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Well, look at that. I've been tagged. *leaps around bedroom and nearly topples a bookcase* Being tagged makes me happy. Luckily, this tag is about alllll the happy things. So I can be as happy as I want without everyone thinking I'm crazy.

...Oh, that's right. You already do.

Because I'm sure you're all dying to know the things that make me happy, I'll go ahead and get started. I'm adding in one category that I saw in a happy tag on someone else's blog. It's fictional characters so I obviously need to include that. Shout out to Laura for being her amazing self and tagging me! (Her blog is seriously awesome; go check her out!)


The Magician's Nephew (C.S. Lewis)

The Hobbit (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie)

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (C.S. Lewis)

Emma (Jane Austen)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)

Isle of Fire (Wayne Thomas Batson)

Raising Dragons (Bryan Davis)

Dreamtreaders (Wayne Thomas Batson)


Scribblings (shocker, right? ;))

Movies/TV Shows

Singin' in the Rain

The Curse of the Black Pearl

The Fellowship of the Ring

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


When Calls the Heart

The Adventures of Tintin

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

National Treasure


A Bug's Life

I Love Lucy

That Darn Cat!


Fictional Characters

Bilbo Baggins (The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit)

Han Solo (Star Wars)

Legolas (The Lord of the Rings)

Jane Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Catherine Morland (Northanger Abbey)

Honey Lemon (Big Hero 6)

Piglet (Winnie-the-Pooh)

Lucy Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Prince Edward (Enchanted)

Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Olaf (Frozen)

Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)

Jack Thornton (When Calls the Heart)

Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)


fresh sheets
warm chocolate chip cookies
old books
mountain air
orange trees
new textbooks
Christmas trees
freshly-brewed coffee
campfire smoke
pumpkin pie


"Unusual" ~ Francesca Battistelli

"Two Hornpipes (Tortuga)" ~ Dead Man's Chest

"Endangered Love (Barbara Manatee)" ~ VeggieTales (don't you dare judge me, Lizzy)

"Concerning Hobbits" ~ The Lord of the Rings

"Fight Song" ~ Rachel Platten

"Under the Sea" ~ The Little Mermaid

"Touch the Sky" ~ Julie Fowlis (Brave)

"Handpainted (Brennley's Song)" ~ Cozi Zuehlsdorff

"Good Morning" ~ Singin' in the Rain


York peppermint patties// plaid shirts// fuzzy blankets// sparklers// family road trips//weekends// movie nights// curling up with a favorite book// rainy days// snow// singing Christmas carols// antique typewriters// raiding local bookstores// comments// the clicking of my fingers on the keyboard// figure skating// watching horses run// long hair// crisp breezes// autumn colors// the feeling of my pen gliding across the page// laughing with my bestie// inside jokes// stargazing// rainbows// colorful umbrellas

As you can see, I'm a very happy person. Prone to sarcasm, yes, but still very happy. ;) And believe it or not, I had to really limit myself here. There are hundreds of other things that make me happy, but I unfortunately couldn't list them all here. Most of these things...probably didn't come as a surprise. *ahem*

Thanks ever so much, Laura! I had such fun doing this tag!

UPDATE: Eheh, I just realized that I forgot to tag people. :P I feel like I tag most of the same people so I tag everyone who is wearing the color pink today. (Because, duh, pink is awesome.) If you want to do the tag, feel free to run and put on something pink. XD

Now I must know. What kinds of things make YOU happy? You can make ME happy by letting me know in the comments below. :)



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  1. Awww, this is such a fun tag! Yaaaasss to everything you mentioned: this post is simply a perfect comglomeration of all the good things on the planet! LOTR, WCTH, Star Wars, Jane Austen...FANDOMS UNITE! This post makes me very happy too!

    Emma |
    (eeeek you have no idea how fun and exciting it is to have a dot com domain! SQUEEEE!)

    1. Ooooh P.S. I forgot to mention that I love your new blog header! It's soooo pretty and delicious! And pink!

    2. Yes to all the fandom things! I'm glad it makes you happy, too! ^_^

      (AAAAHHH YOU GO, GIRL! Your new blog is simply GORGEOUS. You should be uber proud. *nods*)

      Awww, thanks so much! I'm quite fond of it myself. All the pinkness makes me happy.

