Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Top 10 Favorite Screen Couples

Okay, guys. I'm going to be honest here: I had NO clue what I was going to post this weekend. (I'm already running into these problems, and I've been blogging for just two weeks? O_O) I've been spending a lot of time fangirling over *ahem* my favorite characters recently. (Who am I kidding? I've never stopped. XD) So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post about some of my favorite fictional couples! *throws confetti and cake in the air* It was sooo hard to narrow them down to ten and next to impossible to rank them in order. So I'm not even going to try to rank them. There might be a few spoilers, but I tried not to include them as much. Also, there will be lots of pictures, exclamation points, caps, and just general craziness.

1.) Aragorn & Arwen

GAH. What can I even say about these two? They are just the sweetest, most precious (see what I did there? ;)) things ever! Their relationship is so touching. Arwen loves Aragorn so much that she's willing to give up immortality in order to share her life with him. I mean, HOW SWEET IS THAT?! (And also kinda tragic, but we shan't get into that.)

There's only one word to describe their relationship: beautiful.

2.) Jack Thornton & Elizabeth Thatcher

Um...excuse me? Who gave them permission to be so adorable?

I recently decided to try out a show called When Calls the Heart. I thought, "Well, it looks like it might be okay so I'll try an episode or two."


THAT SHOW IS AMAZING. You seriously NEED to see it!!

ASGJDKGL. Jack and Elizabeth are just about the cutest thing that ever happened. Words cannot express how much I love these two!!! They really are made for each other. They get off on the wrong foot, but they eventually settle their differences and become friends. Of course, that friendship soon blossoms into "something more." Jack is sweet, caring, and protective. Plus, he's a Mountie so...

Wait. This post isn't about Jack, is it? *cough, cough* (As you can tell, I've developed a great fondness for Jack.)

But yes. They're adorable. End of story.

3.) Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann

YES YES YES YES. No words. I love these two soooo much! I mean, c'mon, folks. They are wonderful beyond description! I especially love them in the first movie because of this.

Elizabeth is a bit less...devoted in her romantic life than Will. She does some things that still make me mad (though, to be fair, she is a pirate so you know), but they're still one of my favorite couples ever. Their relationship also has a rather sad ending to it (at least in my opinion), which seems to be a common theme for me.

4.) Rapunzel & Flynn Rider

Best. Disney. Couple. Ever.

I'm not even kidding. Disney really struck gold with these two. A roguish thief and a bubbly, imaginative princess with over 70 feet of hair make for a lovely couple. I honestly love these two SO MUCH. Like how are they even this cute??

(Also, this scene is possibly my favorite Disney animated scene ever.)

5.) Han Solo & Leia Organa

Puh-leez. Is an explanation even needed here? Their relationship is classic, hilarious, and surprisingly touching. They definitely have waaay more chemistry than Padme and Anakin, and I really love romances in which there is a snarky guy involved ;) I can't help but love them.

(Am I the only one who still can't handle the feels??)

6.) Jane Bennet & Mr. Bingley

Oh, how I love Pride and Prejudice. It's full of the most wonderful quotes, costumes, characters, and romances imaginable. It also boasts the sweet treat that is Jane and Mr. Bingley. I...I don't even know. They are both so kind and good-natured and PERFECT. WHAT CAN I EVEN SAY? And yes, I am a diehard P&P '05 fan. I much prefer this version, but that's just my opinion.

7.) Carl & Ellie

What is it with me and tragic romances? Carl and Ellie share one of the saddest love stories I can think of. I seriously think Pixar's goal in life is to make me curl up in a corner and cry. Because these two have such a sweet relationship YET IT IS SO SAD. If you've seen Up, you know what I'm talking about.

(I KNOW. I'm sorry for torturing you with this.)

8.) Mr. Darcy & Elizabeth Bennet

I couldn't go and leave them out, now could I? I love them even more than I love Jane and Mr. Bingley, which is saying quite a lot. Their relationship is probably one of the best in all of literature, in my personal opinion. Like many of my other favorite couples, they don't start out as best of pals. But it's so delightful to see them grow closer to each other throughout the film! Honestly, I much prefer these kinds of romances to the love-at-first-sight ones.

(I live for Darcy's smile. It gets me every time.)

(Also, as a random side-note. I just realized that three of these couples involve someone named Elizabeth. XD)

9.) Ella & Kit

This new version of Cinderella is so gorgeous, and I am in love with everything about it. That includes, of course, Ella and Kit.

Where do I even begin? I can't explain my feelings about them. They're just perfect in every way. Disney did a much better job with character development in this version. In the animated one, I felt like Prince Charming had virtually zero charm. He was just a one-dimensional character. But in this one, he was kind and caring and brave. There was so much more to these two in the wonderful new Cinderella.

(Aren't they the best?)

10.) Emma Woodhouse & Mr. Knightley

Last but not least are the dear Emma Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley. The two of them were friends all their lives, but they finally realize that there was much more to their friendship than they original thought. I love them both very much as a couple. They really do make a great pair! (And consequently, they also argue quite a bit. Heh. I guess I have a thing for couples that argue. :P)

Well, that's it for my incoherent fangirling of the day. If you made it through this post, kudos to you! *hands you cake* What are some of your favorite couples? Do we share any of the same ones?

