Conquering the Ever-Growing TBR! (Maybe...)

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Wow, long time no write. (That just...sounds really odd. XD) I haven't posted since two weeks ago, which is positively horrendous. BUT I have some super exciting news to share...



*thunderous applause*

*explosion of fireworks*

Too much? Okay, then. I shall share the news now.

I AM FINISHED WITH SCHOOL!!!! *launches confetti in the air and devours cookies*
It is officially summer! I may loathe the heat with a burning passion (ha! get it? I know, I'm so clever sometimes), but I am immensely excited to have time to read, catch up in the blogosphere (we shan't even discuss the number of blogs on which I've failed to comment), write (CAMP NANO, ANYONE???), and just enjoy life. I've had a stressful school year so I am immensely grateful for time to recharge.

Due to the fact that I was wrapping up the school year, I have been rather busy these past few weeks. So I'm doing a really easy post today because I have nothing prepared. Most of you have heard tell of my dangerously tall TBR pile, and this summer I'm going to attempt to conquer it. (Or at least read some of the books in order to replace them with even more than I had in the first place. *cough* #strugglesofabookdragon)

Without further ado, I present my summer reading list!

Mirriam Neal
This book just looks fantastic. I've heard many of my dear blogging buddies flailing over it, and since I adore whimsical things, I HAVE to read this one. Gimme all the whimsy, people.

J.R.R. Tolkien
YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Please no one shoot me but...I actually haven't read the books yet. IT IS A HORRIBLE TRAGEDY WHICH MUST BE REMEDIED. I started The Fellowship of the Ring last summer, but due to uncontrollable circumstances (aka my trip to the hospital in an ambulance), I was unable to finish it. Aaaand I never got around to picking them up again. (Though I did manage to collect three different copies of them. *cough*) Being a HUGE LotR fan, I feel really terrible about this. BUT IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, FOLKS. This summer, I promise.

Diana Wynne Jones
Another book I've heard so much about. Also may or may not be whimsical and involve fantasy.

Thomas Locke
I'm a sucker for recommendations. I really am. If a good friend of mine suggests something, I always make a point of looking it up. And due to its gorgeous cover (pssh, who are you calling shallow?) and epic fantasy premise, I will soon be unable to resist its allure any longer.

Charlotte Bronte
High time I read this classic. With its gothic feel, gorgeous writing, and intriguing plot, I'm quite sure I will love it.

Sharon Cameron

Louisa May Alcott
Another classic I haven't gotten my hands on yet. Quite frankly, I was intimidated by it when I was younger. I had far too little patience to trudge through a near-500-page book when I was ten years old. But now I think it's time to give it a go. :)

Frances Hodgson Burnett
I read a very abridged version as a tot, but I'm sure the unabridged is quite a different experience. It looks like a very "cozy" book, if you get my drift. One of those comfort stories you curl up in a chair with on a summer night. Definitely one I must read!

Jane Austen
Yes, you are finding out lots of scandalous things about me today. This Jane Austen addict still hasn't read Sense and Sensibility. Hehe. :P

Robert Liparulo
The last three books of the Dreamhouse Kings series which I've been reading. I already started Timescape, and I'm sure I'll be tearing through the others at breakneck speed.

Anne Elisabeth Stengl
So I wasn't a huge fan of the first two books, but I want to give the rest of the series a chance. (Mostly because I spent 25 dollars on it. *COUGH*) Who knows, I may just end up loving them.

Bryan Davis
I'm currently devouring this book as well. As of yet, I'm loving this thrilling tale!

Sharon Cameron
This is the sequel to The Dark Unwinding, the book I kinda sorta fangirled over a couple months ago. The first one was so good that I can hardly wait to read its follow-up!

Elizabeth Gaskell
The miniseries is just GORGEOUS. And since it sounds like it follows the book pretty faithfully, I have a feeling I'll enjoy the book just as well.