  2. This was so wonderful! And Endangered Love! My goodness that's a throwback. Also, your new header is quite lovely! Tangled, Narnia, and those beautiful bikes? Yes please. :)

    1. Thanks, Laura! Yeah, I wasn't sure if anyone would remember that song. I loved it so much when I was younger that I named my stuffed manatee, you guessed it, Barbara. Good times. XD

      And thank you so, so much, dear!

  3. Honey Lemon! I'm so glad that you included her. LOVE the smell of clean sheets! Oooo and mountain air, camp fire smoke (camp fires in general), and Christmas trees!

    Barbra are the one for meeeee!!! I love Veggie Tales. :)

    Family road trips are the best!! And I love rainy days, too. YES TO ALL THE LOTR STUFF!!

    I loved reading this, Mary. O and your new header is pretty. :D

    1. Big Hero 6 doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves. It's SUCH a good movie, and Honey Lemon is just the best. And yes! All of those scents are delightful, aren't they?

      Hehe, me too. On a whim, I listened to about five of them in a row last week. They were even funnier this time because I actually understood all of the jokes.

      YES, SISTER! All of the happy things! *twirls*

      Thank you, Morgan! I'm glad you like my new header. :)

  4. Okay, first of all when I saw the title for this tag I instantly thought, "This tag is perfect for Mary!" You just ooze with happiness. It's wonderful!

    Secondly, that header is new, isn't it??? I just about squealed when I saw my own dear Rapunzel and Flynn being their adorable selves. And Aslan and all the awesome. LOOOOVE!!!

    SO. This tag is awesome. I adore it! Yes to like ALL the things. You've already basically made a list of all my favorite things. So much amazing on this list. You even added a Veggie Tales song! XD YESH. *fistbump*

    I love it. All of it! <333

    1. Awww, did you really? Thank you so much! That really made my day. <3

      Yes, it is! I'm glad you like it! ALL THE PINK AND AWESOME.

      Thank youuu! We must be twins separated at birth. (And VeggieTales for life. XDDD)

      Aw, thanks, Christine!

  5. I don't think I've ever commented on your blog? Sorry if I haven't -I meant to, certainly. Let me remedy that!

    I just HAD to tell you that I love your header. To PIECES. I got Tangled for this past Christmas, and almost fainted, it was so pink and glittery and adventurous and awesome. Oh! Olaf from Frozen! I'm finally going to watch that all the way through THIS WEEKEND and I'm soooooo excited :)

    Pride and Prejudice 2005 makes you happy?!!! Wahoo! I thought I'd never find another person who liked that movie. Just kidding. Okay, only sort of kidding . . . Have you ever read the Tintin BOOKS? They're really really good!

    Pumpkin pie and warm chocolate chip cookies!! I love those too - and Fight Song by Rachel Platten?! What is this? You like so many things I like!

    P.S. I love your sideboard :) Jane Bennet and Rapunzel and UP and Legolas and Narnia . . . What could be better?!

    1. Goodness, you don't need to apologize! Comments give all the happy feelings, but then again, I'm just amazed that people even take the time to read my blog. Welcome to Sunshine and Scribblings, Rosie!

      Aww, thank you! You're the sweetest! Tangled is such a dream, isn't it? One of my favorite movies evah. And how did you like Frozen?! That's suuuuch a good movie. I'm quite obsessed.

      YES, YES IT DOES. P&P '05 fans unite! A lot of people don't like the movie that much, but I adore it. And no, I haven't! They look really fun, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I should see if my library has them. I'm hungry. XD And Fight Song! I've basically been listening to that on repeat this past week. Ack, we are just so much alike!

      P.S. Awww, thanks! *blushes* You're just too nice! <3

    2. Thank you! It's such a happy blog. And I like that!

      Tangled is awesome! Oh and about Frozen - I LOVED IT. So powerful! I relate to Elsa a lot. And Kristof is such a sweetheart! I wuvs him :D I think it's safe to say that I'm obsessed as well . . . Olaf alone was GREAT!!!

