Beautiful People ~ Valentine's Edition (Charlotte and James)

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Well, here I am! I've jumped on the bandwagon and joined the Beautiful People linkup hosted by the illustrious Sky and Cait. When I saw that it was a Valentine's Day edition, I just couldn't resist. (Because I'm a hopeless romantic and very talented in the shipping industry.) You can check it out on Sky's blog HERE and Cait's right over HERE.

Since this is my first time posting about my novels and beloved charries *le gasp*, I should probably fill you in a bit. My current WIP is a pirate adventure novel (currently untitled, poor dear). Here's a summary from my Pinterest board because I'm much too lazy to conjure up anything decent at the moment.

The most notorious pirate of the Caribbean kidnaps Isabel and James Sawyer, and the two find themselves thrust deep into the throes of piracy. Charlotte Davidson has sworn revenge on the very same pirate who murdered her parents when she was a child. The three eventually find themselves on a journey to Ile de la Fantôme in order to reclaim an ancient treasure from the disappearing island.

Blegh, I'm horrible at writing summaries : /

I had a point with this, I think...?

Oh! Right! James and Charlotte are the couple I chose. They don't always get along (most of the time they don't *cough, cough*), but I wuvs them so much <333

Okay, NOW I'll get on to the questions!

1. How did they first meet?


(Just imagine her being older and having blue eyes
and this is Charlotte.)

Well, James had just escaped from the pirate who had kidnapped him and was, unfortunately, shot by one of the members of the crew before he could make a clean get-away. Fortunately for him, his raft made it to a port city on the coast of England. Charlotte was taking a walk on the beach when she spotted his raft come ashore and consequently met James. Romantic, am I right? (Totally kidding. It's not romantic at all. XD)

2. What were their first impressions of each other?

Oh gosh...

One thing's for certain, it was not love at first sight. Y'see, Charlotte kind of has a crush on another guy named Alexander so she's not really thinking much about James. However, she is concerned for his welfare (he has been shot in the arm, you know) and helps arrange a position for him on her uncle's estate. BUT she really doesn't want to have anything to do with him.

James, on the other hand, becomes pretty smitten with Charlotte over the years that he works on the estate. He's also really not too happy about Charlotte's interest in Alexander (with good reason) and Alexander's attention towards Charlotte. So yeah. Interesting relationship.


3. How long have they been a couple?


Hehe, Charlotte would highly object to being called a "couple." As of yet, she hasn't come to her senses and started really liking James yet. Don't worry though. I'll straighten her out. *nods*

4. How committed/loyal are they to each other? Would they break up over a secret or a disagreement? Could stress drive them apart? Would they die for each other?


James is extremely loyal. He would definitely die for Charlotte. As for her, well, like I said. She hasn't realized how much she likes him as of yet. But once she does, I'm sure she will be just as devoted, if not more. She doesn't trust a lot of people so once someone gains her trust, she will be loyal to a fault.

They argue quite a lot, as I stated earlier. Charlotte is especially sensitive (she's got a lot of problems--I'm still working on her) so she would be devastated if she knew that James was keeping something from her. But all in all, I don't think they would ever break up over anything like that. (At least, once they become a couple.)

5. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)


I'm bending the rules on this one because I've honestly got nothing in terms of food quirks. This novel isn't exactly the right time period for talking about favorite cupcakes and whatnot.

In fact, I haven't really thought about their quirks much at all. (I'm too busy ruining their lives. *cue evil writer laugh*) But let's, Charlotte doesn't like flowers and James has a knack for storytelling.

6. Does anyone disapprove of their relationship?


(Again, this is when she's a bit younger.)

Yeaaaah. Quite a few people aren't exactly thrilled about it. Charlotte's aunt and uncle had a wealthier, more distinguished suitor in mind, like the governor's son. And then there's Alexander. He always had a strong dislike for James, and Charlotte was always sort of "his territory." Oh, and James is also concerned that his father and sister won't approve of her. So yeah. A lot of people.

