Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

I was tagged by the splendiferous Deborah a few weeks ago for a bookish tag. A bookish tag, peeps! Yes, I obviously had to do it. (And I'm rather proud of the fact that I'm doing it so quickly. *realizes it's actually been over three weeks* Oh well, it's still the same month. :P)

Anywhozens, since the year's more than halfway over (*throws a wrench at the person who's obviously pressing buttons on a time machine*), we're going to actually be excited about that terrifying fact and blissfully answer questions about books. LET'S DO THIS, SHALL WE?


1.) Best Book You've Read So Far In 2016

Wuuuuut?! I am seriously offended by this question. I mean, you actually expect me to pick a favorite book? That's like picking a favorite child.

Welllll...since I can't pick just one, I'll list a few books I obsessively raved about and shoved in people's faces enjoyed thoroughly.

~ J.M. Barrie ~
~ Lewis Carroll ~
~ Heather Dixon ~
~ Rachel Starr Thomson ~
~ Jane Austen ~
~ Diana Wynne Jones ~
There are like a billion more books I loved, but we'd be here all day if I tried to name them. SO THAT'S ALL YOU GUYS GET.

2.) Best Sequel You've Read So Far In 2016

Probably A Spark Unseen by Sharon Cameron. I maaaay have liked it even more than the first book. Actually no, probably not. I can't really decide. I just know it was really good. :D
Oh, and I just got my own copy of this book from my sister a couple days ago. Which means she's now my favorite and only sister. I can now pet the cover as long as I want. *smiles*

3.) New Release You Haven't Read Yet But Want To

Lemme see here... Paper Crowns, The Beautiful Pretender, and The Voyage to Magical North. That last book, though. You can't tell me it doesn't look hilariously awesome if you've read the summary.

4.) Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of The Year 

The Forgetting (by Sharon Cameron) and The Silent Songbird (by Melanie Dickerson). YES PLEASE. *grabby hands*
Yes, I'm in love with this author's covers.

That hair is like...the most beautiful
thing ever.

5.) Biggest Disappointment

I was really disappointed in Veiled Rose. I'd heard a lot of good things about the series and though I enjoyed the first book (Heartless), I found it kind of boring. So I guess I was expecting more interesting things to happen in the sequel. But I still had the same problem and honestly couldn't connect at all with the characters. WHICH IS SO SAD. Because I realllllly need to like the characters in a book. And I really wanted to like the series. *sighs* Maybe I'll like the third book more? *crosses fingers*

6.) Biggest Surprise 

Hmm...probably The Scarlet Letter. I honestly wasn't expecting to like it that much, but it turned out to be really, really good.

7.) Favorite New Author

Why must these questions be so haaaard? I've discovered a lot of authors this year that I adore (though none of them have just started writing, if that's what the term "new" is supposed to imply). I'd have to go with Heather Dixon, Diana Wynne Jones, and Sharon Cameron. THEY'RE ALL AMAZING DRAGONS. READ THEIR BOOKS. *shoves books in your face*



8.) Newest Fiction Crush/Ship


So. Many. Ships. I'm making myself pick from books I've read very recently (the last month or so), otherwise you'd never hear the end of it.

~ Katharine Tulman and Lane Moreau from The Dark Unwinding/A Spark Unseen

~ Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle

~ Lord le Wyse and Annabel from The Merchant's Daughter

I don't really have any crushes, per se, but I am rather fond of Lane Moreau. He confuses my emotions and I would actually probably get along horrifically with him, but oh well. I still love him. *hugs*

I also love Lord Bradford from Entwined, Tomas from Lady Moon, Henry Tilney from Northanger Abbey, and Lockwood from Illusionarium. (Yes, we're pretending I read those books in the last month. I NEEDED to mention these guys, though, because they're wonderful. <333)

9.) Newest Favorite Character


THESE QUESTIONS ARE EVIL. *pouts* I'm just going to go with the last character that I completely fell in love with, which would be Taggle from Plain Kate. He's a talking cat, and he's adorable and hilarious. Just...TAGGLE. <333

 10.) Book That Made You Cry 


Every book ever. XD Most recently, I sobbed during Plain Kate. I'm still not entirely sure what I think about the book as a whole, but it stabbed me in the feels like 314 times so yeah.

