Frabjous Finalities {May 2016}

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Okay, okay. I'm good now.

So I obviously can't keep up with anything? Because I completely failed to post on Thursday and still have yet to answer some comments from like three weeks ago. #worstbloggerever Also, it's now the LAST DAY OF MAY (I could have at least had some warning *glares at calendar*), and I just started this post last night. :P

Now that I have made known to the world how terrible I am at blogging, let's get on to the May edition of Frabjous Finalities!


Oh, life. You clearly derive all your pleasure from confusing me. I mean, seriously. Could you possibly be a little more consistent? BECAUSE YOU KEEP CONFUZZLING MY POOR BRAIN.

Ahem. In case you didn't catch on yet, life has been a bit...confusing. (Wow, that was enlightening. I'm so helpful sometimes. *slow clap*) One moment, it's plodding along like a turtle with crutches, the next it's racing past like a cheetah with roller blades. (DO NOT ASK.) I just wish it would decide on a steady pace, y'know?

The month opened up with May the Fourth Be with You Day and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Leia hairstyles and tacos were present. (I'm so cultured. XD) On Friday, I had my violin recital. Luckily, I didn't die; but I did suffer a few heart problems that may never be resolved.

The following week, I lived it up with my mom and sister. We had a girls' day...which sort of turned into a girls' two days, but psssh, technicalities. We visited our favorite used bookstore (much to my pocket book's chagrin), had milkshakes, watched a movie, and ate out for breakfast. It was so much fun hanging out with my fam. <3

Wonder of all wonders, I finished geometry the following week.  *dances*

It took three hours, many tears, and much insanity; but I was honestly just relieved to be done. Sorry, all you mathematic geniuses, but geometry and I just aren't the best of buds. I can honestly say I'm glad this class is history. (HA! I just realized the genius of that sentence. Too bad it's not actually a history class. XD)

May wrapped up with the National Spelling Bee. I watch it every year on TV (or live, if I'm fortunate enough to go) because I'm such a word nerd. We also had some family come in and spend Memorial Day with us. Ice cream and hot dogs were had. *is drooling now because fooood*


Four books in total. Not too bad, considering I had another crazy-busy month.

  • Veiled Rose was the first book I read. And quite honestly, I couldn't get into it at all. I liked Heartless all right, and I had high hopes for its sequel. But I just didn't click with it. The writing was beautiful, don't get me wrong; but I couldn't connect with the characters and the plot was much too slow for my taste. Perhaps it wasn't the right time for me to read it. (There are certain times for certain books, in my opinion.) After this, I fell into a big reading slump which I couldn't get out of until near the end of the month.

  • The second book I delved into in May was Through the Looking Glass. Delightful story. I liked Alice's Adventures in Wonderland more, but I still loved the sequel. Again, I was in a reading slump so I progressed through this book much slower than usual. I should definitely reread it sometime when I'm in a better "mood."
I don't actually own this copy, but isn't
the cover beautiful?

  • Oh, man. I certainly owe my friends Laura and Tracey a HUGE thank you for introducing me to this series. House of Dark Shadows and Watcher in the Woods are the first two books in the Dreamhouse Kings series, and they essentially got me out of my reading slump. The writing may not be especially brilliant, but gosh, the books are still incredible. I've been craving some good action/adventure, and these certainly did the trick. There's creepiness, humor, and did I mention time-travel? IT'S BASICALLY AMAZING. I honestly don't what to tell you guys except READ THESE BOOKS POSTHASTE. Just...don't read them at night. XD (And make sure you have the next book in the series handy because you'll need it.)


~ Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015): Awk, okay, SO MUCH HAPPINESS. This is probably my favorite Star Wars film--no joke. I've been waiting impatiently since January to watch it again. And you know what? I love it so much that I watched it twice this month. IT'S THAT GOOD. I believe I liked it even better after I watched it again. Just asdghdlfjhfl. (But it also kinda wrecks my feels...D:)

~ The Jungle Book (2016): This is the aforementioned movie I watched with my mom and sister. I thought it would be good, but I was really blown away by it in theaters. I've never really been a huge fan of the Disney cartoon from the '60s, but this. This is fantabulous. I seriously loved it way more than I thought I would. Stunning animation, enjoyable characters, heart-pumping action, general epicness...yup, it was great.

