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Here I am. Again. (You thought you got rid of me. Mwahahaha! I have returned!) This time, I'm back with malicious, characters. Yes. Characters. That's what I meant.

The first edition of Tracey's Lovely Books linkup (which you have until tomorrow to join...I was a bit late to the party XD) was about covers/titles. Because admit it: we all judge a book by its cover (or title) on occasion. Those bindings have a certain amount of influence over whether or not we'll pick up that book. Then we talked about my favorite thing--couples! Seriously though, what reader doesn't have a gazillion ships? And devoting an entire post to squealing about them is just about the best thing ever.

Now, in this third edition, we get to unleash our villainous side and list all our favorite (or least favorite? I honestly don't know how to classify villains :P) evil-minded charries. *rubs hands together and cocks a lopsided grin* Let the games begin!

1.) Smaug (The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien)
Isn't he beautiful? :O
Okay, I'm not going to lie. Smaug is pretty awesome. I mean, he's a dragon, for pete's sake! (Anyone get that reference? You know, Pete's Dragon? No? Moving on.) So that's basically all I need to tell you. Oh, and he also has great self-confidence and astounding dental care.
Get a load of those pearly whites! I'd like to know how he
manages such a hefty toothbrush.

2.) Bartholomew Thorne (Isle of Swords, Isle of Fire by Wayne Thomas Batson)
This guy wins every award for villainy ever. He's seriously terrifying in only the way that Wayne Thomas Batson can achieve. He has a thick, raspy voice that gets raspier (is that even word?) when he's upset...which is a lot. Oh, and he also has a handy dandy weapon called the bleeding stick. Aaaand, yeah, there's a reason it's called that. Basically, you don't want to know this dude.
(And because this is just as good an excuse as any to share, I just found out today about a sequel to the pirates duology. I'M JUST ECSTATIC RIGHT NOW. You can pick up the free ebook over at Mr. Batson's blog. I promise you won't regret it!)


3.) Devin (Dragons in Our Midst, Oracles of Fire  series by Bryan Davis)
At this point, I feel like I'm just copying Christine and Tracey in all my answers. >.< (Apparently we all just think exactly the same. :P) But, BUT this guy totally deserves a place in the halls of villainy. As much as I despise Morgan, Devin's always maintained his position of (dis)honor in my mind. He's so doggone persistent, you know? He seriously won't go away. And he's got such a crafty, twisted mind which is perfectly acceptable if you're a villain. 


4.) Cythraul (The Dark Sea Annals series by Wayne Thomas Batson)
That cover. O.o

If anyone can possibly be more terrifying than Bartholomew Thorne, it's this guy. He isn't the main villain, per se, but I've always thought him to be the more frightening of the two for some reason. He literally built a whole temple out of human bones. I kid you not. Cythraul's got some MAJOR issues. He also enjoys...ahem...experimenting on people. You'd have to read the books to know what I'm talking about, but he does some ghastly things. I won't mention anything else because spoilers. But yeah. He's creepy.


5.) Roger Chillingworth (The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne)
In case his name didn't tip you off, this guy is chilling. He was once a good man, but his thirst for revenge wrought him into a completely different person...if you could even call him that. He is often compared to Satan or a devil. The manipulation and sheer evil of this man cannot be conveyed. Just...blegh. 


6.) Frank Churchill (Emma by Jane Austen)
...And just like that, I lost five followers. XD
So I know Frank Churchill is not really a villain. In fact, the interesting thing about Emma is that there is no villain. Jane Austen leaves it open to the reader to decide. And really, no one can decide. There just isn't one. Frank is not a bad sort of guy. He just makes quite a few (very, very large) mistakes. He always kind of appalled me, but I've come to see him in a slightly better light after reading the book. All that to say, his deceit and carelessness really make him less-than-ideal.
Yup, I really bent the rules on that one.


7.) The White Witch (The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis)
Oh, look! Another character that I stole from someone else's post! *casually adds the villain to the list*
Ahem. So this is looking frightfully similar to other people's posts. But I couldn't leave off the White Witch, now could I? Mr. Lewis certainly did a masterful job of crafting this villainess. Her cold, manipulative manner and sudden "mood swings" (you know, when she goes from being all kind and inviting to shouting at the top of her lungs) really set hers apart from your average villain. She has such a commanding presence, an almost regal air to her. She's brilliant. (And also evil, but we shan't get into that.)


8.) The Keeper (Entwined by Heather Dixon)
Cover love right here.
First of all, this book is stupendous! You know how much I raved about Illusionarium? Well, I may like this book even more. I just finished it a few days ago and instantly fell in love. One of the things that really stood out to me (other than all the wit and charm and just general awesomeness) was the villain. Keeper is so...creepy. Oh my gosh, he is such a fantastic villain! You don't think of him as being a bad sort of fellow until later on. And even while he's being downright evil, he maintains such a level of suave gentility that it's almost sickening. I loathe him, yet I can't help but applaud Heather Dixon for creating such a breathtaking villain.


9.) Lord Paratore (The River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren)
Ack, this man is so vile. And really that makes him an automatic win in the villain book. (Which is totally a thing, in case you were wondering.) It's been a long time since I've read these books so I don't remember all the details. But I do remember being positively appalled by Paratore. He needs some serious help.

