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During my lengthy absence (again *cough*), I've been trying to figure out what I should do for my next post. Well, I finally decided to be a tag pirate and steal this Olympics tag from Abi. (Yes, tag pirating is a totally valid thing.)

Now, I'm not a sports person by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow when the Olympics come on, I become transfixed by the thousands of talented athletes vying for a medal. I don't even know what it is about the Olympics that does that to me. BUT YEAH. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have a tag to do so I could rave about the Olympics on my blog. ^_^

On to the tag!



~ Use the Blogging Olympics image (or make your own)
~ Thank the person who tagged you and list the rules -- thank you unofficially, Abi!
~ Answer the Olympics themed questions (feel free to add your own)
~ Tag others!


1.Team? Middle-earth. Oh, wait. That's not a team? *sighs* (I bet it's Sauron's fault that Middle-earth isn't in the Olympics.) Okay then, USA it is. Though when the US isn't in an event, I'll root for a plethora of countries, including Switzerland, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

2. If you could compete in an event, what would it be? Hmm...well, I kind of fail at like every sport (#awkward), but I think it would be cool to do archery, equestrian, or swimming. I love gymnastics but would probably kill myself if I tried that. XD I mean, I still would look like a terrified seal trying to ride a horse if I did equestrian, but at least I have a higher chance of survival in that sport.

3. Favorite event to watch? Gymnastics is definitely my favorite. But I also love all of the ones I listed above. Oh, and fencing! Annnnd water polo. BASICALLY ALL OF THE SPORTS. (But not golf or wrestling, please. I don't particularly enjoy watching people punch each other or chase balls around with a club.)

4. Olympian you most admire? Missy Franklin. She's honestly the sweetest, most optimistic person I can think of. Despite a disappointing turn-out for her this year in Rio, she has maintained a positive outlook, cheerful demeanor, and good sportsmanship. She's had a rough time recently with swimming, but she never lets that dampen her spirits.
Missy Franklin

(Just found this interview with her that made me love her 1000 times more. I especially love the pizza part. XD)

I also love the entire US women's gymnastics team. THEY ARE THE BESTEST. So cute and bubbly and supportive. <3 (Not to mention they rocked the world in the all-around finals.) We'd be here all day if I were to list all of the amazing Olympians I admire.
The Final Five

5. What sports do you currently play? I currently am an expert at tripping over air and racing my cat to the couch. GIMME THE GOLD MEDALS, PEOPLE.

6. Summer or Winter Olympics? Probably winter. I can't get enough of all the snow sports, and figure skating is my favorite sport of all time. But that being said, I do like them both almost equally.
Nuff said.

7. Ever been to see the Olympics in person? I WISH. Someone give me a time machine and five thousands dollars so I can go to the London games, please and thank you.

8. A sport that should be in the Olympics? Ack, I don't know. Maybe ballroom dancing for the summer and snowball fights for the winter. Those would be fun ones. ^_^ (Though I doubt they're really sports? PSSH, TECHNICALITIES.)

9. What do you think would be going through your head right before you were about to compete in the Olympics? I'd probably be wondering what on earth the judges were thinking. XD But if I actually were a good athlete and made it to the Olympics, I'm sure I'd be an emotional mess. I'd be stressed/excited/nervous/wishing-I-were-dead. It's probably a very good thing I'm actually not headed to the Olympics. ;)

10. If you could choose a location for the Olympics, what would it be? (Abi's question) The place Abi chose is PERFECT because New Zealand would be an absolute dream. BUT for variety's sake, I will pick Dublin, Ireland. I just think Ireland would be a beautiful location, even though France and Switzerland would also be top choices of mine. Ohhh, and I almost forgot! Reykjavik, Iceland, would be gorgeous as well.

Since we're all in the Olympic spirit right now, why not watch this awesome video of the USA swim team? (IT'S SO MUCH FUN AND HONESTLY WINS THE INTERNET.) I don't really like the music, but...they're all so adorable and hilarious that it's worth watching.

Since I stole the tag myself, I'm leaving this one open to anyone who has watched at least one Olympic event this year. I really enjoyed doing this tag, mostly because it gave me an excuse to talk about the Olympics. XD


Okay, folks. What do you think about the Olympics? Do you prefer winter or summer? Who's your favorite athlete? And if you were to pick a location for the games, what would it be? LET THE COMMENTS BEGIN!