~ Zootopia (2016): Hehe. Um...this movie was a bit of a disappointment. There was just so much...stuff in it. Going into it, I knew there were some things I wasn't really happy about. But I was just surprised by how much stuff there was. I mean, the characters were cute, and I liked the plot okay. (Though some things were a bit predictable.) But I was really disappointed in Disney for some of the things they unnecessarily added. It's a kid's movie, and I wasn't pleased with some of the content.
I gotta admit, though. They are pretty darn cute.

~ Ella Enchanted (2004): Words cannot convey how much I disliked this film. Basically, there was no reason for this film to exist. It's one and a half hours of awful. Too bad I didn't know that before we chose this as the movie for our family movie night. :P (Whoa, rereading that makes me feel super harsh. If you like this movie, please know that I'm not trying to insult you.)


~ THIS. THIS PIECE IS EVERYTHING. The Piano Guys are one of my favorite music groups, and their latest arrangement is nothing short of breathtaking. Plus, it's The Jungle Book so...

~ For those of you who know me really well, you know that I love Enchanted. So imagine my delight when I discovered this little piece of adorableness. It's a cover of "That's How You Know," which is essentially the cutest song in existence. Watch it and judge for yourselves.

~ This parody by Studio C. For some reason, I'm really obsessed with the Hunger Games songs they made up. I haven't even read the books or watched the movies so...yeah, they probably spoiled some things. Oh well. I still will watch them shamelessly. *smiles*


A comprehensive list of all the happenings this month on Sunshine and Scribblings. Because I'm nice like that.

  • Beautiful People {May 2016}. Basically just Tom crashing into your lives and stealing your hearts. And yes, he is adorable.
  • My Top 5 Favorite Lord of the Rings Characters. One of the most challenging (albeit enjoyable) posts I've written thus far. I expounded on all my favorite LotR characters (aka fangirled excessively over Legolas) and neglected to respond to comments. Oops. :P
  • Book Photo Shoot ~ Part 1. Eye candy. Bookish eye candy. That is all.
  • Tale as Old as Time. This is just me shamelessly fangirling over the FIRST TRAILER for the new Beauty and the Beast film. I'd like to say it's professional, but...well, you guys know me.


We had one of my favorite treats this month: s'mores! (We microwaved them because we're so fancy. XD) I discovered that cookies 'n' creme candy bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers may or may not be the best combination ever.

I purchased a few (as in ten *cough*) books. Hey, seven of them were the Narnia series (which I apparently still didn't own?!) so I feel justified here.

I got like...1,500 words written. I FEEL TERRIBLE ABOUT IT, BUT THAT'S ALL THAT HAPPENED. I also started freaking out because AAHHH HOW IS CAMP NANO ONE MONTH AWAY??? *dies* SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE. I literally have nooo idea what I'm doing, and I'm starting to second-guess whether I should do it or not. Any Camp NaNo survivors have some advice?

The Queen of Sheba (or Patches, as she is known by her most favored subjects) celebrated her eighth birthday. We celebrated with much pomp and circumstance. We actually did nothing for it. Shhh, don't

The rest of my month was hot and humid. And rainy. Oh, the beauty of summer weather... :/

I've blabbered on long enough about MY month. Tell me how YOUR months were! Are you enjoying the unofficial beginning of summer? (Or are you, like me, cursing the weather and basking in the glorious AC?) I WANT TO KNOW.

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  1. I just finished geometry today!

    YAS! The Force Awakens is also my favorite out of all of them!

    The weather here is ugh as well. Sooooo humid and rainy, I'm surprised that my hair hasn't flipped out more than it has already.

    If you do decide to do Camp NaNo, could we share a cabin? I did my first one earlier this year, didn't finish, and would like to give it another go.

    Ermagoodness! The trailer though! I can already tell that I'm going to love the soundtrack!

