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I'm baaaack! This time I'm actually following the rules and including the picture that goes with this linkup. (Hehe, I'm such a rebel :P) Also, am I the only one who is extremely happy over the fact that the books in the picture are color-coordinated? Yes? No? Okay, moving on.

This edition of Tracey's Lovely Books linkup is focused on allllll the couples! I legit squealed when I saw the topic of this edition. Naturally. In case I still haven't engraved this your cranium, I'll tell you again: I am a hopeless romantic. It's sad. It really is. (Not really because I can flail about all my favorite couples and have an excuse.)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about or happened to miss my last post, then I'll fill you in a little. The beautiful Tracey Dyck is hosting a linkup called Lovely Books during the month of February. Each week, she posts a new edition focusing on one of the aspects of books that we ardently admire and love. She already has three editions out, but doing them on time is boring so I obviously chose to be late to the party. Hop on over to her blog Adventure Awaits and check her out! It's the best decision you'll ever make. (Well...except maybe who you'll marry. But it's next in importance ;))

Onward and...upward? Not sure that really works well in this circumstance, but just go with it.

(Also, please note: these are in no particular order because you can't possibly expect me to rank them. 'Tis unthinkable.)

1.) Adrian and Marcelle (Tales of Starlight series by Bryan Davis)
(Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful
 simplicity of this cover?)

Oh my goodness, THESE. TWO. I was shipping them from the first chapter of Masters & Slayers. They are one of my favorite Bryan Davis couples (which is saying something, let me tell you). Marcelle is a lot different than the female characters Bryan Davis usually creates. Don't get me wrong, I love all the sweet characters like Bonnie and Sapphira, but I really enjoyed seeing him write a character like Marcelle. She's feisty, independent, and a little hot-tempered at times. For some reason, she ended up being my favorite character in the series. She clashes with Adrian quite a bit, but it seems I like those kinds of relationships the best so it's all good.

2.) Cat and Anne (Isle of Swords, Isle of Fire by Wayne Thomas Batson)
*FLAILS* They are too adorable for words. Firstly, they're pirates. (I mean, does it get any better than shipping two pirates??) Secondly, they're another couple that seems to...ahem...not always get along. (I told you, I'm obsessed with that type.) And thirdly, they are just plain darling. And can...can we talk about the ending to Isle of Fire? I'm not about to spoil it, but it is seriously the. best. thing. ever. If you haven't read it, GET THEE TO A BOOKSTORE THIS INSTANT.

3.) Lockwood and Anna (Illusionarium by Heather Dixon)

(Of course I'm not looking for an excuse
to post a picture of this cover again. I'd never
think of such a thing. ;))
Gracious me, what can I say? I just finished Illusionarium last week AND GUYS. It is spectacular! It's one of the funniest, most unique things I've ever read. Totally unlike anything else. And it contains one of the most wonderful couples imaginable. Lockwood and Anna make the sweetest pair. I swear, they are made for each other. Lockwood's cockiness, matched with Anna's saucy stubbornness? Um, YEAH. Seeing these two in action really put me in stitches because they are just hilarious.

4.) Digory and Polly (The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis)
I've always thought Digory and Polly would make a cute couple. Obviously, they bicker quite a bit (ha, doesn't every couple I like?), but you can tell they care for each other. They're really good friends, and I enjoy watching their friendship grow throughout the book.

5.) Walter and Ashley (Dragons in Our Midst/Oracles of Fire/Children of the Bard series by Bryan Davis)
(Sorry for the bad quality. I couldn't find a better
picture. Oh, and Walter's on the left, Ashley's on the far right.)
I love these two! They are honestly tied with Marcelle and Adrian because they are so awesome. Walter is the comical, lighten-the-mood kind of guy, while Ashley is the serious, no-nonsense kind of girl (with big brains, by the way). They may not always see eye-to-eye, but they learn to overcome their differences. Seriously the sweetest thing that has ever graced a Dragons in Our Midst novel <3

6.) Luca and Lia (River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren)
(I think this is Luca, but I'm not entirely sure.)
Like Tracey, I adore this couple. Gabriella and Marcello are lovely, of course, but these two are just so charming. I don't even know. Lia is tough when she needs to be, but she's overall the gentler of the two sisters. And Luca...oh, Luca. He's basically a medieval form of Walter from Dragons in Our Midst. The cheeky guys tend to draw me in, what can I say?

