My Minor Mushroom Mania ~ Guest Post by Abi Ellison

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TODAY IS A FRABJOUS DAY. You want to know why? Well, if you looked at the title of the post, you may have noticed something very interesting. *drumroll* IT'S MY FIRST GUEST POST!!! Not only that, but it's by my lovely friend Abi Ellison. ^_^ Because I'm sure you guys are all dying to read her post, I'll just stop rambling and hand you over to Abi!

Hello! I'm Abi from The Left-Handed Typist! I have followed the lovely Mary for almost as long as I've been on the blogosphere (a whopping 6 months). While my blog is strictly devoted to writing, reading, and book-related posts, I love that Mary has left herself the freedom to do whatever! I am exploiting that today and presenting what is a fairly random post for me: my craze for mushrooms!! (Actually, the entire fungi kingdom, but I had to narrow it down. ;) )

In case you missed my intro, this post's image, and the title, I love mushrooms! I can hear you now: ewwwww, to eat? Well, no. I mean they're okay especially if they're on pizza or something. But I really love mushrooms in nature. And this post is all about making you converts to my shroom fandom. Suuuuurely you will appreciate some kind of mushroom I share ;)

My love for these overlooked creatures of nature began when I studied Biology in high school. I loved learning about all the fungi! But mushrooms in particular. Let's face it: decomposers. are. cool. I guess I'd overlooked them, too, because living in Texas, we didn't see many. I now faithfully hunt them in our neighborhood wood every time it rains for more than 10 minutes. It's been such a rainy year for us I actually found some in my backyard the other day! In AUGUST!!!!! I was so happy ^.^ I just think they are so delicate, complex, and unique. God made them that way for us to appreciate (and sometimes to eat). So join the mushroom appreciation bandwagon already! *glares*

For those of you who think everything fungus-related is icky, I understand. But please check out how cool these mushroom varieties I'm about to share with you are! I promise I'm not going to feed you any or even make you touch them guilty.  These are in no particular order xD

1.) Chanterelle

IS THAT NOT A BEAUTIFUL WORD?! *ahem* I just learned it a few weeks ago and it still makes me happy ^.^ Check out this definition: "an edible woodland mushroom with a yellow funnel-shaped cap and a faint smell of apricots, found in both Eurasia and North America." If you're a yellow fan, these should make you smile. Look at the awesome ridging underneath!

2.) Hen of the Woods

Before you laugh at the name, check out that picture!! These are super curly and lacy and they just make me smile. They're out the sides of trees a lot and grow in shelves sometimes. I think this one's edible, too, but please don't quote me on that!! I have yet to eat a mushroom from the wild ;)


3.) Fly Agaric

Don't ask what's up with the name. This is the most commonly depicted sort of mushroom in the fantasy world. Super cute, fun, and classy if you ask me. I love how the white spots can look like snowflakes or feathers. And the sort that flatten out or even form a bowl shape on the top like this are super interesting. The fact that Mario Bros caught on to their awesomeness has helped their popularity ;)


4.) Death Cap

A little foreboding, no? Guessing they're highly poisonous ;) This one looks like it should be a cement bird bath or something!




5.) Pixie's Parasol

Excuse me, how could you not love anything with that name? It should tug at your fantasy heartstrings. Aren't they adorable?! (The answer is yes.) So dainty and delicate. :)






6.) Oyster

This one almost looks like a flower, huh? Look, all the cool faerie outfits in Tinker Bell and Epic had to be based on something in the real world, okay. Why not a mushroom? :)





7.) Shaggy Ink Cap

These are among my favorite EVER. Ink caps are cool enough on their own, with their funky little shape. Add shag? Ten times better! They look fluffy like down, don't you think?






8.) Indigo Milk Cap

Hehe, this one's so cute. I love that you can see the underneath so well, where the spores are stored. (Mushrooms actually feel like velvet if you pet underneath their cap.) I think this one resembles a fan at a ball :)




9.) Morel

First, that color! I'm seeing greyish purple which happens to be my favorite color ^.^ I think its more cavernous cap looks like coral reef material.




10.) Pinwheel

Purple again. It amazes me the variety of colors mushrooms come in! I'm seeing umbrellas with these but the striping is almost circus tent. You wouldn't believe how sturdy these are even with a teeny little stem. *happy sigh* I love them.


And believe me, I only scratched the surface! If you aren't sold yet, I'm not sure there's much I can do for you. So I hand you over to the power of Pinterest. Just type in "mushroom photography." Trust me, you'll want a board. Or two. Or three.

In case you're wondering how many of these actually exist, here's the August bloomers I discovered:

And if you can't agree with me on anything else in this post, at least you can agree that this post was definitely, beyond a doubt, random.

Thanks so much for dropping in, Abi! It was so much fun having you enlighten us about the fabulousness of fungi. ;)
If you haven't already checked out Abi's blog, DO IT. I don't want to have to threaten you guys with my cat. (She's fierce. ;D)

Well, there you have it. An educational post. Don't say you never learn anything on my blog. XD What was your favorite shroom? And do you actually like to eat mushrooms? (I don't. *cough*)


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  1. Oooh, mushrooms are actually kind of cool now! I LOVED the pictures you posted of them, Abi!
    My favorite was probably either Pixie's Parasol or Fly Agaric. I CAN'T CHOOSE, PEOPLE. XD
    Welll...I'll eat mushrooms, but they aren't my favorite. =)
    Anyway,wonderful post, Abi! =)

    1. Thanks, Ariel! I got all the pictures from Pinterest ;) Aren't the Pixie's Parasol adorable? Even their name! And I love that they grow from wood wood. It's okay, I won't make you choose.