    1. Wooohoo! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Finishing geometry is a huge accomplishment. *throws glitter and confetti*

      Eeeep, it's soooo good! It's the only Star Wars movie I saw in theaters so it has a special place in my heart. ^_^

      Ughhh, the humidity is the WORST. Where I live, we deal with like 87% humidity during the summer so when it's 85 out, it feels like 95. IT IS AWFUL. #riphair

      Awww, I would LOVE to share a cabin! I'm still undecided about it, though I'm considering not doing it because of an unexpected trip we're possibly taking next month. AND IT'S ONLY 11 DAYS UNTIL JULY. *freaks out*

      THAT TRAILER IS EVERYTHING AND MORE. And the soundtrack is going to be STUNNING!

    2. About the camp cabins, I was invited to a different one, so maybe in November. Best of luck if you decide to do camp!
      *eeck* I'm so not ready though! (>.>)

      Too bad it's not out until next March!

      I'm super excited about Rogue One! I certainly hope it upholds all the other standards set by the other Star Wars films (except Episode II, that one was just blegh).

    3. Alrighty, that's fine, too! Thanks so much for offering, though! :D Best of luck to you as well! (In other words, please don't die. XD)

      I knowwww. It feels like eons away. D:

      Eep, it looks SO good! I'm hoping they do a good job on it, too. *crosses fingers* (Hehe, I'm not much a fan of the prequels either. We shan't even discuss my feelings on Episode I...)

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun of late! Girls' days are awesome. And congrats on finishing Geometry! (Yes, that sentence was beautiful.)

    I have to say I have not read any of the books you read this month, but I love getting suggestions :D

    I have heard so many good things about Jungle Book, that I can't wait to see it. I grew up on the old one so it's near and dear to my heart <3

    It's crazy because while I consider myself a Star Wars fan, I'm so literal (and require good acting) that I enjoy them and cause I grew up on them. I was surprised how much I liked the new one considering I couldn't decide if I liked Rae. But I got chills and cried both times I watched it in theatres. I guess I'm a bigger fan than I thought because that movie tore me apart!! (And I totally loved Kylo Ren unlike most peeps?)

    OMG don't even get me going on the Beauty & the Beast trailer. I got shivers all the way up my spine just lookong at the castle!! I think they have captured the very essence. I'm not sure I will be able to handle the awesomeness of that movie. *dies*

    1. May was certainly a lot of fun! And thank you so much! I'M SO RELIEVED. (I do have a special talent. *nods*)

      I would recommend reading them all, even Veiled Rose. The Tales of Goldstone Wood series isn't for everyone (I'm not a HUGE fan of it, per se), but there are a lot of people who really love them. So perhaps you will enjoy them as well. ^_^

      The new one is FANTASTIC! You must see it sometime.

      It's often hard to like something if you don't like the protagonist, so yes, I totally get that. I personally LOVED Rey (but cannot stand Kylo Ren because ack, he's so evil). Hehe, if I cry during a movie, there's like a 96.5% chance I'll love it. IT'S REALLY ODD. XD

      ASFGHLJFD. Isn't it beautiful?! I ABOUT DIED. You're right, I don't think we'll be able to handle the awesomeness. O.O

  3. Star Wars and P&P? Your header just reached perfection.

    Also, I can't get over that you've read/are reading the Dreamhouse Kings series. Basically no one that I've talked to has heard of them.

    Luckily, where I live, it hasn't gotten too hot, but I'm sure that with these summer months rolling around, I will begin to melt.

    Question: Have you heard Imagine Dragons Smoke+Mirrors album? If you like Owl City, it seems like the kind of thing you would enjoy. Idk, though. XD

    1. D'awww, girl, you're so nice. ^_^

      I JUST FINISHED BOOK FIVE AND MAY BE FREAKING OUT. Because ugh, cliffhangers. O.O I don't have the last book on hand so...I WILL BE IN AGONY UNTIL I DO.