7.) Jorgen and Odette (The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest by Melanie Dickerson)
It was almost a draw between these two and Valten and Gisela (they're from A Captive Maiden, by the same author), but Jorgen and Odette won by a smidge. They really complement each other very well. And, surprisingly, they're one of the few couples on this list that doesn't argue quite a bit. (At least I don't think they do. It's been a little while since I read the book.) Jorgen is such a gentleman, and Odette is a sweet, strong, capable young woman. I really do love them.

8.) Hunter and Trista (The Codebearers series by the Miller brothers)
I first read The Codebearers series, oh, about four years ago. And these two really were really one of the greatest things about the series. (Well, actually, that's not true. I basically loved everything about it, and you guys totally need to check them out.) The books are made for slightly younger readers, but they're very well-written and I personally think people of all ages would enjoy them. If you think they look childish, please don't judge them by their covers. (Never mind the fact that I spent the entirety of a post doing just that. *cough*) I actually quite like the covers, but some people might think they look like children's books. Anywhozens, Hunter and Trista are adorbs. You're in Hunter's head throughout the entire series so you get to experience all his humorous thoughts. It's so fun to "hear" his thoughts on Trista. XD It's been several years since I've read these stories, but I do remember loving this delightful duo.


9.) Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth (Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)
Okay, so I promised myself I wouldn't include any of the couples from my fangirly post last month, but I couldn't resist. Because these two = loveliness itself. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy...GAH CAN I JUST FLAIL FOR A SECOND? I honestly love these two more than is probably healthy. Pair Elizabeth's strong will and opinionated mindset with Darcy's shyness and reserved demeanor and you have a recipe for perfection. So basically...yes. I adore them.

10.) Teague and Meridian (The Other Half of Everything by Deborah O'Carroll)
(This picture belongs to the writer; if you click on the picture
it will take you to the post where I found it.)
This amazing couple is not in published form yet, unfortunately, but I fell in love with them from Deborah's BP post a couple weeks ago. You know a writer has achieved perfection when they can, within the span of one post, make you feel like you need their characters to live. 'Cause that's what she did. I adore these two, and I haven't even read the story yet. XD Forgetful Teague and defensive Meridian make me feel so giddy inside. I especially love it that Teague can remember all of Meridian's quirks in extensive detail yet forget everything else under the sun. SO ADORABLE. <333

And that's all for today, lovely questers! I intended on including loads of glorious snippets of these swoon-worthy couples, but alas, I did not. (Also, this post was supposed to be finished over the weekend. Oops.)

So what about you? What are some of YOUR favorite literary couples? Do you share my impeccable taste in romance? (Also, random question because I feel random: do you like hedgehogs better or bunnies?)



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  1. I have GOT to check out these books. They sound super good, and I'm always on the lookout for new books.
    I have to say that I like rabbits better. I own a rabbit named Toffee, and he is the cutest thing ever. Sorry, I'm biased. ;)

    1. YES, you definitely should! I highly recommend all of them!

      Awww, you do? Bunnies are adorbs. I'd honestly be hard-pressed to choose between the two. (By the way, I LOVE the name of your rabbit! So cute!)

  2. *Sigh of contentment.* Shipping couples is about the most fulfilling activity EVER. I haven't read many of these books...but I think I totally should! I'm adding them all to my library list! It seems to me that a lot of book bloggers are recommending "Illusionarium", so I'll probably be starting with that? Though I must say that the cover of "The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest" is very enticing and beautiful. And any of them have any questionable content in them? (I can handle the violence, but not inappropriate guy-girl stuff.)

    My favorite literary couples include Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy (obvies), Emma and Mr. Knightley, Aragorn and Arwen, Percy and Marguerite, Anne and Gilbert, Emily and Teddy, Laura and Almanzo, Amy and Laurie, and I could keep on going! As you can see by this list, I'm a traditionalist. Heheh.

    BUNNIES. Bunnies all the way.

    Emma |

    1. Isn't it? I probably spend more time shipping couples than I should. (Hehe, life of a fangirl.)

      All of these books are clean so no worries there :) Illusionarium uses the British word "bloody," but that's like the worst thing. Oh, there's also a bit of creepy stuff, but as long as you're fine with that then you should be good. None of them have any inappropriate content or language or anything so I'd recommend reading all of them! I wouldn't have read them if they did. (Though I will say the Tales of Starlight series is written for adults so it has a more mature feel than the author's other books. He always handles things really well, though, so there's nothing of major concern. There's a YA companion series that actually ties into the Tales of Starlight series, which I would recommend reading at least the first book of first.)

