Candles and Cake // Birthday Celebrations!

by - 12:10 AM

Today is a very momentous occasion...

It's National Race Your Mouse around the Icons Day!

Ahem. *cough* It's actually National Chop Suey Day, but nuance. (Do not mock me, these are real holidays. *shoves Google in your face* GO LOOK THEM UP.)

Today is actually my birthday! *launches confetti*

(And National Chop Suey Day. I won't discriminate.) HUZZAH! So in honor of that, I decided to write a fun birthday post to celebrate.

Since I love bookish photography so much, I took a bunch of photos over the weekend for your personal pleasure. You're welcome.

My copy of Peter Pan. Isn't it beautimous?!

Honestly my favorite picture out of them all.
It looks like a book flower! ^_^

My blue books.

Which picture did you like the best? I'm very partial to the book flower one myself, though I do like the B&W picture of The Golden Braid.

But wait! There's more! (You didn't realize this, but I'm actually the one who coined this phrase and made it play on every TV ad ever. #skills)

I thought it would be fun to have a Q&A. You guys can comment down below with any fantastical, random questions you may have. 'Cause let's be honest here: you obviously want to know more about me and my fabulousness. ;D Whether it's a question about my favorite music, weirdest dreams, or bizarre pet peeve, I will gladly receive all your questions. I probably won't be able to answer all of them, but I will pick out at least 10 or 15 to answer in another post.

ALSO I'm opening up my blog to guest posts! I already have one lined up with a friend of mine (you know who you are), but I would LOVE to feature some of my other friends as well. People need to be enlightened by your guys' wisdom. *nods seriously* Again, it could be about basically anything. I thrive on randomness so feel free to write an ode to a cucumber salad if you want. If you're interested in doing a guest post, you can just let me know in the comments. :)

And now, for the thing I've been most excited about/dreading...

I will be showing my face.

*le gasp* Yes, I know, it's shocking that I'm not a disembodied voice out in space who beams down her thoughts to earth. But I promise I have a face. I'm just...terrified to show it.

But no longer. I have finally mustered up the courage to reveal a picture of myself.

SO. Without further ado...

TA-DA! There I am in all my selfie glory. Yes, I do look stunning, thank you for noticing. The only reason I've kept myself from you this long is because I wanted to build suspense. (Actually, it was because I was terrified and wary of creepy stalkers. *cough*)

As one final hurrah, there's another giveaway going on that I wanted to share. Rachel Starr Thomson is giving away 15 paperback copies of Christian thrillers! So if you like happiness (aka books), then you will enter right here. AND Katie Grace is hosting a giveaway over at her lovely blog so you need to check it out posthaste. GO. DO IT. RIGHT NOW.

And there you have it! My birthday post of epic proportions! Don't forget to comment down below if you're interested in guest posting for me and/or have questions for my Q&A! I will be open to questions up until September 12th.

Well, how did you enjoy my birthday post? Was it everything you thought it would be? (I mean, besides the cake. Sorry, guys, the cake is mine. *shoves cake in mouth*) Let me know what your favorite cake flavor is in the comments! (And I will commence to lecture you on the perfection that is strawberry cake.)

P.S. I brought back the pink on my blog! (My apologies to all my guy followers. XP)

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  1. Ohmigosh! We're almost birthday buddies! My birthday is the 30th!!!!!!! :D :D
    Ahem. Pardon the excessive amount of exclamation points. ;)
    I would LOVE to do a guest post for you! Seriously, it would be awesome. And I'm incredibly random, so no problems there. XD
    Here's some questions for you to pick and choose from:
    Do you like roller coasters? (And if so, which ones, the smaller ones or the bigger ones? The mix-your-stomach-up-so-it-can't-tell-north-from-south or the Up-and-down ones?)
    If you were allowed to bring three things to a desserted island for twenty years (excluding water, food, and clothes) what items would you bring? (sorry, no internet ;)
    What's the craziest dream you've ever had (that you can remember)? (See, you made me curious!!)
    Fondest childhood memory?
    Something you're still scared stiff of that has haunted you since you were little?
    Strangest conversation (online or otherwise)?
    Favorite character (of yours)?

    Ha. THAT ought to keep you occupied. *surveys questions with satisfaction* Have fun answering them and

    1. Ahhhh, yes, we are!!! That is the coolest!!! Happy birthday to YOU! :D

      Ooh, yay! I'd love to have you. :) I'll give you my email on our writing group so you can email me about it.

