Beautiful People {May 2016}

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Well, well, well. What do we have here? Another BP post?

Yup, that's right, guys. I'm finally doing another Beautiful People. *cue thunderous applause* I didn't do the March version...mostly because I was lazy my characters disapproved mightily. There wasn't a version out in April, but, much to my characters' chagrin, there is one for May. So this time I'm ignoring their protests and doing it anyway.

Beautiful People is a link-up for writers hosted by the ever-illuminating Sky and Cait. THEY ARE FANTASTIC DRAGONS, AND YOU MUST CHECK THEM OUT POST-HASTE. The link-up is open until the end of the month so feel free to drop by and snag these questions.

I was trying to decide which character to focus on in this edition. I did the February version on Charlotte and James, and I figured I should let them off the hook for a while. (There was much whining and complaining on Charlotte's part before she finally got her way.)  But I still wanted to do one with a character from my WIP so I settled on a character I haven't introduced to you guys yet.
This is the only picture I could find that
resembled him so...enjoy. XD (source)
Meet Tom. Well, his full name is actually Thomas Edgar Brighton, but if you call him that, he'll just roll his eyes and tell you that you just wasted two seconds of your life by saying his full name. So basically...just call him Tom. XD

Because you obviously want to know more about my darling little squishy, here's a (very unedited) snippet I wrote recently.


   Tom stabbed his slab of meat with vigor, sawing it furiously with his knife. “But I don’t really understand how someone could be interested in such an odd profession when there are plenty of other more…shall I say, useful occupations?”

   James looked up from his bread and stared quizzically at Tom. “What kind of useful occupations?”

   “Oh, well that’s easy.” Tom shoved a mammoth-sized bite of chicken in his mouth, struggling to chew it and talk at the same time. “Thersh shtuff like food, for inshtansh,” he said, his voice muffled by the copious amount of food in his mouth.

   James winced and turned back to his own food. “Tom, do you have to explain to me while you…do whatever you’re doing?”

   Tom swallowed audibly and chugged down a big gulp of water. “It’s called eating, James. Seriously, you’d think you’d never seen a guy enjoy his meal before.”

   James rolled his eyes as Tom just sat there flashing his pearly whites.

   “As I was saying, you could invest your time in more profitable arts.” He bit into a roll and continued talking. “Like eating.”

   “Stop that,” James groaned, reaching for the bread basket and taking it away from his friend before he ate the bowl along with the rolls. Tom exclaimed something unintelligible and lunged for them before James could take them completely out of reach. Tom managed to grab three more rolls and pile them on his already overflowing plate.

   “There is more to life than food, Tom.”

   Tom continued inhaling the bread. “What, for inshtansh?”

   “Well, there’s pursuing your path in life—”

  “Food ish my paf in life.”

   “You’re hopeless.”

   Tom reached for another roll, but upon realizing there were no more on the table, gazed despondently down at his breadless plate. He pouted for a second before something caught his interest.

   “Say, James, I have a very serious question to ask you.”

   James straightened a bit in his seat and fixed his eyes on his friend. “What is it?”

   “Are you going to eat all that?”

Isn't he the best??? I seriously didn't expect him to develop into such a hilarious charrie. He was only supposed to be a very, very minor character, but I think he's trying to take over my story now. *glares at Tom* *Tom grins and stuffs another roll in his mouth*

On to the questions!

1.) How often do they smile? Would they smile at a stranger? So Tom...basically never stops smiling. He's like sickeningly happy all. the. time. I get the impression that he would drive Charlotte crazy. So yes, he would totally smile at a stranger. And probably say a random joke and cause awkwardness. Heh.
Why yes. Yes, you are.

