The Infinity Dreams Award 2016

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Hullo, humans! (You are human, right? If not, I applaud you for your ability to use an electronic device.) I have returned once again to illuminate you with my world-shattering revelations. (I'm really only telling you random things about myself, but whatever.) Because I procrastinated was extremely busy, I didn't get the chance to finish one of the glorious posts I have in the works. Don't worry, y'all. I listened to your suggestions, and some beautiful new doses of Mary-goodness are on their way.
Luckily, Laura saved me by tagging me for the Infinity Dreams Award. Merci, ma copine! (What? I'm just getting in some practice for my French exam.)
Before I go off on a rabbit trail (or fall into a rabbit hole), here are the rules.


Rules (which I will break)

1. Thank the blogger who tagged you. (THANK YOU, DEAR.)
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
4. Tag 11 bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer.

Random Facts (which you probably don't care to know)

1. I'm the tallest female in my family at 5'7" (and 1/2). I may or may not be ridiculously proud of this. (This unfortunately means I cannot be a hobbit. But I'd rather be an Elf anyhow so...)
2. I don't like bananas or melons. This surprises most people because those are fairly common fruits. I just don't like the texture or flavor of them. (Except honeydew. That is literally the only melon I will eat.)

3. I have lived in four different states and eight different dwellings.
4. I currently have special braces called Invisalign. They're clear, plastic braces that I take out whenever I eat. A lot of people don't even realize I have them. (Tricksy little braces.)
5. A huge pet peeve of mine is when people talk during movies. I don't care that I've seen The Lord of the Rings ten times, I still want to hear Sam's speech!
6. Spiders terrify me. Yes, most people don't like spiders, but I seriously am terrified of them. It's a problem.
7. Hearing a sound that vaguely resembles my alarm makes me incredibly anxious.
8. I will never be truly satisfied until I visit New Zealand.
9. My brother once met the First Lady Laura Bush. (I'm cheating a bit on that one, but hey, I'm related to him so it counts.)
10. I love making lists.
11. Although I don't watch Doctor Who, I had a dream the other night that I received a TARDIS sweatshirt.
Hehe. Wow, those are...interesting facts. XD



1) If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would it have been?

This question immediately brought to mind this post about time travel. (Warning: post may make your brain explode.) I talked with Tracey about it in the comments, and I mentioned perhaps visiting the Chicago World's Fair. But upon further consideration, I realized the most beautiful thing to witness would be Creation. I would definitely pick that if I could only choose one. But since the question didn't say I had to pick only one, I'll also say when da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, when Disneyland opened, and when Tolkien read his stories about Middle-earth to his family.

2) Do you like musicals? And if so, which ones?

I love musicals! I haven't seen a ton, per se, but some of my favorites are The Sound of Music (1965), Singin' in the Rain (1952), State Fair (1945), and Enchanted (2007).

3) What genre of books do you like to read the most?

FANTASY. Fantasy is my home <333 But I also adore romance, classics, adventure, and sometimes sci-fi (though I think I need to read more of that genre before I form a definitive conclusion). Oh, and the latest genre I discovered is steampunk. You all know how much I loved Illusionarium. It was my first steampunk novel, and now I feel the need to read allll the steampunk books.

4) What is the weirdest book you have ever read?

Oh gosh...well, I don't think I've read a lot of weird books, actually. Bryan Davis's books always border on the edge of weird--but in a good way, if that makes sense. One book that I thought was weird and didn't care for much at all was A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. I was expecting to like it, due to the fact that pretty much everyone who's read adores it, but I guess it's just one of those books I don't click with. *shrugs* But to answer the question, probably THE weirdest book I've read is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's nonsensical, hilarious, and just plain fun. ^_^

5) Are you a daredevil or do you play it safe?

I like to do some daring stuff, such as riding rollercoasters, but for the most part, I prefer to play it safe. I s'ppose I like to try new things (as long as it isn't a weird food) but potentially dangerous things like bungee jumping and sky diving, or things out of my comfort zone are a definite no-no.


6) What can always cheer you up?

There are sooo many things! Listening to perky music (*whispers* Owl City), receiving a new comment on my blog, and spending time with my bestie always make me happy. (Because I'm obviously always sad and need cheering up. ;) ) Also, watching a funny movie or reading a favorite book never fails to do the job.

7) What's your favorite movie?