Oh, also Deluge. I WAS WEEPING, I TELL YOU. It was rather depressing in a way. D:




11.) Book That Made You Happy 


Oh gosh...the first ones that come to mind are Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Howl's Moving Castle, and Entwined. Oh, and of course Lady Moon. I'm obviously very decisive. XD

12.) Favorite Book To Film Adaptation You Saw This Year

I would of course say The Lord of the Rings, but I'm going to go with one I saw for the first time this year. Which would be North and South (2004). It's just gorgeous and poignant and incredible. I haven't read the book yet (*cough*), but the miniseries was amazing.
I also very much enjoyed The Jungle Book (2016). Though again, I can't speak for how accurate of an adaptation it is because I haven't read the book.

13.) Favorite Post You Have Done So Far This Year 


How does one choose a favorite post when they're all so fabulous? Well, I shall endeavor to pick my top five anyway since I have to. ;)

14.) Most Beautiful Book You've Bought So Far This Year 


Prooooobably Entwined. But I also love the cover for Shadowhand.
Sorry, I haven't gotten around to photographing
this one yet.

15.) Books You Need To Read By The End Of The Year 


 A terrifying amount. Looking at my TBR makes me fear for my life.
Here are a bunch of books I must get my hands on posthaste.
~ Rook and The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron
~ Paper Crowns by Mirriam Neal
~ Raising Dragons Graphic Novel by Bryan Davis
~ The Beautiful Pretender, A Spy's Devotion, and The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson
~ Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
~ Emissary by Thomas Locke
~ The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
~ The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann
~ Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George
~ Three Wishes by Lisa T. Bergren
~ On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson
~ North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
~ Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
~ The Ryn by Serena Chase
And that's just the beginning. I honestly want to devour waaay more books than this, but I highly doubt I shall get to them all by the end of the year. #bookdragonprobs
 I hereby tag anyone who's read a Jane Austen book this year. You don't have to do it, of course, but it is a truth commonly acknowledged that people who do bookish tags lead happier lives. (This is totally true. *nods*)
(Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I was lazy and stopped linking to all the books near the end of the tag. It's such a pain to link to alllllll of the books. XD)

Can you believe that July is almost over? WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?! Also, what is your newest favorite book character? (And what is your favorite post I've done? I'm actually rather curious what posts you all enjoy the most.)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Twelve Things You Probably Don't Know about Moi

I'm in major freak-out mode right now because I'm dreadfully behind in just about everything. Which means NO ONE LOOK AT MY NANO WORDCOUNT RIGHT NOW, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. (In case you're interested, it's dreadfully low because mischievous squirrels have been popping out of nowhere and setting back my wordcount. THIS IS THE TRUTH, I SWEAR.)

Anywho. I apparently haven't posted in over a week? Yeah. Which means I had to scrounge for time to write this post whilst hiding away upstairs from people and being an antisocial dragon. #introvertproblems


I've been seeing this link-up called Top Ten Tuesdays floating around on a bunch of friends' blogs and decided that last week's looked fun. (I'm totally on time. :P)

So I hereby present to you...twelve random things you don't know about me (and probably don't wish to).

And you're getting a dozen facts about me because I'm awesome and can't be confined to just ten. *cough*

#1. I can't stand the sound of someone biting into a popsicle. Yeah, this one's a little weird. Every time someone bites into a popsicle, my skin crawls. UGH. It's like nails against chalkboard. DO NOT BITE INTO A POPSICLE IN MY PRESENCE, PEOPLE.

#2. I actually get stressed out when I don't read books fast enough. By habit, I'm not an extremely fast reader. It usually takes me a while to read a book. *says the one who just read a book in less than two days* So if I only read three or four books a month, I actually get stressed out. BECAUSE EEP, I NEED MORE BOOOOKS. I must read them all!!!

