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Hullo, hullo, hullo! I'm baaack! Did you miss me? Yeah, I thought so.

I had a wonderful, exhausting, fantabulous trip, but it's nice to be home. (And back to my computer...not like I missed it or anything. :P) It amazes me how much occurred in the blogoverse within the span of a week. I have somewhere between 30 and 35 posts waiting on my dashboard and a handful of beautiful comments begging to be answered. Plus, on top of that, I won not one but TWO giveaways! Like I said, pretty crazy. O_o

Anywhozens, I've returned and am ready to dive back into the wide world of blogging. As part of the Period Drama Challenge the lovely Miss Laurie is hosting, I'm posting my answers to the February tag. At the end of each month, she puts up a few questions for the participants to answer, as well as a list of participants and films reviewed. If you haven't already, go check out the challenge! It's loads of fun...even if I've fallen severely behind in my reviews. *COUGH*

Before I bore you to death, here are my (very, very late) answers! Prepare to be amazed. ;)

1. What period dramas did you view in February?
Lemme see here. *flips through journals because memory is not cooperative* Ah, yes. I watched The Shop Around the Corner (1940) and Amazing Grace (2006). I have yet to review both of these (I'm such a bad participant, hehe :P) because of time restraints. I also watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012), but I'm not sure if that counts or not.

2. What is your favorite period drama musical?
Did...did you just ask that?! Because musicals are essentially life. (I'll be honest though and admit that, although I love musicals, I haven't seen a ton of them.) The first two that came to mind were The Sound of Music (1965) and, you guessed it, Singin' in the Rain (1952). Those films are happiness personified, peeps.

3. If you could order up an adaptation of your favorite classic book, what would it be and who would star?
*dies because the questions are so haaard* *looks through shelves because memory is still not cooperative* *dies again* Yeah, um, I think I've mentioned before that I didn't like classics until recently. So I haven't really read a lot of them. Most of the movie adaptations I've seen I've actually really liked. But since I have to pick...maybe The Magician's Nephew? I'd have a hard time picking the cast, but I think Johnny Depp would make a great Uncle Andrew...seeing as he already takes on all the eccentric characters anyway. XD


4. If you could be a famous royal from history, who would you be and why?

Well, I always wondered what it would be like to be one of Henry VIII's wives for a day. (Because that's how long I would last.)

Um, yeaaah. I was obviously not serious. I find Eleanor of Aquitaine to be quite a remarkable ruler...though I probably wouldn't exactly want to be her because, ya know, she kept getting kicked to the curb all the time so...


5. What period dramas are you looking forward to viewing in March 2016?
I already watched one of them, North & South (2004), which I still have to review. (Like I said, I'm a horrible participant.) If I get the chance this month, I hope to finish watching Pride and Prejudice (2005) from last month and maaaaybe Belle (2013). We'll have to see what the rest of March holds. I still have a lot of movies to review from February and even January. Oops.
That's all for today. I have a lot of posts that I need to let the world in on, but life is making a point of being...well, life. So it may be a while before you can enjoy all the awesomeness.

How about you lovelies? Who would star in the dream cast of one of YOUR favorite classics? And as a random question that has nothing whatsoever to do with this post (you know, just like usual), what's your favorite fruit? (Don't even ask me why that question popped into my head.)




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  1. YOU'RE BACK!!! *tackles* Obviously I missed you!

    I understand that whole everything-explodes-while-away thing. I feel like if I don't use my computer for TWO days the whole internet just erupts with EVERYTHING. It's ridiculous. >.>

    Oooh, these questions are fun!
    Johnny Depp as Uncle Andrew. O_O Whoa. That's an interesting thought!
    Your first answer to #4. XDD

    As for your question, my favorite classic is Lord of the Rings, and the cast was basically perfect so...I guess it's already been done. Heh. Actually, almost all my favorite classics have turned into movie adaptions--LotR, The Hobbit, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland. And I love almost all adaptions of those!