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  1. My favorite athlete is definitely . . . *drumroll* . . . Aly Raisman :-) I LOVED her in London four years ago, and I'm so, so, so happy that she's back and that she got the chance to lead the U.S. team to another gold medal!!!!! I really admire how calm she is under pressure; I'm not like that, but I wish I could be :-)

    I think I prefer the summer games, just because it happens when I'm off school and so I have more time to just relax and watch them . . . plus, gymnastics is in the summer, and that's my favorite sport. I love figure skating too, but I think I like gymnastics even better. So many good memories over the years--Carly Patterson, Shawn Johnson, Nastia Lukin, Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, and now Simone Biles :-)

    1. Ahhh, I LOVE Aly! She's one of my favorite gymnasts from this year's Olympics! (I think my favorite miiiight be Laurie Hernandez. :D) You're right, she really handles the pressure extremely well. She's so talented!

      I totally understand! My school started up in the middle of the Olympics, but at least I got to watch some of them when I was on break. ^_^ Yessss, gymnastics is amazing! Figure skating is still my all-time favorite Olympic sport, but I love gymnastics, too. So many incredible gymnasts over the years!

      Thanks for commenting, Jessica! ^_^

  2. Tag pirating. I love it. XD

    Okay, I'm gonna admit something shameful. I...I've never watched the Olympics before. *ducks and hides* I knooow. IT'S TRUE. D: I just DON'T like sports at all. BUT, there are some in it I'd probably love watching. Archery, equestrian, gymnastics. Those are great! So I don't know WHY I never watch the Olympics. It's just not something I think about much. *shrugs* But now you're making me want to tune in! (And if Middle Earth was a team I'd totally watch!!! XD I guess we could call New Zealand Middle Earth's team...?)

    "I currently am an expert at tripping over air and racing my cat to the couch. GIMME THE GOLD MEDALS, PEOPLE."
    *CHOKES* Mary! XDDD Me too, girl. Meee too!

    I loooove watching ice skating! So I should REALLY check out the Winter Olympics sometime. Ice skating is just gorgeous. *dreamy sigh*

    Ballroom dancing and snowball fights would be AMAZING. XDD I'm trying to picture an extreme snowball fight and just giggling uncontrollably to myself. THIS NEEDS TO BE A THING.

    Well, I guess I need to watch some of the Olympics sometime! I seem to be missing out.

    1. *gasps* *chokes* *staggers* CHRISTINE, YOU'VE /NEVER/ WATCHED THE OLYMPICS?!? Oh my word, you absolutely MUST! Even though I only really care about swimming and gymnastics and such at the Olympics and not for the rest of the many weeks in the year, The Olympics are great fun. *nods*

    2. I KNOW. IT'S SHAMEFULLLL. *hides* I'd probably enjoy it if I give it a try!

    3. Hehe, thanks. XD

      *le gasp* WAIT, YOU'VE NEVER WATCHED THE OLYMPICS?! Christine, you NEED to watch them! (I mean, they're over now but that's beside the point. XD) I don't like sports as a rule either, but every time the Olympics come around, I become glued to the screen. There are probably at least a few sports you would like, like you said. But hey, if you don't, that's fine, too. ^_^


      Eeep, figure skating is my faaaavorite! It's so graceful and elegant (unlike me :P). You should give the winter Olympics a try in 2018! (Which suddenly seems sooo far away. D:)

      *chuckles* That would actually be quite hilarious. XD I think we need to petition for these to become actual Olympic sports. *nods*

      YOU ARE MISSING OUT. The Olympics are sooo fun! Even if you don't like them, at least you can say you've seen them before! ^_^

  3. *coughs officially* *steps up to podium* Mary, my dear Mary, you know not sports until you have seen me in action. My sport, my great talent, is the wonderful art of constantly asking my mother what is for dinner. I have quite an excellent memory, but I am greatly gifted at forgetting and then asking again about what food we shall be eating that evening. *straightens collar officially* *steps down from podium*

    (loved this post. :D The Olympics are gold. << (haha, see what I did there? SEE? I'm so gifted.))

    1. *also coughs officially* Dear friend Emily, you may have to fight me for the the gold medal in the 'asking mother what is for dinner' event.
      I am very skilled at it.
      *steps off stage*

    2. *cracks knuckles* Then may the best writer win. :P

    3. (Oh my gosh, you two are cracking me up. XDDD) I'm quite skilled in this event as well. It took years of training to hone my skills to perfection, but at last the hard work has paid off.