#3. I'm a surprisingly stubborn person. Oh, you don't like the snow, do you? Allow me to hand you a list of the reasons why snow is actually the best thing ever. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise. (Yes, I have actually gotten defensive about my love of snow before. XD)

#4. I don't like tea. SOWWY. I just really don't like the taste of tea. I finally tried hot tea for the first time and...nope. I can't make myself drink it. (Unless it's raspberry tea, which tastes nothing like tea so that's why it's good.)

#5. Having a schedule makes me stressed but not having one also makes me stressed. Very contradictory, I know. But when I have a schedule, I can become EXTREMELY stressed if I don't follow through with everything exactly as I had it laid out. On the other hand, if I'm out of my normal routine, I become even more stressed because GAH, EVERYTHING IS SPONTANEOUSLY SCARY. And that probably made no sense at all. XD


#6. I like to sleep with a flat pillow. Is that normal? Because I actually traded my pillow for my sister's flat one. (Still, hotel pillows are the best. I love it when my head will just sink into it. *sighs*)

#7. I tend to get very claustrophobic. Which means crowds are a big no-no. As are couches with a bunch of people squeezed onto it. NO THANKS. And let's not forget airplane seats. Those are always loads of fun. :P


#8. I really want to go zip-lining someday. I am somewhat of a daredevil (though you'll never catch me sky diving) and have always really wanted to zip-line. It just looks like so much fun!

#9. I hardly ever sunburn, tan, freckle, or get mosquito bites. My skin seems determined to stay a ghostly white color. (Except I did get sunburned a couple weeks ago. But it was only the fourth time in my life so yesh.)

#10. I don't like soda. I KNOW, I'M A STRANGE CREATURE. But carbonation and I don't get along. We just have a mutual distrust, I s'ppose. Oh, but I will occasionally drink Sprite! So I'm not completely hopeless. XD

#11. I will give virtual hugs but actual physical hugs are not my thing. I guess I just don't like people touching me. Or my books. Or really anything that I own. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

#12. I have double-jointed knuckles and thumbs. This fact is both intriguing and disturbing. And I also crack my knuckles, which apparently bothers a lot of people.
Hopefully this post didn't put you to sleep. I basically wrote the entire thing in one sitting and was too lazy to really format it well. I guess writing a post while being away with lots of extended family members was not the smartest thing to do. :P

(Also, I just realized that I didn't finish this in time to add it to the link-up widget. D: Aw man.)

So tell me. Do YOU have any weird pet peeves? What's your opinion on hugs and tea? Oh, and do you read fast or slow? ANSWER ME, PEASANTS. ;D

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Week 1 of Insanity // In Which There Are Squirrelly Butlers and Snarky Dragons


The first week of Camp NaNo is over, and I may or may not be in denial. (Also, we are continuing to ignore the fact that I've been dead to the blogging world and haven't posted my Frabjous Finalities post even though the first week of July is over. *hacking cough* WE ARE IGNORING THIS, REMEMBER?)

Anyway. Where was I going with this?

Oh. YES.

So remember how I completely flipped my story on its head right before NaNo? Well, a teensy bit of plot has shown its face so YESSS, NOW IT ACTUALLY DOESN'T FEEL LIKE I'M DROWNING. (I'm merely treading water at this point. The drowning will probably come later when I reach 9736 plot holes.) My story is still a completely bizarre/random/nonsensical thing, but at least I kinda know where I'm going with it? And I don't hate it so...YAY.


Actually, I'm rather adoring it right now. The characters are turning out to be adorable little cinnamon rolls, as Cait from Paper Fury so eloquently dubs favorite characters of hers. ;) They all decided to revolt against me, though, so it's been rather difficult to corral them. (It's quite annoying when you begin to like characters that aren't supposed to be likable. I mean, really, guys? Can you not be so deliciously irresistible?)