      At least you haven't turned into a puddle yet. XD Around here, it starts getting hot in March. Oh, the blissful summer weather. >.>

      No, I haven't! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to look it up. *nods*

  4. IT CAN'T BE JUNE. WHAT EVEN IS THIS??? *hyperventilates*

    My May was a pretty wild month as well. Definitely had those cheetah on roller blades days. XD

    Congrats on finishing geometry! :D I HATE geometry too. Ugh. I actually rather like math, but NOT geometry. Shapes and I do not get along. Just noooo.

    That makes me sad you didn't like Veiled Rose. :( It's actually my favorite of the Goldstone books I've read so far. BUT I do totally understand having to be in a certain mindset. That's why I haven't read all the series yet. I read them slooooow because they are pretty heavy reads. I have to be in just the right mood for them, as much as I love them. And they're definitely not everyone's cup of tea. So you're excused. ;D

    And Through the Looking Glass! *SQUEALS* What's funny is I think I like that one a smidge better than the first book. I don't know. I need to reread them together. They're BOTH amazing, it's hard to choose!

    Okay, I obviously NEED these other books you mentioned. They sound epic. o.o Time travel, you say? TIME TRAVEL. GIMME ALL THE TIME TRAVEL THINGS. *grabby hands*

    Oooh, we saw The Jungle Book last week! It was really good. I'm not a huge Jungle Book fan either, but that movie was so pretty I didn't even care. It was very well done! didn't like Zootopia? *clutches heart* I kind of absolutely totally adored that movie. I guess there were a couple of scenes they could have left out, but I still adored it.

    I kind of like Ella Enchanted too. XDDD Now, I've never actually read the book (I know, SO shameful!), so I feel like once I read the book I'll hate that movie. But right now I kind of enjoy the complete absurdity of it. XD


    I'm totally watching that Studio C video the second I finish this (monstrous) comment!

    Why do you feel bad about getting 1,500 words written? THAT IS A LOT OF WORDS. You did GREAT, Mary! Do not even sort of beat yourself up over this. Celebrate your accomplishments! And that's an order. *nods firmly*

    Awww, your kitty turned 8? Happy birthday, Patches!!!

    I am absolutely cursing the weather and basking in the AC right now. Going outside is a death sentence. *locks all the doors, bars all the windows, and curls up around the AC* Ahem. I hate summer. XD

    Whew! I just wrote my own blog post practically in this comment. o.o I just love talking to you! But I am done now, I promise. Hope your June is a wonderful one! <333

    1. I shouldn't have clicked on the Studio C link. I just sat here watching 5 or 6 of their videos... Thanks. :P

    2. it's like the END of June. HOW IS TIME GOING BY SO FAST??? *collapses*

      Gotta watch out for those cheetahs on roller blades. XDDD

      Thank you! Math and I...yeah, we do not like each other. ESPECIALLY GEOMETRY. Ugh, it's so rude. *throws triangles at geometry* Take your nasty shapes with you while you leave, would you? ;)

      I feel so bad about not liking it that much! D: I'M SORRY. It just...didn't click with me, I guess? BUT I am continuing with the series! Hopefully that means I'll end up liking them more. ^_^

      Haha, they ARE both amazing! My sister likes Through the Looking Glass better, too. I guess I have the more unpopular opinion. XD

      *shoves books in your face* HERE, READ THEM. THEY ARE ADDICTING. AND TIME TRAVEL IS EPIC. That is all.

      Ahhh, I just LOVE that movie! It was definitely a pleasant surprise. AND THE ANIMATION. Oh my word, the animation was just stunning. :O

      AHHH, I FEEL SO BAD RIGHT NOWWW. Because I'm basically saying I didn't like all of your favorite stuff. :P SORRY, LAURI. I guess I may be just a little too harsh? I DO like the movie overall, I s'ppose, but...I dunno. I probably wouldn't have minded it *as* much if it weren't produced by Disney and marketed as a kids movie. I guess I just have different expectations for Disney films than others. I'm probably coming off as extremely judgmental right now so SORRY, DEAR.