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Period Drama Challenge ~ Singin' in the Rain (1952)

Hullo again! I have recently joined the Period Drama Challenge over at Miss Laurie's blog. Go check it out! It's going to be a blast! :)

This is my first time doing a movie review, and you can expect to be bombarded with many more in the upcoming months. Just warning you.

Anywhozers (I stole this phrase from Tracey because it's just so wonderful), let's get on to my first review!

Okay. This movie is just...wonderful. I loveth it so much! I hadn't seen it since I was 8 or 9 so I didn't really remember any of it. I was definitely overdue for a rewatch. And to be completely honest, I actually didn't care for it much the first time I saw it. *hides* BUT when I gave it a second go-around, I discovered how delightful this film truly is.

The movie takes place in the Roaring '20s, when the silent movie industry was at the height of its popularity. The sudden success of a talking picture causes quite a turmoil as famous actors Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont have to start making movies with sound. Their first attempt turned out to be a flop, but when Don comes up with the idea of converting the film into a musical, things start to look a little brighter. Just so long as Lina doesn't discover that Kathy Selden is dubbing all her lines and songs.

Watching this movie is like soaking in rays of sunshine. Or...drops of rain, I suppose? (You know, since it's Singin' in the Rain? Yes, yes, I know I'm brilliant. Please hold your applause.) It really is one of those "comfort movies." You know what I'm talking about. The movies you pop into the DVD player when you want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It has a wonderful cast, fantastic singing and dancing, and hilarious dialogue. Oh, and there are umbrellas. What else could you ask for?

(Oh, Lina...XD)
In case y'all didn't know, I kind of love musicals. Just a teensy bit. And trust me, this movie has some GREAT songs. They're all so very catchy and fun. My personal favorite is probably "Good Morning," but I of course also love the title song "Singin' in the Rain." Ooh, and the song near the beginning where Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor are singing, dancing, and fiddling (aptly named "Fit as a Fiddle") is another favorite. BASICALLY JUST GIVE ME ALL THE SONGS!

As far as the characters are concerned, Lina was hilarious (mainly because she's not exactly the brightest person ever *cough, cough*), Cosmo is super entertaining and fun, and Don and Kathy share a relationship that is adorbs. I love the characters in this film <3
(Guys, I mean JUST LOOK AT THIS GIF! Aren't they the best?!)
The costumes were...interesting. I actually found most of them atrocious and was constantly shielding my eyes from them. (Okay, that may be going a biiit to the extreme. But they were still horrid.) Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.
I almost feel sorry for putting that picture on my blog.
(Yeaaah. Not exactly what I'd call attractive.)
However, I did really like most of Kathy's clothes, and the men had lots of very dashing outfits. Oh, and Lina wore a couple dresses that I actually liked. So the costumes weren't all bad. :)
(Isn't this dress the sweetest?)
I very highly recommend this timeless classic. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW! You won't regret it. It's family-friendly, has the catchiest songs in existence, and boasts some very, very quotable lines.
Just one more picture of Kathy and Don because I can ;)
Until next time!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Blogging-About-Blogs Tag

Hey, all! So I've been trying to figure out what I should include in my next post, and Hamlette @ Hamlette's Soliloquy saved me the trouble by concocting this lovely Blogging-About-Blogs tag. Thanks ever so much, Hamlette :) (Seriously go check out her blog. 'Tis amazing.) I technically wasn't tagged, but she offered it as a free-for-all so I went for it. Now on to the tag!

The Rules

  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Tag some blogging friends.

The Questions

1) Blog that makes me laugh
Oh my. All of you wonderful bloggers make me collapse in giggles. Musings of an Elf makes me laugh sooo much. (Because Christine is just hilarious!) The Road of a Writer also makes me chuckle at my screen like a weirdo.

2)Blog that makes me think
Tracey has churned up some very thought-provoking posts over at her corner of the internets, Adventure Awaits. She's seriously so illuminating.

3) Blog that teaches me things
Creative Explorations is a great place to find crafting, journaling, and healthy lifestyle tips. (I also frequently find myself taken in by all the yummy desserts she posts pictures of!) It's a wonderful addition to the blogosphere :)

4) Blog with beautiful headers
Castles in the Air has GORGEOUS headers! I was dying of all the prettiness during Cinderella Week.

5) Blogger who takes great pictures
Hannah at The Adventures of H is a stellar photographer. Every picture she posts is a work of art.

6) Blogger whose recommendations I trust
I trust all of your guys' recommendations! You're seriously all amazing. (What, that's not an answer you say? Pssh, of course it is.) If I have to pick just a couple, I would say Olivia at Meanwhile, in Rivendell and Hamlette at Hamlette's Soliloquy.

7) New blog I'm enjoying
I'm assuming this means a blog that just started recently? At least, that's what I figured based on Hamlette's answers. Most all of the blogs I follow have been up-and-running for quite some time. Though I think Creative Explorations is probably the newest one I'm currently following.