Surprisingly, this isn't a hard question for me. My favorite movie would have to be The Two Towers. It's odd because most people prefer either FOTR or ROTK. I'm one of those screwballs who actually likes the second one the best. I get a better sense of the characters in this film, as well as more screen time for the Legendary Trio (aka Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli). I just have my reasons. *smiles suspiciously* (But really all the Lord of the Rings films are beautiful and glorious and life-giving.)

8) What's your favorite word?

Now this is a hard question. I love words so much--thus why I have such an obsession with books. Having been in the National Spelling Bee during middle school, I became very familiar with words. Some of my favorites include frabjous, catawampus, and scribblings. (As seen in my answers to the Happy Tag.) There are also the completely insane, awesome words such as bewusstseinslage, cywydd, and marmennill.

9) What has been your favorite birthday celebration?

*promptly forgets every birthday I've had ever* I...honestly don't know. They've all been wonderful. Perhaps my 13th birthday? I remember that was a blast. I got the entire Dragons in Our Midst series and a book on cupcakes and had strawberry cake. Yep, that was a good one. (Or is this question referring to a birthday tradition? If so, my favorite tradition is probably eating strawberry cake every year. YUM.)

10) Did you go through any "phases"?

Oh my goodness, YES! I'm the queen of "phases." As far as obsessions are concerned, I was obsessed with the Left Behind: the Kids books for a couple years. Looking back at the series now, I wonder how I could ever have loved them so much. The writing is just really stilted. Don't get me wrong, Jerry B. Jenkins had some great ideas...but his writing just isn't captivating. At all. I also bought into the Silly Bandz fad. Anybody else remember that? I still have all of mine...somewhere. Honestly, that's another phase of mine that I just don't get. >.>


11) What's the strangest thing someone has said to you?

At first, I couldn't come up with anything. But upon further consideration, I remembered something really strange that someone told me. I have really fair skin (read: pale), and one time this older kid (he was about 17, if I recall correctly) said, "What are you, from Twilight or something?" Basically...he thought I looked like a vampire. Eheh. Thanks a lot. XD

Now for my wondrous plethora of brand-new questions:

1. What is your favorite season?
2. If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. What superpower would you most like to possess?
4. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? (I'm apparently hungry right now.)
5. What are some books that make you perfectly and incandescently happy?
6. What is a movie that you enjoyed which you originally weren't expecting to like?
7. Given the choice between leaving your family behind in order to move to a fictional world or staying where you lived for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
8. Which mythical creature would you adopt?
9. What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
10. What fictional character would you most like to have as a friend?
11. Would you rather write with a pencil or pen?

I hereby tag the following friendly folks. (Alliteration for the win!)

That's not 11 bloggers, but I don't really care. (I told you I was breaking the rules.) If you so desire, you can steal this tag and answer all my lovely questions on your blog. Just leave me a link in the comments so I can check out all the awesomeness!
On a final, completely unrelated note, I've been geeking out over several different trailers this week. Behold them in all their glory!
I have chills.

Well, now I must know. What's the weirdest thing someone's said to you? Any odd phases you went through? (C'mon, I know it's not just me.)

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  1. You tagged me *tacke hugs* ohthank you! :D

  2. How fun! I love reading these.

    I feel the same way about New Zealand. Going there is not a want, it's a necessity.

    Your brother once met Laura Bush? THAT'S SO COOL!!!

    I loved all your ideas of things you'd have liked to personally witness. Tolkien reading LotR to his family--what a sweet thought!

    THE TWO TOWERS IS MY FAVORITE OF THE THREE AS WELL! Like you said, so much goodness of the Legendary Trio, really all sorts of character development for all of them. And the the battle at Helm's Deep. You just can't beat it. Favorite movie battle EVER. But, as you said, just give me alllll the LotR things. *grabby hands*

    I look like a vampire, too! Lol. XD So pale. It's ridiculous.

    I know I've had some crazy phases myself (I way too easily get obsessed with stuff), but I can't for the life of me think of one right now! Probably because I'm exhausted and should be in bed... I'll most likely think of a bunch at like 4 in the morning. XD OH. I just thought of one. I used to be obsessed with the show The Powerpuff Girls. Like, watch it every day, buy the action figures, had a t-shirt kind of obsessed. Now I wonder why. It's kinda of gross and suuuuper weird. I don't even know...