My story has gone like every direction except the one I thought it would go. IT'S BEEN CRAZY. There have been lots of peculiar creatures popping out of nowhere. Very rude. I still have no idea what genre I would classify this under? Because there are pirates and pistols but also dragons and glitter-throwing sprites. DO NOT ASK. This is what happens when I have zero plans. :P

I fell behind and didn't get any writing done on Sunday and Monday because of Fourth of July craziness. BUT I am starting to get back on track and actually crested the 7k mark! SO YAY! That brings my Word document up to 17 pages. :D

Welp, that's a bit of an update on my progress. The first few days were really rough because of stress, lack of plans, and just general animosity towards my story. (It was being a petulant child and not behaving until I started threatening it with late-night writing sessions.)  Fortunately, I finally let myself loose and just had fun with my story. I stopped worrying about all the plot holes and character inconsistencies and just wrote. AND NOW I LOVE MEH BABY BOOK.

So. Do you want to see some snippets of my work? It's probably really horrible, but I honestly don't care. If you guys absolutely loathe it, I'll just keep shoving it down your throat until you learn to like it. *laughs evilly*

Les Snippets

   When they reached the door to the castle, Lieutenant Bradshaw knocked sharply before stepping back and staring at the entrance.

   A full minute passed without anything happening. Charlotte glanced at her companion. “Is anything supposed to happen?” she whispered.

   He moved a finger to his lips in an attempt to shush her. “It depends what mood Aryon is in.”

   “Who’s Aryon?”

   “The butler. He’s rather moody.”

   Charlotte huffed. “Well, I’m not waiting for him to answer.” She reared back her fist to bang on the door, but Lieutenant Bradshaw intervened.

   He grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm back before her fist could make contact. “No, please don’t do that!” he whisper-shouted.

   She wrenched her arm out of his grip and glared. “Whatever for? It’s his job to answer the door, isn’t it?”

   “Technically, yes, but I’m not quite certain he’s gotten the idea yet.”


   There was no reply. He just fixed his unnerving stare on her again.

   The massive door suddenly opened with a loud bang. Charlotte screamed and stumbled backwards a step as Lieutenant Bradshaw reached out to steady her.

   In front of the door was a little squirrel. No larger than a teapot, it looked up at the visitors with beady eyes. Its fluffy tail twitched violently as it continued to scrutinize them, seemingly aggravated.

   “What are you doing here?” the squirrel demanded. Charlotte was surprised to hear that its voice was actually quite deep, despite its small stature.

   The Lieutenant bowed deeply and motioned for Charlotte to do the same. “Sorry to disturb you, master nutsman, but Miss Davidson has been invited by his Regency to the annual festivities.”

   His button nose sniffed rapidly as he scooted towards Charlotte. She barely concealed the urge to squirm as his whiskers brushed her foot.

  The rodent suddenly darted back inside the safety of the castle. His deep voice echoed from somewhere inside the shadows of the cavernous building. “You may enter.”
   Charlotte cast a befuddled glance at Lieutenant Bradshaw. He simply nodded and prodded her forward. Cautiously, she took a step into the darkness.

The Lieutenant just winked. “It’s all part of the Royal City, love. If this is too eccentric for you, I highly suggest you refrain from attending the ball. Things only get odder the more you see of his Regency’s palace.”

  Perplexed and more than slightly annoyed, Charlotte frowned at him. Sure, she had heard stories about the mad ruler of the Royal City, but she had expected them to be exaggerated, as most tales usually are. She didn’t really expect him to have rodents running the place.
She kept herself from groaning…barely. Altering her voice to a biting tone, she said, “Well, in that case, I hope there’s a natural disaster in the next twenty-four hours.”
   His smile faltering, he quickly made his escape, neglecting to bow in his hurry.
   Charlotte finally let out the groan she was holding back. I’m stuck in a madman’s palace and have an irritating flirt on my heels. Perfect.
“Do you think this place is…well, a bit out of the normal?”
   He smirked. “Miss Davidson, there are two things you must know about the Royal City. One, everything is out of the normal. And two, no one ever thinks anything of it.”
His stomach suddenly dropped as Brickle lowered her wings and began to free-fall. James sucked in a gasp of air, fighting the urge to scream. The mist quickly cleared, and a landing platform came into view, growing rapidly closer.
   Panic began to seize James when Brickle kept falling, not slowing down at all. He opened his mouth to shout, but the air was snatched from his lungs by the brutal whirlwind. He squeezed his eyes shut and clamped his fists tighter around the thick leather reins.
   Brickle pulled up a split second later. James’s stomach reversed course, and he gulped for air. His head spun as the dragon floated the rest of the way downward to the platform. Brickle flapped her leathery wings a few extra times and gently settled on the grassy terrain.
   James massaged his temples, squinting in pain. “You could’ve at least given me a little warning.”
   A plume of smoke escaped Brickle’s nostrils. “Serves you right for getting your germs all over my freshly polished scales.”
   “Germs?” James rubbed his temples one more time before rolling his eyes. “You know what, I should’ve remembered. You’re the only germaphobic dragon in the universe, and it’s my luck that I get to ride you.”