8) Blog I've followed the longest
Well, the first blog I officially started following was either Adventure Awaits or Musings of an Elf. I also ran across Bryan Davis's blog The Author's Chair (that's where I actually discovered Tracey), Wayne Thomas Batson's blog (Enter the Door Within), and Francesca Battistelli's blog (Honeycomb) but didn't start following them until later for some reason. (Come to think of it, did I actually ever follow them? I'm so inept when it comes to technology that it's not even funny.)

9) Blog I've started following the most recently
Along the Brandywine, Hamlette's Soliloquy, and An Odd Blog. I had bookmarked all of their blogs to refer back to but apparently never got around to following them. (A very Mary thing to do :P)
 All the Lucky People I Tag

Chloe @ Rustling Thoughts

Christine @ Musings of an Elf

Deborah @ The Road of a Writer

Tracey @ Adventure Awaits

Even if your name's not on the list, please feel free to take this tag! After all, I wasn't technically tagged either. *cough, cough* And please don't feel like you have to do it, even if you were tagged. I'm not sure who even likes being tagged so I just threw a few names out there. (For the record though, I'm ALWAYS up for a good tag!)

Thanks again for the tag, Hamlette! It was loads of fun!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Nature of Goodness

"God is good all the time; and all the time, God is good."

Goodness. It's such a commonly used word in the English language. We describe pizza as being good. We spend hours poring over a good book. We smile with contentment after finally having a good day at work. But have you ever stopped to really think about what the word "good" means?

Without God, goodness could not exist. We don't have to be taught to make wrong decisions. It just comes naturally. Yet it is in the very nature of God to be good; He cannot stop being good because that would be outside of His perfect nature.

But what does all that mean? What exactly is God's goodness?

Simply put, it is God's favor toward us. It is His gracious extension of mercy towards us when we stray from His will. It's the hand that catches us when we stumble, the arms that envelop us in a loving embrace when we're hurting, the forgiveness that flows through us when we fall. Goodness is God.

Fortunately for us, God never runs out of goodness. No matter how many times we fall short, He always picks us up. Jeremiah 32:40 puts it perfectly when it says, "I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me, so that they will never turn away from me."

The truth is, friends: we NEED God's goodness. So very desperately. It's because of it that we have been adopted as sons and daughters into His eternal Kingdom. It was God's goodness that kept Him on the cross 2,000 years ago. Because of His unfailing, unchanging, unlimited goodness, we have Life.

I'm so grateful for His graciousness to us. Because God has great plans for us. Plans to prosper us and not to harm us. Plans to give us hope and a bright future. He works all things for our good, no matter what the world wants us to think. His grace is unfailing. You can bank on that.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Wherein an Explosion Occurred in the Blogging Universe

Hello all! Welcome to my corner of the Internet! I had a spectacular introduction cooked up, but it seems all my plans have abandoned me at my utmost time of need.

So. We shall see what my completely confuzzled cranium decides to create.

Firstly, my name is Mary. I've been exploring the blogging world for quite some time now (almost a year), reading all my friends' delightful blogs and bombarding their comments sections with nonsense. I finally buckled down and started my own blog, Sunshine and Scribblings!

Here are some random tidbits about me because you obviously are dying to know more about this wonderful person, aren't you? :)

~ I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. (The only real Elves are those from Middle-earth.)
~ I'm still checking my closet for Narnia. (You never know when you might discover it!)
~ I live and breathe books. They are necessary for survival. *nods*
~ I love the cold, and winter is my favorite season. (Although autumn is an equally delightful time of year.)
~ Writing is in my blood. I fancy myself to be a writer and am hoping to use this blog as a place to strengthen my writing skills and connect with other writers.
~ I have a fairly odd obsession with umbrellas. (I mean, c'mon. They're just plain awesome! Besides, they're also called bumbershoots, which is such a fun name.)
~ I also have an obsession with Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, and you will find me quoting them on a daily basis, savvy?
~ Gingerbread is the best cookie ever. End of discussion.
~ I desire to learn Elvish and archery. (Do I even need to explain this one?)
~ I play the violin.
~ I love classics, especially Pride and Prejudice. (Also, Jane Austen novels are beautimous things <3)
~ I firmly believe in happily ever afters.
~ I listen to Christmas music in the summer.
~ I have a severe case of wanderlust.
~ Antique stores and bookstores are my downfall. Seriously, they do significant damage to my pocketbook.
~ I would love to visit the '50s.
~ I am a terrible multi-tasker, unfortunately. I can't even listen to music while I write.
~ Disney movies are the answer to anything.
~ I'm a neat freak and germaphobe. (Germs are serial killers, I swear.)
~ Cookies solve any and all problems.
~ I'm an introvert whose idea of a good time is snuggling beneath blankets with a cup of cocoa and a book.
~ I love all the arts, if you couldn't already tell. Music and art fuel my passion.
~ Most importantly, I am a child of the King of kings. Jesus is my Savior and the reason I live.

Well, I think I've bored you long enough. Thanks so very much for stopping by! I look forward to partaking in this adventure called Life with all you lovely people! ^_^