K.M. Weiland
I have the ebook sitting in my library...just waiting to be read. It looks like a fascinating (albeit massive) read, but unfortunately, time has been evasive. Perhaps this summer will be the time for reading it.
Well, there you have it. My slightly terrifying TBR. Most likely, I won't come close to reading all of these. (I'll also probably rebel and read books outside of this list because I'm fun like that.)
Now. I may have just sent my life spiraling out of control, but I did something insane today...I joined Goodreads. *cue gasps of shock* YES, I KNOW. I may never be able to pull myself away from that bottomless pit of books. So if you have an account, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT. Here's my profile. LET'S BE FRIENDS. Okay? Okay.

ALSO (I'm getting the feeling there are lots of "also's" in this post), Rachel Starr Thomson is holding yet another wonderful giveaway. This time, you could win a Kindle Fire, a paperback set of Anne Elisabeth Stengl's Goldstone Wood books, and Ms. Thomson's Seventh World trilogy paperback set. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. Go enter right here if you're interested. (You know you are.)

What about you, bookdragons? What's on YOUR summer TBR? Do we share any of the same choices? Also, what are some books you would recommend? I WANT TO KNOW YOUR SECRETS.

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  1. Hey, nice hearing from you again! :D

    YAYYY!!! Congratulations!! I'm sorry you had a stressful school year(I could relate this past school year), but enjoy your break!!

    Mary- now, I won't shoot you, but, girl, you must finish LotR this summer. It's pure loveliness. :D

    Oooh, I'm reading Jane Eyre myself! Are you doing Hamlette's read-along?

    Little Women is cozy and entertaining and sweet and heartbreaking and one of my favorite books ever. Have you seen the movie?

    Sense and Sensibility is lots of fun.

    North and South! I really want to read that, too. Maybe you'll post a review or something? ;)

    As for your questions:

    Besides Jane Eyre, I really want to read Cinder, War and Peace, Alice in Wonderland(this would be a re-read, actually), Jo's Boys, something by Lynn Austin, Janette Oke, or Francine Rivers, and Pride and Prejudice(another re-read). Should be fun. :D

    Hmmm, for fun summer reads, I'd recommend The Mysterious Benedict Society, Mara Daughter of the Nile, and Breadcrumbs. I think you would especially like Breadcrumbs.

    1. Good to hear I've been missed. ;D

      Ahhh, thank you! So sorry you had to suffer through all the stress as well. :/ BUT YES. I'm super excited to have a whole summer ahead of me. :D

      I FULLY INTEND TO. Hopefully after I finish a couple more books I'll move onto LotR. *nods*

      Sadly, I'm not. BUT I will hopefully be reading it sometime in the summer, if all goes according to plan. :)

      I've heard so many good things about Little Women! I haven't seen the movie yet either. Hopefully sometime after I read the book I will. I'm not positive, but I think there are several versions of it? If so, which one do you recommend?

      I can hardly wait to read it!

      Hmmm...perhaps. Maybe I could do a book/miniseries comparison? Just thinking out loud here. ;)

      Sounds like you have lots of interesting books on your TBR. Alice in Wonderland is one of my FAVORITES. SO GOOD. And I've been interested in reading some of Janette Oke's books. Good luck with War and Peace... ;D

      Ooh, thanks for the recommendations! *heads over to Goodreads to check them out*

  2. I adore Little Women (Professor Bhaer oh golly g) and sENSE AND sensibility! (wow my phone keyboards playing up) :DDD

    1. Hehe, I know all about wonky keyboards. ;D Can hardly wait to let you know what I think of those two!

  3. READ ALL THE BOOKS!! Though I really want to read North and South because, let's be honest, that mini-series is just happiness.

    Sense and Sensibility has been on my TBR pile for a year now. XD I wish you all the luck in finishing your list.

    1. YESSSS, THAT MINISERIES IS BEAUTIFUL. And also heart-wrenching and wreck-your-feelsy. I'm hoping I enjoy the book just as well.