      Ack, I feel even worse. XD Man, I didn't mean to come across as so harsh. #fail

      IT IS SOOOO PWETTY. I get chills every time I listen to it. O.O

      Mwahaha, I sucked you in. Not even gonna apologize. ;D

      Awww, THANK YOU!!!! You're always so encouraging. *hugs*

      Yes, she did! I will relay your birthday wishes to her royal highness. XD

      SUMMER WEATHER IS EVIL. *glares at the thermometer* The only way to cope with it is to stay indoors at all times. XD

      I LOVE TALKING TO YOU, TOOOOO. And seeing as it is now the end of June (oops :P), I hope to have a wonderful July as well! <333

  5. It's hard to believe that May is gone! It seems the months are flying by.

    That Alice Through the Looing Glass book is super cute! <3
    Oooo I read some of the Dreamhouse Kings series when I was younger...but alas, I never finished it. I do remember it was creepy. Reading scary books at I got scared reading some Nancy Drew at night when I was younger! Shoot I probably would still!! XD

    Wasn't The Jungle Book cute? I really liked it. And the CGI...the animals looked so real! Amazing! ;)

    I love the Piano Guys, too!! I actually own one of their CD's. That Jungle Book piece is so pretty. <3

    S'mores are so good! I don't like marshmallows by themselves, but if you put chocolate and gram crackers with it, = Deliciousness!! :D

    Lovely post, Mary! :D By the way, love the header! <3

    1. I know, right?? We're almost halfway through the year already! :O

      It's adorable. <3

      Haha, I got scared reading Nancy Drew when I was little, too. XD I guess I'm just naturally a scaredy-cat. ;D

      SO STINKIN' CUTE. I loooooved it! And gosh, yes. The animation was incredible!

      The Piano Guys are AWESOME. I want to get their CDs, but alas, any money I manage to save ends up getting donated to the Supply Mary with More Books fund. XD I want s'mores! They're one of my favorite treats!

      Awww, thank you, Morgan! I'm glad you like my new header! :D

  6. Such a great post, Mary! I love reading your blog, girl. =) And OOOOHHH my goodness, are the Piano Guys awesome or WHAAAAT??
    Yep, May was a pretty crazy month for us, too. =)

    1. D'awww, girl, you made my day! *hugs* I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. ^_^ (And the Piano Guys. They are the BESTEST!)

      Hopefully it was a happy cheetah on roller blades kind of month. ;)

  7. I really liked the Jungle Book. ^ ^ It was so much better than the 60's version! I'm glad you had a good May!

    1. I agree. I never did have that much of an attachment to the old version, but the new one was splendiferous!

      Thanks muchly, friend! :D

  8. You finished geometry!!! *confetti shower* Maseltov :) Seriously, that is amazing!

    And your girls' day sounds AWESOME :)

    TFA YUUUSSSSS. Wreck one's feels, it certainly does. (I have no words to speak of the enormous enmity I bear towards Kylo Ren.) {AND THAT GIF OF OSCAR ISAAC AND THE REST OF THE EXTRAS DANCING. WUUUUUUT.}

    I'm off to (hopefully, if I don't have to go and Do Productive Things) read your LotR post :D

    (Have I mentioned I love these Frabjous Finalities posts??)

    1. EEEK, THANKS, DEARIE!!! I am quite pleased with my accomplishment. *grins*

      It was wonderful in every sense of the word! ^_^

      OH GOSH, I LOVE THAT MOVIE. #ripfeels (UGH, KYLO REN. *shakes fist* *proceeds to laugh at the gif*)

      Awww, you're so nice! *hands you all the cookies* Thank you!!!

  9. Ooh. I watched both the Force Awakens and The Jungle Book, and they were both good. :)

    Aww, Zootopia had some inappropriate elements? We haven't seen it yet, but I wanted to.

