Frabjous Finalities {April 2016}

by - 11:49 PM apparently my calendar's telling me April has come to an end. *cue screams and gasps of disbelief* Seriously though, how is one third of the year gone already???

Well, without further delay, here's what's been happening during the month of April. (Just a heads-up: it's really long.)


Hmmm...okay, so April was rather interesting. It was insanely busy at times, but also sort of relaxing? I don't know. It was very indecisive. Sometimes it was a cuddly little kitten but other times it turned into a tiger and bared its fangs at me. And wow, that's a weak metaphor.

Early on this month, I met up with my bestie at Panera, our go-to place for chilling. We hung out, devoured bakery items, laughed like hyenas, and just generally made the workers wonder who those crazy people are had a relaxing evening.

The next day was the much-anticipated release of The Force Awakens on DVD. *cheers* We actually bought it the day it came out, and I got decked out in my Star Wars shirt and triple bun hairstyle. Unfortunately, everyone was too busy to watch it that night...or the rest of the month. :P But hey, at least we got it!

Then we enter the middle of the month. Ahem. It was a bit...unpleasant. And why was it so unpleasant?

I'll tell you anyway. Because my email was hacked.

That's right, y'all. Hacked.

I spent almost the entirety of my Wednesday freaking out about someone deleting all my stuff and installing weird things on my computer. I was also trying to reach out to all my contacts and warn them that they may receive an email from the person who hacked my account. You see, what happened was that I received this email that said it was from my mom and asked me to review this document. So, being the immensely intelligent person I was, I clicked on the document. And lo and behold, my email was hacked.

Add on top of that neck pain and a very strong attack of doubts (which I posted about HERE), and you get a pretty miserable Wednesday. I'm telling you guys, it was rough.

Luckily, the weekend brought with it another get-together with my friend. This time, it was a sleepover. Which meant there was lots of good food and movies. (I just noticed that we always eat lots of food when we get together. I guess I chose the right friend. XD)

As the end of the month approached, I found out that I had won not one but two giveaways! Yup, just like last month. XD Oddly enough, they were within 24 hours of each other--again, like last time. I won the birthday giveaway on Victoria's blog, and the prizes are fantastic! I got a free song of my choice ("Strawberry Avalanche" was my pick, for obvious reasons), free ebook (I chose Moonblood by Ms. Stengl because I'm seriously gonna need it soon), a magazine containing Victoria's short story, and some tea which is apparently not going to be available again until 2020. The second giveaway was held by none other than my dear friend Morgan. And let me tell you, I really wanted to win her giveaway. She hand-made all her prizes, and they are GORGEOUS. I can't wait until I hold them in my hands! ^_^

April concluded with French finals (HALLELUJAH, I AM DONE), journaling (which I hadn't done in a month :P), and writing my WIP. I haven't worked on my poor neglected novel in forever so I was thrilled to get in 4,181 words this month. Not anywhere near my 10K goal, but at least I got back into it.


Definitely not as fruitful of a reading month as March. I've been so exhausted lately that I sometimes can't make myself pick up a book and read late at night. So I only got through three books and two short stories. :/
  • I rung in the new month with The Last Battle. Obviously, I loved it. Though I will say that The Magician's Nephew will forever remain my favorite. (And I'm still not happy about what happened with Susan in this book. JUST NO.)
  • I picked up my beautiful hardback copy of Sherlock Holmes mysteries and delved into it one Saturday evening. The two I ended up reading were "A Scandal in Bohemia" and "The Adventure of the Dancing Men." I enjoyed them both, although my favorite Sherlock Holmes mystery I've read so far is "The Adventure of the Speckled Band." But I'd be happy with basically any of them.
This picture doesn't do it justice. It's so pwetty. *pets*

  • Then Lady Moon happened. And oh. my. goodness. I LOVED IT. It was definitely my favorite book this month. Just unbelievably good. I won't say a lot about it here because I kinda already fangirled about it a ton this week. If you've read my review, you already know how much I adore this tale.