      Great questions, Rebekah! I'll have a hard time picking only a few. :D Looking through the comments makes me wonder if I should do TWO posts... O.O

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Happiest of birthdays to you, too, Rebekah!!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY! *confetti* *kazoos*

    And ooooh, I like that colored photo with Starflower in the middle of an arrangement that looks like a flower. :D Really neat idea!

    MARY! YOUR FACE! You are positively beautiful, and you look like such a sweet person! :O :D

    Questions: Why did you start a blog? How long have you been writing, and how has it affected your life?

    1. THANK YOU, EMILY! *dances in confetti*

      Awww, thank you! I'm glad you liked it. ^_^ That one's my favorite.

      Oh my word, girlll, you're making me blush! You're just too sweet. *hugs*

      Awesome questions! I can't wait to do my Q&A post. :D

  3. AHHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! How old?

    OMYGOODNESS you are so beautiful!! (I kinda just always imagined you as the elf that was your picture for camp so it's good to see your actual face XD XP)

    Hmmmm... I like the b&w of The Golden Braid best :)

    Questions, hm, maybe: what was the earliest story you remember, about?

    1. THANK YOUUUUU! Hehe, well, I'm not quite sure if I want to share that on my blog as of yet. :D At least, not right now. Perhaps sometime in the future.

      AHHHH YOU'RE SO NICE, THANK YOU!!! (Haha, I'll take that as a compliment. Because Legolas is gorgeous. XD)

      Sweet, I like that one, too!

      Thanks for the question, Hann! ^_^

    2. YOURE WELCOOOOME!! Oh, that's perfectly fine. And I understand; I don't usually tell people my ago online, either ^_^

      (Legolas IS gorgeous XD)

    3. Glad you understand! It's nothing against you, I'm just not sure whether I want to leave my age out in the middle of the internet. ^_^ (I'm still not certain about whether or not I should've posted a picture of myself, either, but I guess it's too late now. :P)

      YES HE IS.

    4. Oh, yeah, totally. Creepy stalkers do exist (although I've been fortunate to never have had a stalker. That I know of XP)

    5. We may never know. *insert suspenseful music* XP

  4. EEEP HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY!! Our birthdays are, like ... only 13 days apart! *highfive* AND ALSO YOU ARE SO PWETTY!!! *has the crazy urge to braid your hair because IT'S SO AWESOME*

    The book pictures!! Oh wow, they're epic! I really need to steal my sister's camera and try to take some myself :D. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

    *whispers* also, I would be interested in guest posting, if you wouldn't mind having a private blogger over here XD.

    *scampers off to think of questions to ask the wonderful Mary*

    1. WHOA, REALLY?! So is your birthday September 11 or August 16? AND OH MY GOSH, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are such a darling. <333 (My hair IS really fun to braid, by the way. ;D) THANK YOU, DEAR!

      YES, STEAL HER CAMERA. XD I'm sure your pictures would be frabjous! I'm thrilled that you like mine so much. :D

      OF COURSE I WOULDN'T MIND!!! That would be terrific, Savannah! I'll leave a comment on your blog with my email since your blog is private, and I don't really want to leave my email address hanging out in the internet. :P (Although it looks like I may have to, what with all the people interested in guest posting. o.o)

      Woohoo, can't wait to hear what you come up with!

    2. September 11th!

      YESH I PLAN TOO XD *works on sneaky ninja skills*.

      Actually, I think I have your email from when I invited you to my blog ... yup, I do! Want me to email you so we can figure out all the guest-posting details?

      Oh! And here are the questions I came up with ...

      2. Do you have a favorite character you've written?
      3. What are the three prettiest books you own?
      4. Which book are you reading right now?

    3. ... so apparently the number line begins with number 2 now. Ooops XD.

    4. It's coming up soon then! YAY!!!

      Sounds great! Feel free to email me whenever you get the chance. ^_^

      Great questions! I'm so stoked to write the Q&A post now!

      (You just reinvented the number line. XDDD)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARY!!!! *throws confetti* YOUR FACE!!! YOU ARE SO PRETTY!! It's so good to see you! :D

    Lovely book pictures!! My favorite would have to be the flower one, too. And the black and white photo of The Golden Braid. :D

    I would also be interested in doing a guest post. I've never done it before, but there is a first time for everything! ;D I would also love if you did a post on my blog as well!! :D If you're interested, of course. ;)

    Questions: What is a food you cannot like, despite everyone else's good opinions of it? If you could have any animal as a miniature pet, what would you have? If you could time travel to the past, where would you go? If you could bring one fictional character to life for 24 hours, who would you choose?
    If you had the ability to shapeshift into any animal, what animal would you choose?