    AND A RESOUNDING YES TO THE PIANO GUYS. Seriously, their stuff is perfection. Have you heard their arrangement of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri? IT IS HEAVENLY AND AHHH. <3 <3

    And I'm totally not admitting to how many time my sisters and I watched those Hunger Games Studio C parodies. ;)

    CAMP NANOOO. I am kind of unprepared. And since I'm moving, I will have to have a pretty small wordcount goal but PFFFT -- it's for the experience, right? :)

    My May was a LOT quieter than April. We are getting all prepared to move, so we've been squeezing in some time with friends. :) And, in other news, I BEAT MY DAD /TWICE/ AT PING-PONG, so yeah, my life is complete right now. :P (He's the ping-pong KING, just so you know. xD)

    But yeah, I'm excited for June! Hope you have a good one! :D

    1. Hurrah for good films! They are both splendid ones! :D

      Well, I'm probably just being too analytical. Most people seem to love it so...*shrugs* just take my review with a thousand grains of salt. XD

      YESSSS, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE! *gasps* No, I haven't! I NEED to listen to it now!

      *giggles* Aren't they hilarious?! I can't help laughing just thinking about them. XD

      AHHH, I AM NOT READY. And I'm still not sure if I'm even doing it yet! *glances at calendar and panics because it's almost Julyyyy* And pssh, it totally doesn't matter what size the word goal is. JUST GO FORTH AND CONQUER THOSE STORIES, EMILY.

      Glad to hear that you've been enjoying time with family! AND YAY YOU! *showers you with confetti* *gives you cake* *applauds loudly* A fabulous accomplishment indeed! ^_^

      Awww, thank you, Emily! It has been (mostly) good so far. :D

  10. Congratulations on finishing Geometry- sweet relief!

    Veiled Rose is one of my favourites out of the GoldStone Wood series, actually. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like it, although I understand. I think the beauty of it was in the characters and message more than the plot. Do you think you will read any of the others?

    And thanks for showing that Piano Guys video. I had no idea they made a new one! You really know how to find good music.

    1. Ah, thank you, Blue! It is indeed a blessing from heaven. XD

      I'm really sad that I didn't care for it that much. D: I guess the main reason I didn't like it was actually because of the characters. (And the plot was rather slow as well.) I didn't connect with any of the characters so I found it rather hard to get into it. But yes, I am planning on reading more of the books in the future! Who knows, maybe I'll end up loving the series! :)

      Hehe, you're welcome! AND THANK YOU! I'd like to think that I have good taste in music, but it's probably a bit too odd for most people. XD

  11. I used to microwave smores, but then I realized candles worked extremely well. :)

    Wonderful gif usage!

    That Alice in Wonderland cover is beautiful.

    1. Oh, good idea! Except I'd probably end up making a waxy marshmallow s'more instead. XD


      It is sooo pretty! *hugs it*

  12. Hey, Mary, I'm Hanna. Savannah put a link to your "My Top 5 Favorite Lord of the Rings Characters" post on her own blog, and I LOVED it! I've been lurking ever since, and I think we have a lot in common. . .
    I mean, LotR to begin with. Aragorn's my top favorite, but I do agree with you that Legolas is awesomeness. AND BOROMIR! I LOVE him! I freaked out--literally FREAKED OUT--when I read that you liked him too! And Two Towers is my favorite as well, I don't think you're weird. It's awesome!
    I'm also a HUGE fan of Narnia, Star Wars, Jane Austen, Frozen, the new Cinderella, AND the new Jungle Book. So reading your blog, for me, has been just plain fun! I'm so glad I found it!
    Anyway, I should stop now. You're probably thinking I'm a bit of a weirdo. And you're probably right! :)
    You can check out my blog, if you'd like:

    1. It seems we've already met in other posts of mine, but a belated welcome to you! Eep, I'm SO thrilled to have you around, dear :D Thanks ever so much for your sweet words!

      YESSS. I may or may not have internally squealed when I read this comment. Because Aragorn! Legolas! Boromir! THE TWO TOWERS! ALL OF THE LOTR THINGS! Thank you so much for making my day. :D

      Awww, girl, you're just showering me with sweetness. Interacting with wonderful people like you is the reason I started blogging. THANK YOU. <333

      I of all people would NOT be the one to say you're weird. XD I'm actually fairly certain I belong in Wonderland, seeing as I'm rather crazy 99.9% of the time.