  • The Dark Unwinding finished off my April reads. I checked it out of my library solely based on Tracey's recommendation. I fell in love with the cover (#shallowbookdragon) and the plot sounded intriguing and the quote Tracey mentioned was hilarious and it was also at my library and wow, my grammar has completely abandoned me today. And you want to know the result? INSTANT ADORATION. It was pretty slow for much of the time, but I honestly didn't mind at all. 'Cause, guys, the characterssss. They were the most precious, eccentric, hilarious group of charries imaginable. (Lane, Katharine, Uncle Tully...gah, I loved them all.) And the author's writing style was wonderful! And there was roller skating! And there was sarcasm! And I basically loved it more than words can express.


I guess I watched a little bit more than usual. To be fair, two of the movies I watched were only about an hour each, and the other two were at a sleepover. And the other one was...interesting.

~ The Woman in Green (1945): I'm apparently on a Sherlock Holmes kick because I've essentially been reading and watching everything related to said detective these past few months. This movie was a little strange, what with all the hypnotizing stuff happening. But overall, it was still a good watch.

~ Terror by Night (1946): That's right--another Sherlock Holmes movie. I liked this one a lot better than the previous one. It occurred on a train (which automatically makes it ten times more awesome) and had a generous dose of humor which I found refreshing. Probably one of my favorite of the old detective flicks.

~ Moms' Night Out (2014): If I could sum this movie up in word, it would be this: hysterical. I'm trying to think of a funnier movie that I've seen, but I honestly can't think of one. This movie is just the most hilarious thing I've laid eyes on. My friend and I watched it at our sleepover for the third time together, and it was just as funny as ever. Seriously, if you haven't seen this yet, you must posthaste.

~ God's Not Dead (2014): Not my favorite movie ever, but it was still good. I definitely wouldn't describe it as a lighthearted film. It had some heavier, slightly depressing themes. Oddly enough, my parents just saw the sequel to it this month, which I have yet to watch.

~ Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008): HAHAHAHA! *chokes on sarcastic laughter* Okay, so this movie was a bit of It could have been good, but for some unknown reason, the directors thought, "Hey, let's put some aliens in it! That will make it way more awesome and not weird at all." Well I've got news for you, directors: it was not awesome. I just don't get why this movie was made. And now I discover that they're making another movie? Gosh, I sure hope it's better than this one. (Though to be fair, it wasn't horrible. It was just really strange.)
Precisely my feelings.


~ I'm still addicted to Owl City, and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon. This month, I've been listening a lot to his album "The Midsummer Station."

~ Evynne and Peter Hollens's cover of "The Prayer." I get chills just thinking about this gorgeous piece.

~ "Like a Lion" by Bryan Lanning. It makes me happy. ^_^

~ So there's this more obscure Christian band called Rend Collective. They're Irish (!!!), and their music is unbelievable. I saw them in concert back in the fall and recently was digging up some of their songs and binge-listening to them. I love the fun, upbeat, catchy tunes they create. And the best part? THERE ARE CELTIC INSTRUMENTS. Not in all of their songs, but this one does have some.


Aaaand here are all the ingenious posts I've published in April. You're welcome.


I've been obsessing over this thing called a Lokai bracelet. It has a bunch of rubbery, gel-like beads on it, and two of them contain something special. One has water from Mount Everest and the other has mud from the Dead Sea. Isn't that the coolest? I actually got it for free at my orthodontist, and I've been wearing it almost non-stop since. (I'm actually wearing it as I type this. XD)
Mine looks like this, only the beads are blue instead of clear.
I did some bookish photo shoots, which you guys will have to wait to see. *smiles mischievously* I worked really hard to get these photos, you guys. In fact, I stood on a swivel chair in order to get the right angle. And I actually cleaned off my desk, which is a miracle. SO YOU BETTER APPRECIATE THEM WHEN I SHOW YOU.