      They're not really my favorite to eat, either. But they're okay. :)

      Thanks! I enjoyed branching out a little :D

    2. I know, right? They're frabjous! :D

      THEY'RE ALL AWESOME. I won't eat them, but I'll stare at them for years. XD

  2. What a fun idea for a post! I like the Fly Agaric (Mario Bros for the win!:)). They also look like the ones from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Pixie's Parasol, what a pretty name! And they are such a pretty blue. Oyster has got to be one of my favorites. I didn't know mushrooms could look like that! It's so pretty! And Pinwheel is really cute, too. Fun post, Abi!! :D

    1. They do look like the ones from Willie Wonka! I hadn't thought about that :) I could't believe how elaborate the Oysters were either! I've yet to spot one quite like that myself. Glad you enjoyed, Morgan :)

    2. This is why Abi and I are friends. XD

      They're all so gorgeous. O.O Oh, Morgan, you're right! They do remind me of Willy Wonka! Yes, the oysters are probably one of my favorites, too! They look just like flowers. ^_^

  3. I love looking at mushrooms, but not eating them. :) I've been morel hunting before, and it was like playing i-spy in the woods- they blend in pretty well, so it's pretty exciting spotting them. I'll admit, sautéed in butter, they weren't too bad.

    1. I believe it! I've yet to find a single morel :/ Perhaps they don't grow in Texas (or maybe I just don't search well enough). I need to find a regional mushroom book! Someday I hope to get adventurous enough to try a truffle :)

    2. Same here! They don't have a lot of interesting mushrooms around here that I've seen, but I always get excited when I see them. ^_^

  4. I'm giggling because this was the most ridiculous and random post ever, but yet I loved reading it. It's hilarious how you can make a topic such as mushrooms interesting. Don't ever change, Abi. :P

    The Pixie mushrooms! o.o *dies* They're so gorgeous, and I need to find some in person so I can take pictures of them, now. o.o

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Haha, I'm glad you liked it, Katie! You didn't know I could be that random, did you? ;)

      Right?! Mushrooms are the best photo subjects ever. Let me know if you find any cool ones. I'm sure you have varieties up north that we'll never find here in Texas :)

    2. Isn't it great? Abi's just the best. XD

      ACK. I looove the pixie's parasols! Wish they had them around here. *pouts*

    I happen to know this because I've eaten them before. Like several times. We find several every year in our woods. Not a huge fan of mushrooms, but then, I do live in a very wet area, so I'm used to seeing them around all the time. That might be part of it. I don't mind the taste of mushrooms, but prefer them raw (sliced and on salad) then cooked (unless you sauté them with onions, then they're delicious).
    My favorite of the pictures you posted are the Pixie's Parasol. Both the color, shape, and name. ;)

    1. Haha, I've never had a chanterelle so I wouldn't know. XD

      Ah, yes, that's understandable. I don't see a whole lot of them around here so I still think they're awesome. ^_^

      The pixie's parasols are one of my favorites, too! So cute. :)

  6. I love mushrooms! This is a cool post and writing related! It'd be really cool if you did a post on specifically edible and poisonous mushrooms. It could be a great worldbuilding post. I know morrels are edible as with oyster mushrooms.

    1. Abi did a great job on this post! Ooh, yes, that would be cool! You seem to be quite knowledgeable on mushrooms yourself! ^_^

  7. Congratulations on your first guest post, Mary!

    This was amazing, Abi! Oh my word, I'm not the only person who hates eating mushrooms but could look at one for a hundred years?? I really thought it was just me. This post was amazing, and I am totally coming back to gawk at he gorgeous, fairy-taleish pictures at least ten times. ;) Thanks for introducing me to some more beautiful kinds of mushrooms!!

    1. Thanks, Hanna! :D

      Haha, it seems to be the popular opinion! ;) I don't like to eat mushrooms either. (Though I don't hate them. They just taste kind of earthy to me. I dunno. XP)

      Didn't Abi find the most beautiful pictures? *stares at them for half a century*

  8. What a fun post! Thank you for sharing, Abi!

    I actually ADORE mushrooms. look at. I detest their taste... But they're just so CUTE. They make me think of fairies and Wonderland and all the happy, cutesy things. ^_^ This was awesome seeing so many different types. Because I do tend to automatically think of the Fly Agaric when mushrooms are mentioned. But those Pixie's Parasols!!! :O THEY ARE SO PRETTYYY. And the NAME. I am in love! Also the Shaggy Ink Caps. I LOVE.

    This post makes me happy and inspires me to go write ALL the cutesy fairytale things!

    1. YES, THEY'RE SO PWETTY. I don't really like the taste of them either, but hey, at least they're fairy-talish. ;D

      (They totally make me think of Wonderland, too! And I agree, the pixie's parasols are adorbs. <3)


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