      Being a traditionalist is wonderful! I love all of those couples you mentioned that I've actually heard of. (I had to look up a few because I've just recently become interested in classics and haven't read some of these.) I wanted to include a couple of the ones you mentioned, but my post was already long. :P

      Bunnies are little fluffballs of happiness! I like them quite a bit. (And gracious, this comment is long!)

  3. You read The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest too?! I loved that book. Well, I love all of the Melanie Dickerson books I've read so far. :) Polly and Digory would make a cute couple. For your question...hedgehogs! :D

    1. I did! Melanie Dickerson writes the loveliest fairytales, doesn't she?

      Yup, I've always liked Polly and Digory!

      Aww, hedgehogs are so cute! I can't make myself choose which I like better because both are such adorable furries.

  4. I canNOT get over that we posted this on the same day and nearly the same time!! I posted mine and then saw yours on my dashboard and was just like, "Wait, WHAT??" Serious brain twins! :D

    Excuse me while I fangirl for forever and a day. THESE COUPLES. <333

    Adrian and Marcelle were PRECIOUS. They meshed so well together, despite their tiffs. Adrian is probably my favorite character from that series. They were great!

    Oh my goodness, I should have added Lockwood and Anna to my list! I can't believe I didn't. They were just...sldjf;lskjdf;ljd! THAT BOOK.

    Oooh, I adore Digory and Polly! I loved how they bickered all the time but still really enjoyed being friends.

    OBVIOUSLY I love Walter and Ashley. My favorite Bryan Davis COUPLE. <333

    Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, the classic! They make me melt every. single. time. Their clashing personalities end up going together perfectly and just AAAHHHH. I CAN'T.

    I so love how we both put Teague and Meridian!! Deborah needs to write that thing and get it published because TEAGUE AND MERIDIAN. <333

    Sadly, I haven't read any of the other books on this list but ALL these couples sound completely and utterly adorable. I could just fangirl forever!

    You're going to make me CHOOSE between rabbits and hedgehogs? You're so evil. I can't, no! It's impossible! D:

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! Our brains are totally in sync.

      They arrrre. I love them so much <333 I adore Adrian as well. He was my favorite character for a while, but then Marcelle gradually took his spot in my affections. They're both wonderful, though!

      Aren't they the best? I seriously was flailing at the adorableness of their relationship. Where's a sequel when you need one???

      They are the sweetest! Bickering couples, as you know, are my favorite. XD

      Ack, I completely agree! SO PRECIOUS <3

      SAAAME. I honestly can't handle it. I'm a puddle of feels every time I think about them.

      LOL, braintwin moment again! WE NEED TEAGUE AND MERIDIAN. <333

      *le gasp* Oh my goodness, you haven't?? Girl, you NEED to read these books. Wayne Thomas Batson is one of my favorite authors of all time. His books are so goooood. And all of the other books on this list are gold!

      *cackles and chokes on evil laughter* My evilness knows no end! XD

  5. Aaahh, this was so much fun! I haven't read all the books you mentioned... but the ones I have... YES! :D

    Ooh! I read Isle of Swords! I... actually don't remember much about it except that I loved it to bits. And I am DYING to get Isle of Fire!! ...Especially now you said that. O_O

    Illusionariummmmm!!! <3 Yes. :D I'm so glad you liked it and just yes all the Lockwood and he and Anna yes alsdkjfljd.

    Digory and Polly! Yes! :)

    I didn't read far enough for Walter and Ashley to be a thing (I don't think? I only read the first four), but I can imagine that would be pretty great. XD

    Ooh, yes, Jorgen and Odette were adorable!! :D (Valten and Gisela too! And Gabe and Sophie! And Colin and Margaretha! ...Um... all of Melanie Dickerson's characters are extremely shippable, apparently. XDDD I'm so dying for the sequel to The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest--I can't wait for the Margrave's story!! O_O)

    Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, of COURSE. So much shipping. :D

    Oh my word, did you just do that? o.o You did. Oh my goodness. *faints* Aaaahh Mary you so nice! I'm so honored Teague and Meridian should make their way onto this list! *flails around* Just. alskdjflskjdflj. You made my day!! ^_^ Let me hug you. *hugs you* I haven't even WRITTEN the thing yet, just bits of it here and there. o.o But rest assured, getting reactions like THAT, just from an interview... I'm so totally going to get that thing written. *nods*

    Hedgehogs and rabbits are both adorable. <3

    This was such a lovely post, thanks for sharing! (I'm a hopeless romantic too. XD) And thank you again for mentioning Teague and Meridian! ACK. Day. Made. <3

    1. You haven't read Isle of Fire yet? *gasp* I adore the first one, but I might like the sequel even more. (Plus that endiiiing!) You MUST read it!