    Favorite fruit? STRAWBERRIES. Hands down. I LOVE basically all fruit, but strawberries are the best. I could live off them. <333 What's yours?

    1. *tackles you back* HOW ARE YOU SO SWEET? Thank youuu!

      Ack, isn't it crazy? I'm just now replying to comments (my bad :P), and I STILL have to read/comment on all your guys' posts. Sheesh, you'd think I was gone for a month. XD

      I know not everyone agrees with me, but I personally think he would be a good fit. But ya know, that's just me.
      Oh, the cleverness of me! <---Peter Pan reference (which I'm sure you already deduced)

      SAME. The Magician's Nephew isn't my favorite classic, per se, but all my favorites (P&P, LOTR, Emma) were already perfect so I just chose that one.

      Oooh, strawberries are so delish! (And now I'm listening to "Strawberry Avalanche" because duh.) My favorite fruit would probably be either raspberries or cherries (not the maraschino kind or the ones you find on sundaes; only the fresh kind). But I also like blueberries and peaches. Oh, and pineapple. And mango. And I should probably stop. XD

  2. Welcome back! Heh, the internet has a habit of exploding whenever you turn your back. Take your time catching up. :)

    Oh wow. Johnny Depp playing Uncle Andrew? ... I think...you know, I think that could actually work. o.o I would never have thought of casting him!

    While we're talking about turning classics into movies, I stubbornly wish that The Silver Chair could've been made by the same people who did the first three Narnia movies (yes, I know there were some issues), so that Will Poulter could've continued as Eustace. He was perfect for the role, in my opinion.

    Fruit--I can't get enough of it! Just give me berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. And kiwi. And apples. And bananas sometimes. Watermelon too! Gah, now I'm hungry. XD

    1. *whispers* Wait, Will Poulter isn't playing Eustace? Who is?

    2. No one knows yet. The original group that made the first three movies doesn't have the film rights anymore--someone else does. So far there's precious little info released... Mainly that it's going to be a 'reboot' of sorts, with a new cast. (Though I've seen rumours going both ways on Will Poulter--some say he's coming back, others say he isn't.) I reeeeaaally hope it turns out well!

    3. It's ridiculous how much happens in such a short absence. O_O

      I have such revolutionary ideas, don't I? XD But really, I think he would make the perfect Uncle Andrew.

      YES, GIRL, YES. I'm outrageously dissatisfied with the fact that a different company is making it. *insert a frowny face* Unfortunately, at this point, I think Will Poulter would be too old for the role of Eustace. :( He was SO perfect for the role! It will be really difficult to reconcile myself with a different lead.

      Mmmm...fruit is the bestest! Essentially all of the ones you mentioned I like. Though for some reason I've never really liked bananas or watermelon? I guess I'm just a weird little person.

    Ooooh Johnny Depp as Andrew..o.O never thought of that to be perfectly honest. I had Peter Capaldi in mind (he's got the fluffy hair (and is so handsome but ahem)) I dunno! xD
    Favourite fruit.. lychees and cherries and raspberries and fresh blackberries from the path when we were in England when i was little oh good times!

    1. I just have to pop in and say I looked up Peter Capaldi (I don't know too many actors off the top of my head, so I rely on Google XD). His face is a really close fit for how I've always imagined Uncle Andrew!!


      Hmmm...well, I've seen pictures of Peter Capaldi (because I'm surrounded by Doctor Who fans everywhere I turn), but I've never actually seen him in any clips. Personally, I always pictured Uncle Andrew as being younger. Maybe I was just missing some things when I read the book? I dunno.

      Wow, I had to look up lychees! I thiiink I've heard of them from somewhere, but not many people mention them. And gosh, I'm so jealous that you lived in England! (As a side-note, because I'm such a curious little creature, do you have a British accent? British accents thrill me to bits.)

    3. YES

      Mhmm PETER I love that guy! sorry.. I'll find some good videos for you. He's exactly how I pictured Uncle Andrew him and the guy that played Unlce Quentin in the 1996 series of the famous five.