2.) What is the cruelest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction? Probably that there is more to life than food. *points back at snippet* Or that he is waaay too happy all the time. He hasn't met Charlotte yet, though,'s gonna get worse, buddy. XD If his feelings are really, really hurt (which doesn't happen very often), he would only eat like three rolls instead of his usual seven. But he's got to be REALLY depressed for his food consumption to plummet. :P
3) What is the kindest thing they’ve ever been told? And what was their reaction? You mean besides "You can have my dessert"? Um...well, James and Tom are really close friends. I'm sure James has remarked on occasion how grateful he is to know which Tom would respond by saying, "Isn't everybody?" Gosh, he's such a big ham.
4) What is one strong memory that has stuck with your character from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting? Surprisingly enough, this character doesn't have a tragic backstory. *GASP* Yes, I know. Totally out-of-character (get it? out-of-character? I know, I'm hilarious.) for a writer. So no tragic memories. His are all pleasant ones, mostly of his family and food.
He used to live in the English countryside with his family and would go blueberry picking with them in the summer. (I told you, it's all about the food.) Now that he lives in the city, he thinks a lot about the things they did in the country as a family.
5) What book (a real actual published book!) do you think your character would benefit from reading? Um...Cooking Basics for Dummies? I honestly don't think he'll read a book unless it's somehow correlated with food. Plus, he doesn't know how to cook--though his eating skills are finely tuned--so it would definitely come in handy. *nods*
6) Have they ever been seriously injured? How severely? How did they react? Considering this is a pirate novel, you'd probably expect me to say that he was shot in the heart five times or had his leg cut off or something. But really the worst injury he experienced was a black eye. Although he has terrible pain tolerance (worse than me, which is saying something), he always tries to act like it doesn't it hurt. Usually that means his face contorts into a weird grimacing smile, and he cracks a corny joke.
7) Do they like and get along with their neighbours? I think we all know the answer to this. Tom is a social butterfly and smiles virtually nonstop. He likes his neighbors for the most part, though he's a bit disgruntled with James's employer. (For good reason.) So yeah, he likes his neighbors as long as they don't mess with his loved ones. He's a ham, but he's a protective one.
8) On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being easy and 10 being difficult) how easy are they to get along with? It totally depends on the person. Some people find he's uber annoying, some think he's hilarious, and some think he belongs in a mental institute. But as a whole, he is well-liked. (I mean, how could you NOT love him??) I'd say a 7 out of 10. 
9) If they could travel anywhere in the world, where would they go? He has an Irish background so he would really love to visit Ireland. Oh, and of course he would love to visit the place where he grew up, too. But other than that, he's pretty happy staying at home.
10) Who was the last person they held hands with? Definitely not his girlfriend. XD He has literally no romantic interest. So I guess one of his younger siblings? He has a big family and is often in charge of the younger kids when his parents or older sister is busy.
Well, that's my Tom. He's got a big head but a big heart. (And he also may like food a teeny bit...thought it's difficult to tell.) I really love him, despite his ego. (Just make sure you don't tell him that because his head's already swelled to the size of a hot air balloon.)


What about you, writerlings? Is one of YOUR characters a total ham? (The hammier the better, right?) Also, has one of your characters ever completely taken over the story? Do share!


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  1. D'aww, Tom sounds adorable and wonderful. :)

    1. He really is the cutest! I think I'm rather obsessed. *grins*

  2. :O

    That snippet! I was just sitting here grinning stupidly to myself while reading it. The last line! James was all ready for a super serious question and then just...Tom. I AM DEAD.

    I adore how he's so happy and ridiculous all the time. That's one of my most favorite personalities in fiction AND real life.

    I almost choked at your answer for #5. "Cooking Basics for Dummies" XDDDDD


    Also I love how you call him a ham, being as how he loves food and all. XD

    THIS GUY IS PRECIOUS AND YOU NEED TO DO MORE POSTS ABOUT HIM. Or share more snippets or...something!

      I AM DYING.


      Hehehe, I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ Tom is just...well, Tom. XD

      Oh my, I love it, too! Those kinds of people are the BEST.

      Well, if you choke, I can't promise to do the Heimlich maneuver. It's a bit tricky via internet. XDDD


      Ha, I never really noticed that! I'm just too funny. *cough, cough*

      EEEP, I'M SO THRILLED THAT YOU LOVE HIM. My WIP is kind of...messy at the moment. It's actually like 35 pages of snippets so far. #terriblewriter Yeahhh, it's pretty bad. BUT I will be writing it this July(?) for Camp NaNo so I hope to have a bunch of fresh snippets for you guys soonish. ^_^ (And if you pester me enough, I maaay do another post about this guy. ;))

  3. I LOVE HIM!

    Totally following your blog (the header, though!).

    I have just begun to realize that I have not nearly enough humor in my writing - major problem!

    What movie is the "I'm awkward" gif from? I recognized Elijah Wood immediately!