    1. These tags are rather fun, aren't they?

      It totally is. *nods solemnly*

      ISN'T THAT THE BEST??? I'm still a bit jealous of him for that. >.>

      Ohhh, that would be simply magical! I would just love to witness it. ^_^

      OH MY GOODNESS, IT IS?! Ack, I can NEVER find anyone who likes that movie the best! I suppose we're twinning again. XD (AND YES. Helm's Deep is EPIC.) But, yeah, I just want everything LotR. GIMME IT ALL.

      We shall be vampire look-alikes together. XD (And crying buddies. Geez, we're really strange. ;D)

      LOL, I remember that show! I think my sister used to like it, but my parents always thought it was weird. XD It's shameful how easily I get obsessed with things...

  3. Aw, you tagged me!! <3 Maybe it was reading this post at 1 am, but I laughed at every single GIF you shared XD And all of your facts were awesome. I just did a post similar to this one so I'll probably save it . . . like until Tuesday :P

    Weirdest thing someone's ever said . . . I can't think, but it probably came from one of my brothers. Although I keep getting people asking me and my sis if we're twins and I most people wouldn't even know we were related. So, what ?! Are you crazy?! It's strange.

    Phase, phase, phase. I know I had one. I probably had a lot. But I was never a TV or toy person. I used to be obsessed with Peter Pan (as in dream about and drool over) and it is now a milder case of adoration. Loud clothes and teasing strangers was a phase. I hate those things from me (*shudder*) and most other people now. We-eird.

    Ignore typos, I'm on my phone ;)

    1. LOL, things tend to make me laugh late at night more than they should. I did think they were funny, though. (Maybe that's just because I'm weird?) I saw that you did the tag yesterday, but I haven't commented yet. I'm so sorry for my long absence on your blog. It's quite shameful that I'm still struggling to catch up with everything from before our trip. *shakes head*

      Yup, siblings do have the tendency to say odd things to us. ;) And gosh, really? People have asked if my sister and I are twins before...and I just stare at them blankly. Because we're five years apart and honestly look NOTHING alike. IT'S CRAZY.

      Hehe, well at least the Peter Pan phase was a good one! As for the others...I'm glod you grew out of those. XD (I think I was the same way with loud clothes, though in my case it was just the result of terrible fashion sense. :P)

      Bravo! I didn't see any typos! *cue applause* I have a difficult time using anything other than my laptop to type.

  4. Fun post, Mary!!! Yay! You tagged me!!! Thank you so much!! :) My favorite movies are The Lord of the Rings trilogy,too!!! Tolkienknight forever!! :) Ooo I so want to go to New Zealand, too!!! <3 :D

    1. So happy you enjoyed it! And you're so welcome! I look forward to seeing your answers. :) (New Zealand and LotR for the win!)

    2. My mom found my commercial on YouTube! Sadly, it is only the shorter version, we can't find the longer one. If you would like to watch it here is the link,

      I am the little girl with blonde dog ears. :)

    3. THAT IS AWESOME. It's so cool that you got to be in a commercial. :D

      By the way, did you used to live in Europe? Because I didn't know they made those kinds of commercials outside of Europe.

    4. I'm glad you liked it!! Thank you! :D

      No, I have never lived in Europe. :) We filmed it in San Francisco. :D

    5. Ah, okay. I thought you might have because it was in French. But that's still amazing! :D

  5. Those were lovely answers! I myself have gone through many phases. I went through a phase where I thought glue was delicious and I ate a lot. Thankfully, that was a phase from long ago. I remember when Silly Bands swept the nation. XD

    1. LOL, really? Well's a good thing that phase passed quickly. XD And yeahhh. I was SO obsessed with Silly Bandz when they were popular. Now I see racks of unwanted ones in the dollar store. >.>

  6. I went through SOOO many phases. Narnia, Carmen Sandiego (yup. #awkward), Lord of the Rings, and ALL THE DISNEY PRINCES. My mom liked my Snow White disney princess phase the best because I just kept cleaning the whole house. xD

    1. NARNIA AND LOTR FOREVER. Those are not phases for me: I will forever love them. <333 Oh, you liked Carmen Sandiego, too?? I was kinda obsessed with that for a little I wonder why. LOL, I'm sure my mom would have liked that, too. ^_^

  7. There's the answers! =D

    1. Eeeep, thank you so much! I'll read your answers later :D


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