      I've been meaning to read it for a while, too. *gladly accepts well wishes* We'll see how I do. XD


    MARY. You're finished with school?? EEEEEEEE!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. Freedom!!! :D

    You just listed like all my favorite books! :O This list is PERFECTION. Paper Crowns, Lord of the Rings, Howl's Moving Castle. YESSSSSSSSSSH. You're going to loooove them!

    I adore Little Women and The Secret Garden. They're both very much "cozy" books, like you said. Little Women especially. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. ^_^

    Oooh, you're reading Reapers? I loved that one! Not my favorite of Bryan Davis's, but still totally EPIC. I really need to get the next book...

    Basically this list looks AMAZING AND MAGICAL AND SPLENDID. Though I totally understand rebelling and getting distracted by other books. Story of my life. XD I never read the books I intend to. So easily distracted... *cough*

    MARY IS ON GOODREADS. THIS IS A CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION. I just accepted your friend request! I'M SO EXCITED. :D

    Yes, I just used so much caps but I have NO REGRETS. Because BOOKS. YES. I hope you have the very bestest summer of ever! Just don't let the evil heat kill you. >.>

    1. D'AWWW, YOU ARE SO SWEET!! *huggles* I'VE MISSED YOU, TOO. <333

      YES, I AM!!!!! *squeals* I'M SO ECSTATIC TO BE DONE. (Though I'm now faced with lots of SAT prep during the summer. Because, ugh, my math skills fail. :P)

      I WAS THINKING OF YOU WHILE I WROTE THIS. Gah, I can't waiiiit!!!!

      Warm, fuzzy, cozy books are always a treat! Peter Pan and The Chronicles of Narnia are some current comfort books I have, and I'm excited to add some more to my repertoire!

      Yes indeedy! I'm really enjoying it so far, though I keep putting off reading it because it's in my Kindle library. Aaaand I'm not really a fan of ebooks so...yeah. XD

      LOL, aren't we all? BOOKS DISTRACT US FROM BOOKS. IT IS ODD BUT ALSO AWESOME. #bookrebelsforlife

      EEEEP, I'M ADDICTED TO GOODREADS NOW. It's bad, it really is. This is why I waited until summer to join. XD BUT NOW I CAN FLAIL OVER BOOKS WITH YOU SOME MORE SO YAY.

      Girl, I'm fairly certain I somehow ingest caps in my diet. BECAUSE I USE THEM LIKE ALL THE TIME. No regrets. And thank youuuu! I will try to keep out of the murderous heat as often as possible. XD

  5. YES!! Lord of the Rings!!!! I want to reread them!! <3
    Jane Eyre is sooo good! I really liked it! <3
    I need to read Little Women, too. I have the book, but I have yet to read it. :)
    Girl, me too! I need to read Sense and Sensibility as well. The only Austen book I have read is Pride and Prejudice so far. XD
    Ahh, North and South! I LOVED the miniseries!! I want to read the book, too! :D

    To quote Bofur, "I wish you all the luck in the world." =D

    1. I'm SO excited to read them! The Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies of all time so...YES. MUCH EXCITEMENT.

      Oh, those all sound so. darn. good. I CAN'T WAIT TO READ THEM!

      I've read Emma, Northanger Abbey, and part of Pride and Prejudice so far. Looking forward to reading more of her novels. :D

      Yes, the miniseries is ah-may-zing. The book looks super good!

      Thank you so much, Morgan! (Bonus points for using a quote from The Hobbit. ;D)

  6. There are so many good things on this list! I hope you like is sooo amazing and epic and all the things. I love Little Women, The Secret Garden, North & South (miniseries and book, obviously) and Sense and Sensibility -- those are all classics I grew up with! I can't wait to hear what you think of all these books -- I will take careful not of your recommendations so that I can read them myself!

    Emma |

    1. EMMA!!! Long time no see! (At FEELS like it's been a while since we've talked? Mostly my fault because I haven't dropped a comment over on your blog in ages. >.>) I'm sure I'll love all of them! (Especially LotR. The movies are EPIC, and I loved The Hobbit book and movies. SO I'M SURE I WILL LOVE LOTR!)

      Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  7. Yay, you're back! *hugs you* :)

    SUMMER! I am finishing up school as well, and it feels really good. :) I too despise the heat, but I can't do much about it, since the week before has crossed into the 100s. *sweats* 0.0 But I'm moving in July (again) and will now have to deal with humidity. *yay* ;)

    I /love/ your TBR list! :D Some of those are on my TBR as well. As for book recommendations, here are my top favorite series of ever: THE ILYON CHRONICLES by Jaye L. Knight, THE OUT OF TIME TRILOGY by Nadine Brandes, THE WINGFEATHER SAGA by Andrew Peterson, and THE BOOKS OF THE INFINITE by R.J. Larson. ^.^ READ THEM ALL SOMEDAY. That's an order. :P

    Camp NaNoooo! I'm considerably unprepared. I'm in an awesome cabin, so I'm pretty excited, but... there's this /one/ plot point that JUST WON'T LET ME FIGURE IT OUT so I'm basically freaking out. BUT I MUST TRY HARDER. xD

    1. AWWW, YOU'RE SO NICE! *hugs you back*

      YAY FOR NO MORE SCHOOL!!! Oh dear, 100 degree weather?! *diiies* I used to live in Phoenix for a time and just about melted into a puddle. :P GOOD LUCK WITH THE MOVE AND HUMIDITY AND SUCH! (My hair loooves the humidity. ;D)

      Eeeep, thank youuu! I MUST get my hands on these delicious books! Some of them are already on my TBR. (I especially want to read The Wingfeather Saga. Those books look so fun. ^_^) I will do my best to carry out your orders. *salutes*

      GOOD LUCK! I know you can do it. *hands you cookies* I'm actually reconsidering doing Camp NaNo because of an unexpected possible trip next month to visit my grandparents. WE SHALL SEE. I still hope to do it, even if I may be internally freaking out. XD

  8. Great to see you back, Mary! =)
    And girl, I don't blame you for not reading the Lord of the Rings. I haven't read the whole thing, but I looooooove the movies.
    Yesyesyes read Howl's Moving Castle. Trust me, you will fan-girl over it for weeks one end. =D Maybe you could do a review or something...?
    Great post, Mary!

    1. Thank you so much, Ariel!

      THE MOVIES ARE GOLD. And seeing as I loved The Hobbit, I'm sure I'll love LotR even more. ^_^

      Ahhh, I need need NEED to read it!!! I'm sure I will fangirl for years. XD And ooh, I'll have to think about doing a review! SOUNDS FUUUUN.

      Thanks muchly!

  9. I love the pictures of the glowing jar and the girl with the flowers! They are SO pretty.
    Yes, you should read The Lord of the Rings! I'd love to hear what you think after reading the books and seeing the movies? I personally like the books better, but I haven't seen all of the movies.
    Congratulations on finishing school! :)

    1. Aren't they though?! Pinterest is such a treasure trove. (And also a time-sucking vortex. XD)

      I'll DEFINITELY let you guys know what I think of the books! Oh, and you should watch the rest of the movies! They are so. stinkin'. good.

      Thanks so much, Hanna!

    2. You're welcome!
      Oh, don't worry, I'm planning on finishing the movies as soon as I can. My parents don't think I should watch the fight scenes yet. I may or may not be a few steps away from mutinying about that, but they're probably right, as I'm easily creeped out. :)
      And I found something else we have in common:
      WILL TURNER. He's AWESOME! I've only seen one Pirates of the Caribbean movie (I THINK the first one?), and I really didn't like some of the content, but Will was absolutely amazing. I love him so much! His costume in the last scene, with the plumed hat and red cloak? *gawks* If I could have any costume in that movie, it would be that one long before any of the girls' costumes. :)
      Anyway, NEED to stop now!