      That book was seriously amazing! Lockwood and Anna forever <333

      Adorable, am I right?

      Yeahhhh I guess they technically aren't a thing until Oracles of Fire, but I was shipping them since the third book of DiOM. XD And, girl, you NEED to read the other books because they're amaaazing.

      Basically every Melanie Dickerson couple ever is adorbs. <3 (And EEEE I KNOW. I can't wait!) Have you read A Spy's Devotion yet? It just came out this month, and I've been drooling over its cover. Sadly, I just blew a bunch of money on books a couple weeks ago so I won't be getting it for a while :P Ah, the life of a book addict...

      Obviously! They're such a beautimous couple.

      *hugs back* 'Twas my pleasure! I absolutely ADORE those two--I honestly can't even function correctly now that they've crashed into my lives. XDDD We're all going to be pestering you until you write that story! ;)

      Too much cuteness!

      I'm glad you liked it! (Yay, hopeless romantics unite! XD) And you're so welcome <3

    2. I haven't read A Spy's Devotion yet, buuuut it's pretty much all I asked for for my birthday so hopefully I'll get to read it next month. XD (I know though, right? We book addicts have it tough. ;))

    3. Oh my goodness, your birthday's coming up?? I feel like I knew this already, but it still came as a surprise. XD HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR! I hope you get it :D (And yes, we bibliophiles truly suffer. ;))

    4. Thank you so much! Yes, it's next week. XD

      And oh! Speaking of Isle of Swords/Fire and Cat and Anne... did you know there's a third little "book" that just came out?? :O It's called Isle of Stars and I only know about it because some friends were adding it on Goodreads (*is trying to remember if you are on Goodreads because if you are we MUST be friends...*) and it's free on Kindle! *flails and gives you link* ...Perhaps you already know all about it, but just in case you don't, I simply HAD to tell you! :D (Now I just need to get hold of Isle of Fire so I can read this one... *coughcough*)

    5. EEEEP that's awesomeeee! *sends you chocolate and books*

      OH MY GOODNESS YES I DID! I've basically been dancing around the house all day because of this glorious news. XDDD I's so excited!!! But thank you so, SO much for sharing because I would have been really disappointed if I missed a chance for a FREE story about one of my favorite couples ever. (And, now that you mention it, I'm not on Goodreads yet...which is actually slightly ridiculous because it's a site with BOOKS EVERYWHERE. I'm seriously considering getting an account soon, though! ^_^)

    6. Thank you, my dear! ^_^ (...And since I DID indeed receive exclusively chocolate and books for my birthday, they must have all been from you. XD) I did get A Spy's Devotion and read it and it was awesome! :D

      Yay, I'm so glad you knew about it! Just had to make sure. ;) (If you ever get a Goodreads account, friend me!! :D Goodreads is so fuuuun. But also a time-drain. XD)

    7. Well, I'm just so thoughtful. XD It sounds like a fantabulous birthday! (Because CHOCOLATE AND BOOKS.) And eeeep! Now I need to get it!!!

      I just finished reading it a few days ago, AND OH MY GRACIOUS WHAT JUST HAPPENED. I loved it to pieces, though not quite as much as the first two. But it was just so fun and feelsy, and I got all nostalgic reading about my precious babies. (CAT AND ANNE <333) It was a blast! (I really want to get it, but I might end up waiting till summer. The last thing I need is another distraction. XD)

  6. This is awesome! I am definitely a romantic, too, but I haven't heard of most of these books. So now I have to check them all out :D Of course, I have heard of Pride and Prejudice, and they would be among one of my favorite couples. And I honestly had no idea other people shipped Digory and Polly!!

    As far as bunnies v hedgehogs . . . I may have to say hedgehogs. They're more unique and don't get into your garden and can't be eaten for meat. So . . . yeah. Hedgehogs. :)

    1. Woohoo, another romantic! *twirls and hands you moist chocolate cake because it's you favorite* Yes, yes, yes! Read these books! They are awesome! Ooh, do you ship Polly and Digory, too? I adore them!