I got new strings for my violin, which is always exciting. My recital is coming up next week (*panics aggressively*) so I figured it was about time I got them.

And of course, I ate cookie donuts. COOKIE DONUTS. I kid you not. They were delicious. (And we still have some left for me to decimate. *smiles*)

That concludes my weird and wild April. I actually made an effort to implement your guys' wonderful suggestions for blog posts and wrote both a devotional post AND a book review. Yay me! *pats self on the back* Unfortunately, this is only my fourth post this month (which I started writing at like 8:30 tonight *whistles innocently*)  so I haven't been quite as active as usual. But life happened and that shall be my completely valid excuse.

So, my fellow bookdragons. What did your Aprils entail? (Hopefully there were cookies and books involved.) What was your favorite book or movie you enjoyed?


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  1. Moms' Night Out was a HILARIOUS movie. And I thoroughly enjoyed God's Not Dead. I am excited for the sequel. It was funny to see some actors that I recognized from different comedies play more serious roles.

    It sounds like you had a crazy month. :)

    1. I LOVED Moms' Night Out! It's just...I'm dying. XD And I've heard good things about the sequel for God's Not Dead so I will probably be seeing that soon, too.

      I went rather mad last usual...

  2. HOW IS APRIL GONE? HOOOW???? Time is going by too faaassstttt! *flails*

    Ahem. Now that that is out of the way.

    Oh my goodness, Mary. Your email got hacked?? D: That is the worst thing EVER. I'm so sorry! I hope you got it all fixed and sorted out. ACK. I feel awful for you. My email is like my life's blood. Literally half my life is there, so I can only imagine the horrors of having it hacked. Poor Mary! I'm glad this month had some happiness to balance out the horribleness anyway. ^_^

    Can I just drool for days over your copy of Sherlock Holmes? *droooools* IT IS SO PWETTY. It looks like you had some awesome reads. I already wanted to try The Dark Unwinding, but now I REALLY want to. The TBR list gets ever higher. XD

    I haven't seen Mom's Night Out yet, shamefully. I really need to! Oooh, God's Not Dead. I actually loved that movie. So powerful. And that Indiana Jones... UUUUUGH. Don't even get me started. Indiana Jones recovers old, REALISTIC artifacts. NOT aliens, people!!! Just...just...WHY? Okay, moving on to better things. Like...

    OWL CITY. I adore the Midsummer Station CD! But, ya know, I adore all his CDs, so. XD
    I've heard of Rend Collective, but I've never listened to any of their music. I DIDN'T KNOW THEY'RE IRISH. A Christian Irish band that sometimes uses Celtic instruments? I AM TRYING THEM RIGHT NOW.

    I look forward to seeing these bookish pics! :D I've actually been super into doing book photography lately myself! I'm really getting into it and thinking about doing more with it. I have plans in the works. *grins*

    I hope you have an absolutely frabjous May! (Speaking of which, the Through the Looking Glass movie comes out this month! :D :D :D)


      Ugh, it was pretty horrible. D: I rely on my email for basically everything so I was super nervous that the person who hacked it would start deleting everything. Basically, it was NOT fun. But everything is back to normal now at least. I really appreciate all your concern, dear. ^_^

      You'll have to get in line. XD BECAUSE I AM SERIOUSLY DROOLING OVER HERE. I did find some rather good books in April. And gosh, you NEED to read The Dark Unwinding. I get the feeling you would love it. *adds more books to your TBR pile*

      Oh, Lauri, you would ADORE it. It's just so hilarious! Hehe, I'm laughing because literally everyone shares my feelings on The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. SERIOUSLY, WHY ARE THERE ALIENS???? This is an Indiana Jones movie! I mean...there shouldn't be...FORGET IT.