      Ooh, I'll have to check it out! Thank you so much for leaving this lovely comment, Hanna!

  13. Gah, Enchanted IS adorable!!! I haven't seen it in FOREVER, though... Like maybe when I was six or so? Maybe older, I don't know, but I MUST see it again soon! You just reminded me. :) Also I love that song!

    Haha, just been getting into Studio C recently. :) They are hysterical! Watched so many videos they feel like family. :) Which video did you recommend?

    1. Enchanted is one of my faves! I do love it so. <3 AND GOSH, YES, THAT SONGGGG. It's so fun and upbeat! ^_^

      I'm so addicted to them now! O.O Funny thing is, they feel like family to me, too! XD I feel like I actually know the cast really well. And I linked to one of their Hunger Games parodies...I think it was called "Gale's Song"?

    2. Who is your favorite cast member? (If you have a favorite, that is...)

      I've watched all the Hunger Games parodies, even though I haven't watched the movies (weird, I know) but at least I've read the books a million times or so - so it does make sense to me and I know what they're referring to.

  14. Also, I didn't like the Goldstone Wood (is that even what they're called??? Oh well...) series either, so you're not alone. :)

    1. Yeah, they aren't my favorite books either. BUT I want to keep reading them to see if I change my mind. :)

    2. I tried reading the first, but hated it so I quit. I skimmed all the rest just in case, but none of them grabbed me.


    Sooo I've been horrible about commenting on your blog (for which I apologize! *gives you cake*) but I'm popping over today because I actually have internet and can. XD YAY.

    *laughs about turtle with crutches vs. cheetah with roller blades* I so know that feeling, and that is HILARIOUS.


    Congrats on finishing geometry!!! *throws you a party* (FYI, math was not my thing either. >.>)

    YAY FOR BOOKS. I read four books in May too! BOOKTWINS. :D Veiled Rose took me a long time too because I was reading a lot of other stuff so ALL my books I was reading took forever. -_- 'Twas a bad reading time... But I kinda enjoyed it by the end. *shrug* Oddly, the beginning was the most fun for me because I liked Leo and Rose Red out on the mountain playing as kids. :P Ooh, I keep hearing about House of Dark Shadows... I didn't know it had time travel! :O *is now intrigued*

    THE FORCE AWAKENS! I have mixed feelings on it but it's so good. :D FUN! Just... feels. :-/ *sniffles* Aww, I'm sorry you didn't like Zootopia. I've heard so much about it and want to see it. o.o ALSO BOO ON THE ELLA MOVIE. JUST. AUGH. I love the book though. ^_^

    YAY NARNIA BOOKS AND WRITING! Hey, that's more than I've been getting done some months this year. >.> So it's awesome because it's WORDS! :)

    My advice for Camp? Hmm... I haven't done Camp NaNo in awhile but when I did it I survived by making a lower word-count goal (since you can), making sure to stay on top of my goal every day even when I didn't feel like it (which was hard) and bribing myself. Like saying I could read a Diana Wynne Jones book or join Goodreads when I finished. (Yes, this was a long time ago. XD) GOOD LUCK IF YOU DO IT! :)

    This weather. Ugh. Not a fan. Happy birthday to your cat! She's adorbz. ^_^

    Sorry for the loooong comment but I had so much to say! I loved hearing about your month and I hope you have a simply supercalifragilisticexpialidotious June! <3

    Also, I tagged you for a thing. Because books. ;)


      Ack, don't even apologize. Heaven knows how horrible *I've* been at commenting on your blog...aaaand basically everyone else's. IT'S HORRIBLE REALLY. But yay for functional internet! That's always appreciated. XD

      *laughs with you because, geez, I'm hilarious* We all have those days. XD


      Ehehe, math does not like me either, for whatever reason. It obviously has very poor taste because I am awesome. ;D

      YES, BOOKTWINS. :D Three to five books a month has been my standard of late. :/ BUT that is better than last year, believe it or not.
      It's funny because I actually liked the parts with Leo and Rose as kids, too! They were so cute. XD But yep, I completely get having "bad reading times." They happen to me sometimes. >.> Also, you TOTALLY should check out the Dreamhouse Kings series! IT IS MAGNIFICENT.

