"So...it begins."

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WARNING: My brain is dead at the moment so please excuse me if my words are confuzzling.

Um...so apparently Camp NaNo started.




*dies from a heart attack*

Yep, just 25 minutes ago from the time I'm writing this, the month of July rolled around, bringing with it Camp NaNo (aka the time I will go insane). I decided out-of-the-blue to join and set a verrrrry realistic goal of 30k. (Can you feel the sarcasm of that sentence? BECAUSE YEAH, THAT GOAL IS REALLY CRAZY.) Luckily, I'm in a really great cabin so I'll have lots of people to complain to when my writing looks like trash.  #friendshipgoals

And I'm legitimately the most stressed I've been in who-knows-how-long. Because guys, I'm a planner. Aaaand I didn't get a chance to plot my book at all. Zilch plot, people. NO OUTLINE. (Oh, and this is all because I decided on a whim that I wanted to change the genre of my novel and completely throw all my plans for it out the window. THANKS, BRAIN.)


So yesh. This shall be an interesting month. XD I don't even know if I'll be able to write for 10 of those 31 days because I have a trip that popped out of nowhere. LET US HOPE I CAN SMUGGLE MY LAPTOP ABOARD THE PLANE. I will disguise it as a pair of pants if I must.

(I swear I had a point to this post when I started it. Staying up past midnight and being incredibly stressed does things to me. :P Also, I just ranted about the same thing to my lovely friend Tracey so SORRY YOU HAD TO READ THIS AGAIN, DEAR.)

I had every intention of writing a Frabjous Finalities post yesterday, but I haven't even started it yet. #fail I hope you guys don't mind waiting another day (or five) for it. Oh, and I PROMISE I'M NOT IGNORING YOU GUYS. I will respond to your comments soon, but ack, I've got to get over this stressss.

Basically, wish me luck and pray I'll survive. XD I will be consuming many late-night desserts (what, who doesn't eat candy and ice cream when they need an energy boost? ;D) and relying on the power of word wars to get me through this. Expect many incoherent updates throughout the month. ALL SANITY HAS FLOWN OUT THE WINDOW AND ABANDONED ME.

*glances over post*

Oh, boy, I'm going to regret posting this in the morning.

*hits publish*

Who else out there is doing/has done Camp NaNo? ANY ADVICE??? Hopefully you aren't as stressed as I am. :/ Also, what is YOUR favorite snack? I definitely need some ideas for my writing fuel. *nods*

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  1. YES IT HAS STARTED LET THE INSANITY BEGIN *promptly goes insane*

    You set your goal at 30k. *stares* You are very brave. YOU CAN DO IT!!! *gives you motivational candy* What's your username?

    I joined NaNo for the first time this year, too! However, my goal is a tad smaller, 20k XD. AND I NEED TO WIN OTHERWISE MY STORY WILL NEVER GET EDITED (yes, I'm editing for Camp NaNoWriMo *dies*).

    I snack on a lot of things XD. Uh ... maybe chips and salsa? I seem to be eating that a lot. Or you can always eat pizza, pizza makes everything better *nods sagely*. *sends you pizza*

    And I shall read ALL your incoherent NaNo posts and cheer you on because YOU CAN DO IT, MARY HORTON!!! *cheers loudly*

    1. *feels very awkward responding to this in September* XD

      Haha, I was a very foolish child. :P I obviously didn't make my goal but...*shrugs* 22k isn't bad.


      Ooh, chips and salsa! *salivates* AND PIZZA, OH MY HEART. <333 *gladly accepts pizza*

  2. You are brave to stay up past midnight to give us a blogpost.

    I'm doing Camp as well, just in a different cabin. 30K is a hefty goal! What is your story about?

    Advice? Get plenty a sleep and set a specific time to write each day. (Wow, rather ironic coming from a pineapple who doesn't set times for hardly anything, including when to turn out the lights.)

    I like to eat apples. 1, because you are only employing the use of one hand to eat it. 2, because they are easy to just grab and go. 3, because they are probably healthier than a cookie, which is also easy to grab and go.

    Lastly, don't forget to have FUN! :D

    1. HAHA. Nah, I was just insane really. ;D (I tend to do most of my posts after midnight for some reason...I guess that certain element of crazy helps. XP)

      Wellllll...*points at NaNo wrap-up post* That's what it's about. XD I'm still trying to figure out what on earth is happening with my story, to be honest.