10.) Bezeal (Dreamtreaders series by Wayne Thomas Batson)
This guy...oh, this guy. He's a slippery swindler merchant from the Dreamscape with gleaming teeth and glowing yellow eyes. And he speaks entirely in rhymes. Literally everything he says is in rhymes--unless he's upset. That's the only way you can tell he's distressed. Oh, and he also likes chocolate. And muffins.
And thus ends my delightful assortment of villains! I had such fun introducing you all to my favorite baddies. The creepy, slightly conceited, and brilliant villains apparently seem to interest me most. Luckily, literature is full of 'em so I had plenty to choose from. (There also seems to be a trend of Wayne Thomas Batson villains in this post. Eheh.)
Much thanks to our illustrious hostess Tracey at Adventure Awaits for doing this linkup! It was such great fun! ^_^ (And she was gracious enough to tell me I could do a late post on the quotes version so I may end up doing that.)  Go check this brilliant lady out right now!

What are some of your favorite villains? Does my list of characters resemble yours in any way? Also,  what's your opinion on Frank Churchill? Do share!


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  1. Smaug!! Yes! He is exactly how you put it and I love the reference, Pete's Dragon. :) Pearly whites indeed! Of course, the White Witch as well is a villain you don't want to mess with. Though I don't know any of the other ones you mentioned. I have heard of Emma, but I have never read the book or watched the movie. :)

    1. LOL, I'm glad you appreciated my brilliant humor. ;) Smaug does have really nice teeth, doesn't he? Just so long as I can admire them from afar, I'll be fine. XD

      The White Witch, yes! You don't want to get in her way.

      I'm afraid I DID pick some rather obscure villains. Obviously, I'm a bit partial to all of Wayne Thomas Batson's (whose books you TOTALLY need to check out). And Emma's such a great book! I'd definitely recommend it!

  2. Can I just give a big YES. Basically ALL of these. I probably would say all of them but I haven't read everything. Sadly, the only Wayne Thomas Batson books I've read is his Door Within trilogy, and I suspects his later ones are even better. I need to get my hands on them! I've never read The Scarlet Letter or Rive of Times series either. Shameful!

    But ANYWAY. The rest of them! :D SMAAAAUG. He's a dragon so, ya know, SMAUG. He's amazing. But he's also just witty and hilariously full of himself. His and Bilbo's conversation in the book is one of my favorite scenes!

    Devin, of course, is fascinating. The White Witch as well. So cunning and deceiving. Gotta love/hate her!

    Huh. Your thoughts on Frank Churchill are VERY interesting. I would have never thought of him as a VILLAIN villain but he is...I dunno. Let's just say I got suuuper frustrated at him multiple times. I love how you added him. Thinking outside the box!

    You read Entwined! YOU READ ENTWINED!!! *SQUEALS* WASN'T IT AMAZING??? The Keeper! *flaaaails* SO many emotions! I honestly do love Entwined better than Illusionarium. It's just so GOOD. I'M ECSTATIC YOU READ IT!

    Your list was great! And seriously is making me want to go get more Batson books SOON.

    1. Hehe, well, a lot of these probably look extremely familiar because our brains are apparently in sync all the time and decided to pick the same villains. >.< But gosh, you totally need to read all of the other books I mentioned. LIKE ALL OF THEM. They're all epic. (Consequently, The Door Within trilogy is probably my least favorite of all his books...but I adore them all so ya know.)

      Yup, you gotta love a conceited, fire-breathing reptile. ("Think furnace with wings." XD) Ahhh, that scene is GOLD (pun totally intended). One of my favorites, too!

      They're both fascinating. My brain doesn't know whether to love or hate them...

      Yeahhh, I was definitely taking a leap by putting him on the list. I wouldn't exactly think of him as a villain, like you said, so maybe I shouldn't have included him. But he also shares a lot of the same characteristics with villains, and he did some things that I frown upon. So yeah. My brain is confuzzled.

      YES AND I ADORED IT!!! It was soooo amazing! Even better than Illusionarium, which is saying something. AND KEEPER. He was such a repulsive/creepy villain.

      Thanks, girl! AND YES. Go do it!

  3. Mary! Yipes, I have been horrendous at commenting! I've been reading faithfully, but tend to do that on my phone between busy moments, and I much prefer to comment with my laptop... Bad excuse, I know. XD

    BUT ALL THESE PERFECTLY HORRIBLE VILLAINS. O.O Smaug (beautiful indeed). Thorne. Devin. Oh my word, I'd forgotten about Cythraul! His temple of bones was a stroke of evil genius on Mr. Batson's part.

    I've never read about Chillingworth (though his name makes me laugh...some villains' names make them instantly obvious XD), nor Mr. Churchill.

    The White Witch, yaaassss. Your remark on her abrupt mood swings made me laugh! XD


    I don't remember much about Lord Paratore, but I recall enough to know he's a great addition to your list. *nods* He was terrible.

    And I have yet to read Dream Treaders as well...

    Great list, Mary! My sincerest apologies for being so late to the party. I mean, it was my own link up and everything... *shakes head*

    1. Girl, join the club! I've neglected your lovely blog these past couple weeks and feel awful about it. (And I totally get where you're coming from! I much prefer using my laptop to comment.)

      AREN'T THEY HORRIBLY WONDERFUL? Smaug is gorgeous; it's a pity he didn't stay golden forever. And Cythraul...isn't he just the creepiest? The bone chapel was so chilling.

      They're completely different (Churchill isn't even a villain technically; I was a little rebel and bended the rules of the linkup), but both very interesting. (And Chillingworth's name is rather humorous, isn't it? XDDD)

      Glad I could amuse you. XD

      YOU MUST, TRACEY, YOU MUSTTTT. I will pester you until you do. ;)

      Ick, Paratore is nasty. My memory of him is rather vague because it's been a dreadfully long time since I've read the books he was in, but I remember how repulsive he was.

      READ THEM. They are beautiful creations, and I think you would really enjoy them.

      Thank you! Psshh, don't sweat it! I know all about commenting "late" on posts.


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