Week 1 of Insanity // In Which There Are Squirrelly Butlers and Snarky Dragons

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The first week of Camp NaNo is over, and I may or may not be in denial. (Also, we are continuing to ignore the fact that I've been dead to the blogging world and haven't posted my Frabjous Finalities post even though the first week of July is over. *hacking cough* WE ARE IGNORING THIS, REMEMBER?)

Anyway. Where was I going with this?

Oh. YES.

So remember how I completely flipped my story on its head right before NaNo? Well, a teensy bit of plot has shown its face so YESSS, NOW IT ACTUALLY DOESN'T FEEL LIKE I'M DROWNING. (I'm merely treading water at this point. The drowning will probably come later when I reach 9736 plot holes.) My story is still a completely bizarre/random/nonsensical thing, but at least I kinda know where I'm going with it? And I don't hate it so...YAY.


Actually, I'm rather adoring it right now. The characters are turning out to be adorable little cinnamon rolls, as Cait from Paper Fury so eloquently dubs favorite characters of hers. ;) They all decided to revolt against me, though, so it's been rather difficult to corral them. (It's quite annoying when you begin to like characters that aren't supposed to be likable. I mean, really, guys? Can you not be so deliciously irresistible?)

My story has gone like every direction except the one I thought it would go. IT'S BEEN CRAZY. There have been lots of peculiar creatures popping out of nowhere. Very rude. I still have no idea what genre I would classify this under? Because there are pirates and pistols but also dragons and glitter-throwing sprites. DO NOT ASK. This is what happens when I have zero plans. :P

I fell behind and didn't get any writing done on Sunday and Monday because of Fourth of July craziness. BUT I am starting to get back on track and actually crested the 7k mark! SO YAY! That brings my Word document up to 17 pages. :D

Welp, that's a bit of an update on my progress. The first few days were really rough because of stress, lack of plans, and just general animosity towards my story. (It was being a petulant child and not behaving until I started threatening it with late-night writing sessions.)  Fortunately, I finally let myself loose and just had fun with my story. I stopped worrying about all the plot holes and character inconsistencies and just wrote. AND NOW I LOVE MEH BABY BOOK.

So. Do you want to see some snippets of my work? It's probably really horrible, but I honestly don't care. If you guys absolutely loathe it, I'll just keep shoving it down your throat until you learn to like it. *laughs evilly*

Les Snippets

   When they reached the door to the castle, Lieutenant Bradshaw knocked sharply before stepping back and staring at the entrance.

   A full minute passed without anything happening. Charlotte glanced at her companion. “Is anything supposed to happen?” she whispered.

   He moved a finger to his lips in an attempt to shush her. “It depends what mood Aryon is in.”

   “Who’s Aryon?”

   “The butler. He’s rather moody.”

   Charlotte huffed. “Well, I’m not waiting for him to answer.” She reared back her fist to bang on the door, but Lieutenant Bradshaw intervened.

   He grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm back before her fist could make contact. “No, please don’t do that!” he whisper-shouted.

   She wrenched her arm out of his grip and glared. “Whatever for? It’s his job to answer the door, isn’t it?”

   “Technically, yes, but I’m not quite certain he’s gotten the idea yet.”


   There was no reply. He just fixed his unnerving stare on her again.

   The massive door suddenly opened with a loud bang. Charlotte screamed and stumbled backwards a step as Lieutenant Bradshaw reached out to steady her.

   In front of the door was a little squirrel. No larger than a teapot, it looked up at the visitors with beady eyes. Its fluffy tail twitched violently as it continued to scrutinize them, seemingly aggravated.

   “What are you doing here?” the squirrel demanded. Charlotte was surprised to hear that its voice was actually quite deep, despite its small stature.

   The Lieutenant bowed deeply and motioned for Charlotte to do the same. “Sorry to disturb you, master nutsman, but Miss Davidson has been invited by his Regency to the annual festivities.”

   His button nose sniffed rapidly as he scooted towards Charlotte. She barely concealed the urge to squirm as his whiskers brushed her foot.

  The rodent suddenly darted back inside the safety of the castle. His deep voice echoed from somewhere inside the shadows of the cavernous building. “You may enter.”
   Charlotte cast a befuddled glance at Lieutenant Bradshaw. He simply nodded and prodded her forward. Cautiously, she took a step into the darkness.

The Lieutenant just winked. “It’s all part of the Royal City, love. If this is too eccentric for you, I highly suggest you refrain from attending the ball. Things only get odder the more you see of his Regency’s palace.”