      Er ok Peter videos

      Heehee I didn't live in England.. sorry should have been clearer. Well we stayed with friends for a month. So maybe that counts? does it? if so.. I've lived in england for a month. Sorry i don't have an accent but apparently I don't sound very Australian either..

      A little like that but with rounder vowels
      =D My accent's hard to discribe..

    4. Sweet! Thanks for sharing! I hadn't watched any of that show before you shared the clip with me, but you know...Uncle Quentin DOES kind of remind me of Uncle Andrew.(And I just noticed that they're both uncles, hehe :D)

      Ah, okay. Well, at least you got to stay there! I really want to visit England, but I'm not sure when/if that's going to happen. I should have remembered that you lived in Australia. (I still can't believe that people from other countries read my blog.)

      For the record, Australian accents are awesome. :)

  4. HELLO WELCOME BACK!! You were missed. :) And my goodness, I don't know if I've seen all of those. *ducks head in shame* I must add them to my list immediately. My favorite fruit (right now) is watermelon.

    1. Awww, thank you, dearie! :D Don't worry; I just saw a lot of these movies for the first time. (And I heartily recommend all of them.) Eheh, funny thing is is that I adore watermelon designs (on clothing and the like), but I really don't like how they taste. Shameful, I know. I wish I did, but I just don't like them for some reason. *shrugs*

  5. Yay! You're back! Hope you had a good trip :).

    Johnny Depp as Uncle Andrew ... hmm ... I suppose that could work. I'm not sure :D. Uncle Andrew is a very ... interesting character, to say the least. I would SO love to see The Magician's Nephew as a movie (ya know, if they actually did a good job on it).

    Fruit? Strawberries or fresh peaches. Love 'em both :).

    1. I did! Thanks so much, Savannah!

      LOL, Uncle Andrew is rather interesting. I think Johnny Depp could really pull it off. He plays most of the odd characters anyways, and he looks very similar to how I always pictured Uncle Andrew. The Magician's Nephew would make a GREAT movie! It's my favorite Narnia book.

      Both delicious choices. I approve! *gives a thumbs up*

  6. YAAAYYYY you're back! I've missed you, and I hope you had an amazing trip!!!

    I want to watch The Shop Around the Corner and Amazing Grace SO bad - I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them. And the Hobbit. Ugh. I'm such a LOTR geek and I STILL haven't watched all the Hobbit movies!

    Aaaaaah P&P and North & South are the BEST. They are my latest obsessions. I personally think that Richard Armitage would make a flawless Mr. Darcy...please say I'm not alone in this!

    Mangoes and apples...how about you?

    Emma | www.creativexplorations.com

    1. THANK YOUUUU! Your sweet words make me so happy. *huggles*

      The Shop Around the Corner and Amazing Grace are FANTASTIC! I adored them both. You seriously must watch them. And The Hobbit! Oh my gosh, girl, those movies are LIFE. You NEED to see them! (Out of curiosity, have you watched any of them at all?)

      Those are two of my top favorite period dramas! EEEK I LOVE THEM SO. And good gravy, Richard would make a perfect Mr. Darcy! (But I'm still happy with Matthew MacFadyen...he will forever and always be my Darcy.)

      Those are some of my faves, but I think (?) my two top favorites are cherries and raspberries. YUM.

  7. Welcome back :) OH MY GOODNESS! North & South is one of my favorites. Please tell you me you loved it?! Not everyone likes it, but I still really enjoy it, even though I'm not a huge Margaret fan and her family is kind of annoying. You just can't beat Nicholas and Mr. Thornton :) And the theme song *sighs*

    Now. I cannot believe I never thought of Johnny Depp as Uncle Andrew. How cool! I kind of wish they'd make more Narnias and then again . . . I really only loved the first one, so whatever. I think we need The Witch of Blackbird Pond movie (which is supposedly a thing . . . but nowhere to be found?) And An Old-Fashioned Girl, too. Either one of those would completely make my day.