      I LOVE THE FORCE AWAKENS!!! But yeah...*sniff* it does kind of wreck my emotions. *sniff, sniff* You should STILL see Zootopia because a lot of people really like it. It's probably just my problem, I dunno. BUT UGH, ELLA ENCHANTED. I really did not like it. -_- Hehe. I'm still interested in reading the book, though!

      ALLLL THE AWESOME THINGS! Yeah, I wasn't too thrilled with my word count, but I definitely hope to get more done next month. *nods*

      Ahhh, thanks so much for the advice! *hands you cookies and books* I still haven't decided yet because I apparently like to terrify myself and decide like two nights before July to join. Heh. HOPEFULLY I SURVIVE IF I DO IT.

      Weather = torture. Patches = adorable. :D

      SORRY FOR TAKING TWO WEEKS TO REPLY. XD I love reading your wonderful comments, girl! YOU ARE THE BESTEST. <333

      I WANT TO DO THIS TAG MUCHLY. We'll see if I get to it! :)

  16. So I loved this whole post, and I read it aaaages ago when you actually put it up...and somehow I let things get out of hand so that now I'm playing comment catch up. XD

    But SO MUCH GOODNESS HERE. :D The turtle/cheetah thing is hilarious. XD

    Aw, it's too bad you didn't click with Veiled Rose--BUT I'm ever so happy you started (and are now almost finished, good gracious!) the Dreamhouse Kings series!!!! Aren't they amazing?

    I really want to see The Force Awakens and the new Jungle Book, just sayin'. I watched Zootopia this month, though! If you don't mind my asking, what detracted from your enjoyment of it? (I can see something like the naturalist club being annoying to some...)

    Hey, microwaving s'mores is totally legit. *nods* We once "roasted" our marshmallows over a hot stove element. XD

    You bought The Chronicles of Narnia! I gotta say, I consider that one of the most worthy book purchases anyone can make! ;D

    Patches is so cuuuuute. <3 Give her a nice scratch behind the ears for me. ^_^

    Well, late as I am in saying so: glad to hear your May was so good, and I hope your June turns out (is turning out?) splendidly!

    1. We're not even going to bring up how many posts I haven't commented on at YOUR lovely blog. *cough* It's quite horrific.

      I like to fancy myself a comedienne, but alas, no one else has discovered my talent. ;D

      I'm quite disappointed myself. Hopefully I enjoy Moonblood more! And asdhfl;fjfd, DREAMHOUSE KINGS. I'M STILL DYING BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE BOOK SIX YET. UGH. CLIFFHANGERS.

      Ooh, you TOTALLY need to see both of those movies! They're just amazing. <3
      Yeah, so I realize that probably came off a lot harsher than I intended. I *did* overall like the movie, but I guess I just hold Disney animated movies up to different standards than others because of their history of clean, family-friendly films. (I know, it's probably really silly that I do that. :P) The uses of God's name in vain ALWAYS upsets me. It's almost become...accepted. Like it's okay to use it in a kid's movie because nobody really thinks it's a "big deal." I also didn't like that the characters almost constantly said stupid, idiot, or moron, which I don't usually mind, but it was kind of excessive in this case. I dunno. It hardly ever bothers me, but they used it so much that I really got turned off. Other than that, I didn't like the whole "naturalist club" thing or the references to "evolving." And of course I'm never a fan of the rude humor either. Yikes, this is really getting long. I guess those prooobably seem overly nitpicky/judgmental, but that's just the way I feel about it. *shrugs*

      LOL, it is definitely a legitimate substitute! XD

      I completely agree! It was only five dollars, too, so I consider that to be worthwhile investment. :D

      Awww, isn't she adorable?! I kinda like her a little. ^_^

      Thanks so much, Tracey! June has been going swimmingly, except for that little sandbar I hit called the "common cold." ;D


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