the books. *cough, cough* I know, not that impressive to many of you people who read like 100 to 200 books every year, but this bookdragon doesn't have lightning-fast reading abilities. So that's a pretty big accomplishment for me.

I also have a new novel simmering in the back of my mind. Its tentative title at the moment is Trapped in a Star, and it's a Peter Pan retelling. Hopefully over the rest of winter break I can plot a lot of it out. I'M SO STOKED, GUYS. Because Peter Pan. <3

It's been so HOT where I live. LIKE IT WAS 85 DEGREES ON SATURDAY. *dies* Ughhhh. It took me forever to really get in the Christmas mood this year, partially because of the weather. *wishes for the thousandth time that I lived somewhere cold*

So that's it for my ramblings of the day. If you made it through this post, have some of the cookies pictured above. *takes one out of the photo and tosses it to you*

Merry Christmas, you lovely folks! Have a blessed and joyous time celebrating the birth of our Savior. ^_^

First thing's first: can you believe Christmas is almost here?! And what is your favorite Christmas song? (I obviously have too many to choose. XD)

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  1. Your stuffed animal is so cute! IKR I made a crocheted one for my Niece for the first time xD well, it was a bunny. And me and my Mom made about 10 dozen Christmas cookies this morning :P

    1. Thank you so much! My friend helped me a lot. XD

      D'awww, it sounds adorable! :D I have yet to learn to crochet.

      Thanks so much for commenting. ^_^

  2. Oh my word, Mary, you made a stuffed animal? I am quite impressed. AND IT'S SO CUTE!! I've only done a little sewing with my Mom's help, but it's something I really want to be able to do by myself someday.

    Favorite Christmas song? What Child Is This?, Mary Did You Know?, and Hark! the Herald Angels Sing. (Two of them end with question marks--fascinating.) I'm surprised I could narrow it down--ask me my favorite song with no "Christmas" limitation, and we'll be here forever.

    I totally understand needing a break from the blogging world! I hope you find it refreshing.

    And hope your story comes together!!

    1. YES, I DID! But I would NEVER have finished it without the help of my much-more-knowledgeable bestie. XD

      OOH, I LOVE ALL OF THOSE! (What Child Is This? is one of my favorites, too.)

      Thank you so much! I'm trying to catch up on comments, do my end-of-the-year post, get stuff ready for my blogoversary, AND get ready for a blog tour my friend is having before my hiatus. SO YES. I'm gonna need the break. XD

      Aw, you are too sweet! I'm so excited to start it!

    2. Are we going to get snippets when you start writing?? Please?? I can't quite figure out how you would re-write Peter Pan. . . I want to hear more! Have you read the original book? The extent of my knowledge is the Disney movie, and a live-action sequel I saw called "Hook". Bad sources, I know.

      And. . . because I'm the queen of awkwardly random comments (and also very nosy), I'm glancing at the Pinterest pictures on your sidebar and wondering if you saw "Rogue One"? I love that movie so much!

    3. Haha, OF COURSE! At some point, that is. Perhaps not right away. ;) Well, I'll be using some basic elements from the original book (which I have read and love immensely <3)...but it's rather difficult to explain right now since I hardly have any idea myself at the moment. XD I do know that it WILL be a loose retelling, so I'll just be using certain little things from the book in my own story. :)

      I love your comments, though! :D AND YES, I HAVE SEEN ROGUE ONE. I didn't like it a ton the first time I saw it, but goodness, I was blown away by it the second time. SO. STINKIN'. GOOD.

  3. PNE and Expectations Crushing Hammer. Oh my word, I have to remember these, they're so accurate. XD (Dat gif, too.) And I've been feeling the same way! Life has just been...stressful, and even simple blog comments are suddenly tiring. Your whole paragraph about being stressed with everything put what I've been feeling into words! And you know what? I'm planning on taking a hiatus, too!!! Seriously, we are so braintwinning here. I'll be taking one through probably all of January. I think it'll be good. I need a break. *collapses*

    But I'm so sorry you're also feeling exhausted and stressed!!! I so, so, so hope you're able to recharge. *HUGGLES*

    OH MY GRACIOUS. YOUR OCTOPUS. I WANTS TO PET CLEO. She's so cuuuuute! AND YOU MADE IT. You are awesome! I adore her!!! <333 She's seems very motivational and encouraging for writing.

    Congrats on 50 books! I actually only read a pathetic 35 books for the year... 50 is impressive!

    AND DO I SEE A PETER PAN RETELLING IN THE WORKS??????????????????????? PETER PAN IS ONE OF MY MOST FAVORITE THINGS EVER. Literally. Three things basically rule my life: Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. They're my three loves. AND NOW MY MARY IS PLANNING A PETER PAN STORY. EXCUSE ME WHILE I DIE OF HAPPINESS. You MUST share more sometime! I love the title, by the way. So whimsical and gorgeous and just I AM ECSTATIC OVER THISSSS. *flails*

    Um. I totally want one (or 3) of those cookies. o.o They look delicious. *happily takes one* nomnomnom

    I most certainly canNOT believe it's almost Christmas! Like WUT EVEN DECEMBER? Didn't December just START? Didn't 2016 just start???? WHAT IS HAPPENING. But I am excited about Christmas! And I would share my favorite Christmas songs but this comment is monstrous enough.