7. What would be an ideal date?


Since we all know that Charlotte and James are going to end up together, I'm just going to write like they're already a couple. (And no, Charlotte, I don't care that you object.) They both are quite fond of horses so I think they would enjoy taking a ride through the sand dunes on the beach. James would probably tell her a story or two, and they would spread out a blanket on the beach and talk. 

My inner romantic is flailing right now because that sounds delightful.

8. What are their personality dynamics? Similar? Contrasting? Do they fight a lot or mesh perfectly?


HAHAHAHAHA! *chokes*

I've already answered this question multiple times, but in case you still aren't sure, they fight a lot. And their personalities? Polar opposites. Whereas James is quiet, modest, and sensible, Charlotte is spontaneous, passionate, and bold. Their different personalities tend to clash more than mesh. Although once they iron out some of their problems, they begin to overlook each other's faults.

9. What have been their best and worst moments together as a couple?


This is kind of edging on the spoilery side because they aren't officially a "thing" yet, and I don't want to give anything away. Plus, you haven't read anything of my story yet so...

Wait a minute. I need to do something about that. *rummages through pages of messy scribblings*

Here's something to chew on.

   Something cold and damp brushed against her hand. Charlotte whipped her head towards James and glared.  “Did you just touch my hand?”

   “What?” James swallowed audibly, his throat bobbing up and down. He jerked his hand away and crossed his arms across his chest, looking awkward. “It was an accident.”

   Charlotte blew a wayward strand of hair out of her eyes. “You best be certain it was.”

   “Well, we are rather close. It’s difficult for us not to be in contact.”

   “What do you mean we’re ‘close’? I’m not in a relationship of any kind with you, and if you’re implying what I think you are, then—”

   “No, no. I meant we’re in a very tight space right now. We’re so near each other that we almost touch.” James stared at her, his brow creased in confusion. “Why are you so sensitive anyway? I didn’t mean to implicate anything.”

   “Sensitive?” Charlotte sputtered. “I’m not being sensitive. I just happen to have a very thorough understanding of men.”

   One corner of James’s lips turned upwards in a half-smile. “Oh?”
   Charlotte just frowned.

Now you've seen my beloved charries in action. And you can see how much they get along. ;)

10. Where do they see themselves and their relationship in the next few years?


Well,  hopefully they'll have developed a better trust in each other. One of their primary problems is the lack of trust in their relationship. Because of experiences in her past, Charlotte is hesitant to trust anyone. And James sometimes relies on himself more than he should, which causes strife with Charlotte. So having a stronger, more trusting relationship would definitely be high-up there on the list.

So there's mah dear Charlotte and James for you! I hoped you enjoyed learning about them as much as I enjoyed writing about them. They're certainly a handful, but I love them anyway. (Most of the time, hehe.)

What about you guys? Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? (I am!) What are some of your favorite couples in your lovely stories?


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  1. *is on a linky-tour sponsored by Cait's blog* Hi! I'm Caroline, nice to meet you! I read your bio and we are basically the same person. I am an elf penguin as well, etc etc etc.... It's wonderful, isn't it?

    I loved that excerpt very much and I definitely ship these people.

    Drop in @! :)

    1. Hi, Caroline! *waves* How cool is that? I love meeting fellow penguins. ^_^

      Thank you! Hehe, me too. It makes me so happy when people like my characters. (They're like my children. I want to show them off all the time. XD)

      Ooh, I dropped by your blog and left a comment! Lovely space you have over there :)

  2. YOU DID A BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!!! *flails in happiness* This is my favoritest linkup ever and I LOVE seeing other people's posts and meeting their characters. I'm so happy right now!

    *le gasp* You're writing a book about pirates? THAT'S SO COOL! I mean, come on, PIRATES. Everybody loves pirates.

    And and and these characterssss! <3333 My favorite kind of couple is the one that hates each other at first and are constantly bickering. XD And it sounds like that's exactly how these two are. Or at least on Charlotte's side. The snippet was GOLDEN. Too hilarious! I already ship them so bad. *grins*

    This was so much fun to read. I'm thrilled you're doing Beautiful People!