      OWL CITY. <33333
      I am literally addicted to their music. It's so unique and really stands out from the rest of Christian contemporary music out there. Methinks you would like them. ^_^ (Don't even ask why I decided to use "methinks." XD)

      Ohhh, you too?? I bet you have some GORGEOUS pics! I WANNA SEE THEM. Hopefully I'll have a photography post sometime in the near future. Bookish photography is such fun. :D

      Thank you! (I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO SAY THAT. XD I probably won't be seeing it in theaters? But I always think of you when I see some kind of advertisement for it. :D)

  3. Wow, your April was certainly very busy!
    Ah, I'm so sorry your email got hacked! I'd be freaked out if that happened to me!
    And congrats on your other accomplishments, including winning 2 giveaways!! I won 2 giveaways/contests this month for the first time, and I was really surprised.
    BTW, are you on Goodreads? ;)
    ~Emily//A Purpose and A Promise

    1. A whirlwind of a month, for sure!

      It was pretty freaky. I'm just glad that it wasn't worse than it was.

      Oh, really? Congats to you, too! So weird how things like that happen.

      Not yet! *cue gasps of disbelief* I hear it's rather addictive so I've been holding off until summer. Perhaps I'll get one then. ^_^

  4. It's so hard to believe that April is gone!! This year is going by so fast!

    O no! You got hacked?! I'm so sorry, that's horrible! I hope it's better now!

    Awww, thank you, dearie!! Your so sweet!! The package should be there today. :D

    I LOVE your Shelock Holmes book!!!!! It's so pretty!!! Don't you love it when books have beautiful covers like that? *happy sigh* :D

    I LOVE Mom's Night Out!!!! It's super funny!! And super cute as well. I love it. <3 :)

    I look forward to seeing your book pictures!! :D

    I love reading what you do each month!! And I hope you have a fantastic May!! :D

    1. Where has the year gone??? I'm still trying to cope with the fact that it's May. HOW???

      Aww, thank you! Everything's fine now, thankfully. I'm hoping nothing like that ever happens again.

      As you know, I ADORE all of your gifts. THEY ARE SERIOUSLY TO DIE FOR. I hope to put pictures of them on my blog at some point. :)

      Yesss, I adore beautiful covers. They make my bookish heart rejoice. :D

      ACK, that movie gives me all the happies! Way too fun!

      Thank you!

      You're always so sweet and encouraging. THANK YOU, GIRL. <333

  5. This year is flying by. I cannot believe that we're this far into it already.

    Ahh, I'm SO SORRY about your hacked email. That must have been a really, really scary time. o.o

    I had a busy but fun April. We had some of our very dear friends visit, visited some other dear friends, and had yet more guests stay at our house. And we had an event for my dad's work and an inspector came to look over our house to make sure everything is in order before we move. :D

    And yes, much of my April did involve books and cookies. The Books of the Infinite by R.J. Larson and chocolate chip cookies to be exact. :P I also watched Les Miserables for the first time and LOVED IT.

    I hope you have a great May! :D

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I mean, we're over a third of the way through May already! (Which reminds me, I've fallen SO behind on replying to everyone's comments. #worstbloggerever)

      It was really scary, but thankfully, nothing worse happened. I'm so grateful that nothing got messed up on my computer from that.

      Wow, it sounds like you had a really busy month! Spending time with friends is always a treat! :) Oh, you're moving? That's always exciting. (And a little sad...depending on how far you're moving.) I've moved about 7 times in my life so I've grown pretty accustomed to it. ;D

      COOKIES AND BOOKS. YES. I have yet to read any books by R.J. Larson, but I'm a bit curious about them. Were they any good? I'm also a poor, depraved human being because I haven't watched/read Les Miserables. Though I've only heard good things about it!

      Awww, you too! :D


      And LES MISERABLES! Ah! I grew up with the Focus on the Family audio drama, and I'm reading the super-duper-alley-ooper long book this summer. I am SO excited. :D

      YUS. A fellow mover! I too have moved around seven or eight times... my family is military. Is/was your family in the military?