“Did he now?” Brickle appeared uninterested. She was clawing the sod with her long talons, making some sort of design in the grass.

   “Do you even care what I’m saying?”

   “Not particularly.”                           

   James crossed his arms and frowned. “Ever the encourager, aren’t you?”

   Brickle smiled toothily then. “I do try.”


Welllllll...that got a little out of hand. Hopefully you guys didn't die of boredom. But seriously. WHAT DID YOU THINK??? Was it as awful as you imagined? (Or worse? ;D)

Okay, I'm dying mentally right now so GOOD NIGHT, PEOPLE. *drops mic*

 Here come the questions! What did you think? Are my words really bizarre? (You're lying if you say they aren't. XD)  How has YOUR writing been going? And if you're doing NaNo, ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?! I want to hear from all my fellow dragons out there!

Friday, July 1, 2016

"So...it begins."

WARNING: My brain is dead at the moment so please excuse me if my words are confuzzling.

Um...so apparently Camp NaNo started.




*dies from a heart attack*

Yep, just 25 minutes ago from the time I'm writing this, the month of July rolled around, bringing with it Camp NaNo (aka the time I will go insane). I decided out-of-the-blue to join and set a verrrrry realistic goal of 30k. (Can you feel the sarcasm of that sentence? BECAUSE YEAH, THAT GOAL IS REALLY CRAZY.) Luckily, I'm in a really great cabin so I'll have lots of people to complain to when my writing looks like trash.  #friendshipgoals

And I'm legitimately the most stressed I've been in who-knows-how-long. Because guys, I'm a planner. Aaaand I didn't get a chance to plot my book at all. Zilch plot, people. NO OUTLINE. (Oh, and this is all because I decided on a whim that I wanted to change the genre of my novel and completely throw all my plans for it out the window. THANKS, BRAIN.)


So yesh. This shall be an interesting month. XD I don't even know if I'll be able to write for 10 of those 31 days because I have a trip that popped out of nowhere. LET US HOPE I CAN SMUGGLE MY LAPTOP ABOARD THE PLANE. I will disguise it as a pair of pants if I must.

(I swear I had a point to this post when I started it. Staying up past midnight and being incredibly stressed does things to me. :P Also, I just ranted about the same thing to my lovely friend Tracey so SORRY YOU HAD TO READ THIS AGAIN, DEAR.)

I had every intention of writing a Frabjous Finalities post yesterday, but I haven't even started it yet. #fail I hope you guys don't mind waiting another day (or five) for it. Oh, and I PROMISE I'M NOT IGNORING YOU GUYS. I will respond to your comments soon, but ack, I've got to get over this stressss.

Basically, wish me luck and pray I'll survive. XD I will be consuming many late-night desserts (what, who doesn't eat candy and ice cream when they need an energy boost? ;D) and relying on the power of word wars to get me through this. Expect many incoherent updates throughout the month. ALL SANITY HAS FLOWN OUT THE WINDOW AND ABANDONED ME.

*glances over post*

Oh, boy, I'm going to regret posting this in the morning.

*hits publish*

Who else out there is doing/has done Camp NaNo? ANY ADVICE??? Hopefully you aren't as stressed as I am. :/ Also, what is YOUR favorite snack? I definitely need some ideas for my writing fuel. *nods*