    Happy Birthday again, dear!! This was such a lovely post, with a lovely surprise (seeing your lovely face:))!! And your header looks lovely as well!! :D You are such a sweet friend!!Wishing you many blessings on your special day!! <3 :D

    1. *squeals* Your comment is making me grin! THANK YOUUU! Gah, you're the sweetest. <3

      Thanks so much, Morgan! We have great taste. ;D

      I've never guest posted either! It would be really fun if we swapped guest posts with each other, though! I'll email you about it sometime this week if I can. (Though I honestly have no idea what I'd post about. I guess we'll figure that out. ^_^)

      Wonderful questions! I can't wait to answer them. :)

      D'awww, you're honestly making me blush over here! I had a fantastic birthday, and seeing your comment made it even more special. *hugs*

  6. Marrrryy! You are SO cute! And allll the beautimous hair...=) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *sends lots of cake your way* *and ice cream* *and confetti*
    And I'm sorry, dear, but my favorite is chocolate cake. Can't convince me out of it! XD
    All righty, here come mah questions!
    -Do you have a hobby other than writing?
    -Favorite ice cream flavor? (I'm guessing you'll go with strawberry again ;))
    -Do you have any pets?
    -What is your favorite movie\TV show?
    -What is one of the craziest things you've ever done?
    Again, happy birthday, Mary!!! I hope you had the best one EVAH! =)

    1. EEP THANK YOU, ARIEL!!! You guys are all too sweet. (I feel like I'm saying that word a million times in my replies, but it's TRUE!) *devours cake and ice cream*

      Haha, well, you're missing out on strawberry, but chocolate is still delish! ;)

      Ooh, I love all the questions! It will be sooo hard to only pick some of them.

      Thank you, Ariel! I had a wonderful day. :D

      (By the way, do you have a blog? I feel like you do, but I'm not sure.)

    2. You're welcome, Mary!! YOU'RE so sweet! =)
      Yup, I do have a blog! It's private like Savannah's, but if you want to be invited, Savannah can add you!

    3. <3

      OOH, YAY! I would LOVE to be invited! :D

    4. Argh, the invitation doesn't seem to be working. Would you mind resending it?

    5. Huh, the computer says you've accepted it, so it should be working. Hmm ... *goes to look into this*

    6. Well, when I clicked on the "Accept" button, it said that I needed to enable cookies and Java on Blogger. I tried to click on the accept button again, but it just said that the invitation was no longer valid. :/ So I guess just try to resend the invitation?

    7. WAIT I GOT IT. I had to go to my "Stats" section on Blogger, go under the "Traffic Sources" area, and click on the link to her blog there. The link in the invitation you sent wasn't working. :P BUT I'M GOOD NOW. XD

  7. HAAPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAAAAYYYY *crashes through the ceiling in a glittery explosion of awesomeness* Here, have a stuffed panda. XP I would ask you questions but I think most of them would center around 'Can I eat one of those balloon donuts?'

    1. THAAAANKS JONNYYYYY. *snatches panda* *hides from glitter* Haha, I know, right? They're honestly sooo tantalizing. XP

  8. Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! I'm possibly interested in guest posting. It depends when the deadline is. My questions for you are: Do you like cookies or donuts more? ^ ^ Tea or coffee?

    1. Thanks, Victoria! I had an awesome birthday! ^_^ Ooh, yes, I would LOVE to have you guest post! Um...there isn't really much of a deadline. I was just opening it up to people for whenever. So whenever you come up with something, whether it be in a week or a month, just shoot me an email and let me know. :) I'm pretty sure you have my email, but if not, I'll go ahead and email you.

      Thanks for the questions and the lovely comment!

  9. AAAAHHHHHH!!! IT'S MEH MARY'S BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

    And the HEADER. Literally the second I opened your blog my thought was "*GASP* THAT HEADER IS SO GORGEOUS I LOVE." It's so HAPPEH.