    3. I MUST READ THESE GLORIOUS THINGS. LIKE RIGHT NOW. Where's a book vending machine when I need one? (Hehe, that's totally a thing. ;D)

      Ooh, good luck with that! Reading Les Mis is seriously a huge accomplishment. I doubt I could ever be that brave. XD

      My family actually isn't military. We've just lived in a loooot of places. XD I've lived in four different states, and we would oftentimes rent a place until we bought a home. So that's why I've moved so much. :D

  6. Uh ... I, uh ... I happen to know how we're already in May. I kinda sorta accidentally found a time machine and MIGHT have pressed a few buttons ... heh heh. Now we're stuck 1/4 of the way through 2016. Oops.

    ANYWAYS, I absolutely CANNOT believe your email got hacked! That's just awful, I'm so sorry! *hugs you* *sends you cake* At least the rest of your month was mostly a kitten :).

    *pauses commenting to be upset about Susan* *resumes*

    The Dark Unwinding looks amazing! I might have to add that one to my TBR, too ... *mentally makes a note* WHY does my TBR list always have to get so terribly LONG?!

    Ooo, that bracelet! *stares* It's so PRETTY!!! And the concept of it is just amazing :D. I loveth it. *nods*

    WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR BOOK PICTURES. What even. What madness is this?! *sighs* Ah well, I guess I shall have to be patient ...

    You play violin? That's so cool! When did you start?

    Cookie doughnuts. Wait, there's such a thing as COOKIE. DOUGHNUTS. Oh, I have got to get me one of those!

    Hope you have an amazing May!

    1. (Side-note: I just died of laughter while reading your comment. SOMEONE TAKE CARE OF THE BODY.)

      Ohhh, so YOU'RE the culprit. Try to keep your hands off time machines, Savannah. Honestly. ;)

      Ack, isn't that the worst?! *gladly accepts hugs and cake* *promptly inhales cake* Nothing horrible really came of it, though, besides off-the-charts stress levels. :P

      *pauses with you and feels emotions*

      Oh, it's SO good! You must read it! *casually adds more books to your TBR pile* *whistles innocently*

      I may be in love. XD And I just had another panic attack because I glanced at my nightstand and noticed it wasn't in its usual place. (I found it like five seconds later, hehe.)

      I KNOW, I'M SUCH A CRUEL DRAGON TASKMASTER. My magnificence must wait for another day. ;D

      Yep, I certainly do! I started almost four years ago. I still have TERRIBLE stage fright, though...

      YES, THEY ARE REAL. And delicious. And glorious.

      Thank you, Savannah!

  7. Intrigued, I looked up Rend Collective... Mary, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you!
    The band members of Rend Collective are, in my opinion, up there with artists like Adam Young, Andrew Peterson, and Anne Elisabeth Stengl. These are true artists that create things with real depth and soul, glorifying God!
    They'd never insert random aliens.
    Again, thank you

    1. You're so welcome, Blue! (Look at me, being marvelous and helping make people's lives better. ;D) I totally agree with you. Their creativity, openness, and unique style truly set them apart from many other musicians. (And it's truly high praise to be compared to Adam Young.)

      "They'd never insert random aliens." EXCUSE ME WHILE I COLLAPSE FROM LAUGHTER. XDDD

      So glad I could share something with you! Thanks for commenting!

  8. Hiya! My name is also Mary, and when I saw that you were tagged on one of my best friend's blog posts I thought "Well if she has the same name as me, she must be awesome!" so here I am. :) And even though this is only the first post I've read on your blog, I gotta say, I enjoyed reading it very much! and I may or may not stalk the rest of your posts XD
    I've just been getting into Irish music, (have you heard of the Gothard sisters? they're fantastic!) so I MUST check out Rend Collective!
    That bracelet looks really cool!!
    My April was pretty great. Cookies and books were most definitely involved. I have a *ahem* "obsession" *ahem* with chocolate chip cookies, but cookies in general are so great!
    On the subject of books, I made a goal for myself to read two books a week until next April. (I'm not on schedule so far, but hey, at least I'm reading more!)
    My favorite book last month was "The Lost Crown" by Sarah Miller. It's a great historical book written from the perspective of the Romanov daughters during the first world war. (history is my favorite thing ever.)
    Hmm, favorite movie from last month... OH. My sister and I have been watching old Disney channel movies! Zenon is one of the greatest ones of all time. Also High school musical :)
    As for what my April entailed, a LOT of gardening and yard work, a trip to the mountains, and my birthday was the 26th! I have now entered my 15th year.
    Can't wait to see the book photo shoot!