    3. Ah, yes. I totally understand that. My parents held back on them for a while because they thought I wouldn't be able to handle the violence. Sometimes it does get pretty intense. So I definitely get that some people are more easily disturbed by that.

      OH MY GOODNESS, LET ME FLAIL FOR A MINUTE OR TWENTY. WILL TURNERRRRRR. He is one of my most favorite characters of ever! *clutches heart* Seriously, it's probably unhealthy how much I adore him. Gah, and his costumes!!! (Especially the one at the end of The Curse of the Black Pearl. Eeep, that hat, though. *diiies*) Will is just too adorable for his own good. ^_^

    4. Ha! Another fangirl! I'm so happy!
      The Curse of the Black Pearl is the one I saw. Is it the first??
      Did you know that Will is played by the same actor as Legolas? I didn't notice until the credits, but as soon as I heard Orlando Bloom I knew it HAD to be Will. But I still made my Dad look it up to be sure. Literally the first words out of my mouth after I explained to my dad why I was screaming were "I knew he was handsome!" It's terrible. I can't tell you how many times I read through your "My Top 10 Favorite Screen Couples" post fangirling over the pictures. :)

    5. Should I be watching The Curse Of The Black Pearl? Because you two are fangirling like crazy :D.

      I remember seeing a picture of Will Turner and thinking 'he looks familiar'. And then I saw who played him and my brain went 'OH!' Of course, after that I had to show the picture to all my sister and try to get them to guess who it was :D.

    6. There is some unfortunate content, Savannah, but I did enjoy it. I would discuss it with your parents. I would ask to use VidAngel if we were going to watch any more of them.
      Dad and I watched it while Spencer (my older brother) was gone, and I was going to do that to him, but he already knew somehow. >:(

    7. Hanna,

      Yep, that's the first one! It's also my favorite of the series, though I haven't yet watched the fourth one.

      Yes indeedy, I did! The first time I saw the movie, I was distracted for the first ten minutes because of his "Legolas" voice. XD (Orlando Bloom is my favorite actor, and he consequently plays some of my favorite characters ever. So yes. I was already familiar with him beforehand. ^_^)

      LOL, he IS handsome! You're absolutely correct. *nods* (You don't even want to know how much time I spent staring at pictures of him when I wrote that post. XD)

    8. Savannah,

      Ohmygoodness, you haven't seen it yet??? IT'S SO GOOD, GIRL. YOU MUST SEE IT SOMETIME. Like Hanna said, there IS a little bit of stuff it could do without. (Mostly just language and violence, though. You can easily filter out the language, which is what I do whenever I watch it.)

  10. YAY you finished school! *throws confetti* And oh my goodness, your TBR list is AH-MAZING. I hope you get them all read this summer! Hey, and look! We both have Paper Crowns on our TBR! I recently finished Howl's Moving Castle (which had been on my TBR for-ever) and it was epic! I then proceeded to get all my sisters to read it *nods*. I hope you enjoy it! *gagps* you haven't read LotR?! Oh goodness Mary, you must definitely do that, if only so you can say that you've done it :D. Best of luck with all your reading!


      Great minds think alike! ;D Christine, Tracey, and Deborah have convinced me that Paper Crowns is a must-read. *nods* Oh, and I can't WAIT to read HMC! It looks so whimsical and fun. ^_^ And of course LotR looks epic. SO. MANY. BOOKS.

      Thanks so much, Savannah! This is going to be a great summer, I just know it. ^_^


    Congrats on finishing school! I hope you'll have an awesome summer with much awesome reading! ^_^ *laughs at gif*

    Paper Crowns, Lord of the Rings, and Howl's Moving Castle are like my favorite books of EVER so I highly approve!!!! I greatly look forward to hearing what you think of them. ^_^

    I loved the North and South miniseries -- because Richard Armitage. ;) -- but I don't feel like I'll ever manage to make it through the book -- because no Richard Armitage, maybe? Ahem. (BUT YESSS I LIKE. I feel like it's like a P&P story should have been done... because Richard Armitage would make THE best Darcy. Ahem.)