      Hehe, thanks for the advice! Even if it isn't Camp NaNo, it's good to keep tips like that in mind. :D

      Yeahhhh, apples are probably healthier than cookies. (Though I would prefer gingerbread, if you happen to have it on hand. ;D)

  3. YOU GOT THIS MARY. And whether or not you reach 30k, you'll be able to feel good about the fact you put forth a valiant effort! We're cheering you on!

    I don't eat while writing, but I eat a lot of granola bars at work because they're easy to pack along. XD I like cookies, crackers, pretzels, chocolate, ice cream, fruit, and smoothies when I can get my hands on one.

    *looks up and realized I spent more words talking about food than encouraging you*

    Just write the thing and see where it takes you! Maybe without a plan to rely on--scary as it is (I've been there!)--you'll find that the story goes to astonishing new heights you never dreamed of. And don't be afraid to write messy.

    Love ya! And I certainly don't mind reading this twice. <3

    1. D'awww, Tracey! You're so sweet. <3 So sorry for this dreadfully late reply! (It's like when we email each other basically. XD)

      Yeah, I generally don't eat while I write either. But having some snacks during breaks is always helpful. ^_^ Can't go wrong with cookies and smoothies and ice cream. ;)

      *chuckles* You clearly have your priorities in order. XD

      Oh yes, my story is going in a COMPLETELY different direction that I thought it would! But that's okay--because I'm rather adoring this wild journey I'm on!

      Awww, love ya too, Tart! <3 So glad to have you with me!


    1. *dies with you because now I'm considering doing NaNo in November* Maybe we'll do it together again???

  5. I have never done something like this, but I have done a lot of writing, so I get it. Your blog post was quite coherent, don't worry!
    Chocolate. Always chocolate, it can get you through anything. And I just figured out pretzels and marshmallows taste really good together too--even for people who don't like marshmallows by themselves.
    Good luck writing!

    1. Yay, mission accomplished! ;) Truth be told, my mind seems to work better after midnight sometimes. :P

      AHHHHH CHOCOLATE. Ooh, pretzels and marshmallows?! Yes please! I looooove both of those snacks so I imagine they're delicious when combined!

  6. Obviously I'm doing it :D And I also have my 30K word goal (which I thought was just crazy for /me/ until I saw everyone else's goals in our cabin).

    You can. do. it. We can do it together. I have no advice except don't rewrite. Just move on. Leave yourself notes that will help you later, but don't do any changes at this point :) HAVE FUN!!

    What to eat? I like to drink iced tea and eat chocolate (caffeine!!!) Otherwise it totally depends. Sometimes I want real food (leftovers), a healthy snack, or complete junk. xD

    Disguising your laptop as pants XDDDDD That would be quite something! My only plane trip was before my laptop days, so I'm glad I've never had to do that yet ^.^ HAVE FUN!!

    1. Haha, well, it seems we both survived. ;) And now you know JUST how long I've been neglecting the comments...

      WE DID IT. YES, PRECIOUS. And I resisted the urge to rewrite...er, for the most part. I sometimes went back and tweaked a few sentences. *cough*

      Yeah, depends on my mood, too! But I'm almost always in the mood for chocolate. ;D

      Aren't I hilarious? XDDD *slow claps* I did manage to take Percival with me, but I hardly got any writing done. :/

  7. YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS GIRL!!! Go Camp NaNo Warrior!!! =D

  8. EEEEK CAMP. So, I'm not doing it but I have before and I'M SUPER SUPER EXCITED FOR YOU but also I totally understand the stress. XD BREATHE, DARLING. BREATHE. IT'S GONNA BE OKAY. I mean, you're amazing so I'm sure you can do it! :D *really wants your username so I can stalk your stats-graph and watch you be amazing* *COUGH*

    I'm sorry about the lack of planning thing... I totally did that my last couple NaNos and it was BAD because I'm totally a planner... AND I did have to do NaNo during a trip once which was INSANE (it was in a car though... so I wrote on my laptop then. And also at my uncle's when we were snowed in. XD). But that was a 50K NaNo and I survived and YOU TOTALLY CAN TOO! About 1,000 words per day is totally doable, I think! YOU CAN DO THIIIIIIS!!! I will totally be over here cheering you on and if you ever need to shriek at me or get some encouragement, I'm totally here for you! ^_^