    And and and PWETTY BOOK PICS. *devours*

    Oh man, these are all gorgeous. And that tiny copy of Peter Pan, with the ship in the moonlight? I HAVE THAT COPY. It's such a cute little copy. Oh man, I don't know if I can choose a favorite. I do loooove the book flower! (And it has StarFLOWER on the top. Perfection!) IT'S SO GENIUS. And I totally adore the one right above it, with just the spines. SO PWETTY. THEY'RE ALL SO PRETTY.

    *FLAILS* IT'S MY MARY. IT'S MY MARY'S FACE. This is just the best post! YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS AND ADORABLE. You kind of remind me of Georgie Henley!

    OKAY. Questions! How fun! Let's see...

    -Do you play any musical instruments?
    -Who are your top 3 favorite authors?
    -If you could have any kind of mythical creature for a pet/companion, what would it be?
    -When did you first start writing and what spurred it on?
    -Who are 3 of your favorite fictional characters and why?
    -Why is a raven like a writing desk? (Juuust kidding! Or not. ;D)

    Okay, I'll stop there but if I come up with something I'm dying to ask I shall return!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN. I hope you're having the very best day! <333

    1. OH MY GOODNESS, MARY YOU *DO* KINDA LOOK LIKE Georgie Henely! (and also, I agree with Christine about the header. LOVE IT!)

    2. AND I spelled her name wrong *sigh*.

    3. omg you DO look like Georgie Henley!


      Asdfsldjf, you're the sweetest! To be honest, I actually kinda adore it. But I was still worried that most people would think it's too pink. (They probably do. XD)

      D'awww, thanks, Lauri!!! The two of us just can't get enough book photography. ;D OOH, YOU DO? For some reason, I was pretty sure you did. I guess because that's the one you rated on Goodreads? I don't even know. :P BUT IT IS ADORABLE.
      LOL, that was totally unintentional! I decided to randomly do this flower arrangement with my books and then Starflower somehow ended up on top. WHICH WAS PERFECT. XD
      Just...I can't even process all these sweet things. <333

      OH MY GOODNESS, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! I was super nervous about showing my face! And gosh, do I really? *goes to check* Oh my, I kinda do! That's such a wonderful compliment. ^_^

      Eep, I love your questions! I cannot WAIT to answer them. :D

      Thank you ever so much, Lauri! You're such a wonderful friend. <3

    5. @Savannah and Emily I JUST LOVE THIS. I didn't even realize that I did until today when I compared our pictures! But yay! XD


    Nice pictures(as usual)! My favorite is probably the one of the "Entwined" cover.

    Okay, questions:

    ~What are some of your pet peeves?
    ~What is, in your opinion, one of the most underrated books?
    ~If you could choose any book to make into a movie, what would it be and how would you cast it?
    ~If you were banned from either reading or writing for the rest of your life, which would you choose? (horrid question, I know)
    ~Are there any bizarre instruments you've always wanted to play?
    ~What's your second favorite Studio C video? (I think you've told me your first favorite.)
    ~Who's your favorite Studio C cast member?
    ~Can you remember a point in your life in which you didn't like reading?

    Awww, thanks for showing us your face!! You DO rather look like Georgie Henley.

    Hmmm, I might be interested in writing a guest post! Could it really be about anything? Like, could I write about the underrated Jane Bennet?

    And yay for the pink! Let's just pretend that I had it first and you stole it, rather than vice versa. xD

    1. WOAH. 85 replies on your Studio C comment today(/yesterday)? That was pretty cool!!


      Awww, thanks so much! I'm fond of that one, too. :)

      Ack, all the questions! THEY'RE AWESOME! (I love that you included Studio C ones. :D) I cannot WAIT to answer some of them!

      Oh gosh, all of you guys think I look like her! And actually, when I looked up pictures of her, I DID see a resemblance. Though she's still much prettier than I am. XD

      Sure, it could be about anything at all! (Though I'm a bit uncertain what you mean. Are you talking about just Jane Bennet as a character in general or as a character in a particular movie version?) You can either give me your email address (unless you're not comfortable doing that) or I can give you mine so we can talk about a possible guest post. ^_^

      Ha, suuure. I see how it is. ;) I know the truth! XD

      I KNOW, I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT WHEN I CAME HOME! I honestly had no idea it would explode like that. :o

    3. Oh! Just Jane Bennet as a character in general, although the Jane from P&P'05 is my favorite. (Sorry, I can see how my wording confused you.) But I'm up for writing about anything I'm knowledgable about(or not, as the case may be). xD

      Yeah, no problem: (I know it's a little weird, but I made it up when I was 13 so don't judge. ;D)

    Oh you look so pretty!! Yes very much like Georgie Henley :D
    Hmm questions

    ~can you start a bookstagram cause your photography is awesome?
    ~ Weirdest thing you've ever heard about Australia.
    ~ If you could marry any of Jane's male characters who and why?
    ~ Would you be interested in a guest post from me?