    My favorite fruit is blueberries. :)

    1. Oh, Abigayle, I LOVED it! It kinda grew on me. When I first watched it, I liked it but didn't love it. Fast forward 48 hours, and I was fangirling like nobody's business. XD Oh, you don't care for Margaret and her family? I personally liked them all a lot. Margaret ended up being my favorite, and I didn't really find her family annoying. As for Nicholas and Thornton...well, I'm not much of a Nicholas fan, but Thornton is REALLY growing on me. As odd as this sounds, Mr. Thornton kind of terrified me. He was so intense and brooding and had a terrible temper. But now he's grown in my affections...though not quite as much as Mr. Darcy. :)

      I actually loved all of the Narnia movies, despite their straying from the books. This is largely due to the fact that I'm *gasp* not a book purist. This is a topic for a whole other post so we'll just leave at that. But I completely agree! We need more Narnia! I looked up An Old-Fashioned Girl, and it seems it was made into a movie in 1949? I couldn't find anything about a movie for The Witch of Blackbird Pond, though. (And can you believe I haven't read either of those?)

      They're one of my favorites, too!

  8. Welcome back, beautiful girl! :D


    Ooh, Johnny Depp as Uncle Andrew could be really cool. I actually rather adore Uncle A., for reasons passing understanding. And you know who I think should play him? Hayden Christiansen. I saw a picture of him once and the face just WAS Uncle Andrew. (Of course…his stint as Anakin was…well, 'hem, yes. Anywho. We shan't go into that.)

    "Because that's how long I would last…" HA! You droll girl ;)

    N&S!!!!! It's just so stinkin' GOOD. Who was your favorite character? I don't know who mine is. I like Margaret and John, though…they're pretty good choices ;D ;D AAAHHH. I need to watch this again :)

    Okay, WELL. When I was reading Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton, I suddenly came to the conclusion that Lucy Griffiths would make a terrific Mary. I'm still not totally sure, but I think it'd be really good.

    Favorite fruit? Goodness…probably grapes. I love strawberries and a good nectarine, but it's so hard to get a really spectacular nectarine; whereas grapes you can generally count on to be amazing. (Weren't you just dying for such a detailed answer?)


    1. Awww, thank you! *blushes*


      LOL, I actually really like him as well. We shall be strange together, dearie. Hmmm...not sure what I think of Hayden Christiansen as Uncle Andrew. Partly because all I can think of for him is Anakin (not exactly his most flattering role, I presume). And partly because he looks kind of young for the role. But hey, to each her own!

      I'm so amusing, am I not? ;)

      Oh my, I adore North & South! My favorite character is probably Margaret. I really like Mr. Thornton now, too, but he still kind of terrifies me. (True story.) YES GO WATCH IT AGAIN.

      I still have to read Mary Barton. Man, my list of books to read is growing longer every day.

      Hehe, I loved your detailed answer! :) All good choices!


  9. YOU'RE BAAAAACK!!! No, of course you didn't miss your laptop, why on earth would you do that? :P

    As for dream casts, this isn't my idea, it's my sister's but I like it so much I'm gonna tell it to you: Daisy Ridley and Richard Armitage as Elizabeth and Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Wouldn't that be AWESOME?!

    Oh, and my favorite fruit would definitely be peaches. I also enjoy plums. And apples :D

    Happy Easter!

    1. I HAVE RETURNED! And nope. I didn't miss it. Not at all. ;)

      You know...that actually sounds really cool! I haven't seen Daisy Ridley in anything other than Star Wars (which, as far as I know, was actually her first film), but she miiiight be able to pull off a good Lizzie. And Richard Armitage would make a FANTASTIC Mr. Darcy. Yeah, I'm really liking this idea.

      Peaches and apples = happiness. (Although I've never tried plums, if you can believe it. :o)

      Happy (late) Easter to you, too!


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