    Ummm advice... Try to write extra the first few days so that you can get ahead, because you'll be more excited at the beginning and less burnt out, so it should be good! Also TRY to stay on top of your goal if you can at all, because it is not fun to be playing catchup at the end. XD And wordwars. YES. Also, if there's nobody to wordwar, then wordwar yourself! Put on a timer and tell yourself you HAVE to write for 10 minutes and then write down how many words you got. I've found it SUPER motivating to wordwar myself because then I don't get distracted talking with whoever I'm wordwarring with. XD But wordwars with other people are fun too. :) Also, I don't know if you write to music or not? But if you do, try playing FAST music when you're wordwarring! It sounds silly, but I seriously type faster when there's a fast beat going. :D I usually have a couple of songs that I designate My Wordwar Songs and whenever they play it's my sign to WRITE LIKE THE WIND. :D Skyworld is my favorite for that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lq2ANOkfsIA&list=PLvamHHeQwYO3eIywgBmmgkZAwqjeneO8v&index=32

    ANYWAYS I hope you have the bestest Camp NaNo ever! I'M CHEERING YOU ON. YOU'VE GOT THIS, YOU AWESOME MARY-GIRL! :D

    (Also I tagged you on my book blog, whiiiich... on second thought was probably a bad plan since you need to be writing Camp NaNo words instead of blog posts. XD But anyways, I thought of you because BOOKS, so here. No pressure obviously. :) https://thepagedreamer.wordpress.com/2016/07/01/mid-year-book-freak-out-tag-2016/)

    1. *is still beaming over the long Deborah comment*

      Allllll the advice!!! Eep, you're always so encouraging and sweet!

      WHOA. You wrote 50k during a road trip?! HOW EVEN, GIRL. O.O

      Heh, well, I obviously didn't stay on top of my word count goal. :P BUT I basically lived off of word wars. They were my life jacket in the storm of NaNo. XD I don't listen to music while I write because I can't concentrate. :/ I soooo wish I could because music is AMAZING.

      D'AWWW, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It was so wonderful getting your messages during NaNo. *hugs*

      (WOW, I ACTUALLY DID IT. I usually forget about/procrastinate on tags, but I'm very impressed with myself for doing it. XD It was such a fun tag!)

  9. *twitches because long comment is long* Ahem. ALSO I FORGOT TO SAY: I TOTALLY READ THE TITLE OF THIS POST IN THEODEN'S VOICE. :D


    But I tooootally get you with the stress thing. NaNoWriMo is my absolute favorite and most hated time of the year. IT'S A PARADOX. I think it's completely stressful DURING the time, but afterwards, once it's done and you've, ya know, finally gotten sleep after going without for 30 days, you look back and realize how awesome it was. So my advice is to take one day at a time. Don't look at the month and wordcount as a whole and think HOW AM I GONNA WRITE ALL THESE WORDS IN ONE MONTH? Instead look at each day and each small wordcount. Think, "Okay, I'll write 1k words before lunch today." Or, "2k words before bed tonight." And so on. But most importantly, do NOT worry about what you're writing. JUST WRITE. Sometimes it even comes out better that way, when you turn your brain off and let your insanity take over. Some of my favorite scenes I've ever created came from my crazy, stressed NaNo brain. XD Also take plenty of breaks and consume MUCH caffeine. That's super important. *nods*

    My favoritest thing to consume during NaNo (before I started drinking coffee that is) is this French vanilla cappuccino stuff by Hills Bro. You can just buy it at Walmart or wherever and you add it to warm milk and it's DELICIOUS. Also caffeine! So yeah.


    1. IT WAS SO FUUUUN!!!

      Ha, TRUTH. I'm stillll debating whether to do NaNo in November? Because I know I'll be a bundle of stress, but still. It will be oodles of fun. I DON'T EVEN KNOWWWW.

      Thanks for all the awesome advice, Christine! I can ALWAYS use writerly advice from seasoned experts like you. ;D

      Hmmm...I'll have to look into that! Is it a coffee product? (Because coffee + me = no)


  11. *casually drops link to camp profile because everyone obviously needs it to survive*


    Now you guys can stalk me. XD



  13. YOU CAN DO IT WE SHALL HELP YOU. (by screaming helpful things such as 'write faster else wolves will eat you' *coughcough* XD)

    1. HA. You guys were hilarious. XD (And very helpful. That's motivational stuff right there. :P)


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