    1. *waves* Hello, fellow awesome person! Your intuition was correct because I am an amazing dragon, at your service. ;) So glad you decided to "stalk" me.

      I've never heard of them, but I'm thinking I must look them up posthaste. *nods* Irish music for the win!

      That it is. :)

      CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. That is all. (Though my personal favorite is gingerbead, hehe.)

      That's a great goal! If I had more time, I would try to do something like that. Unfortunately, I'm lucky if I read more than 4 books a month. :/ Glad you've been enjoying some good reading material!

      Disney Channel movies, mountain vacations, birthdays...goodness, it sounds like you've been busy! And happy belated birthday! I hope you got lots of chocolate and books.

      Thank you, Mary! (Heh, for once I'm actually not talking to myself when I say that. :P)

  9. I'm glad you had a good April. ^ ^ Lots of fun stuff! Panera is one of my favorite restaurants! I have seen those bracelets around. I kinda want one lol. The first half of my April was fun, but last half kinda tanked, and I'm still dealing with the aftermath which I'm praying I can get resolved this week. Happy May!

    1. Mmmm, Panera is so good! Their bagels are the best.

      Ooh, you should get one! Mine almost never leaves my wrist. ^_^

      Awww, I'm so sorry to hear that. D: I saw something about that on your blog, and it sounded really terrifying. I hope that you recover soon. <333 *sends you hugs and tea* I'll definitely keep you in my prayers.

      Hope the rest of your May is terrific!

  10. Aw, man, I'm sorry about the more difficult parts of April :-/ But I'm glad there were also great ones! That was about the deal with mine, too ;)

    Aaaahhh, Moms Night Out is the BEST. Oh, now that you mention it, we re-watched that this April, too! And with our piano teacher, no less ;)

    TMN and AHAHB are my favorite Narnia books. Amen and amen :D

    Oooh, that bracelet looks awesome! I'm off to read your doubts post :)

    1. Thank you, dearie! I hope that everything on your end is resolved as well. <3

      YOU'VE SEEN IT, TOO?? Oh my word, I love that film! Too cool how we saw it the same month. :D It must've been fun to watch it with your piano teacher. ;)

      The Magician's Nephew foreverrrr. <333

      I do love my Lokai. *strokes it*

  11. I am so sorry your email got hacked! That's horrible :/

    April for me was packed with drawing classes and school in general. Also relatives visiting, birthdays of two siblings, and the coming of real warm weather. (As in, HOT! Turn on the air conditioning! :))

    Mmmm . . . favorite book/movie? I read one of The Penderwicks books. I'd never done that before. They were quite a fun family! I also watched Step Up 3D 2010 on Youtube for the first time and it really was AMAZING. Moose is so cute :)

    1. Not the best day ever, that's for sure. :/

      Oh, you like art? Too fun! And hurray for birthdays! Maybe not so much for school and hot weather. :P (Unless you enjoy the heat...which I don't. XD)

      I've been interested in reading The Penderwicks. Which one did you read? Hmmm...never heard of that, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