    I loved this post muchly. Happy reading! <3


      Yesss, thank you!! I'm so stoked about all the fun summer things. (Except the heat. Blegh. :P) Lots of reading will take place, I'm sure.

      Eeep, I'm sure I'll LOVE them then. ^_^ I noticed they were on your favorites shelf on Goodreads so I expect I'll enjoy them immensely!

      RICHAR ARMITAGE IS THE BESTTTT. It's a shame there isn't a way to actually have him in the book. XD But I still think I'll enjoy it. *nods* (I've heard several people say he would make a great Mr. Darcy, and I'm inclined to agree. Though I still always picture Matthew Macfadyen as meh Darcy. <3)


      Thanks so ever much, dear girl! <3

    2. Honestly my favorites shelves on Goodreads are a mess. >.> I NEED TO UPDATE THEM. But yes, those three definitely stay on. XD

      I think it's because I read Pride and Prejudice before I saw any of the movies... so I have my own mental image of him, and Richard Armitage is kind of close. (Don't get me wrong, I love Matthew Macfayden too. XD He just wasn't my "original" Mr. Darcy. :))



      That makes perfect sense! I'm the odd one in the bunch because I don't *always* read the book before seeing the movie. In fact, I oftentimes read the book *after* because I don't want to get mad at the moviemakers if they "ruined the book." BUT THIS IS A TOPIC FOR ANOTHER DAY.


  12. I highly approve SO many of the books on your TBR. o.o Such as...

    Paper Crowns (though I haven't read it myself yet *sobs) / LOTR / Howl's Moving Castle / Emissary / Rook (I saw this in a bookstore last summer and was verrrry intrigued) / the last Dreamhouse Kings books / Moonblood (just you wait, things start picking up in the series) / Reapers (I can't believe there's a Bryan Davis book I still haven't read! D:) / and A Spark Unseen (which I saw you started--yay!).

    So, um, yeah. I just listed basically the whole thing. XD I also approve of all those classics that I have yet to read. *whistles innocently whilst ignoring the great travesty that is the lack of classics in my life*

    Let us go forth and conquer! I, for one, am looking forward to reading books like Scarlet (the Lunar Chronicles #2), The Dream Thief (The Raven Cycle #2), and The Shadow Lamp (Bright Empires #4). Lots of series to finish. :)

    1. Hehe, it seems you DO approve of my TBR. I'm especially excited about...well, all of them, to be honest. IT'S TOO HARD TO PICK. I realllly hope I enjoy Moonblood, though, because I spent a lot of money on the series. (But hey, it was worth it for the covers alone. XD)

      I didn't even start getting interested in classics until fairly recently so I'm waaaay behind on all the great classics out there. #oops We can be social outcasts together until we remedy the situation. XD

      Series are so much fun to read! (But also a little challenging for me because I tend to forget things that happened and have to constantly go back to the previous books to check. Heh.) Best of luck with all your reading!

  13. Aaaahhh, what a beautiful TBR list! (And I SO feel you about getting horrendously behind on commenting and posting…I mean, I haven't commented here in a scandalous amount of time. It's actually embarrassing.)

    Hurrah for LotR and Little Women! (And the others, of course, but those are the two that particularly caught my eye. You know.) I didn't read LotR 'til shamefully late, either. We shall be latecomers together :D I think you'll love both of these!

    And N&S! And Jane Eyre! And… ;D

    I think I'mma do a post similar to this sometime soon :D

    1. Oh noes! This somehow fell into the bottomless pit of unanswered comments. *cries* I feel like such a horrible human bean!

      AHHHH, THANK YOU! Hehe, I'm OBVIOUSLY on top of everything, as you can see by my reply two months later. :P

      Ooh, I'm so excited to read those! Yeah...I haven't read them yet. BUT I've started on LotR!


      Ooh, cool! I'd love it if you did a post like this sometime. ^_^

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