  Perplexed and more than slightly annoyed, Charlotte frowned at him. Sure, she had heard stories about the mad ruler of the Royal City, but she had expected them to be exaggerated, as most tales usually are. She didn’t really expect him to have rodents running the place.
She kept herself from groaning…barely. Altering her voice to a biting tone, she said, “Well, in that case, I hope there’s a natural disaster in the next twenty-four hours.”
   His smile faltering, he quickly made his escape, neglecting to bow in his hurry.
   Charlotte finally let out the groan she was holding back. I’m stuck in a madman’s palace and have an irritating flirt on my heels. Perfect.
“Do you think this place is…well, a bit out of the normal?”
   He smirked. “Miss Davidson, there are two things you must know about the Royal City. One, everything is out of the normal. And two, no one ever thinks anything of it.”
His stomach suddenly dropped as Brickle lowered her wings and began to free-fall. James sucked in a gasp of air, fighting the urge to scream. The mist quickly cleared, and a landing platform came into view, growing rapidly closer.
   Panic began to seize James when Brickle kept falling, not slowing down at all. He opened his mouth to shout, but the air was snatched from his lungs by the brutal whirlwind. He squeezed his eyes shut and clamped his fists tighter around the thick leather reins.
   Brickle pulled up a split second later. James’s stomach reversed course, and he gulped for air. His head spun as the dragon floated the rest of the way downward to the platform. Brickle flapped her leathery wings a few extra times and gently settled on the grassy terrain.
   James massaged his temples, squinting in pain. “You could’ve at least given me a little warning.”
   A plume of smoke escaped Brickle’s nostrils. “Serves you right for getting your germs all over my freshly polished scales.”
   “Germs?” James rubbed his temples one more time before rolling his eyes. “You know what, I should’ve remembered. You’re the only germaphobic dragon in the universe, and it’s my luck that I get to ride you.”

“Did he now?” Brickle appeared uninterested. She was clawing the sod with her long talons, making some sort of design in the grass.

   “Do you even care what I’m saying?”

   “Not particularly.”                           

   James crossed his arms and frowned. “Ever the encourager, aren’t you?”

   Brickle smiled toothily then. “I do try.”


Welllllll...that got a little out of hand. Hopefully you guys didn't die of boredom. But seriously. WHAT DID YOU THINK??? Was it as awful as you imagined? (Or worse? ;D)

Okay, I'm dying mentally right now so GOOD NIGHT, PEOPLE. *drops mic*

 Here come the questions! What did you think? Are my words really bizarre? (You're lying if you say they aren't. XD)  How has YOUR writing been going? And if you're doing NaNo, ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?! I want to hear from all my fellow dragons out there!

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  1. Um, AMAZING WRITING ALERT!! I love your characters already. The bit of plot you've shown is hilarious and fascinating-now I want to read the whole thing!

    1. Oh my word, I AM BLUSHING. You are the sweetest!!!

      *grins* Thanks sooo muuuuch!

  2. Wonderful post, Mary!!! Charlotte seems like quite the spunky heroine. =)
    And CONGRATS for surviving the first week of NaNo!!!!! Keep going, girl!!!
    (ooh, and on a side not, did you know the guy in the GIF you posted is Elijah Wood...?)

    1. Aw, thank you!! Hehe, yeahhhh, that's putting it mildly. ;D *receives steely-eyed glare from Charlotte* What, I was only being honest!

      (Yes, I did! I specifically looked for Elijah Wood gifs, actually. XD)

  3. YOU'VE SURVIVED THE FIRST WEEK. *throws cake and confetti* Wait...why did I just throw the CAKE? Oops!

    I'm so happy it's going well and your plot is coming along and the characters are adorable cinnamon rolls! (Also, Elijah Wood gif on point.) AND EXCUSE ME BUT DID YOU JUST SAY PIRATES AND DRAGONS AND GLITTER THROWING SPRITES??? I may have just died from over exposure of awesomeness. O____O

    *devours them*



    The butler is a SQUIRREL. A DISGRUNTLED SQUIRREL. I AM DEAD. And this eccentric Royal City sounds like the BEST. THING. EVER. And and and A GERM CONSCIOUS DRAGON. HOW U COME UP WITH SUCH BRILLIANCE? This is so great. Seriously, I am in loooove!

    KEEP WRITING, MARY. Because this story needs to exist. I CAN'T WITH THE AMAZINGNESS. *faints*

    1. DON'T THROW THE CAKE! *frantically tries to catch it* XD

      Assdffldsk. YOU. ARE. THE BEST. End of story. <3


      *sits here madly laughing* Goodness, your reaction is making me crack up! You're too sweet!