    Okay, just a couple. Peppermint Winter by Owl City (because, duh) and Carol of the Bells if you mean something more traditional. (Also Sleigh Bells, Winter Wonderland, Let it Snow, The Christmas Waltz... Okay, I'll stop. *scurries away*)

    I hope you have an amazing Christmas and happy New Year, my dear Mary!!! <33333333

    1. Yesss, I think I'm going to be using those two terms more often myself. XD WAIT, YOU'RE TAKING ONE, TOO?! Omw, we are TOTAL braintwins! I totally agree with you, girl. Life has been a stressful mess, and I've just been letting all my blogging things slide the past few months. Annnnd now I come back to 91 comments. (Not even's rather ridiculous and terrifying. XD)

      AWWWW, SAME TO YOU, DEAR! <3 I'm actually really looking forward to taking a hiatus soon! I hope you get all rested up, too. ^_^

      GAHHHH, LAURI, I CAN'T GET OVER YOUR SWEETNESS. Thank youuuu! I do love my Cleo. *pets her for you*

      Hey now, 35 books is still impressive! I think I read less than that last year. Life is so rude for getting in the way. *growls at it*

      *dies from the awesome Lauri comment* YOU, GIRL. Just...<3333 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You have me all pumped to start this thing! (And so much yes to Peter Pan, LOTR, and AIW. THEY ARE BEAUTY PERSONIFIED.)

      THEY ARE DELICIOUS. We still have some because we made a TON. Not sure if they're still good, though, otherwise I'd give you more. ;)

      Annnnnd now Christmas is over. *mourns the loss* I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW QUICKLY THIS YEAR WENT.

      Peppermint Winterrrrrr. <3 THAT IS THE BEST. But oh gosh, I completely agree with all your other favorites! There are too many good ones to name!

      D'awww, thank you so much, dear! I hope your Christmas was magical and that you have a marvelous New Year, too! <3

  4. First of all, Cleo is adorable!!! I too would like a Writing Buddy...

    I live somewhere where it does get very cold in the winter, and let me tell you, it's not as exciting as you might think (except for the snow. The snow will forever be exciting).

    I have been eating up all of Sleeping At Last's Christmas music because, let's be honest, IT'S THE BEST. Though I do adore Pentatonix and Peter Hollen's as well.

    Feliz Navidad, Mary! :)

    1. Thank you, Evangeline! I quite love my little buddy. :)

      Welllll, I used to live in a cold climate...and I can tell you that it WAS exciting. XD I loveeee the cold! (But mostly the snow. Snow is glorious. <3)

      Pentatonix + Peter Hollens = yes please. I absolutely adore their Christmas albums!

      Thank you! I would wish you the same, but it's almost New Year's happy New Year! :D

  5. Oh my gosh, I feel the same way. I am actually going to write a quic post after I'm done commenting :)

    What?! A Peter Pan retelling?! Gosh, I would totally read that! Anywho, have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Blogging can be pretty stressful, can't it? It's hard for me to get a post out every week most of the time.

      AWWW, THANK YOU!!! You guys are all getting me so excited to start it! :D

  6. Oh, darling, I totally understand and feel a little overwhelmed in the internet world myself and will probably take a break in January too, so I UNDERSTAND! *huggles* Don't feel stressed and obligated, okay? If you need to just skip 'em and take a break start up again next year we'll totally understand! <3 I hope you had a most loverly Christmas, darling! ^____^ *all the hugs for my precious Mary*

    Oh! And by the way, I finally did the quote tag you tagged me for aaaages ago and posted three quotes on my blog! Just thought I'd let you know. ^_^ Thanks again for the tag! It's here if you wanna read it but don't feel like you need to. XD


    1. You are so sweet and understanding. *hugs you* I'm trying not to stress, but it's hard for me. Annnnd I already promised to reply to all your guys' comments about 1,239 times so I should probably reply to some of them, hehe. :P I hope you had a great Christmas as well! :D

      AHHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THAT! I actually completely forgot that I tagged you. XD But the post was awesome! Thank you again! I need to get on top of a lot of tags myself. o.o

      ACK, THANK YOU! <333

  7. Happy hiatusing! I feel like we're all kind if doing that... We bloggers need breaks sometimes!

    Also your octopus = so cute! How do you even make a stuffed animal???

    1. Thank you, Kayla! Yes, we do indeed need breaks! I'm looking forward to mine, but I have a loooot to do before then.

      EEP, THANKS, GIRL! Well, my friend helped me a lot (no way I could do it on my own, hehe), but we basically sewed each tentacle separately on the machine, as well as the body, then stuffed them. Then we hand-sewed all the legs together and attached them to the body. Simple in theory but verrrry tricky and time-consuming in practice. XD

  8. You go, girl! I know how stressful blogging can be, even though it's not supposed to be, so enjoy your break!

    You MADE a STUFFED ANIMAL?!?! I am officially very impressed. And it looks GOOD, too.

    A PETER PAN RETELLING?! By you?! Yes, please. Do it! (I've been thinking recently that I might want to try my hand at a continuation of Susan Pevensie's story . . . we'll see!)

    I'm sorry I haven't been over here in so long. Happy New Year, you beautiful thing!!! <33

    1. OLIVIA!!! Thank you so much, dear! I'll be taking a hiatus pretty soon, but I'm not sure about the exact dates. I'll be doing a post to warn you all when I figure it out. ^_^

      YES, I DID! Awww, thank you so much! Like I told everyone else, I had a loooot of help from my friend. But still, very proud of my Cleo. XD

      OH MY GOODNESS, YOU ARE THE BEST! I'm very excited to start it! (WAIT, YOU'VE WRITTEN A SUSAN PEVENSIE STORY?! How did I not know this? EEP, YES, CONTINUE IT. I'm so ecstatic right now!)

      Awww, well, I haven't been on your blog a lot either. :( Life gets crazy sometimes. But thank you so much for dropping in (your comments always make my day <3) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU, DEAR. <333

  9. Tag you're it!!
    The 2016 Bookish Recap Tag!

    1. Thank you so much! I just did the tag yesterday! (That's a record for usually takes me an age and a half to do tags. XD) It was so much fun! :D


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