    Have a lovely day!!

      D'awww, thanks, Evie! I'm rather flattered to be compared to Georgie. :D

      Lovely questions, dear! I'll definitely make sure to answer some of them! (Also, are you talking about Jane Austen's male characters? That's what I first thought of when I saw this comment.)

      Thanks again!

    2. No worries!!!

      Thank youuuuuu! and yes! :D

  12. Happy birthday, Mary! Great post! Am I allowed to ask how old you are?
    Aw, you're lovely! I've actually been wondering what you looked like ever since I started reading your blog. I was actually quite excited to see a picture--sorry if you find that weird. Maybe by 'creepy stalkers' you mean crazy people like me? ;)
    And I'm not usually a mix-the-books-and-movies-together person, but. . . I WANT YOUR COPY OF THE RETURN OF THE KING THAT HAS ARAGORN ON IT!! *coughs awkwardly and regains dignity* If you hadn't notice, I'm kind-of crazy about Aragorn.
    Anyway, happy birthday!!

    1. *screams* HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THAT ARAGORN WAS ON THAT COVER?! *desperately wants book*

    2. Thanks so much, Hanna! I'd rather keep that private for the moment, but I appreciate your interest. ^_^ I'll possibly reveal my age at some point on my blog, though!

      STALKER. XD I'm totally kidding! I do the same thing when I follow people and have no clue what they look like, hehe. BUT THANKS SO MUCH! You're too kind. ^_^

      *hides book* MUST. PROTECT. ARAGORN. He's being mobbed by fangirls. XD I totally understand your adoration. ;)

      Thanks again, Hanna!!!

    3. @Savannah ISN'T IT AWESOME?! I'm kind of fearing for my book's life, though, with you guys clambering for it. XD *scurries off to find a bunker for protecting it*

    4. I totally get it, Mary. Honestly, I respect that you're putting some thought into it. It's not a good idea to just throw things around on the internet. I often talk to my parents before posting more personal things on my blog.
      Yes, you had better find a good place to hide your book from the creepy stalkers. ;)

    5. I completely agree! :D

      There's no hope for it, I fear. There are too many fangirls. It is folly. XD

  13. OOOOH awesome!! (I promise I'm working on my guest post for you *cough cough*). HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, dearie :D Your new header is awesome :)
    My question is: IF YOU KNEW YOU HAD ONLY ONE MORE DAY TO LIVE, HOW WOULD YOU SPEND IT? Not as morbid as it sounds XD

    1. Hehe, no rush! You just get it to me when it's ready.

      THANK YOU, ABI! ^_^

      Haha...suuuure. :P You guys are all just waiting for me to go so you can have that glitter funeral. I'm onto you now. XD

  14. 1) What is the velocity of an unladen swallow?
    2) Who is your favorite historical monarch and/or royal family, and why? As a corollary, what about your favorite fictional equivalent?
    3) What genres of music, if any, have you perpetually tried to appreciate and yet are still not quite able to grok?
    4) How has the internet shaped your life, for better and/or for worse?

    1. Thanks for the...*cough* interesting questions, Jonathan. ;)

  15. Happy birthday!! I would sing, but nobody wants to hear that...

    Also, you're so pretty!

    1. Haha, thank you! ^_^

      D'awww, you're so kind! Thanks for the lovely comment.

  16. AHHHH such lovely pictures of your books! Especially of The Tales of Goldstone Woods. They are my favorite series. <3


    a writer's faith

    1. EEP, THANK YOU! That series is so photogenic!

      THANKS, KATIE!!! :D

  17. MARYYYYYY. I didn't see this till now :P
    i'll start on that post *coughs* i've collected lots of good you know whats....... maybe tomorrow i can start it

    1. HANNAHHHHHH HOW DARE YOU. ;D (Really though, I love any comments I get. ^_^)

      OH! I couldn't remember what you were going to be posting about until just now. I CAN'T WAIIIIT. It's gonna be awesome! :D


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