      Yeah - I know a lot of people that don't like that movie :/ Yes! Definitely, check them out. The drawings are amazing, let alone the stories!

      We ARE alike!! I put Fight Song in my most-frequently-listened-to playlist 'cause it's so motivating :)

      You're welcome!

    3. I'm so happy that it makes you...ahem, happy. XD

      Gahhh, isn't it the best?? I think I like it about the same as Tangled. It's nearly impossible for me to choose between them. AND YES. I can TOTALLY relate to Elsa as well! Kristoff and Olaf are the sweetest. <3 *nods*

      It looks like my library has them so I'll definitely be reading them at some point! I have to agree--the drawings looks adorbs.

      Fight Song IS really motivating; that's the perfect way to describe it. :)

  6. So I realize you posted this weeks ago and all that, but you wouldn't mind a late comment, would you? ;)

    You've read "Peter Pan"? I haven't for years, but I should. OH, that reminds me! The Broadway musical is coming near me and I'm going to see it!! (Sorry, I just had to tell a fellow Peter Pan fan!)

    "Scrumptious" *is* a fun word! It just tastes good to say. ;)

    Yes, 90% of those fictional characters make me happy(the other 10% mostly being from books/movies I haven't read/seen). :D :D

    Ahhh, AUJ is happy! As opposed to tBoFA, which is definitely a crying movie, I think.

    *nods* I like your scents.

    "Endangered Love" is so weird and awesome. I really think about it every time I hear the word "Barbara" or "manatee". :D

    And so many of the things under miscellany make me happy, I'm not going to list all of them, but good choices!

    Would you mind if I took this tag, even though I only wore pink early today? ;)

    1. You wouldn't mind a late reply, would you? XD (But really, there is NEVER a deadline for commenting!)

      It's soooo good! One of my favorite books ever now. Ooh, there's a Broadway musical? Ack, you lucky girl, you! I bet it will be so much fun.

      It does at that. For some reason, I always think of snickerdoodles for that word. (Maybe that's why I like it? ;))

      Great minds think alike, and all that. :)

      Oh're so right. BOTFA is an emotional wrecking ball. But AUJ just makes me want to skip through fields of flowers and blow dandelions in the breeze. (Though to be fair, I still cried in that movie, too. :P)

      Just thinking about them makes me happy.

      SAAAAME. It's a good thing I don't work at the aquarium or else I'd be singing that song to the tour groups on repeat. XD

      Please, by all means take the tag! Besides, you wore pink at one point so you're good. ;)

  7. THIS POST MAKES ME GRIN. All the categories of happy things...! :D

    Especially those words. Okay, catawampus--that's a southern word, isn't it? I feel like I've heard some southerns use it before. I wasn't familiar with it until then. XD And ohhh yes, ethereal and gobbledygook and sylvan! Such great choices.

    The Adventures of Tintin is a GREAT movie! Love it! Thompson and Thomson are the best. XD National Treasure is super fun too.

    CONCERNING HOBBITS. FIGHT SONG. ENDANGERED LOVE. Oh my word, Mary, we are brain twins again! (VeggieTales is just one of those things you can't ever outgrow. I wanna do a veggie marathon one of these days. Well, not a true marathon--that would take days--but going through every single movie over a period of time would be so fun.)

    Love this! Sadly, I'm wearing blue today. And I'm already behind on tags, so. XD

    1. Glad to hear it achieved its purpose!

      You know, I'm honestly not sure. I used to be in the spelling bee so I studied some really weird words, and that happened to be one of them. I thought it was odd and therefore awesome. But yes! All the happy words. <3

      BOTH ARE BEAUTEOUS. Not many people I know have seen Tintin, but it's one of my favorite animated movies. (And I was obsessed with National Treasure back in middle school, hehe.)

      No, but really, we have the same brain! (Except you evidently got the more coherent, eloquent part. XD) These songs all make me giddy. (OHHH, can I come over for your marathon? I'm basically just inviting myself over to Canada every chance I get. ;))

      I feel you. I have several tags waiting in the corner to be dusted off, but I can't seem to find the time. :/


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