    1. I too am curious about that gif. My brain went 'oh!' when I saw it :D.

    2. D'awww, thank you! I love him, too. *smiles*

      You're so sweet! Thank you for following me. :D

      Hehe, well, I'm probably not the BEST at writing humor. My WIP is sorely lacking in the area as well. You guys just got one of the funnier scenes.

      I honestly have no clue. I saw it on Pinterest and was just like "Hey, it's Elijah Wood." But I really don't know what movie it's from. XD

    3. Haha, no problem!

      I haven't seen him in anything but The Lord of the Rings, so I thought that it was just me:)

    4. Yeah, I've only seen him in LotR, too. Oh, unless Back to the Future 3 counts. He had this minor role in it as a little kid. (Back when he really WAS a hobbit. XD)

    5. Huh. Didn't know he was in that movie...

    6. He only appears very briefly, but hey, it counts. ;) I may have been a LITTLE too excited when I saw him. *coughs*

    7. So he was how old in that movie?

    8. Nope, he was actually really young. It was made in 1990 so he would've been about 9 or 10. Like I said, he was just a little hobbit. :D

    9. Aw, that's so cute:) I love him. He's adorable - even as an adult! Didn't know he was a child actor, though.

  4. That snippet killed me, in all the best ways. XD I also have several characters that I didn't intend on having, but they butted their way in and became super important. Why are all the egotistical characters so funny???
    Love your posts and answers!

    Melissa @ Quill Pen Writer

    1. Hehe, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Well, except I'd rather not be charged with murder...

      Eesh, what's with characters these days? They think they can just pop out of nowhere and steal the spotlight. So rude. (But yes, the egotistical characters are so darn lovable. I honestly don't know. XD)

      Thanks, Melissa!

  5. Haha, Tom is fun :D. I want to take him to a frozen yogurt shop *nods*. This was such a fun post! The answers to the questions were awesome :D.

    And also, your WIP sounds like it is going to be really good.

    1. *gasps* Oh my word, he would be in HEAVEN. I'm seriously dying over here just thinking of him going to a fro-yo shop and getting all the flavors and toppings. I do NOT want to know how much that's gonna cost. *hands you the bill*

      Awww, you're so sweet. I'm glad you liked this post. (And I sure hope my story turns out decently. It's kind of a disaster at the moment. :P)

  6. Oh may gosh. Food and creepily always smiling and a pirate with zero pain tolerance. He sounds perfect. XD

    1. Haha, thank you! The way you described him made me chuckle. XD He's not technically a pirate, but now I'm getting ideas. Hmmm...

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. He sounds pretty lovable and I mean, food is very important and he clearly grasps this concept. Isn't it great when you mean to make a minor character and they just explode onto the page and make their presence known in everything? Those are the best characters I would say :)

    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian

    1. LOL, yep, he clearly does. ;D And you're so right! Those characters are such fun. (They're also typically big troublemakers...XD)

      Thanks so much for commenting, Liselle!

  8. Haha he sounds like he can be trouble to write. XD A pirate novel sounds fun! And I too share the love of food, though I know how to cook. I could maybe help Tom out. ;) My character Emil is a total ham. He cracks me up. XD Great to read more about your stories!

    My BP:

    1. Tom's such a handful at times. *shakes head disapprovingly as he eats another roll* But he's also so much fun. And I'm sure he would definitely appreciate your help with cooking. That is, if you let him sample the products. XD

      Ooh, sweet! I'll definitely try to hop on over there and leave a comment sometime this week! ^_^

  9. Aw, Tom sounds like such an awesome character! I've always found it fun to write about "social" characters, mostly because they provide an interesting challenge to an introvert like me, haha. It was cool to learn about Tom and your story a little bit! It sounds like a good read!

    1. I completely agree. I have several extrovert characters I'm working with, and they definitely provide a change of scenery. Being an introvert myself, it can be a little difficult to relate to them at times, but I still find myself really enjoying the challenge. ^_^

      Thank you so much, Maggie! I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my little foodie! :)

  10. Tom sounds like such a fun character! I knew I'd love him the moment you made the comment about his full name, and having read the interview . . . Yep. I love him. (Food loving characters are always awesome, though. As are the joke-y type characters . . . actually, come to think of it, he reminds me a little bit of one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite series, except more food-obsessed.)

    1. Shhh, Sarah, not so loud. I don't want Tom to overhear. No use inflating his ego any more. XD (The funny, food-loving charries are the BESTEST! Ooh, which series? I'm always on the lookout for hilarious characters.)


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