      (Thanks, Emily! LOL, you truly have an incredible gift, girl. ;D)

  4. I LOVE THAT VIDEO. EXCESSIVELY. Thank you for sharing it. :D I can foresee it becoming my go-to video if I'm feeling down. :D :D

    Yes, yes, I love the Olympics. :) Although I have been known to multi-task while watching it like taking selfies with the cat during an important event. #oops :)

    I think I prefer the Winter Olympics since they're a nice after-school relaxing treat. :) And the figure skating is so fun.

    If I had to choose one favorite athlete, it would probably be Simone Manuel since she's so cute and (obviously) talented and I think she's a Christian. I also like Simone Biles, Nathan Adrian, Ashton Eaton, Missy Franklin, and Madeline Dirado.

    Hmm, I'd pick Alaska for the Winter Olympics because it's where I live and then maybe I could go and see it. :)

    1. ISN'T IT THE HAPPIEST THING?! Not gonna lie, I watched it like three times in a row one day. XD It really is a great pick-me-up. ^_^

      Oh my word. XDDD I do the same thing sometimes. My cat's very photogenic. *nods*

      I maaay like the winter ones a tad more, too. BECAUSE FIGURE SKATING. Nuff said. :D

      I love Simone Manuel! She's so cute, and I love that she gave the glory to God after her victory. ^_^ Ooh, I like all the other ones you mentioned, too! (Especially Missy. <3)

      Haha, good plan. ;) It actually would be a beautiful place for the winter Olympics!

  5. Ooh, great post, Mary!
    This is the first year that I started to more seriously watch the Olympics, so I don't really know which I would like better out of summer or winter! =) AND YES ball-room dancing should totally become a thing in the Olympics. You are a genius, Mary Horton.
    If I could pick a, I don't know. Maybe Ireland. Or New Zealand. Some sort of green place like that. =p
    Again, great post, Mary! Really enjoyed reading it. =)

    1. Thank you, Ariel! :D

      OH, it is? Yayzers! Once you watch the next winter games, you'll have to let me know which you prefer. ^_^
      I'm actually reallllllly liking the sound of ballroom dancing now. O_o This totally needs to be a thing.

      Both lovely places! Those are actually two of my top picks as well. :)

      Aw, thanks so much, Ariel!

  6. ACK this post was so awesome XD.

    And ... uh ... I don't REALLY watch the Olympics? It's playing on the television all the time, but I haven't paid all THAT much attention to it so far *shrugs*.

    The game should be held somewhere very, very green. Because that's awesome *nods*.

    Also, I LOVE that horse picture - whoever took it is an epic photographer.

    1. Okay, scratch that. I watch the Olympics a lot XD (we started watching it every night as a family when our dad comes home this year).


      Haha, well, it sounds like you did after you wrote that first comment. XD Once you start watching them, there's no going back. *dun, dun, dun*

      Yus, all the lush green locations are the best! ^_^

      Eep, I know! I would probably be too scared to take a picture like that with the horse leaping right at me. XD

  7. Great answers! I used to watch the olympics when I was younger, but I don't have TV so I mostly just hear about the goings on from people. I still think it's a pretty amazing event though. ^ ^

    1. Ah, it's rather difficult to watch them when you don't have TV, isn't it? Thankfully, you should have had plenty of coverage elsewhere if you wanted to know what was happening. ^_^ The Olympics *are* really incredible!

  8. Lovely post!

    I tagged you over at An Odd Blog. :)

    1. Thanks, Evangeline!

      Ooh, thank you! I might not end up doing it this time, but I really appreciate your thinking of me! ^_^

  9. Great post, Mary! Hooray for Olympic Archery!! And all archery in general, actually. (I'm kind-of crazed about archery.) And equestrian and fencing! And as for gymnastics. . . I can't even. So. cool.
    And Olympic Ballroom Dancing NEEDS to be a thing!! You are a GENIUS.

    1. YES TO ALL OF THEM. Oh, don't you do archery? (I was stalking Savannah's blog comments one day and thought I saw that you did. XD)

      ACK, THANKS. I need Olympic Ballroom Dancing in my life. :D


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