      Your answer legitimately made me laugh out loud. XD I agree that they're more unique, but I honestly can't decide. I asked far too cruel a question...

      (Also, thanks so much for the follow! <333)

    2. You're so welcome! Um, YES, I ship Digory and Polly. I've shipped them since before shipping was a thing! I basically grew up with them!!

    3. Hahaha! They are the BEST! (And as a random side-note, when DID shipping actually become a thing? I mean, I guess it's always been around, but we didn't call it shipping until recently.)

  7. *hurtles in late to the party* Ack! What bad manners I have, taking this long to make known my appreciation of your Lovely Books post.

    You noticed the color coordination! Yay! I tried to make them all relatively coordinated, but this one turned out best, methinks. :) ALL YOUR SWEET WORDS, THOUGH. What am I to do with you, Mary? <3

    Adrian and Marcelle--I love them so much! She's all spitfire and independence, and he's so chivalrous.

    Cat and Anne OF COURSE.

    Lockwood! And Anna! Eeep! (Also, I'm glad you enjoyed the book so much. Three cheers for peer pressure...when it comes to good books, anyway. XD)

    Oh goodness, I ship Digory and Polly too. They should've gotten married! I mean, look at them in The Last Battle. They would've been a wonderful old couple at that point.

    You described our dear Walter and Ashley to a T. (Hmm, now I'm randomly trying to make them a ship name. Walshley? Ashter?)

    Luca and Lia. <333

    I've only read the first two Melanie Dickerson books, to tell you the truth. And I...found them to be okay? I almost feel bad, as I hear so many readers love the books. But THAT COVER. Beautiful.

    Hunter and Trista--THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE IN THE WORLD WHO READ CODEBEARERS. I am in shock. What's funny is that I was turned off by the covers too. My brother picked up the first book, and I was like, "What, is that supposed to be based on a videogame or something? It looks like a screenshot of bad animation." But he convinced me. And they were great. But Hoooope. </3

    Darcy and Lizzie forever. *nods gravely*

    You included Teague and Meridian! This is the third time I've seen someone include them in their couples post, and I couldn't agree more. They are completely fabulous, those two. ^_^

    To answer the question: perhaps hedgehogs? Those pesky rabbits really can wreak havoc on a garden.

    Thanks for linking up again, and my apologies for commenting so late!

    1. NEVER a rush to comment! I adore seeing everything you write, no matter when you do! ^_^

      Yup, I noticed! You did a wonderful job coordinating them. I always notice color coordination for some odd reason :P Ack, YOU'RE the sweet one! Your comments always make me giddy with delight!

      What you said. XD I tried and failed to describe them, but you nailed it. :)


      They. Are. Wonderful. (LOL, peer pressure can be good, when it comes to delightful books. So pleased you all recommended it!)

      They're SUCH a good couple! I always wanted them to get together. >.<

      Did I? Glad it came out coherently. (I do that all the time. Shipping must be part of our DNA. XD)


      Ahh, don't feel bad! They're not everyone's thing. And to be honest, though I adore her books, she doesn't exactly have the most...enthralling writing style. It's not as rich or beautiful as many of my favorite authors. But I still love her books!

      :O :O :O
      YOU READ THEM TOO?? OH MY GOODNESS. I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE! I remember loving the books when I read them, although that was several years ago. Hehe, the animation doesn't bother me (probably because I was younger when I discovered them), but I can totally understand how it could turn some people off. (Argh, I knowww </3)

      Loveliness at its finest!

      Aren't they though?? We need to pester Deborah until she writes that book. XDDD

      Yup, rabbits can be a bit of a problem sometimes. But they're adorableness makes up for it. I can't possibly choose! o_o

      You're so welcome! And don't give it a second thought. :)

  8. Wow, we have read alot of the same books...

    There are more books in The River of Time series? WHUT. Which I hated, btw - but would probably read another book in the series because I am such a sucker for romance.

    Also, I just realized that it must seem like I am stalking you or something, going back and commenting on all these old posts like this, but I haven't been following you for very long so I wanted to see what I missed. So sorry if it's weird...

    1. Oh, really? Hmm. That's too bad. :/ I actually really liked them, though I wasn't as much of a fan of the later books as I was the first three. But I still greatly enjoyed the series overall!

      It's not weird at all! I do the same thing. XD (But I am really odd so...) I'm enjoying going back and seeing all your comments! :D

    2. Glad I'm not creeping you out! :)


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