      D'awww! <333 Thanks loads, Christine!


  5. WOW MARY!! Your writing is wonderful!! It really draws you in. This sounds like its going to be a fun, exciting, wonderful book!! I would love to read more! Keep going, girl!! Your doing great!! :D

    1. *hugs you* You're a delightful human bean! Thank you soooo much! Oh my stars, I'm so glad it drew you in! I'm still working on writing this little monster of a book. :D

  6. Congratulations on reaching 7k, and on completing the first week! Way to go, girl!!

    I want moooorrreee...your snippets are LIFE. If you ever need a beta reader, please let me know!

    I hope the next week goes swimmingly!

    Emma | www.creativexplorations.com

    1. *crushes you in a big hug* THANK YOU, EMMA!!!! I'm outlandishly excited to see this comment! (Two and a half months later. O_o)

      Oh golly, thank you SO much! I can't even tell you how much this comment means to me. <3

      Well...it's going to be a while, but maaaaybe sometime in the spring I'll be looking for betas. Maybe. ;)

  7. Congratulations on reaching 7k, and on completing the first week! Way to go, girl!!

    I want moooorrreee...your snippets are LIFE. If you ever need a beta reader, please let me know!

    I hope the next week goes swimmingly!

    Emma | www.creativexplorations.com

  8. Yes, ONE WEEK OF INSANITY SO FAR. I have been lovinglovingloving Camp NaNo so far, even though I basically despise how flat my characters are and how undeveloped my worldbuilding is. :P And I set a 15k goal, but I think I'm going to raise it to 20k. CAMP IS JUST SO FUN.



      Awww, thank you!!! YES, I WANT A SQUIRREL BUTLER, TOO. Let me know when you find one. XD

  9. YAY I loved hearing about your Camp experience so far! :D Congrats on getting to 7k -- YOU'RE ALMOST CAUGHT UP HUZZAH! You're doing awesome. :D And I'm sooo glad you're enjoying it! Also fantasy with pirates and pistols and such is totally acceptable and in fact awesome. *nods* DO NOT QUESTION. Also oh my word your snippets were so fun. XD Germaphobic dragons and squirrelly butlers. I LOVE. Also Lieutenant Bradshaw sounds cool... ANYWAYS I'M INTRIGUED. KEEP WRITING YOU CAN DO IIIIIT!!! ^_^ *cheers you on*

    1. AWK, THANK YOU!!! *hugs your comment* *and you* *because comments are rather difficult to hug*

      Hehe, Lieutenant Bradshaw is...quite the interesting character. ;) *insert mysterious author grin*

      THANK YOU BUNCHES, DEBORAH! Even reading this for the fourth time makes me grin. ^_^

  10. A SQUIRREL BUTLER. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE IT! Where do you come up with all your epic ideas?! All the snippets you shared were SUPERB. I will find some way to beta read this book of yours, oh yes *nods sagely*.

    YES I'M DOING NANOWRIMO AND I'M ALIVE. Well ... last I checked, anyways *shrugs*. I'M NEARLY HALFWAY TO MY 20K GOAL! And MY you're brave for setting a 30k goal! That's like ... 1k a day. At the least. That's a lot. *gapes*

    YOU CAN DO IT, MARY!! *gives you pizza* *and cookies* *and candy* *and cute little kittens*

    1. *flails* Thank you, Savannah!!! I don't even know where that came from, to be honest. I guess the pressure of word wars made me write all kinds of random stuff. Like now my characters are in a cake shop for some reason? #writerslife

      I WAS AN INSANE DRAGON. WHAT WAS I THINKING. Hehe, but still, it was fuuuun! We made it!

      *crushes you in a big internet hug* *devours all the goodies* *cuddles kittens* Thank you, Savannah! :D

  11. I was so excited when I saw you'd posted, Mary!
    (But of course, no pressure, I know you're busy.)
    And pirates and dragons and magic in the same story is SO totally legit. I mean, I read that and I was like, "Oh my word! Is such epicness possible?"
    And oh my word, rodents?? I have a serious soft-spot for fuzzy animals, so. . . that sounds awesome! The plot-hole-fixing can come later--just love your story!

    1. Awww! Thank you so much, Hanna! Your comments make my day! ^_^

      EEEK! WHAT ARE EVEN WORDS. Thank you. <333

      I'm so glad it's coming together! Well...sort of. :P It's called a WIP for a reason. ;)


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