    1. YOU ARE SO SWEET!!! It is such a lovely linkup, isn't it? A great way to explore our charries! ^_^

      I am! And I concur: pirates are always awesome :)

      Awwww, girl, you don't know how happy that makes me! I do love my little obstinate couple. They're both pretty stubborn, just in different ways. I'm so glad you liked the snippet! To be honest, it was kind of difficult for me to share my writing. (You guys are the first people to lay eyes on this unedited mess of a work!) But part of the reason I started a blog was to improve my writing and get feedback from other writers so it's good for me. And gracious, now I'm just rambling...

      Thank you so, so much! Your comments never fail to make me grin.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful book you have going!! I like your characters already! I enjoyed this post, Mary! :D

    1. Thanks muchly! I'm so glad you share my fondness for those two :D

  4. Aww, those two sound adorable!! I couldn't help but mentally answer for my characters. Coincidentally, one of them is a pirate. The other is...complicated. I kind of want to do this... Mind if I go for it?

    1. Thank you! I think they're adorable (although I may be a bit biased, hehe ;))
      Go for it! It's open to anyone who wants to join. Just hop on over to the links I included and check it out :)

  5. OMG THEY SOUND ADORABLE. <3 I already ship this quite fiercely. xD And I love that sounds like they're really fire and ice together, eh!?? ;D Also that is kind of a romantic way to a romantically death-defying sort of way?!?
    (Also I have such love for pirate books so your story sounds AH-MAZING.)
    Thanks for joining in our linkup!!

    1. GAH THANK YOU SO MUUUUCH <3 Lol, they really are. Fire and ice is the perfect way to describe these two incorrigible little charries. (I'm looking at you, Charlotte.) Hm, I see your point. I guess it could be considered romantic in a weird way. XD

      (You are SO SWEET. Thank you!)

      It was so much fun! Thanks for hosting it :D

  6. Your characters sound adorable!! I looked at your pinterest board (and followed it faster than fire follows oxygen) - it reminds me a little of the movie Master & Commander; daring high-seas adventure and wot. Totally my type of thing :)

    1. Hahaha, thank you so much! "Faster than fire follows oxygen" XD. So glad that you liked it!

  7. Pirates--I'm in! :D Aww, now don't these two just sound *adorable*!

    (Funny thing, I was just reading Cait's post on favorite types of YA romances, and the love/hate relationship is most definitely something I like to read about.)

    Love the snippet! I'm so excited you shared some of your writing. <3 Isn't it the best when one character misunderstands another and they get all awkward?

    Favorite couple from my own stories? GIRL, HOW CAN YOU ASK SUCH A QUESTION. I don't even knooow! I love them all too much. Not that I have terribly many couples, but I love the few I do have. Hadrian and Lucy (from "The Brightest Thread") . . . Will and Emi (Beauty and the Beast retelling) . . . Rex and Nisi (who aren't really a couple, but Rex is such a lovable, pathetic puppy dog and *thinks* they are--or should be). ^_^

    On a completely random note, that picture you have of James leaning on the side of the ship and staring off into the distance (right by question 4), is one that I found on another blog long ago, and then saved to my computer because it instantly struck me as being character potential. Great minds think alike! ;D

    1. Thank you! I'm quite taken with them :)

      (I think those might be my favorite kind of romances. There's just something about a love/hate relationship that I really enjoy. XD)

      Aww, thanks so much <3 You guys are the first to lay eyes on my scribblings so I was a bit nervous. Hehe, the awkward situations are the best! ^_^

      I just felt like being evil. *cackles* I haven't really heard much about your couples, though, now that I think of it. I'm sure they're all wonderful! It's next to impossible for an author to pick a favorite.

      LOL, braintwins again! I found it on Pinterest (which is basically the life source of all my blog pictures). So funny how we manage to think so similarly! XD

  8. Gah, they are adorable!


    1. D'awww, thank you! I think they are, too! (Though I may be biased. ;D)



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