À Bientôt, Auf Wiedersehen, and All That Jazz

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Well, lovelies. I'm just writing a quick note to tell you that I will *gasp* not be posting until late next week. I'm going on vacation for a week with the fam (a road trip, as a matter of fact), and WILL NOT BE TAKING MY COMPUTER. And yes, that deserved all caps because GUYS. I will not be using my computer for a week. *collapses because it's unbelievable* *starts dancing because is reminded of Owl City song*

Ahem. Yes.

I know you'll all miss me terribly (I'm so humble, hehe), so I'll leave with you with a few Pinterest delights because I'm such a generous person. (The humble pie is delicious, by the by.)

Because Benedict Cumberbatch tackling a life-sized
teddy bear is just about the best thing ever.



The amount of awesomeness in this is too much. I CAN'T EVEN

I'll try to comment on all the beautiful posts you guys put up (I'm not going completely internet-free; I'll still have my iPad), but even if I don't, rest assured that I will read them and glory in all their splendor.

One last note: I've officially become an Owl City fan. Now I can't imagine my life without his music. Dozens of his songs have been on repeat, but here's one of the ones I especially love. (It will explain the picture at the top of the post...not like I needed a reason to use a picture of a hot air balloon, but ya know.)

I'll talk to you dears soon! Have a delightfully green St. Patrick's Day! (And make sure to eat Lucky Charms...and listen to Celtic music...and wear green.)

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  1. Oooh, a vacation. EXCITING. And no computer for a whole WEEK? *le gasp* You are a brave soul! I'm pretty sure I'd stop breathing. (Yes, I have problems and probably SHOULD take a week off from the computer.)

    *LE GASP* Is that the Benedict gif you mentioned on Pinterest? *stares at it forever and ever* O_____O And The Hobbit one! Totally just pinned both of those because, ya know, DUH.

    Wait, wait, wait. Do my eyes deceive me? Owl City? OWL CITY??? OWL CITYYY!!!! Owl City is LIFE. Like...seriously. I honestly don't even have the words to express how much I love his music. His music makes me so unbelievable happy and is my favorite thing to listen to in the world and THERE ARE NO WORDS. I'm getting all emotional just THINKING about it. That's how much I love it. I AM SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED YOU LISTEN TO HIM NOW. *SQUEALS* Okay, okay. I could fangirl all day. I need to stop.

    I hope you have the absolute bestest vacation. I WILL miss you but am happy to know you'll be having a good time! ^_^ "'Cause it's always a good time!" <---Owl City song. ;D

    1. Ah, yes. I'm such a courageous person. *griiins* It was rather difficult to leave it behind, but I think it was good to have a break and not stress out about "missing" things on the internet.

      YES IT IS. I'm completely justified in watching it twenty times. XD

      OWL CITY IS THE BEST. Fangirl all you want, dear. I won't judge. :) His music gives me all the happy feelings. (And sometimes makes me cry, but we won't get into that.)

      Awww, thank you, sweet girl! I had SUCH a good time! *starts dancing to "Good Time"*

  2. AWWW I'll miss you!! I hope you have a SPLENDID vacation, though honestly I don't know if I could survive a whole week without my laptop! Eeek! But good for you - I'm far too dependent on my electronic devices.

    SQUEEEEEE! Owl City is the bestest!! My favs of his are "Fireflies" and "Hello,Seattle." His music is so beautiful and relaxing and I could listen to it for hours.

    I hope you have an absolutely incomparable time - you deserve it!

    1. YOU ARE TOO SWEET. My vacation was a blast...and I actually survived without my laptop! In fact, it was so nice that I might try it again sometime soon. (But no too soon because I'm waaaay behind on all the internet things...as is evidenced by my reply almost two weeks later. :P)

      Isn't his music delightful?! It makes me so relaxed and happy.

      Thank you so much!

  3. Ooo, have a fun vacation!! You'll have to come back and tell us all about it. :)
    Yay for Owl City!! He has the best music.

    1. Thanks! I had a wonderful trip! I'll be talking a bit about it in my monthly wrap-up post on Thursday. :)

      Woohoo for another Owl City fan!

  4. (*shakes your hand* hi, I'm Savannah, I've been following your blog almost since you started but have never commented, but that has now been fixed)
    Ooo, I hope you have a fun vacation! *gasps* A whole WEEK without your laptop? You rock, Mary. I could never do that XD.
    Oh my word ... *collapses into giggles* Those two gifs are the BEST.
    I forgot to wear green and so my sisters pinched me XD. *puts on green bracelet* Safe now!

    1. *shakes your hand and gives you cake* It's nice to meet you, Savannah! I've seen you stalking...ahem, commenting on other people's blogs (notably Musings of an Elf and A Writer's Faith). And wow, you've been reading my blog for that long? I'm baffled at how many wonderful people actually read my ramblings. ^_^

      It was lovely! And I somehow managed to live without my laptop...which is nothing short of a miracle.

      Aren't they though? Ack, I could stare at them for daaaays.

      I protected myself by wearing clover socks, green earrings, and a green shirt. Who knew St. Patrick's Day could be such a dangerous holiday? XD

  5. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Ooooh, yes, I'll be listening to TONS of Celtic music. Speaking of music, I'd never heard of Owl City before but it sounds wonderful!! I especially like the Hot Air Balloon song you shared :)

    I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful vacation and don't die from lack of interaction with your laptop :P Just kidding. Of course you knew that! That bottom gif is the best. Have a super-fun-packed week!!

    1. Happy (very belated) St. Patrick's Day to you, too! Celtic music and Owl City are both appropriate methods of celebration. *nods*

      Thank you. XD As you can see, I made it. ;) And that gif = life.

  6. Ooh, have a nice trip! I just got back from one. I did the whole no laptop thing, too, because mine has a shot battery and poor internet capabilities :P It was a nice break, though. I've just recently begun to look into Owl City, too, and like most of what I find, even though I'm not always into quirky. I haven't heard Hot Air Balloon yet, so I'll have to check it out :D Have a nice trip!

    1. Ahh, thanks, dear friend! I'm glad I'm not the only one crazy enough to leave their computer behind. ;) In all honesty, though, it was really nice to have a break. (By the way, so sorry to hear about your computer. Technology is such a disagreeable thing sometimes.) Oh, and Owl City is flawless! I haven't listened to all his songs, but I've enjoyed all the ones I've heard so far.

  7. Well, seeing as you're back now, I can't wish you a good trip. But I hope you had a good one all the same!

    That balloon/Eiffel Tower picture is LOVE-LY.

    OWL CITYYYYY!!! Somehow I can hardly believe you're a new fan, because his peppy, fun music seems like exactly the kind of thing you'd like. But I'm glad you discovered him! I love almost every single one of his songs. (Bombshell Blonde and Dementia are the two I really don't care for, and never listen to.) But there's so many great ones! Fireflies, Galaxies, Plant Life, Dental Care, Bird with a Broken Wing, Umbrella Beach, Meteor Shower, Deer in the Headlights, Dreams and Disasters, I'm Coming After You... I might as well list them all. And he has a ton. XD

    1. Way too much fun! I'll have to let you all in on it this Thursday in my Frabjous Finalities post.

      'Tis gorgeous, is it not? <3

      I knowwwww. I can hardly believe it myself. I've been hearing about how good his music is for a long time now, but just recently decided to give it a shot. And now there's no turning back. GIVE ME ALL THE OWL CITY. All the songs you listed are GOLD. (Well, at least all the ones I've listened to. I'm still a newbie fan, you know. XD) His music is just perfection. <333


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