  12. THIS WAS TOTALLY AWESOME TO READ. AHHHHH!!! And I don't even know where to start my comment, omg, Oh wait. Firstly: RAGE THAT YOUR EMAIL GOT HACKED! :O That's awful. Ugh. But all sorted now, I hope? :/
    And yayyyyy for good books and omg that Sherlock Holmes edition IS gorgeous. I've only read one of his stories #shame but I ADORE Holmes so I'm going to read the rest this year hopefully. I loooove the TV show retelling, Elementary, of it. ;D But I feel kind of bad being such a big fan of Sherlock Holmes yet not having read all the books?!? SO I GOTTA FIX THIS. *nods*
    Also cookie donuts sound like a wonderful invention. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. I WANT ONE.
    Good luck for your recital. *sends you encouraging chocolate*
    And that bracelet sounds so. freakishly. AWESOME.
    Anyway...there were DEFINITELY cookies involved in my April. And I read a ton of great books! Mainly The Raven King *dies of feels* and I don't watch a lot of movies. but I DID catch up on the latest season of Supernatural *dies of feels again* So all in all it's been a good few weeks. XD

    1. It's all better now, but THANK YOU FOR YOUR RAGE. ;D

      ISN'T IS BEAUTIFUL??? I seriously miiight be drooling. *nonchalantly wipes drool off keyboard* I've read like five Sherlock Holmes stories? But I haven't seen any of the TV spin-offs.

      YES, THEY ARE A GIFT TO MANKIND. *raids donut shop and ships you a box*

      The encouraging chocolate must have helped because I didn't die! *fistbump*

      IT IS.

      Your April sounds ah-may-zing. Mainly because cookies...and good books. ;D

      Thanks so much for dropping in!

  13. Mmmmm, Sherlock Holmes. "The Speckled Band" is one of my all-time faves too!

    My April mostly consisted of revising the story I'm getting published. All month long. Yeeks. So glad that's done. But I also visited my parents with my kids, had a birthday, and did a few other fun things here and there :-)

    BTW, I nominated you for a Liebster Award here. Play if you want to :-)

    1. Really? Ha, that's so funny! I love that story muchly. :)

      Eeek, that's so exciting! I can hardly wait for your story to be in print! :D Ooh, and happy belated birthday! I hope it was a good one.

      Thanks so much, Hamlette! I have a ton of tags to catch up on, but this one looks really fun. I'll see if I can do it sometime in a giant tag post. :)

  14. Soooo... apparently it is June, and I am here to comment on a post about APRIL. I'm so current, aren't I? XD

    I'm just going to throw out random reactionary phrases and probably just repeat bits of your post... You've been forewarned.

    Hacked email = awful. Winning 2 giveaways = YOU LUCKY DUCK! AND YOU READ THE DARK UNWINDING. BECAUSE OF ME?? *squee* Ahhh, I'm so glad you read it/liked it/enjoyed all the characters! Isn't it a gorgeous book? You must read the sequel now! :D (I mean, that is, ahem, if you want to.)

    Mom's Night Out is HILARIOUS. I lose it every time I watch the scene where the cop pulls the van over. "He killed Mama!" XDDDD And your comments on Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull were spot on.

    Owl City! Rend Collective!

    That bracelet is really cool. I think I saw someone wearing one after reading about it here. And goodness me oh my, cookie donuts???

    Well. That was incoherent. But I did warn you. XD

    1. Think nothing of it! Seriously, there are posts from April that I haven't remarked on at Adventure Awaits either. So yeah. We're both very current. XD

      Isn't that basically what I do all the time? XD

      I AM SO LUCKY. And it months in a row. SO WEIRD. :P

      AHHH, THE DARK UNWINDING!!! I love that book so much! The last six books I've read have been recommendations by you. XD (Because you obviously have marvelous taste in books. ^_^) Also, I JUST FINISHED THE SEQUEL TODAY, AND I MAY LIKE IT EVEN MORE THAN THE FIRST ONE. It was so. darn. good. :O

      I knowwww, it's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen! (That cop part especially, hehe. ;D) That Indiana movie, though. *sighs*


      Cookie donuts and Lokai, two of my favorite things. :D

      I basically thrive on incoherency so you've come to the right place. XD


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